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    ♥KRISTINE HERMOSA♥ the Pretty Pretty Wow and Prinsesa Puti naTIN [part 50]




    Name: Anne Kirsten Esmeralde Hermosa Orille

    Screen Name: Kristine Hermosa

    Nickname: Tin

    Height: 5’6”

    Weight: 125 lbs

    Date of Birth: September 09, 1983

    Birth Place: Quezon City, Philippines

    Religion: Christian

    Church: Victory Fellowship

    Father: Maximillian Orille

    Mother: Maria Alma Hermosa Orille

    Siblings: Kathleen, Maxine and Joshua

    Skills: Acting, Dancing, Singing, Modelling and Hosting

    Hobbies: motor crossing, swimming

    Career: Actress, Commercial Model

    Schools: Querino Elementary School, St.Anthony's School, Colegio de San Pedro, ABS-CBN Learning Center, Liberty High School, Robertstown University (Associate Degree in Arts) and continues her studies at the University of the Philippines Open University program taking up Associate in Arts

    She Entered showbiz at age 13...
    Her age now is 26...
    Got in the showbiz circle by sheer physical beauty. Her first TV program was Gimik...
    Best known for being Jericho Rosales' then real and reel girlfriend. They starred in top-rating soaps Pangako Sa'Yo and
    Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas. But their closeness start in Ang Munting Paraiso.
    After the 5 years of separations, the ECHOTIN tandem was back in the newly top-rating soap opera "Dahil May Isang Ikaw".
    Best known for playing the role of Louise in All My Life opposite Aga Muhlach, which was the biggest movies of 2004.
    Her star quality is her beauty, the kind that can launch a thousand ships.
    Her best physical asset is her face. She is considered one of the most beautiful ladies in showbiz. With that beauty outside
    she also has a great heart inside that people love her so much.
    Could improve career by experiencing the hurts of life, which can add texture to her acting. But she is now extremely improved her acting skill
    (Everytime you will see her act....madadala ka talaga sa kanya)
    The rumor about her that won't die is she a primadonna.This rumor is so nonsense.

    "No matter what issues been said to Kristine Hermosa. The KRISTINERS/TINERS will always here to Love, Support and Believe in her for the rest of our lives"


    2006: Guillermo Mendoza Scholarship Foundation Memorial Awards - Box-Office Queen of Philippine Movies
    2006: Anak TV Seal Awardee
    2002: Guillermo Mendoza Scholarship Foundation Memorial Awards - Most Popular Loveteam of Philippine Movies with Jericho Rosales

    2001: Parangal ng Bayan - Best Young Actress and Most Promising Female Performer
    2001: Guillermo Mendoza Scholarship Foundation Memorial Awards - Most Popular Loveteam of Philippine Movies with Jericho Rosales


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    HD Version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlKA6bm3W5I

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    2009: Dahil May Isang Ikaw as Angel/ Ella Alferos (Aired August 24) [link] [link] [link] [link]
    2009: Komiks Presents: Mars Ravelo's: Nasaan Ka Maruja as Maruja/ Cristy Mondes Rivera (Aired May 2) [link] [link] [link]

    2008: Maalaala Mo Kaya: "Gayuma" as Aida
    2008: Banna Split as Guest

    2007-2008: Prinsesa ng Banyera as Maningning Burgos
    2007: Your Song: "Christmas Is"
    2007: Love Spell: "Click na Click" as Wena Eugenio
    2007: Your Song: "Himala"
    2007: Sineserye Presents: Palimos ng Pag-ibig as Ditas

    2006: Komiks Presents: Bahay ng Lagim
    2006: Komiks Presents: Bampy
    2006: Your Song: "Ilalim ng Ulan"
    2006: Your Song: "Sabihin Mo Na"
    2006: Star Magic Presents: Windows to the heart as Susan
    2006: Gulong ng Palad as Luisa Santos - Medel

    2005: 'Til Death DO Us Part as Ysabel

    2003: Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas as Arabella Grace Garcia/ Ara/ Gracie

