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    ^^ adherence according imagination-inept, uncreative pretentious "scientists" reducing science into stale, cold mechanism who instead of perceiving it as tool, bark at the wrong tree instead and treating the tool as its cold institution as if a new religion, definitely a myopic viewpoint so far from the caliber of REAL scientists

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    ^^ Which is why I tend to believe that science in reality is nothing more than another Philosophical Thought that adheres to observation and logical reasoning to prove certain premises and conclusions. Despite what people claim, science IS an abstract concept and it is philosophy in every way imaginable; not that different in terms of Confucianism and other philosophical schools of thought.

    Though I'd have to agree that this philosophical school of thought is the one which seems the most reasonable, given that you have to empirically observe to arrive at a conclusion instead of usually giving one without even having to prove it..

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    science used to be called natural philosophy
    "With great looks comes great responsibility"

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    ^ Which is why it is a philosophy. Contrary to popular belief that science isn't philosophical and doesn't use philosophy in the study of observational phenomena, science in itself is a philosophical belief..

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    quite true
    "With great looks comes great responsibility"

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    Subjectivity is the issue, a claim about objectivity can easily be used as excuse for subjective purpose by the motive of so called adherents, as evidenced by machinations of materialistic ideologies.

    Science in a philosophical viewpoint is far from subjective, rather it is relative to one's environment and of the Human phenomenon, being another facet of Truth.

    Science not having detached to the Human Phenomenon is not far from the essence of its Truth, but nearer.

    - Ric Vil Hori (my impromptu composition )

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    Quote Originally Posted by cretinous00 View Post
    no matter how you describe it, it's a rigorous discipline that's not for everyone; and it tends to be abused by ordinary folks. there're few things more disgusting than reading sophomoric posts about quantum machanics and entropy from non-scientists whose sole bases are glossy monthly religious magazines or some cockamamy site at yootoobe.
    A rigorous discipline indeed to be efficiently used as a tool, such that erroneous intent to use science for subjective motive by institutionalizing the tool by pretentious "scientists" at the guise of materialistic objectivity, or lacking in depth to the facets of Truth shall render it out of context for the practical demands of evolving Humanity, and even such shallow views may be dangerous to the survival of Humanity itself.

    Simply said materialistic ideologies (oops, slip showing) manipulating Science in the 20th century shall be rendered obsolete if we are to progress for the greater challenges of the Future ahead, and the rigourous discipline evolving in standards towards higher awareness of one's environment and Human Phenomenon shall render such obsolete views too inefficient for the coming challenges.
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    colorless green ideas sleep furiously
    "With great looks comes great responsibility"

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    ^ keep reading his posts and soon you'll realize that they have syntax but are devoid of any semantic value.
    "With great looks comes great responsibility"

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    i was actually thinking they were generated using some automatic sentence generator...

    btw, if you want to have your own scientific paper, you can try this:

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    Good old ROT...

    More of this please...

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    Medjo mahirap sabayan yaridude eh.. Hehe..

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    Quote Originally Posted by bulldozer View Post
    Medjo mahirap sabayan yaridude eh.. Hehe..
    Haha kaya tinatawag ko yung mga dating ROT regulars na magcontribute ulit. Sana paunlakan nila tayo ulit. Ang saya matuto sa kanila

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    For me, Science is nothing but the discovery of how reality works and no "knowledge" is forbidden....the only caveat is, Science, right now, tries to establish "universal" laws and expect to see linear, Newton's "Laws" which turned out to be not a law

    But the good thing with Science is it is dynamic and willing to change its views, even though it happens slowly...

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    Haha kaya tinatawag ko yung mga dating ROT regulars na magcontribute ulit. Sana paunlakan nila tayo ulit. Ang saya matuto sa kanila
    Hey Dude, this is the best Thread that I've seen at ROT since I joined. Hey guys, please continue your posts.

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    " According to another well known scientist Karl Pearson the hypotheses of science are based on "observed facts, which, when confirmed by criticism and experiment, are turned into laws of Nature."

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    The Holy Quran had awakened a spirit of enquiry among the Arabs which was instrumental in their splendid achievements in the field of science, and according to a western critic led them to realise that "science could not be advanced by mere speculation; its only sure progress lay in the practical interrogation of nature. The essential characteristics of their method are experiment and observation. In their writings on Mechanics, hydrostatics, optics, etc., the solution of the problem is always obtained by performing an experiment, or by an instrumental observation. It was this that made them the originator of chemistry, that led them to the invention of all kinds of apparatus for distillation, sublimation, fusion and filteration; that in astronomy caused them to appeal to divided instrument, as quadrant and astrolabe; in chemistry to employ the balance the theory of which they were perfectly familiar with; to construct tables of specific gravities and astronomical tables, that produced their great improvements in geometry and trigonometry."l

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    The Muslim scientists made considerable progress in biology especially in botany, and developed horticulture to a high degree of perfection. They paid greater attention to botany in comparison to zoology. Botany reached its zenith in Spain. In zoology the study of the horse was developed almost to the tank of a science. Abu Ubaidah (728--825 A. D.) who wrote more than 100 books, devoted more than fifty books to the study of the horse.

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    Chemistry as a science is unquestionably the invention of the Muslims. It is one of the sciences in which Muslims have made the greatest contribution and developed it to such a high degree of perfection that they were considered authorities in this science until the end of the 17th century A. D. Jabir and Zakariya Razi have the distinction of being the greatest chemists the mediaeval times produced. Writing in his illuminating History of the -Arabs, Philip K. Hitti acknowledges the greatness of Arabs in this branch of science when he says, "After materia medica, astronomy and mathematics, the Arabs made their greatest scientific contribution in chemistry. In the study of chemistry and other physical sciences, the Arabs introduced the objective experiment, a decided improvement over the hazy speculation of Greeks. Accurate in the observation of phenomeha and diligent in the accumulation of facts, the Arabs nevertheless found it difficult to project proper hypotheses."

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebragais View Post
    " According to another well known scientist Karl Pearson the hypotheses of science are based on "observed facts, which, when confirmed by criticism and experiment, are turned into laws of Nature."
    Not necessarily. Natural laws typicaly describe general principles and are usually expressed mathematically.
    "With great looks comes great responsibility"

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