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    Question Things to buy in preparation for giving birth


    Ano po ba mga dapat na ihandang kagamitan para sa panganganak? Katulad ng diaphers, baby crib, etc? At saan po ba prakitkal na bumili? Thanks!


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  2. #2 mom din ako..i gave birth last april
    this are the things on my list

    eto yung mga gamit na kailangan dalhin lagay mo na sya sa bag

    things for baby
    tie-side shirt
    receiving blanket
    baby soap
    feeding bottle..kahit 2 lang muna
    wilkins for baby

    yung para sayo po
    damit pauwe..
    maternity pads
    baby oil
    sanitex red

    yan po yung mga nasa bag na dala ko nung bago ako manganak..sobrang excited ako kaya 2months palang bago ako manganak nakaready na sya lahat..wag ka po bili ng maraming damit na pambaby kasi sobrang mabilis lang sila lumaki..unti unti lang..di kailangang mahal..basta yung komportable si cotton po..:-)

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    thanks po sa sagot.

    paano naman yung mga gamit sa kelangan habang nasa ospital? ang payo ay magdala na ng lampin dahil mahal kapag ospital ang mag provide. bukod sa lampin, ano po ang dapat dalhin na gagamitin habang naka-confine sa ospital?

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    no problem..

    un pong mga nilista ko yung dadalhin sa hospital..

    pero try mo din po humingi ng list ng mga kailangan mong dalhin sa next check up mo..kasi minsan may ibang mga gamit na,na provided ng hospital ako kasi sa lying in..kaya yun mga dinala ko..di na po siguro kailangan ng lampin sa hospital..kasi pde naman *** diaper na pang newborn..tsaka po pala kailangan nyo din dalhin yung marriage contract nyo para sa pagaayos ng birth certificate ni baby..

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    namili kami nung mga gamit sa sm dept store..di naman po kasi kailangan mahal gamit ni baby..kasi di pa naman po nya alam kung mahal o mura yung suot nya..

    paliguan ni baby,mosquito net,rubber mat,brush po para sa mga bote,feeding bottles,baby wipes,lampin,baby towel,meron baby towel sa mega,100 lang sya..mganda para kay baby..
    try ko po post uli pag may mga naisip pa ko..5mos na kasi si baby *****..

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    Hi mommies, just my two cents, please give breastfeeding a shot by not including feeding bottles in your things to bring to the hospital. In the latest calamity that hit the country, now more than ever is the time to reflect on the greatest emergency response you can give your child- nourishment without paraphernalias. Ikaw na ikaw lang ang kailangan in case ma-stranded ka someplace with no available food and potable water. Plus you are giving your child the immunity contained in your milk, ito ang best defense nila sa sakit na kumakalat during floodings and other disasters alike.
    Demand that your baby be roomed-in with you at hindi ilagay sa nursery para makapag breastfeed ka agad during the first hour after birth.
    laging tandaan: "Wala pa ring tatalo sa gatas ng Ina"

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    thanks po sa mga replies nyo!

    they would be of great help

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    Things to buy in preparation for giving birth

    Hi mommies,

    i agree with milkgoddess. don't bring bottles for the purpose of formula feeding. pls do all your best to provide breastmilk. it is the best thing you can give your baby. it will be his lifetime shield or protection.

    I am 36wks pregnant to my 2nd child and i've committed my self to breastfeeding this time. I regret that I was not as committed when I had my first baby. Now, I've been reading and preparing myself about breastfeeding and I've even joined a breastfeeding group to get more information and support.

    I am bringing bottles for stocking breastmilk even though I know it won't be that abundant yet. I've also packed an electric pump just in case. I will be undergoing a C-section but have arranged with my OB-gyne to latch my baby even if I'm sedated or whatever it maybe.

    Anyway, I have 4 diff. lists; mommy's things, baby's, daddy's and miscellaneous or lodging stuff. You'll never know for how long you will stay in the hospital so better be prepared for anything.