    2000: Pangako Sa'Yo as Yna/ Ynamorata Macaspac

    1999: Ang Munting Paraiso as Rowena

    1998: Star Drama Theater as Various
    1998: Richard Loves Lucy as Tin-Tin
    1998: Sa Sandaling Kailngan Mo Ako as Agnes

    1996: Gimik as Tin-Tin Fernandez
    1996: Ang TV as Herself

    1991: Teysi ng Tahanan as Segment Host

    Watch "Dahil May Isang Ikaw" Every Weekdays in ABS-CBN PRIMETIME BIDA @ 9:00 pm




    2008: My Big Love as Nińa

    2007: Enteng Kabisote 4: Okay Ka, Fairy Ko: The Beginning of the Legend as Faye Kabisote

    2006: Enteng Kabisote 3: Okay Ka, Fairy Ko: The Legend Goes On and On and On as Faye Kabisote
    2006: Wag Kang Lilingon as Angel

    2005: Enteng Kabisote 2: Okay Ka, Fairy Ko: The Legend Continues as Faye Kabisote

    2004: Enteng Kabisotr: Okay Ka, Fairy Ko: The Legend as Faye Kabisote
    2004: Bcuz of U as Ria
    2004: All My Life as Louie/Louisa

    2003: Ngayong Nandito Ka as Garie/Margaret

    2002: Forevermore as Marian

    2001: Trip as Celine
    2001: Hostage as Gina

    2000: Pera o Bayong as Herself
    2000: Minsan, Minahal Kita as Pia

    1999: Mahal na Kung Mahal as Chrissie
    1999: Gimik: The Reunion as Tin-Tin Fernandez

    1998: Nagbibinata as Willie

    1997: Ang Pulubi At Ang Prinsesa as Jean

    1996: Ang TV: The Movie as herself



    2009: Di Bale Na lang by Jericho Rosales [link]
    2009: ABS-CBN SUMMER STATION ID [link]

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    ELIVE (08/08/09)
    SNN (May 2009)
    SNN (05/06/09)
    THE BUZZ TOUGH TEN (4/19/09)

    ELIVE FACT OR HUMOR (03/14/09)


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    http://i35.tinypic.com/2z5j9r6.jpg http://i33.tinypic.com/qsqyjp.jpg http://i36.tinypic.com/259zoev.jpg http://i38.tinypic.com/30xcqp1.jpg

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    Join us and be part of the GODDESS INside and OUTside Family

    Everyone is welcome...so FEEL FREE to ADD your NAME



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    Congrats Tiners!!!!

    Thanks again Cadence for opening Tin's new house.

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    Wow new house na pala. Congrats Tiners! Thanks for creating the new house Cadence.

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    The least I could do is to move some of the things that's been posted from the previous thread.


    Back in the spotlight with two upcoming teleseryes, actress Kristine Hermosa shows that there’s life after heartbreak.

    SANA’Y Wala Nang Wakas was where it all started. But ironically, as most show biz couplings go, it did end eventually.
    After much speculation from the show biz press, the status of Kristine Hermosa’s relationship with fellow actor Diether Ocampo was finally given light when the court declared their controversial September 2004 wedding null and void last January 30.

    Today, the ex-lovers, who fell in love on the set of the teleserye Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas, with Kristine and then loveteam partner and ex-boyfriend Jericho Rosales as lead stars, are clearly leading separate lives. But whereas Diet has been vocal about his new non-show biz girlfriend-in the March 22 episode of The Buzz, he described his relationship with the girl as a “perfect 10” to host Ruffa Gutierrez-and desire to not comment on anything about his ex-flame, Kristine, meanwhile, seems to be contented staying single.

    “When it comes to romance, I am not focused on finding a partner or actively seeking one. It is better to wait and be patient for the right one to find me than rush into a relationship and regret it later,” she said in her K-Text message to her fans in March.

