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    Hikari Sentai Maskman (光戦隊マスクマン, Hikari Sentai Masukuman?), translated into English as Light Squadron Maskman, was Toei's eleventh entry of the Super Sentai Series. It aired on TV Asahi from February 28, 1987 to February 20, 1988, with a total of 51 episodes.

    Every episode of Hikari Sentai Maskman begins with the statement: "There is an unknown power hidden inside the human body. If you train as hard as you can, the power revealed will be unlimited!" ("人の体には未知の力が秘められている。鍛えれば鍛えるほど、それは無限の力を発揮する。, Hito no Karada ni wa Michi no Chikara ga himerarete iru, kitaereba kitaeruhodo soreha Mugen no Chikara wo Hakki suru!?)

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    [edit] Plot

    Commander Sugata is a scientist and sage who excels in mental reinforcements and is a master of every martial art. He discovered the existence of the Royal Underground Empire Tube, a malignant force that desires to dominate the land, located underground Japan. In the beginning, the Tube was centered to pacifism. However, when Zeba assumed the throne, Tube began planning to conquer the world. Their goal was to turn the world into a cold and shady planet, suitable for their living conditions. In order to stand against them and thwart their plans, Sugata recruited five young people, each one specialized in a style of martial arts, and taught them in the ways of the mystical "Aura Power" energy.

    A year after Sugata recruited and trained the Maskmen, Tube is ready to strike. The Tube's Princess Ial, sent to spy above ground as Mio, has fallen in love with Takeru, wishing for those underground and above ground to coexist. She is kidnapped and imprisoned in ice for her betrayal.

    [edit] Characters

    [edit] Maskman

    * Takeru (タケル?)/Red Mask (レッドマスク, Reddo Masuku?) - The leader of the group. He is a specialist in karate and a Formula One driver. He was spotted by Sugata a year prior to the beginning of the series while rescuing a woman and her child. When he was challenged by Sugata, he did not back down and Sugata offered him a spot on the Maskman team, anticipating the invasion of Tube. His love for Mio and desire to find her is his motivation. He mastered the technique known as "God Hand." He is also revealed to be a brat when Igam tries to eliminate him by travelling into the past. Near the end of the series, he managed to defeat Baraba singlehandedly out of rage in battle. He eventually reunited with Mio in the end but split up with her having no other choice.
    o Weapons: Masky Blade (マスキーブレード, Masukī Burēdo?).
    o Attacks: Laser Arrow (レーザーアロー, Rēzā Arō?), Masky Crash (マスキークラッシュ, Masukī Kurasshu?).
    o Meditation Gesture: Zai (Opened hands with index finger and thumb together), which means the control over nature forces.
    * Kenta (ケンタ?)/Black Mask (ブラックマスク, Burakku Masuku?) - The second in command of the team. He specializes in Kung fu. He is shy around women but can be a playboy at times. He is lighthearted, but strong and dependable, making him an ideal second-in-command, which was proven when a Dogler Beast stole the aura of the other Maskman, leaving Kenta the only one who can fight. He worked as a mechanic for the Sugata Racing Team and once worked for the Sun Racing Team.
    o Weapons: Masky Rod (マスキーロッド, Masukī Roddo?).
    o Meditation Gesture: Jin (all fingers enlaced in a fist), which means the guessing of others' thoughts and intentions.
    * Akira (アキラ?)/Blue Mask (ブル-マスク, Burū Masuku?) - He is the youngest Maskman. He is a Chinese boxer and a broadsword expert. His father died while he was younger and he was the only child. He left his mother back home alone to move to Tokyo in order to perfect his martial arts ability (in reality to join the Maskman). Akira unknowingly enters a Tube-rigged tournament in order to win and to prove to his mother that he is succeeding in the purpose he left her for. Always cheerful, he loves apples and the idol Youko Minamino. Much later in the series, he is turned evil after being possessed by the spirit of a swordsman of the Royal Underground Empire named Fencer Unas. Unas was resurrected by some of the Royal Underground slaves of Tube in hopes that he would help set them free from Zeba's tyrannical rule and overthrow him. The underground slaves once witnessed when he freed certain other underground slaves and mistook Akira for a reincarnation of Unas.
    o Weapons: Masky Tonfas (マスキートンファー, Masukī Tonfā?).
    o Meditation Gesture: Retsu (two fists together with index finger from right hand sticking out), which means dominion over time and space.
    * Haruka (ハルカ?)/Yellow Mask (イエローマスク, Ierō Masuku?) - She was raised in a family of ninjas. Forced by her father to abandon all things "girly" to focus on her ninja training, she appears tomboyish and is a fierce fighter. She is highly intelligent. She loves dancing and tutors a young girl who is unable to afford dance lessons.
    o Weapons: Masky Rotor (マスキーローター, Masukī Rōtā?).
    o Attacks: Yellow Mask Shadow Split (イエローマスク影分身, Ierō Masuku Kage Bunshin?).
    o Meditation Gesture: Tou (All fingers together in a fist except ring and pinkie), which means the harmony towards the Universe.
    * Momoko (モモコ?)/Pink Mask (ピンクマスク, Pinku Masuku?) - She is an expert in Tai chi chuan. A young woman with a pure heart, she often teaches youths Tai Chi. Strong and dedicated, she once, by chance, met Ial and Igam's mother, who gave her the saintly flower known as Carollove which Momoko treasures.
    o Weapons: Masky Ribbon (マスキーリボン, Masukī Ribon?).
    o Meditation Gesture: Sha (All fingers together in a fist except index fingers), which means the self-healing.
    * Ryoh Asuka (飛鳥リョオ, Asuka Ryō?)/X1 Mask (エックスワンマスク, Ekkusu Wan Masuku?) - He was the prototype Maskman, also having trained with Commander Sugata. However, when his lover was killed by the Underground Empire Tube, he gave up everything, losing confidence in his abilities due to the failure of saving his girlfriend. He returned to help the other Maskman, losing his powers in the process. After his final fight, he decided to travel and teach martial arts. He transformed with the phrase "Change Power" (チェンジパワー, Chenji Pawā?). He appeared in Episode 39 only.

