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    VILMA SANTOS: Kaisa ni RALPH RECTO, Ipaglalaban ang Pamilyang Pilipino Thread 35

    Vilma Santos is famous for being the first female chief executive of Lipa City, who won by a landslide in 3 consecutive elections. She is currently serving as the first female governor of Batangas province seeking re-election. As a public servant, Gov. Vi openly admits that her husband, Ralph has always been her adviser/mentor, strength and inspiration in her pursuit of political goals. Ralph, who has the acumen in econmics, is also pursuing a senatorial seat this coming election.

    Ate Vi's program, HEARTS (Health, Education, Agriculture, Roads, Tourism) which she initiated as mayor of Lipa City, gained the full support of the Sangguniang Panglalawigan and the department heads of the provincial government. She won the hearts and trust of the Batanguenos because, not only did she bring progress to Batangas' economy, she paved the way to good health, literacy and clean environment as well.

    Sa nalalapit na election, sina Ralph at Ate Vi ay muling himihingi ng suporta mula sa mga mamamayang Pilipino upang bigyan silang muli ng pagkakataon na maipagpatuloy ang kanilang mga malinis at mabuting layunin - isa na rito ang pagsugpo ng corruption na matagal nang nagpapahirap sa ating mga kababayan. Si Ralph, na dating secretaryo ng NEDA, ay nangangako bilang senador na pagsisikapan niyang guminhawa ang buhay ng pamilyang Pilipino sa pamamagitan ng pagtiyak na tama ang paggastos ng pera ng bayan.

    Sina Vilma at Ralph ang pag-asa ng bayan dahil ang kapakanan ng mga Pilipino ang una nilang isinasaisip. Panahon na para ipaglaban ang pamilyang Pilipino na maiahon sa kahirapan and who can help realize this goal but Vilma and Ralph - the Power Couple.

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    Governor Recto’s achievements cited
    Manila Bulletin
    February 9, 2010, 7:41pm

    Batangueños have disputed reports and criticisms that Gov. Vilma Santos Recto is treating her position as governor of the province “only as a sideline job” and that she reports for work at the Provincial Capitol only once a week.

    Recto’s critics are also saying that she has failed to address the needs of her constituents flocking to her office.

    “Her record bespeaks of her achievements as a kind of administrator who delivers honest, sincere, and true public service which brought honors, to the people of Batangas and to the whole province,” said veteran barangay alderman Meliton Mercado of San Nicolas town.

    Governor Vi’s blueprint for Batangas dubbed as “HEARTS” – health, education, employment, environment, agriculture, roads, tourism and shelter and security – is the main agenda she envisioned to sincerely deliver basic services to her constituents.

    Under the program, several district hospitals throughout the province were rehabilitated including the upgrading of medical facilities, distribution of nine ambulances, etc.

    The governor’s office reported that more than 100,000 Philhealth cards have been distributed to poor residents to help in their health care needs including hospitalization. Students now enjoy the use of 94 newly built classrooms and 25 newly renovated school buildings established in 10 towns.

    In agriculture, P12 million worth of livestock were distributed to 140 beneficiaries. Another milestone is the significant growth of the local poultry industry which makes Batangas the main supplier of 70 percent of the fresh eggs requirement of Metro Manila. (BJM)

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    HEARTS (Health, Education, Agriculture, Roads, Tourism and Security)

    HEARTS which is the acronym for Health, Education, Agriculture, Roads, Tourism and Security is the core of Ralph Recto’s advocacy. He believes that reforms in these areas would immensely alleviate the sorry state of the Philippine society.

    He is pushing for a better healthcare system in the country by expanding and improving the benefits under the National Health Insurance Program; enhancing the hospital referral network; strengthening the decentralization of government hospital operations supportive of effective regional hospitals and medical centers that can handle difficult cases without need for referral to Manila hospital facilities.

    Recto also believes that encouraging more children to go to school and enhance their learning capacity is a big step towards increasing the competence of our future professionals and labor force. Education is the people’s best chance to improve their economic status. And, will redound to the country’s progress and development.

    Reform in the agriculture sector is a priority as the countryside is still the country’s richest source of income. Government must support farmers so that it can compete in the open global market. There is a need to promote greater export opportunities, construct more farm-to-market roads, improved irrigation facilities, better crop insurance program, and more funds spent on agricultural research and development.
    He supports infrastructure development including public works, transportation and energy with priority given to projects required to attract investments and to develop business. Participation of the private sector should be enshrined including involvement in the infrastructure planning, sharing in the financing, and the monitoring of procurement and project implementation.

    Tourism also employs a significant number of Filipinos and thus should be the object of increased government attention. The country offers significant tourist attractions; however, for the industry to become a major economic booster the government must improve the support systems such as financing and investments, infrastructure, and transport facility, among others. The local governments must share in the fruits and responsibility of tourism development.

    Also in the agenda is security as it is a very important aspect of governance that affects a wide array of issues such as peace and order, and investor confidence that leads to sustained economic growth.

    Unemployment Insurance

    Those who have substantially contributed to the Social Security System and the Government Service Insurance System should get help in times of dire financial need, including during brief periods of unemployment. The proposal involves extending financial assistance to the unemployed members.

    Living Pension

    Recto is also pushing for the review of the benefits received by retirees from the SSS and GSIS as these may no longer be sufficient to cover present cost of living. The retirees have given the best years of their life to productive service; hence in their twilight years deserve a life of comfort and ease.

