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    sino sa akala o pagkaalam niyo ang talagang mastermind o mga nagpanukala/nagpakana sa pagdukot at pagpatay kay Bubby Dacer at sa driver nito? maniniwala ba naman kayong basta na lang kikilos ang mga SPO na PAOCTF na ito kung walang utos/mag-uutos sa kanila?

    paki-post po kung gusto nyong ihayag lang naman ang inyong naiisip na tao/mga taong may interes o motive para patahimikin/patayin si Bubby Dacer...

    Witnesses: Dacer strangled, burned
    By Cathy C. Yamsuan and Michael Lim Ubac
    Inquirer News Service
    PDI, 30 March 2001

    A ONCE white pair of Lumberjack leather topsiders, dyed brown, robbed from a dead man -- the late publicist Salvador "Bubby" Dacer.

    The shoes were on the feet of one of two arrested farmers who yesterday told the story of a grisly crime, claiming that members of the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force strangled Dacer, 63, and his driver, Manuel Corbito, with electric cords before setting fire to the corpses.

    "They did not kill the two right away. First, they asked that we gather wood and some old rubber tires" for burning the bodies, farmer Alex Diloy told reporters in Filipino, recounting the alleged murders.

    Diloy and Jimmy Lopez, both of Indang, Cavite, told a news conference that the policemen strangled the victims on the night of Nov. 24, the same day they were abducted in Manila.

    The National Bureau of Investigation is now preparing to indict a former aide of Panfilo Lacson, Police Supt. Teofilo Viña of the PAOCTF-Visayas, as a mastermind in the alleged double murder and kidnapping case.

    But Lacson said that, "since Day 1, the NBI has been bent on pinning PAOCTF members, particularly me." He appealed to the NBI not to be biased in their investigation.

    NBI chief Reynaldo Wycoco said the bureau had recovered "bones and teeth" near a creek in Cavite where the bodies were said to have been burned.

    "We’re still going to examine whether they really belong to Dacer and Corbito," he said in Taglish.

    Lopez, a civilian agent of the PAOCTF, and Diloy were arrested in a dawn raid by NBI agents in Barangay Buen Alejos in Indang on March 28.

    When presented to reporters by the NBI, Diloy was wearing what he claimed were Dacer’s shoes, as a souvenir of the brutal crime. White was the PR man’s favorite color.

    Diloy admitted to having taken part in the disposal of the corpses. He said he helped build a pyre of wood and old tires to dispose of the remains of the victims, who they said were set on fire after being doused with gasoline.

    Four cops

    Lopez, a 41-year-old former barangay captain, and Diloy, 37, identified four members of the PAOCTF as being among more than 10 people who had taken part in the killing.

    The NBI earlier asked state prosecutors to file kidnapping charges against one officer, Marino Soberano, who is at large.

    The three other officers who allegedly participated in the kidnapping and murders are SPO3 Mauro Torres, SPO2 Jose Escalante and SPO1 Crisostomo Purificacion.

    Diloy said he witnessed Lopez’s brother, William, SPO3 Mauro Torres and a certain Diego (also reported as "Digo"), whom he identified as an incumbent councilor in Indang, strangle Dacer and Corbito.

    Lopez said a group led by SPO4 Soberano arrived at his home in Barangay Buen Alejos I, Indang, on the afternoon of Nov. 24, and asked him where they could hold the two victims for safekeeping.


    Dacer and Corbito were already hog-tied and their eyes and mouths covered with masking tape when they were brought to Lopez’s house, according to Wycoco.

    Lopez recalled that the party arrived in two vehicles. Dacer and Corbito were still alive and were inside a white Toyota Lite Ace, he said.

    Soberano and the two other PAOCTF agents, Escalante and Purificacion, were aboard another vehicle, he said.

    From Lopez’s narration, it was not clear which car carried SPO3 Torres.

    "When they arrived, they were looking for a place to hide the two men they brought with them. I said I would find a place, so I brought the group to the garage of my brother, William," Lopez said in Filipino.

    Lopez said the group waited until it was dark. Around 8 p.m., the party left for a nearby creek, bringing the two victims along, he said. He told reporters he stayed behind because he has trouble walking long distances.

    At this point, Diloy took up the narration.

    Face down

    Upon reaching the creek, Diloy said, he was ordered to gather firewood for the pyre.

    Dacer and Corbito were made to lie face down, he said. Three men used the electrical cord to strangle them to death, he told the news conference.

    Asked by reporters to identify the killers, Diloy replied, "Mauro Torres, William and Diego."

    The murderers placed the bodies on top of the pyre of wood and tires, doused them with gasoline and set them on fire, he narrated.

    They let the corpses burn for about half an hour, he said. When it was over, he walked toward nearby Binakayan town, leaving the others behind.

    When asked about Dacer’s shoes, Diloy said Diego gave him the pair after the bodies were burned.

    "Diego just threw them toward me. I didn’t even know whose shoes they were" at the time, Diloy said, showing the pair to reporters.