    [edit] Arsenal

    * Masking Brace (マスキングブレス, Masukingu Buresu?) - The Maskman's transformation device. They transform by saying "Aura Mask!" (オーラマスク, Ōra Masuku?).
    * Laser Magnum (レーザーマグナム, Rēzā Magunamu?) - The sidearms of the team. They can be used as guns or transformed into swords.
    * Shot Bomber (ショットボンバー, Shotto Bonbā?) - The team's first finishing cannon. This weapon was ultimately destroyed by Kiros and Beam Doggler in Episode 27.
    * Jet Cannon (ジェットカノン, Jetto Kanon?) - The team's second finishing cannon, received in episode 29. It can double as a flight rider for Red Mask.

    [edit] Vehicles

    * Spin Cruiser (スピンクルーザー, Supin Kurūzā?) - A buggy that was based from the planned designs of the Sugata Super F1 racecar. It is driven by Red Mask.
    * Mask Roaders (マスクローダー, Masuku Rōdā?) - Black through Pink's motorcycles.
    * Turbo Ranger (ターボランジャー, Taaboranjaa?) - A carrier mecha in the shape of a gigantic sportscar that carries the component mecha of the Great Five. Not to be confused with 1989's Super Sentai series, Kousoku Sentai Turboranger.

    [edit] Mecha

    * Great Five (グレートファイブ, Gurēto Faibu?): A giant robot formed from five piece components when the command "Fusion! Five Cross!" is given. Its primary weapon is the Photo Electron Riser (光電子ライザー, Kōdenshi Raizā?) sword, and it destroys monsters with its finishing attack, the Final Aura Burst (ファイナルオーラバースト, Fainaru Ōra Bāsuto?). Its other weapons are the Five Shield (ファイブシールド, Faibu Shīrudo?), Gyro Cutter (ジャイロカッター, Jairo Kattā?), Great Gun (グレートガン, Gurēto Gan?). When the Great Five defeated the monster Cranium Doggler in episode 20, it made a trap in the ground that made it to sink underground forcing the Maskman to abandon it. When the Maskman tried to save it in episode 22, the monster Kimen Doggler split his other head to this robot and control it. It was saved when the Galaxy Robo aimed its other head when it was being controlled.
    o Masky Fighter (マスキーファイター, Masukī Faitā?): It is piloted by Red Mask. It is stored in the "cabin" of the Turbo Ranger. It forms the head and chest of the Great Five. It appeared again in Gaoranger vs Super Sentai.
    o Masky Drill (マスキードリル, Masukī Doriru?): It is driven by Black Mask. It is stored in the "boot/trunk" of the Turbo Ranger. It forms the main torso and upper legs of the Great Five and the Great Gun.
    o Masky Tank (マスキータンク, Masukī Tanku?): It is driven by Blue Mask. It is stored in the "bonnet/hood" of the Turbo Ranger, behind the Masky Jet and the Masky Gyro. It forms the lower legs of the Great Five.
    o Masky Jet (マスキージェット, Masukī Jetto?): It is piloted by Yellow Mask. It is stored in the "bonnet/hood" of the Turbo Ranger, to the left of the Masky Gyro. It forms the left arm of the Great Five and the Five Shield.