    Somehow, not everyone is convinced. Up to now, reports romantically linking Kristine to Enteng Kabisote costar Oyo Boy Sotto have yet to cease. Not helping is the mestiza actress’ vague pronouncements about the score between her and comedy actor Vic Sotto’s son-even as they’ve often been seen together publicly and even as Oyo recently opened up about wanting to marry Kristine.

    “We’re just like brother and sister,” she tells MOD.

    Could it be that Kristine’s romantic trials have made her disillusioned about love? Not at all. On the contrary, Kristine still dreams of
    getting married one day. “Of course,” she says. “Sometimes we get to a point where we get tired, where we don’t want to be in love anymore. But I’m not at that point in my life because it feels good to be in love. It feels good to be courted.”

    In the meantime, Kristine is back to school-she’s pursuing an Associate in Arts degree at University of the Philippines Open University.

    She has a number of advertising endorsements. This season, she headlines Cinderella’s summer campaign.

    And after months without a regular show, Kristine returns to the small screen with not one but two soap operas. She’s also scheduled to do a movie within the year. Take that, detractors who dismiss her a has-been!

    First up, she plays the title role in Maruja, a remake of the 1968 movie starring Susan Roces. The teleserye also stars Karylle and Derek Ramsay.

    Then there’s Dahil May Isang Ikaw, her reunion soap with Jericho. It’s been five years since they last worked together, but Kristine says there’s no awkwardness between her and her former reel and real-life boyfriend. “I think we’re adjusting just a little with each other because we were so young when we started working together. Now, a lot has happened in our life, and I think we both have matured.”

    Kristine couldn’t be more excited about this deluge of acting projects that one can’t help believing that this is the same girl who contemplated quitting show biz many times, even during her Pangako Sa ‘Yo days, which many say is the height of her popularity.

    “I actually attempted to quit many times. It was really a struggle,” she says. “It was only about three years ago when I finally appreciated what I do. I guess you will never really realize that one thing’s okay unless you’ve grown up already.”

    Perhaps it’s this newfound appreciation for the business why she still finds acting a challenge even after all these years as an actress.
    “I still get jittery whenever I’d be taping for a teleserye or whenever I do challenging scenes. Because for me, it will never be easy.
    Every character that you play is different. You really have to work hard,” she says.

    One thing Kristine doesn’t have to work on is her outlook in life. With all the heartbreaks she has gone through, Kristine could’ve been bitter by now. But bitterness isn’t her style. She says, “A lot has happened to me, but I’m happy because my life is colorful.”


    THE COMEBACKING actress sounds off on staying beautiful, rumors, negative impressions, and exes.

    On the beauty regimen she swears by. “Wash your face after makeup or even without makeup. And get enough sleep and water.”
    On being a ‘difficult’ coworker. “I guess other people just can’t handle my being up-front.”
    On the worst intrigue written about her. “Some show biz writers have reported that I have a thing for DOMs. Funny, right?”
    On being friends with an ex-boyfriend. “I think I’m friends with all of my exes until now because they know how sincere I am. They know how nurturing I am not just as a girlfriend but as a friend.”


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    It isn't unusual for stars to encounter crossroads in their lives; Actors that broke out of their shells to play the role of their lives, personalities who kissed and told, big names that shed their apprehensions in order to regain their "rightful" place in the public consciousness..

    It seems that Kristine Hermosa is at a similar place.
    Having enjoyed the benefits and endured the many hardships of stardom, she practically grew up in front of our eyes. Her natural talent and beauty and easy chemistry with her partners made fame almost inevitable. Hermosa has been through a lot- popularity that soars or wanes, controversies or clamor, roles that are easy or demanding- so much so that people tend to even forget that at 25 years old, she ism by most standards, still quite young.

    Very Public pairings
    "Gayuma" (co-star Jericho Rosales) turned out to be so successful that ABS-CBN executives greenlit a Hermosa-Rosales reunion teleserye. "I was hoping that it will happen because it's been a long time coming. I'm hoping that a lot of people will still support us," she says.
    Hermosa, throughout her career, has never had problems with being transparent. "if there's something going on, I will say it myself," she states simply. Some have pointed to her as being aloof and distant, an accusation that people who closely and regularly work with her say is dead wrong.