    Wycoco noted that the pair used to be white, Dacer’s favorite color, and that Diloy had dyed them brown.

    The NBI chief said that while the suspect was still allowed to wear the shoes, they could be used as evidence.

    Ping: They were tortured

    Justice Secretary Hernando Perez said the two farmers might be placed under a witness protection program. He expressed hope that they might eventually lead to the mastermind behind the killings.

    The PAOCTF at the time of the abduction was directly under then Philippine National Police chief "Ping" Lacson, who yesterday said that he had "received reports that the farmers were tortured" into confessing.

    Asked for more details, he said that his camp was still verifying the reports.

    He denied that he had ever been involved in any illegal abduction.

    The opposition senatorial candidate belittled the new developments, saying the NBI had been promising major breakthroughs in the case for weeks.

    Lacson also said that the NBI appeared bent on proving its theory that the PAOCTF was behind Dacer’s disappearance.

    ‘Final order’

    But the NBI National Capital Region chief, Samuel Ong, said the two farmers claimed that Viña had called up the four PAOCTF agents right after the abduction.

    "At about 3 to 4 p.m. on Nov. 24, Viña was talking to the four PAOCTF agents who were guarding Dacer and his driver," Ong quoted the farmers as saying.

    "The two suspects said the four PAOCTF agents could not execute Dacer and his driver without Viña’s final order," Ong added.

    The motive for the killing was not given but former National Security Adviser Jose Almonte has said that Dacer was living in fear of then president Joseph Estrada because the latter had blamed him for a "demolition job."

    Perez stressed that, "the case is not closed. This is just a breakthrough because we still don’t know why this was done and who ordered them to do this," Perez said.

    Wycoco said that while Soberano’s group could be responsible for killing Dacer and his driver, "leads point to other groups" who put Dacer under surveillance, who carried out the actual abduction, and who masterminded the abduction and murder.

    "Only Soberano was the common denominator in the sense that he was present in the raid (near Dacer’s house), the abduction and the killing," Wycoco told reporters.

    Gun, drugs

    During the raid on the farmers’ houses, agents seized a .45-cal. pistol from Lopez. When asked about the gun, the suspect presented a permit purportedly signed by Viña.

    Ong said his men also recovered three transparent plastic sachets containing the drug "shabu."

    Wycoco said the NBI obtained a copy of a memorandum receipt signed by Viña, which listed Lopez, who is not a policeman, as an SPO2.

    Wycoco said the NBI learned that Soberano and Viña, both Caviteños, were the officers who recruited Lopez as a civilian agent of the task force.

    Soberano, who was the first policeman to be charged in the Dacer case before the Department of Justice, is a common friend of the Lopez brothers.

    Lopez said he had known Soberano for a long time and had been introduced to him by a certain Zaldy Tongos, another task force "asset."

    While Viña has surfaced as the highest-ranking official involved, it is still possible that others with higher positions could be involved, according to the NBI chief.

    Earlier, Ong said an airline passenger manifest showed that Viña left Cebu for Manila on Nov. 23 last year. He returned to Cebu the following night, hours after the Dacer abduction.

    According to Ong, Lopez’s brother, William, was a longtime asset of Viña.

    Dacer and Corbito were abducted along Osmeña Highway in Manila on their way from Dacer’s home in Parañaque to his office at the Manila Hotel.


    Press Secretary Noel Cabrera described the latest development as a "major breakthrough" in the case.

    Emerging from a morning meeting with Perez, Eduardo Ermita, presidential adviser on the peace process, seemed convinced that the farmers were telling the truth.

    Skeptics, Ermita said, should "just let the evidence stand on its own."

    "You know, in this life, it is hard to invent a story," he said. "Let the evidence come out . . . because that is one of the hallmarks of the Macapagal administration -- transparency," he said.

    Former President Corazon Aquino expressed shock and sadness over the news.

    "Of course this is shocking and tragic and I hope that this will not happen again," she told reporters in Makati yesterday.

    "I hope that all of us will work together to prevent violence such as this. There is no justification at all for engaging in violence, and I feel very sorry and express my condolences to the family especially to his daughters."


    Two lawyers showed up at the NBI yesterday claiming that the farmers were their clients.

    Lawyers Nole Panganiban and Ric Balmonte -- who claimed they were asked by the victims’ family to represent Diloy and Lopez -- said their clients were arrested on drug charges but not for the kidnapping and murder of Dacer and his driver.

    The two lawyers said they would immediately file with the Justice department a manifestation for the revocation of waiver earlier signed by the two suspects.

    A waiver of Article 125 of the Revised Penal Code would allow the NBI to take custody of the two suspects within seven days even without the filing of formal charges against them.

    The victims’ families, curiously, said they had not asked the two lawyers for any help. They said their legal counsel was one Alex Villacorta. With reports from Martin Marfil, Armand Nocum, Alcuin Papa; AFP

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    Let's try and keep the Dacer threads focused. Sira-Ulo started one this morning, so I'll quote your reply there na lang.

    The Truth Behind Bobby Dacer Abduction!

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