    For mommy:
    pyjamas, wide duster/blouse that opens in front, socks
    going-home clothes
    lots of panties (if cs full-panty)
    binder, maternity pads, underpads
    rubber slipper
    face & bath towel
    pre-natal book & lab results
    sss/philhealth/marriage certificate
    notepad & pen
    cellphone & charger

    For baby: in a baby bag
    set of going-home outfit (separate this & instruct daddy about it)
    receiving blankets, towel, wash cloth
    cap, mittens & booties, side-tie shirts & long pants, onesies
    new born diaper, linen diaper & clips
    rubber mat or changing pads
    carrier/car seat
    nasal aspirator, cotton balls & cotton buds
    breast pump & breastmilk containers

    For daddy:
    of course money
    clothes for 3-4 days
    his toiletries
    reading materials
    cellphone, camera & charger

    lots of tissue
    extra pillow & blanket
    thermos, small kitchen knife (wrap blade with hard cardboard)
    dishwashing liquid & sponge
    2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 mugs & 2 pairs of spoon & fork
    water, coffee, sugar, bread & spread

    I like packing things compact so as not to have so many small bags or plastic/paper bags. One medium-size suitcase for mommy & daddy's things, 1 baby bag and 1 bag for miscellaneous.

    I hope this helps! Goodluck mommies!

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    ahhmmm..hi milkgodess and syeir love..*** purpose po ng feeding bottle na nilagay ko e..for water lang po..kasi po nagpapabreastfeed din ako..i agree na breastfeeding is best for babies...hindi baka ang anak ko..hehehhehe

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    sa bel-air makati andyan yung owner ng CARTER's

    they manufacture baby clothes and supply sa SM/Robinsons at Landmark

    wholesale prices po dun

    ask nyo guard sa Bel-Air (gate near paseo de roxas) HTH

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    Quote Originally Posted by xorthora View Post
    ahhmmm..hi milkgodess and syeir love..*** purpose po ng feeding bottle na nilagay ko e..for water lang po..kasi po nagpapabreastfeed din ako..i agree na breastfeeding is best for babies...hindi baka ang anak ko..hehehhehe
    Please refer to this article in kellymom

    Guidelines for offering water to breastfed babies

    Breastfed babies do not need water - keep in mind that breastmilk is 88% water. Even in the first few days after birth, before mom's milk has "come in", colostrum is all that is needed to keep baby well hydrated (assuming baby is nursing effectively). Per the American Academy of Pediatrics, "Supplements (water, glucose water, formula, and other fluids) should not be given to breastfeeding newborn infants unless ordered by a physician when a medical indication exists... During the first 6 months of age, even in hot climates, water and juice are unnecessary for breastfed infants and may introduce contaminants or allergens."

    In addition, breastfed babies do not require water when it is very hot outside, assuming baby is allowed to nurse as needed. Baby can get all the liquids needed via breastmilk. A number of studies have determined that an exclusively breastfed baby does not need extra water - these studies have been done in various locations (both humid and dry) at temperatures ranging from 22-41C (71.6-105.8F) and 9-96% relative humidity [see references below].

    Note: Formula fed babies do not routinely need extra water. Some sources do suggest offering water to a formula fed baby when it is very hot outside (though baby may prefer to get extra water from more frequent feeding), or when baby is sick with a fever (consult baby's doctor for guidelines).

    For newborns (especially under 4-5 weeks), water supplements can be risky

    Babies under two months should not be given supplemental water.
    Water supplements are associated with increased bilirubin levels in jaundiced newborns.
    Too much water can lead to a serious condition called oral water intoxication.
    Water supplements fill baby up without adding calories, so water supplements can result in weight loss (or insufficient weight gain) for the baby.
    Babies who get water supplements are less interested in nursing. If baby is not nursing as often as he should, it will take longer for mom's milk to come in and can delay or prevent mom from establishing an optimum milk supply.

    For babies past the newborn stage

    Too much water can interfere with breastfeeding because it fills baby up so that he nurses less. Babies need the nutrition and calories in breastmilk to grow - water has none of these.
    Breastmilk has all the water your baby needs, even in very hot weather.
    When your 4-6 month old baby is learning to use a cup, giving him a few sips of water a couple of times a day (no more than 2 ounces per 24 hours) is fine and fun.
    Once baby starts solids, you might want to give him a few sips of expressed milk or water with his solids - some babies need this to prevent constipation.

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    -new born diaper EQ dry maganda
    -wrapped clothes
    -baby wrap
    -baby oil
    -alcohol 70% sol.
    -johnson baby bath
    -aciete de mansanilla
    -soft brush comd for bathing hair
    -CRIB - sa mga upholstery shop ka magtingin mas mura yung kahoy lang para mas practikal pwede gamitin upto 3yrs old.
    -crib set yung comforter na may 2 pillow na hotdog.
    -bottles na 2 oz at 4 oz wag muna yung 8 oz.
    -milk ok ang enfalac A+
    -wilkins mineral water
    -brush ng bote
    ** ok lang tumigap ng used na gamit mas swerte daw **

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    you might want to check my list of initial infant layette

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