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    Quote Originally Posted by fulgoso83 View Post
    where can I buy some old filipino pene films today? I had some which I bought in Greenhills and Harrison Plaza, that was early 2000 pa.

    I want some more...

    Any info where we can buy DVD copies of these vintage 1970s and 1980s Filipino PENE and BOMBA movies?

  2. Mar 6, 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpmarkcarlo View Post
    Pia Moran yan yung mother ni Lovi Poe
    Quote Originally Posted by QT II View Post
    Really, now?????
    Of course not. It's Rowena Moran, not Pia.

    "Meet Lourdes Virginia Lovi Poe, the 15-year-old daughter of the late Fernando Poe Jr. and Rowena Moran, his leading lady in a San Miguel Beer commercial."

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenmode View Post
    Anyone who remember.....

    Rosanna Ortiz?
    Claudia Zobel?
    Amanda Amores?
    Sarsi Emmanuel?
    Pepsi Paloma?
    Coca Nicolas?
    Stella Strada Jr. (now known as Stella Ruiz)?

    Hmmm... who else? I forgot the others...
    Diba naging boldstar din sina
    Alma Moreno
    Rio Locsin
    Lorna Tolentino
    Amy Austria

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    Quote Originally Posted by utotino View Post
    natatandaan ko'to...... ito yun kamukha ni Julie Vega, una syang nakilala bilang si Amery San Jose sa tunay nya mismong pangalan.

    una syang nakita sa burol ni mismo ni Julie sa Mount Carmel Church sa new manila and then naging product endorser or commercial model sya ng Snappy Ballpen.

    dahil sa inip nya at gusto nyang sumikat nag decide syang mag BOLD at nag palit nga sya ng pangalan na Roselle Agana, maraming fans ni Julie Vega ang nadismaya nun dahil nga inaakala nila na itong babae na'to ang magtutuloy ng na simulan ni Julie.

    sayang nga lang hindi rin sya nagtagal siguro dahil masyado nyang ginamit ang pagkakahawig nya kay Julie
    parang kasabay nina lili madrigal yan at ni sino ba ito...honey policarpio...

    at least, mga boldstars noon...walang photo-photoshop...

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    eto pa

    Rita Avila
    Lala Montelibano
    Cristina Gonzales
    Nini Jacinto
    Aila Marie

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    Quote Originally Posted by fulgoso83 View Post
    For Mark Joseph, his past as a stud is just 'a hazy dream'.

    COPYRIGHT 2004 Financial Times Ltd.

    (From Philippine Daily Inquirer)

    Byline: Nini Valera

    THE ACTOR who shot to fame in the '80s for baring his body in sub-culture sex movies now makes a living "fixing" other people's bodies.

    "I am now a practicing chiropractor," says Ricardo Sarzuello, who was known in the movies as "pene king" Mark Joseph, pene being short for penetration in the sexual act.

    "I studied in the US at the University of the Art of Healing in California," Sarzuello relates. "I started the course in 1992. It was a two-year course, and I had two years of practicum also in the US. I knew the movies would not last."

    Before he became pene king, Mark Joseph was a bit player and was introduced in Bukang Liwayway Productions' "Tolonges." He also appeared in bit roles in "Get My Son, Dead or Alive," which starred Rudy Fernandez, and "Kung Tawagin Siya'y Bathala," with Dante Varona in the lead role.

    After languishing on the sidelines, he accepted an offer to appear in a bold movie.

    "I used that as a stepping stone," he admits. "I did bold roles because I wanted to make a name for myself."

    Joseph's reign as the ultimate stud in sex movies, where he supposedly made love for real with his leading ladies, lasted for four years, which defined the prurient period in Philippine cinema. His first sex film was "Babasagin," directed by Armando de Guzman Jr.

    "Sorry, I don't remember anymore the name of the leading lady," he says.

    He played the title role in his third movie, "Bohemyo," directed by Jose "Kaka" Balagtas and starring a bevy of women: Vida Verde, Olga Miranda, Katrina Abad and Stella Strada.

    Joseph went on to appear in countless sexy movies, but his recollection of these is also blurred.

    "It was like a hazy dream," he explains. "I don't even remember now the titles of most of my movies."


    Asked if he was actually "doing it" in movies, he responds with wry statements: "Let their imagination run wild," "It was an art film," or "We wanted to make a good movie."

    He had done, in fact, a few good movies, even if he wants to forget that he made them. He singles out as major achievements director Elwood Perez's "Silip," produced by Solar Films, where he had scenes of frontal nudity, and the late Tata Esteban's "Hubo," from FLT Films. In both movies, Joseph starred opposite Ma. Isabel Lopez.

    "If I remember right, 'Silip' even competed at the Cannes Film Festival," says Joseph.

    Both movies had been mainstream productions, as was Maryo J. de los Reyes' "Tagos ng Dugo," where Joseph played one of the rapists of Vilma Santos' serial killer.

    Throughout his reign as pene king, a tag coined by the late entertainment writer and publicist Oskee Salazar, Joseph kept his private life away from the public. He was already married then, and already had children-all girls-who are now all grown up. Joseph refuses to reveal the identities of his children and his wife.

    While enjoying his popularity as a bold actor, Joseph still did not gain the respectability that he wanted. A semblance of respectability finally came when he shifted from bold movies to action films.