    o Masky Gyro (マスキージャイロ, Masukī Jairo?): It is piloted by Pink Mask. It is stored in the "bonnet/hood" of the Turbo Ranger, to the right of the Masky Jet and with rotors folded for ease of storage. It forms the right arm of the Great Five and the Gyro Cutter.
    o Land Galaxy (ランドギャラクシー, Rando Gyarakushī?): A large tractor trailer for the Maskman.
    * Galaxy Robo (ギャラクシーロボ, Gyarakushī Robo?): Maskman's second robot that transforms from the Land Galaxy. When the command "Galaxy Change!" is given, the Land Galaxy's cabin becomes the chest, the tractor wheel sections become the arms (with the headlights as the flat side of each hand), and the trailer becomes the lower legs (sliding back to reveal the upper legs; the top side forms the front of the legs). Its main weapons are the Galaxy Drill (ギャラクシードリル, Gyarakushī Doriru?), Galaxy Anchor (ギャラクシーアンカー, Gyarakushī Ankā?) and the Galaxy Bazooka (ギャラクシーバズーカ, Gyarakushī Bazūka?). Its finishing attack is the Iron Fist Aura Galaxy (鉄拳オーラギャラクシー, Tekken Ōra Gyarakushī?). It is piloted by all five core Maskman. It can be transported by the Turbo Ranger in lieu of the Great Five components and it is stored in the "bonnet/hood". It was the robot that finally destroyed Zeba and Earth was saved from eternal darkness.

    The Great Five and Land Galaxy were competing designs in a contest to determine Earth's most powerful defense system, with the former winning and eventually used by the Maskman. However, after the Great Five was buried underground, the Maskman discovered the hidden Land Galaxy. Early attempts to use it in battle proved difficult, as the robot seemed uncontrollable as it got its test pilot killed. But the Maskman eventually succeeds in harnessing the Land Galaxy's power, even using it to retrieve the buried Great Five robot.

    [edit] Allies

    * Commander Sanjuurou Sugata (姿三十郎長官, Sugata Sanjūrō-chōkan?) - A scientist and martial artist who founded the team. A wise man who excels in mental reinforcements and every martial art. Sugata had discovered the existence of the Underground Empire Tube, which at the beginning, was pacifist. With the ascent of Zeba to the throne, Tube started to desire the conquest of the world. A mysterious man, it was he who fought against Takeru one year before he first transformed into Red Mask. He is owner of Sugata Racing, a motoring team where Takeru is a driver and Kenta once worked as an engineer.
    * Azuma - Works in the computer room and monitors the performance of the Maskman.
    * Lelai (Movie) - A mysterious mermaid from the sea who has a beautiful singing voice. She transformed into a human, then she was "married" by Prince Igam. Igam deceived Lelai so that she could used Lelai's singing voice to interfere with Horn Doggler's voice to create a disastrous earthquake. She was saved by Takeru and he tells her that she should go back to her real sea before Tube are able to get to her again. She then bid farewell to Takeru and his friends.

