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    passbook w/ ATM or ATM only

    Guys need your opinion what do you think i should open? passbook with atm w/c has higher M.balance or ATM only with just 2k balance?

    w/c do you guys prefer?


    i know this is lame but i just want your opinion he he!

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    depends on your needs. personally, if i like an atm based account then i would go for bpi because they have the largest network of atm machines in the philippines at the same time you can open at 500 only although the maintaining balance is 3k, you are given two month ends to build up the remaining 2500 plus you can get ur card instantly if you open at their kiosk. The bonus of this atm is that you can use it online to monitor ur accounts, deposit/withdraw over the counter anywhere without charges, debit card, international card, some branches and kiosks are open on weekends and you can request for a statement at any branch for free.
    The con is that in order for your account to earn interest, you must be able to maintain 5000.

    If you want the passbook with atm then I suggest BDO because like bpi it has a lot of accessible branches and also open on weekends. card is also a debit card, but they charge interbranch transactions and you can't withdraw until you have exhausted your daily withdrawal limit on your atm. If you're planning to open for savings, then I suggest this one coz it will discourage you to use your savings.

    disregard interest rates dear, think about flexibility and accessibility. it's just a savings account, no bank will give high interest for regular savings. if you're interest conscious then go for government banks like DBP or small banks like Philtrust they have 1% interest which is higher compared to large Unibanks.

    hoped i helped u

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    thank you maam helped alot, i am leaning towards BDO passbook

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    I have atm only and atm with passbook. From my experience medyo hassle kapag atm with passbook kasi ako whenever i go banking nasanay ako na puro atm lang dala ko pero kapag ang account mo at atm with passbook youll not be able to withdraw big amount or deposit if you dont have your passbook with you. So much hassle sakin lalo na kapag naisipan kong mag shopping then medyo mahal yung item and i want to pay with cash

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    the truth hurts, does it? metropolitan's Avatar
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    i use internet banking extensively so i will just settle for a standard ATM only account.

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    In BDO, there's a passbook with ATM option. The minimum balance however is 5K.

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    just a question - what if you have an ATM account with passbook, and if so happens na nawala mo yung passbook - diba you have to close your account then open another one???? If that's the case, ATM only account without passbook is much ideal kasi, pag nawala mo lang yung atm card mo, replacement lang. You don't need to open another account. As far as I know kasi, any account that has passbook - as long as nawala mo yung passbook, you have to close that account and open a new one - mas hassle yun diba????

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    this really depends sa needs mo.

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    IMO, Passbook w/ ATM is redundant!

    if you want to SAVE, go for Passbook, hassle mag withdraw kasi

    if you want an INSTANT MONEY, go for ATM, ATM machines are almost everywhere.

    Your choice

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    meron bang passbook, atm at checking account in 1 ang BDO?

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    mbtc = account with atm and pass and checking = ACCOUNT 1
    bdo = atm with pass only
    bpi = either atm with checking, or pass with checking

    So MBTC only has the feature of having an ATM, a PASSBOOK and a CHECKING all in all.

    -correct me if im wrong.

    so for the question above..

    i prefer an ATM with passbook. to track all your transaction records. bdo is the best with this, lowest minimum monthly balance of 5000.

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    ^ GE Money Bank din meron ATM, passbook at Checking..

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