    "Kuya Ronnie (Fernando Poe Jr.) told me to stop making bold movies," relates Joseph. "He said I was also fit to do action movies. So he recommended me to a producer, and I made 'Boy de Sabog,' directed by Joey del Rosario."


    After a string of action movies, some of which were hits, Joseph produced his own movies, under his Rica Films. The first was "Utol ni Ben Tumbling," directed by Diego Cagahastian.

    "It was okay," he says of the movie. "It broke even. But the next film, 'Rey Guinto, Terror Hunter,' left me broke. I invested five million pesos, and I recovered only a million. That was when I grew tired of the business. It's difficult to pursue a business that you have no knowledge of. The production was mismanaged. I became disheartened. I decided that being an actor was only a dream."

    He ended his movie career in 1992 when he went to the US to study.

    "As a licensed chiropractor, I had to prove constantly that I could help people with their afflictions," explains Joseph. "After some successes, patients began referring other people to me. Now, I take patients by appointment only."

    Joseph has decided to concentrate on sales. The former actor now sells medical equipment, rice, corporate giveaways and "anything and everything."

    "I like being in sales," he says. "Money comes fast in sales, unlike in the movies where there is a waiting spell before your next project. It is not difficult to sell and make money, unlike in the movies where you could lose everything."

    Turning "corporate," Joseph shaved his beard which, during his movie phase, was his trade mark. "People would not take me seriously if I still had a beard," he says. "Some were even scared to deal with me. I just kept a moustache."


    He also joined a Rotary Club in Quezon City, perhaps to reaffirm his new persona as a responsible citizen.

    "I have been a Rotarian for only a year and a half," he says. "I joined because I wanted to serve the community. This is what Rotary is all about."

    But his past as a bold actor continues to haunt Joseph.

    "When I meet people and they find out that I was Mark Joseph, they are amazed. There are people who tell me I'm their idol, that they've seen my various action films. But there are also people who talk in whispers behind my back. Mainly, they describe me as the bold actor. It's a reputation that's hard to live down. There is still a tinge of malice to the tag. But once they get to know me, they see a different person."

    He claims he has never been ashamed of his past even if he's not exactly proud of it. "I don't hide it," he says. "I just don't want to hype it."

    Civic duty

    He still has other dreams. "I was toying with the possibility of entering politics," he admits. "But the time is not yet ripe. I am now concentrating on being a supporter of politicians who I know will do the country good."

    During the last elections, Joseph campaigned for actor Bong Revilla and Mar Roxas, who both won as senators.

    "They have a vision for the country," he says. "I believe in what they want to do for us, so I even went to Cebu to campaign actively for them."

    As part of his civic duty, Joseph has also searched for products that would help uplift the lives of the rural farmers.

    "I have made connections with a supplier of a brand of fertilizer from Russia, which could be sold to farmers at cheap prices," says Joseph. "I thought of this because agriculture is part of President Arroyo's program."

    Show business, however, still rears its head in Joseph's life. In 2001, he made a movie which starred new screen stud Allen Dizon. As usual, Joseph cannot recall its title.
    san kaya sa qc or greenhills ang clinic niya?

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenmode View Post
    Anyone who remember.....

    Rosanna Ortiz?
    Claudia Zobel?
    Amanda Amores?
    Sarsi Emmanuel?
    Pepsi Paloma?
    Coca Nicolas?
    Stella Strada Jr. (now known as Stella Ruiz)?

    Hmmm... who else? I forgot the others...
    Iba si Stella Ruiz kay Stella Strada Jr.

    Stella Ruiz was a 90s boldstar (Stella Marquez yata first screen name niya.) Nagalit si Stella Marquez-Araneta kaya pinalitan niya ng Stella Ruiz.

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    Rio Locsin is now happily married to ex-PBA player--and now pastor--Padim Israel. My dad knows them personally since he goes to their church.

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    Raja Montero

    Sino may alam ng links kung san pwede madownload lahat ng movies ni Raja Montero? thanks!

  17. Jul 28, 2011

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    kelangan buhayin ang mga sinaunang pelikula..

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    How about pene king Franco Madrigal who has a 9 inch ****? He's half american at dati na feature siya sa TV. He's now a family man living in a province at nag da drive na siya ng tricycle. He still looks handsome kahit matanda na.

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    happy weekend everyone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 143brent5 View Post
    ito ba ang tinutukoy mo??

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    sa indie film na Serbis, may nagkukuplangan doon. sino iyung walang takot na baklush at iyung lalaki?

    sa Oro Plata Mata, sino iyung nag-topless at iyung babaing umupo sa pako?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 143brent5 View Post
    alam mo napag-uusapan dito ang mga DEKALIDAD na mga PINOY films.. at nabanggit ni batosabuhangin na even ang mga great actresses, not necessarily mga bold star, nagpakita ng skin sa mga MAHUHUSAY na pelikula.. pero it doesn't mean na nagpakita sila ng skin.. BOLD STAR na agad.. getzzz??
    infernezz marunong ka rin falang magcomment ng matino, like ko yung sinasabi mech na not necessarily nagfakita ng skin bold star na,
    and not necessarily na ayaw mo sa isang artista ihahanay mo na sa bold star

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batosabuhangin View Post
    Hay naku, mahihirapan talagang ma getzz ng may mga taong malabnaw ang IQ.
    tumfak ziz , amvavaw talagah ng mga taong, forket ayaw sa isang artista ihahanay na sa bold star,ang lavnaw talagah

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