    [edit] Tube

    The Underground Empire Tube (地底帝国チューブ, Chitei Teikoku Chūbu?) was once a peaceful underground empire, corrupted by usurper Zeba, who now intends to rule surface world.

    * Earth Emperor Zeba (地帝王ゼーバ, Chiteiō Zēba?): The leader of the underground Empire Tube who hates all human beings. His true form is the monster Lethal Doggler, whose parent was killed by the original Tube Royal family for attempting to take over the throne. Lethal Doggler the 1st managed to spawn an egg that resulted in Lethal Doggler the 2nd's birth. Lethal Doggler the first allowed his son to eat him to make his son stronger. Lethal Doggler the 2nd grew with nothing on its mind but revenge, disguising itself as Zeba and infiltrating his way into the Igam kingdom. Upon assuming the throne, Zeba corrupts it into a violent kingdom where strength rules all, and enslaves the underground humans. He soon reverted to his true form by the combination of Aura Power and the Igam Royal Family's power. He used the Maskman's Aura Power to enlarge with the intention to destroy the world. He was destroyed by the Galaxy Robo.
    * Earth Imperial Commander Baraba (地帝指令バラバ, Chitei Shirei Baraba?, 1-48) - A cold-blooded, sadistic and merciless skilled swordsman and strongman of the Baluga tribe and rival of Igam, whom he always scoffs. He gets the Royal Underground Sword in the mid-episodes where he reveals his ultimate force of fury after his mother Raraba (played by Machiko Soga) was killed. After one failure too many, Baraba is sentenced to death by the Emperor Zeba and is told that he can only redeem himself by destroying the Maskman. He makes a deal with Kiros and gets the Princess Ial as a hostage without knowing that Kiros had other plans. When this happens, he is later turned down by his underling Oyubu for despising the Emperor's methods. He challenged Red Mask into a final duel between the two of them. He was killed by his rival Red Mask. Baraba's warrior stereotype is clearly similar to Adjuntant Booba from Changeman, and also Baraba is a biblical name, referring to one of the two thieves who witnessed Jesus Christ's crucification.
    * Earth Imperial Ninja Oyobu (地帝忍オヨブー, Chiteinin Oyobū?) - A ninja of the Buyon tribe with red skin and large pointy ears. He can throw fire from his hands and run at near-lightspeed. Being extremely loyal, he is Baraba's right-hand. He is rivals with Black Mask. However, he refused to assist Baraba in his final battle because he went against Zeba's word and acted by his own means as well as because he believed in a fair fight more than anything else as a warrior. Consequently, this resulted in his master's death. Later on, he seems to rejoin the Underground kingdom. He was killed when the castle was launched as a last act of loyalty to Zeba. Oyobu is visually concepted after The Flash.
    * Earth Imperial Prince / Princess Igam (地帝王子イガム, Chiteiōshi Igamu?) - The twin sister of Princess Ial. As eldest, Igam was raised as a male in order to one day take the throne of the Igam Royal Family kingdom. She holds a hatred for Ial for falling in love with an ordinary above ground human, "smearing the Igam name", and despises Takeru for being the man responsible which causes a rivalry between the two. She revives the Igam Dragon, who was a peaceful being who once served the Igam no matter what the situation, and forced it to fight with her against the Maskmen. Amongst her abilities is the Death Ring, an electrified force field which leaves her tired and drained of energy. Later Red Mask was hesitant when her true identity was exposed before them. She became a Buddhist nun in the finale of the series to repent for her sins, while leaving her sister to become the new heir to the Igam kingdom.
