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    San Beda Law Retention Policy And Tuition

    A newcomer here! an aspiring law student next school year.. It's nice to be part of a forum full of law geniuses and enthusiasts... I'll be glad to exchange perceptions w/ you all! One head is good; 2 heads are better; but many heads are great! Hope to hear, or rather read some of your advices regarding the 4-year penitence in law.. Is it true that once you study law, you need to read read and read 25 hours a day?!!! hehe juz kiddin... But seriously, I desperately need some advices.. I want to study law really. I took up LAE last Nov. 22, and i ain't that confident to assume my entry to UP law..I'll probably go to SAN BEDA cos its retention policy is definitely a challnge for me.. May i ask how much is the tuition per sem? Is it hard to be retained? how hard is it? Anyone here who has the same predicament? anyone here who can offer valuable and not hearsay suggestions? I appreciate your time and effort to do so! thanks!

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    The tuition fee is PhP35k-40k per semester.

    As for retention policy, we have QPI (Quantitative Point Index) here. Parang average lang. I think the QPI you need to reach in 1st year is 78, 79 for 2nd year, then 80 for 3rd year.

    I really can't answer the "how hard is it" question.haha. Mahirap i-explain. Minsan depende yan sa prof eh. Basta, yun na yun.

    As for reading, you NEED to read. Studying law uses logic but your logic is useless if you don't know the law. I read 6 hours a day. Feeling ko, tamad pa ako nun. Aside from reading, you also need to memorize codal provisions. I suggest you practice your writing skills too. Some professors require their students to pass digested cases.

    By the way, you can borrow books from the library, but if you want your own books, prepare at least 6k.

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    How hard is it? I had a( almost cum laude in College) close buddy who got a grade of 60 in the midterms. Achiever itong guy, honor roll from grade school to high school. College niya from the top 3 universities. So go figure....Ganoon kabagsik....

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    non-sequitur sa SBC Law ang college academic achievements dahil ibang ballgame sa COL ng SBC.

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    kapag nag aaral ako sa starbucks.lagi ko nakakasabay mga law students ng beda (nakita ko sa book ang san beda library). mula umaga hanggang gabi sila dun!. ako once a week lang ako dun pero sila araw araw daw (i asked the guard) gabi ang class nila so after nun papasok pa sila. hahahha

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    It seems this thread is very old. anyway, I'm an incoming freshman in the SBC COL. I'm just wondering whether or not I could pay the tuition in installments? 42k is a little steep for my wallet.

    Also, I took up PIL and PrIL in my undergrad years. The volume of readings I had to go through was astounding. I understand that there are books and codals that I will be needing. Aside from these, there will be materials that I would need to photocopy. So, how much money should I allot for this "photocopying expense"? A ballpark figure for a sem will do. Thank you very much.

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