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    Lightbulb HOT SMALL BUSINESS IDEA: Distribute HUMAN NATURE 100% Organic Skin Care Products!

    Hello Entrepreneurs and Welcome to Human Nature!

    Why it's HOT:
    - ALL-natural, ALL-organic products
    - Very affordable!
    - Easy to sell because they're for everyday use
    - Low start-up investment of Php 825.00 including your registration fee, sample pack, flyers and brochures
    - Easy to earn because you profit by buying at a discount and selling at retail price
    - It's for a good cause! Ingredients are from organic farmers from Gawad Kalinga communities trained by Human Nature.
    - It's pro-Philippines! 100% Philippine ingredients!

    I made sales of PHP5000++ on my first week and earned PHP1000++in profits, just by selling to my teammates. The more you work on Human Nature, the higher the return! Ask me how you can start earning from your new business today!

    E-mail [email protected]
    Call/Text 09178266169
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    Visit to know more about the company
    Check out to see the full product catalog

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    Post How I Ended Up As A Human Nature Distributor

    Here's an expanded version of what I wrote above:

    I wasn't the type who'd go for a distribution business before but I'd like to share the reasons why I fell in love with Human Nature.

    Four causes, one brand

    I am a big fan of social entrepreneurship. And there's no better example of social entrepreneurship than Human Nature's business and business model. First, it's pro-poor. I think Human Nature as a business can be a catalyst for social change. The reason why many resettlement projects for poor Filipinos have failed is because the proponents of those projects failed to give the settlers a source of livelihood in their new environment. And Gawad Kalinga together with Human Nature addresses this concern. By training Gawad Kalinga beneficiary families to become organic farmers, Human Nature provides them a source of livelihood and provides the company a consistent source of ingredients for their products. It helps mentioning to potential buyers that by buying a Human Nature product, they directly help in providing poor Filipinos a decent source of income.

    Second, it's pro-nature. By using all natural ingredients and pricing their products lower than most organic brands and at par or cheaper than many commercial brands, Human Nature encourages people to switch from chemicals and go organic. Normally, you'd have to pay a premium to be able to buy organic products. Human Nature actually makes it even easier for ordinary folks to regularly use organic products! This means less consumption of chemical products, less demand for chemicals, less production of chemical ingredients and less chemical by-products in our environment!

    Third, it's pro-health. Let me be honest and say that when I heard of how cheap the products were, I was very dubious of their quality. But I will never sell anything that I don't believe in just to make a quick buck. So I tried the products myself. I tried the Aloe Vera and Guava Facial Wash because I had oily skin. And without exaggeration, I felt the difference right after the first use! This is a common remark for many Human Nature users because you can really feel the effect right away. My skin felt healthy, it didn't feel dry and I wasn't oiling up as much as before. I even had the urge of touching my skin every now and then just to feel if I really was not oiling up. Some products will claim to be "natural" just because they added some natural extracts into it but Human Nature is ALL-natural and ALL-organic and that what makes the difference to your health.

    Lastly, it's pro-Philippines. Filipinos are very patriotic people in their minds and hearts but it's difficult for them to carry it out into action, especially when it comes to buying Filipino. It's because we still have the remnants of colonial mentality in our system, maybe not as much as before but still something remains. We think that Filipino products are cheap, inferior and corny. But Human Nature makes you feel proud to wear your patriotism on your sleeves - or on your skin! The products are all Filipino-made and the ingredients are 100% Filipino-sourced. And the beautiful packaging, which is sometimes not a priority of Filipino producers, make you proud that that you are using 100% Filipino product.

    Easy to sell, easy to earn

    Secondary, but nonetheless equally important, to the reasons I cited about is the fact that the products are easy to sell. First, they're very affordable. The customers say it themselves. And when I say very affordable, I don't mean cheap. Because the products are not cheap. They're carefully formulated and are of high quality. And what's easier to sell than a good-quality affordable product, right?

    Second, they have great packaging. The simple elegance of the packaging concepts and materials belie the actual price of the products. They come in simple clear or white containers with elegantly done labels that don't steal the limelight from the products that they contain. The products are also very handy and customers love to carry them around in their purses. It also makes it easier for distributors to bring actual samples (using the 50mL variants) and bring in new customers wherever they go.

    Third, they are unique in an ever-growing organic product market. The global organic product market is growing exponentially year-on-year and Human Nature has created an edge in that, not only are the products organic, they're also for a good cause, giving customers more incentive to buy the products. The Philippine organic is also growing but it will be a matter of a combination of consumer education and a better supply of organic products. As a Human Nature distributor, this means a better earning potential for you because of the largely untapped organic consumer market that you can turn around by introducing Human Nature products.

    Lastly, you get great support from Gandang Kalikasan, Inc., the manufacturing company of Human Nature products. The terms are simple so there are no gray areas and they're very accommodating with your questions and requests. An important key to your business success is a good working relationship with your customers and suppliers. The success of your relationship with your customers will depend on how you deal with them but Gandang Kalikasan makes maintaining that supplier relationship easy for you by being a no-frills, easy-to-work-with and easy-to-talk-to supplier.

    Talk to me now about how you can start on your own Human Nature business today!
    E-mail [email protected] or call/text 09178266169.

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    interested din ako dyan, actually i have printed the distributor's manual and other stuff to submit. but i have yet to try their products before distributing para maconvince din mga tao. wala pa kasing outlet near our place, kaya i thinking of letting my mom handle. may day job kasi ako..

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    Hello everyone. I'm already a distributor of Human Nature Products. If you are based in Dasmarinas, Cavite or any of its neighboring towns like Imus, Bacoor, Silang, Tagaytay, Gen. Trias, Trece, GMA, Carmona, or Amadeo please feel free to contact me. My mobile number is 0926-5993938. My website is I'm continuously uploading products so please bookmark my site.

    Also, I can sell these items to Marinduque, my hometown. Of course anywhere you are in the Philippines or around the world we can stay connected and would like to deliver to you.

    And if you are thinking of starting your small business, we are able to help you. Let's build a team. Amazing deals and privileges await you now! See you soon

    By the way, we are not MLM but, having each of our own uniqueness and freedom, we share good news and help one another.


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