    * Earth Imperial Ninja Fumin (地帝忍フーミン, Chiteinin Fūmin?) - A female Ninja of the Fu tribe, she serves the Igam clan. A ninja trained in combat with the ability to throw shurikens and shoot fire from her mouth. Her abilities is rivaled by fellow ninja Haruka/Yellow Mask. She was killed in the Underground Castle while protecting Princess Igam from the collapsing boulders when the castle was launched.
    * Earth Curiosities Beast Anagmas (地奇地奇獣アナグマス, Chiki Chikijū Anagumasu?, 1-50) - An overweight beast who knows all. As the wiseman of Tube, only he is allowed access to read the library of ancient documents and sacred writings regarding the history of the Tube civilization which is hidden deeply within caves underground. Only showed up twice before his death. He later intervenes with trying to keeping Zeba's origins a secret. However, he was killed by the Maskmen with the Jet Cannon. He is then enlarged and was destroyed by the Galaxy Robo.
    * Thief Knight Kiros (盗賊騎士キロス, Tōzoku Kishi Kirosu?, 27-49) - Though not a member of Tube, he once allied with it. Kiros had a love for Princess Ial and fell in the Hell's Wind to save her. He escaped it with his life by developing the Crescent Screw technique. With that technique, he was able to destroy the Shot Bomber. After this, he makes an agreement with Zeba in which after he will defeat the Maskman by any means if they let him have Ial. He steals the imprisoned Ial and kidnaps Oyobu and offers him any of the treasure he has stolen if he could melt Ial. Oyobu refuses and Igam and her army arrive shortly with orders to eliminate Ial and Kiros is mortally wounded in an attempt to protect her. He dies after seeing Takeru and Ial reunite. He lived and died for what he thought was love.
    * Energy Beast Okelampa (エネルギー獣オケランパ, Enerugījū Okeranpa?) - A bug/mollusk hybrid that emerges when the monsters of the Tube Empire were always destroyed by the Maskman. With its ray, the Doggler monsters were enlarged. The only dialogue spoken each episode by Okelampa, after tiring from firing his ray of enlargement, is "yare-yare" ("Good heavens!") His last appearance was in episode 50, when he enlarged Anagumas. What happens to him later is unknown.
    * Princess Ial (イアル姫, Iaru-hime?) / Mio (美緒, Mio?) - She is the twin sister of Igam, sent by Tube as a spy aboveground, when she met and fell in love with Takeru. When Tube's forces are ready to attack, she warns Takeru, but is captured by the Igua Dogler, who pulls her beneath the ground. Zeba later sentences to imprisonment in ice for her betrayal. Kiros also has feelings for Ial, though the feeling is not mutual. She was forced to leave Takeru to fulfill her duties as the new empress, though she still had feelings for him.
    * Ungler Soldiers (アングラー兵, Angurā Hei?) - The black-skinned foot soldiers with vines covering their faces. Their names are derived from "underground."

