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    The Transformers: Gordon-Fernando

    OMG! Ito talaga ang dream team. Boboto na ako. Sila lang makakapagpabago ng bansa
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    Cool. I liked Star Wars too. Which part was your favorite?

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    They are front-runners for me. BF alone is more qualified and experienced than both Gibo and Noynoy. From the debates, his maverick style and straight answers are on par with smart, but disingenuous answers of Gibo.

    **** can claim that his VP is already as good as the other Pres. candidates. A great team.

    Though the polls will be a huge problem, as will the cannibalization of votes. Good luck to them!

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    "This is it!"?????? Yan yung concert/documentary ni MJ ha? Andun din ba sila? Joke! Yes, I also believe they are very much qualified to run this country. I'm now torn between Gilbert and "The Transformers".

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    Sorry ha. Pinalitan ko na. Maglagay ako ng tarpaulin sa labas ng bahay. Sila na talaga iboboto ng pamilya namin. Sila lang kasi ang pwede.

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    ayus na buto-buto!!! yan ang kandidato. gordon-bf!! wala ng iba.

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    I'm so thrilled to see what will they do if ever they win. Though, mas gusto ko si fernando maging president. I really hope people make smart votes.

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    Bring it on! This team is the real deal.

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    Wow! This is the dream team! I'm glad one of them gave up. Wanted BF to be the Prez but Gordon is equally capable or arguably more capable because of his vast experience in executive and legislative departments.

    Transform us people of this country please! Go transformers!

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    For the first time, parang may pag asa na Philippines

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    its a good thing na nag decide na si BF to run for vice-president.
    mas may chance siyang manalo laban kay pedicab boy.

    kasi kung for presidency, kahit kay erap or villanueva matatalo siya.
    sure na ako na iboboto ko si BF for vice-president.

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    Si Optimus at Bumble bee ang pag asa ng bayan natin .. TRANSFORMERS.. =D

    seriously, eto na yung tandem na may experience in terms of

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    Ok, I've decided...I am surely going to vote for this tandem. I was a Gilbert supporter until "The Transformers" came. Maybe next time nalang Sir Gilbert. I just hope this 2 won't collide once seated kasi parehong "strong" minds.

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    ^^I have faith that there are still decent, sensible people out there who would go for this tandem. I hope they make the silent majority.

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    GORDON + BF win or lose! I think sila lang ang may track record para magpaunlad ng Pilipinas. Imagine a Subic with Marikina development. Subok na tong dalawa. Buti naman nagsama na.

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    mukhang di ko rin 'ata iboboykot ang pres. at vp sa aking ballot come may 2010. walang panama ang mar, loren, edu, binay kay bf. flash gordon is also a better alternative to trapos and hacenderos.

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    Sana nga manalo sila, knowing the majority of voters.. haaay, goodluck!!!

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    Go Transformer!!! Ngayon lang ako naexcite sa eleksyon....

    I will do my best para maikampanya sila...kahit sa Facebook at Tweeter..

    sana lang sapat ang panahon para maiparating nila yung itensyon nila at makilala sila ng Masa...

    Go Transformer!!!!

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    BF fan din ako. Kung siya yung pinili ng Lakas siya dapat iboboto ko.

    Gibo-BF ako.

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