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    Mukhang magandang display sa wallet to ah.

    Miss ko na bannapple pie ng SB. Yun lang talaga inoorder ko dun. Yung kape nila at frappe di ko gusto kaya di ako umoorder. Mas ok pa Bo's froccino primo, JCO oreo, at double chocolate ng CBTL. Kadalasan puro take out lang. Mas gusto ko pa rin magtagal sa mga less popular and not your typical mainstream coffee shops like Coffee Club, Artisan Boulangerie Co. etc.

    Minsan nahihiya akong pumasok sa SB pag di ko dala Macbook ko, DSLR, Havianas, University Jacket at makakapal na reviewers ko. 1 coffee = 12 hours stay.

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    ang daming bitter about SB planner haha... kanya kanya trip lang yan guys. If that's what they prefer then so be it. haha. It's Christmas season anyway, let's just be happy for everyone

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    Medyo nagsawa na ako sa drinks ng Starbucks pero inaabangan ko talaga lagi yung Peppermint Brownie nila pag Christmas season. The best!

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    I'm a tubig type of girl but their unicorn frappe is a must try

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    Quote Originally Posted by hello.sunshine View Post
    Medyo nagsawa na ako sa drinks ng Starbucks pero inaabangan ko talaga lagi yung Peppermint Brownie nila pag Christmas season. The best!
    Me, too! Tapos balik Coffee Bean na ko or Dunkin Donuts for my once or twice a week coffee "indulgence".

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    Quote Originally Posted by rene_angelnoi View Post
    4. Starbucks as a Family place

    Only in the Philippines, Starbucks has become a fast food chain or a family dining restaurant. If they really want to bond as a family, I think they should go to a decent restaurant not in a coffee shop. Can a family enjoy a place that is meant for friends and business meetings? I have nothing against to the families who wants to have a good time but somehow they are irritating. Here’s why:

    They come in a group, asking for table reservations (Starbucks have no reservations policy), complain when there is not enough seats for them (because seats are for small group of people) and leave the place messy like a restaurant (is this still a coffee shop?).
    Minsan nga hindi lang family ang gumagawa nito. Kahit group of friends. Or any type of group for that matter

    Yung iba nakita na ngang maraming tao yung branch, ipagpipilitan pa nilang doon mag-stay. They can opt to find another branch that is less crowded, or another coffee shop instead. Hindi yung ipipilit talaga nilang Starbucks. Eh ang dami namang coffee shop diyan na mas maluwag.

    Meron sa kanila, basta nakakita ng empty chair or table, basta basta kukunin. Minsan, hindi pa nagpapaalam.

    There is also at least one or two or three members in a big group na hindi naman o-order. Or worse, hindi na nga umorder, nagdadala pa ng outside food and drinks.

    Meron din naman diyan, matagal nang tapos na sa kanilang food/drink, ayaw pa rin umalis because they wanna prolong their stay talking about some random topic that nobody cares about.

    That is why as much as possible, I try to stay away from Starbucks, especially sa malls, or sa mga branches na talagang matatao.

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