    "She's misunderstood. A lot of people think that she's cold, but she's just shy and very private," says Rikka Dylim.

    Despite going against the "tito-tita, beso-beso" air prevalent in the industry, her transparency is credited as refreshing and appealing by others. "She's upfront," says Starstudio's Arnel Ramos.
    Still, Ramos and many others (If you what proof, to borrow a phrase from Tina Fey, "there is something called the internet...") continue to deem Hermosa as something akin to an icon along the lines of, say, an Audrey Hepburn?
    "She's like the perfect movie star for me. You won't ever catch her looking ugly.Even if she isn't made up, she stil looks beautiful," he says.

    An education that pays off
    Turning points almost always coincide with moments of great knowledge gleamed. In the case of Hermosa, she has taken it almost to a literal level. She is currently enrolled at the University of the Philippines' Open University, where she is pursuing an Associate in Arts degree.

    The Road Ahead
    "I've been independent for quite some time. I do everything without a helper. I'm hands-on with my life," Hermosa admits.
    And this brings us back to the point: the ability to make choices, and being either consoled or terribly frightened over that fact. Almost everyone reaches some sort of crossroads in their lives, which are all the more magnified for public figures such as Hermosa.
    Other personalities are so befuddled by what decision to make, so scared about the possible negative scenarios that they experience a form of extended brain freeze.
    But as for Hermosa, she said so herself: she's hands-on. She beefing up her knowledge. She's continuing to build on what she has. She's learning from past mistakes. She's making a decision.
    And whatever path she takes, whatever we may think of her, it's clear. She moves forward either way.


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    Similarly, Kristine Hermosa, devotes her Sundays to "Papa Jesus." After ASAP, she motors all the way to
    spend time in a Christian church in Alabang. "Hindi talga kumpleto If I don't go to church" she says.
    One of cinema's most beautiful faces, her presence lights every room and this radiance
    she also credits to being beautiful from within.

    The Face
    Kristine remains one of the most beautiful in showbiz, with a smile that can light up any room.

    She is clearly much happier now as compared to a few years ago when her life and that of her special friend,
    Diether Ocampo were in distress. "Masaya naman ako. Nasa tamang disposisyon ako ngayon.
    I try not to worry too much kahit alam kong maraming things to be concerned about.
    Pagod na kasi akong mag-worry nang mag-worry.
    Okay na ako na ganito.Better talaga na happy ang spirit mo."

    When Kristine is around, expect music to follow. "I'm an old soul and music really keeps me happy.
    Parang ang lungkot natin kung walang music di ba?"
    True enough, she had her dependable laptop
    with her at the shoot, playing music that ranged from Doris Day to R&B. Even at the gym where
    she now works out on a more regular basis, her earphones are perennially stuck to her ears while
    she does her routine.

    Music, she says, is a balm for her soul and it helps her through various life situations.
    At 23, she admits that she has really matured. "Mas natututo ka the more na tumatanda ka.
    The more na tumatanda ka, mas ayaw mo na mag-worry,
    mas naha-handle mo na ang emotions mo. You can only learn from life.
    You can't be the same old person. Kapag may hindi magandang nangyari at hindi mo ma-handle,
    hindi mo puwedeng sabihin na ganon ka lang o ganon ka talaga."

    Fame has clearly not gotten into this pretty girl's head. Though Kristine is more relaxed
    and wackier now than she was a couple of years ago, she remains, basically, the pretty girl
    with the simple joys and unassuming non-showbiz ways.
    When we tell her that she is
    considered by many to be the loveliest face her generation
    she humbly replies,
    "I'm most beautiful inside. Alam mo tingin ko naman sa beauty, kapag nasa loob yun,
    magre-reflect at magre-reflect din sa labas kahit hindi ka perfect physically."

    Inner Beauty
    Kristine have found peace in the renewed faith and the wisdom that comes with experience.


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    Tin endorses Cinderella






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