    Consumer Protection

    Laws should be passed and properly implemented to protect the Filipino consumer from unscrupulous merchants and penalize those who violate their right to basic goods and services. Consumers should be armed with more rights against abuses and also against faulty, dangerous and defective products including cheap imports that proliferate in the market.

    Crop Insurance for Farmers

    Our poor farmers follow the cycle of harvest every year. Calamities, man-made or otherwise, especially those that damage crops, are mostly unforeseen. It is believed that a program providing insurance for crops can be enhanced in order to help farmers cope with unanticipated damage to their source of livelihood.

    Student Loans for Education

    One cannot put a price tag on good education. Hence, there is merit in allocating sufficient funds for educational loans so that everyone gets a fair chance of acquiring a higher education.

    Good Governance

    The HEARTS advocacy can be best pursued if it is supported by reforms in governance.
    For one, the success of anti-corruption programs can make available for HEARTS substantial funds which otherwise would go to dishonest and greedy government officials. The anti-corruption measures must include the aspect of transparency and accountability and provide adequate penalty for those guilty of corrupt practices, especially the big fish.

    Recto will likewise initiate budget reforms. He believes that Congress must effectively exercise its power of the purse. The legislature must increase its involvement in the crafting of the budget and the formulation of the macro-economic parameters. Congress must stop the usual practice of merely adding and subtracting amounts from the budget of agencies. Moreover, it must strengthen its oversight function over the national budget scrutinizing the budget utilization in relation to the performance targets of government agencies that must be given flexibility in budget execution with ease in DBM regulation and control. Congress must look into the absorptive capacity of agencies and the latter must strongly justify need for increased appropriations despite dismal disbursement figures.

    Other reforms in governance would include government reorganization, amendment to the Procurement Reform Act, and establishing a continuous systems and procedures improvement program.

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    Speech of Mother Lily
    Press conference of Sen. Ralph Recto and Gov. Vilma Santos

    March 3, 2010
    Imperial Palace Suites

    Twenty-five years ago, Vilma Santos, who is Ate Vi to all of us, met a handsome Batangueno. They came from different worlds. She is the country’s award-winning actress, while he is the grandson of nationalist, statesman and senator Claro M. Recto. But it’s destiny for the two of them.

    In 1992, they walked down the aisle. They were a dream couple. Up to this day, they are being idolized by millions of Filipinos – from the sosyal to the masa.

    Ralph, a third generation public servant, comes from a respected family of politicians. His lolo, Claro M. Recto, was a senator, while his father, Raphael Recto, was an assemblyman. Therefore, it is not surprising that Ralph also decided to embark on a political career, even if it meant going against the wishes of his father.

    Even as a young boy, Ralph dreamt of helping others. He was exposed to the harsh realities of life. There were always people around him, many of them in need of food, clothing, shelter, money or jobs. That’s why it wasn’t hard for Ralph to focus his resources on those needs when he eventually entered politics.

    Ralph carved his own credentials and showed everyone his distinguished merits. As the youngest congressman for Batangas during his first term, he learned the ropes of lawmaking. He connected with people, going from house to house and playing basketball in the barangays.

    He is an ideal father and husband who gives importance and priority to the value of family, not just his own.

    From the congress to the senate, Ralph displayed his wealth of experience in legislative and executive governance.

    Ate Vi tops the list of best actresses in Philippine cinema – an undisputed box office queen and award-winning star. She has done memorable and significant films like “Sister Stella L,” which made her more conscious of how to serve the Filipino people.

    From her outstanding showbiz career as the “Star for All Seasons,” Ate Vi amazed everyone when she invaded the political arena and won. She served three terms as mayor of Lipa City and is now going on her second term as governor of Batangas.

    Her track record is impressive. Her accomplishments are remarkable. She has truly become a Batanguena by heart.

    Vilma has been doing a great job in Batangas and she deserves another term as governor. Meanwhile, let’s bring back Ralph to the senate, so he can continue creating government policies that can benefit a greater number of people.

    Sobrang ina-idolize ko ang mag-asawang ito that’s why I am opening the Imperial Palace Resort Hotel in Taal, Batangas. May tiwala ako sa pamamahala nilang dalawa in the province. So now, you can also call me a Batanguena. It’s a dream come true for me.

    A la eh, meron na kong balisong, banig, kulambo, suman at kapeng barako!

    Friends, let’s welcome my fellow Batanguenos – Ralph Recto and Ate Vi!

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    Ralph Recto: (Pandesal) Fighting for the Filipino Family

    Recto is said to be a scandal-free family man in the Philippines. The TV commercial features the real Recto family including his wife Vilma Santos-Recto, an award-winning actress and the current Batangas Governor.

    Exploring the topic of corruption, the ad opens with an early morning scene around the breakfast table. Recto uses the traditional Flippino bread pandesal to explain social issues.

    Translated synopsis:
    Ryan: “Dad, why is there corruption?”
    Mom Vilma: “Here’s some pandesal.”
    (Recto looks at son Ryan, then signals stepson Luis. Recto passes the pandesal to son Ryan but stepson Luis intercepts the bread.)
    Luis: “This is delicious! I’ll save some for you... There’s still some left.”
    (Mom Vilma looks on in amazement)
    Recto: “Putting yourself first, means there’ll be nothing left for others.”
    Mom Vilma: “If only there’s no corruption, then there’ll be more funds to help the less-fortunate.”
    Luis: “That’s why we have to fight against corruption. No corruption, no poverty.”
    Recto: “And that’s what we’re going to do to help improve the lives of the Filipino family.”

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    ito na pala ang new house natin.pasensya na naghahanap ako ng job kaya medyo all the
    vilmanians,congrats sa ating new house.

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