    [edit] Dogglers

    The Earth Imperial Beasts Dogglers (地帝獣ドグラー, Chiteijū Dogurā?) are a tribe of underground creatures released from a freezing cave to fight the Maskman though in most episodes, they are already set free. Most of the Dogglers possess an ability to split into two separate monsters: A humanoid half and a familiar.

    * Igua Doggler (イグアドグラー Iguadogurā?) (1-2) - A iguana-like Doggler. The familiar half dragged Mio back to Tube while other aided Baraba in attacking the surface until its other half arrived to rejoin it. Igua Doggler was destroyed by the Maskman in its first fight, only to resurrected/enlarged by Okelampa and was destroyed by the Great Five in the second confrontation.
    * Capila Doggler (カビラドグラー Kabiradogurā?) (4) - A flower-like Doggler with a caterpillar-like familiar. It was sent with Oyobu so the Doggler can use its components' powers to invoke Operation Nebula Stone, turning a tunnel into an endless loop to trap people like Sasahi and his father. Only the Maskman's car was immune as it as it possessed unique powers. Using that info, they created the Spin Cruiser for that purpose. With Nebula Stone a failure, Capila Doggler was destroyed by the Shot Bomber and was destroyed by the Great Five in the second confrontation.
    * Skull Doggler (スカルドグラー Sukarudogurā?) (5) - A monster capable of switching the faces of people with his familiar half. This monster was defeated by Blue Mask and destroyed by the Great Five.
    * Dorira Doggler (ドリラドグラー Doriradogurā?) (6) - A monster used by Baraba in order to defeat the Maskman.
    * Doru Doggler (ドールドグラー Dōrudogurā?) (7) - A monster used by Oyobur in order to copy the image of the girl that Kenter's love.
    * Saber Doggler (サーベルドグラー Sāberudogurā?) (8) - A monster used by Igamu in order to freeze Red Mask, Black Mask, and Yellow Mask.
    * Magune Doggler (マグネドグラー Magunedogurā?) (9) - A monster used by Baraba in order to gather electricity.
    * Bagiru Doggler (バギルドグラー Bagirudogurā?) (10) - This monster sent by Zeba in order to stop Igamu and Takeru in their death match.
    * Zora Doggler (ゾーラドグラー Zōradogurā?) (11) - This monster stop the message of the queen that make Zeba fall.
    * Shinobi Doggler (シノビドグラー Shinobidogurā?) (12) - This monster holds a shinobi.
    * Garaga Doggler (ガラガドグラー Garagadogurā?) (13) - A monster used by Igamu in order to turn humans into vampires.
    * Akame Doggler (アカメドグラー Akamedogurā?) (14) - A monster used by Oyobur in order to take charge of the underground labor.
    * Geruge Doggler (ゲルゲドグラー Gerugedogurā?) (15) - A monster used by Igamu in order to make dangerous flowers.
    * Gamaro Doggler (ガマロドグラー Gamarodogurā?) (16) - A monster used by Baraba in order to suck the powers of the Maskman.
    * Giba Doggler (ギーバドグラー Gībadogurā?) (17) - A monster used by Igamu to put Takeru into the hell. The monster creates a labyrinth to trap takeru unto it.
    * Garubo Doggler (ガルボドグラー Garubodogurā?) (18) - A monster used by Baraba in order to possess the doll.
    * Cranium Doggler (ドクロドグラー Dokurodogurā?) (20) - A monster used by Anagmas to defeat Pink Mask and bury Great Five underground. This monster disguised itself as a beautiful girl who wants to challenge Momoko in fighting.
    * Kimen Doggler (キメンドグラー Kimendogurā?) (21-22): This monster was used by Igamu to destroy the Maskman. This was the first monster destroyed by the Galaxy Robo.
    * Genie Doggler (マジンドグラー Majindogurā?) (23): This monster was used by Igamu in order to make a fake Mio. This monster was destroyed by the Galaxy Robo.
    * Dragon Doggler (リュウドグラー Ryūdogurā?) (24) - This monster used by Igamu in order to make the boy a monster.
    * Goblin Doggler (ヘンゲドグラー Hengedogurā?) (25) - A monster used by Baraba in order to lure Akira in form of fighting for his mother in a martial arts competition.
    * Jiruga Doggler (ジルガドグラー Jirugadogurā?) (26) - A monster used by Baraba in order to defeat the Maskman. He has a mother named "Sera", also an underground monster to attracted men to make them a food for Jiruga Doggler and a red fruit to make her live.
    * Beam Doggler (ベームドグラー Bēmudogurā?) (27): A monster used by Kiros in order to defeat the Maskman. This monster disguised as a horse and assisted Kiros' Flaming Crescent Screw to destroy the shot bomber. This monster was destroyed first by the Maskmen's Aura powered by Commander Sanjuro's Life Aura in lieu of their destroyed weapon. This monster was destroyed by the Galaxy Robo.
    * Rock Doggler (ロックドグラー Rokkudogurā?) (28) - A monster used by Kiros and it has an ability to turn into a rock. Destroyed by the Great Five.
    * Death Gas Doggler (デスガドグラー Desugadogurā?) (29): A monster used by Igamu in order to spread out the "death gas." This monster was destroyed by the Galaxy Robo.
    * Devil Doggler (デビルドグラー Debirudogurā?) (30) - Baraba slew this monster to attain the Royal Underground Sword after killing Baraba's mother.
    * Ragon Doggler (ラゴンドグラー Ragondogurā?) (31) - A monster used by Igamu in order to release "igamu dragon".
    * Lens Doggler (レンズドグラー Renzudogurā?) (32) - A monster with a lens that, together with Baraba's new sword, can turn sunlight into a disintegrating light.
    * Gora Doggler (ゴーラドグラー Gōradogurā?) (33) - A monster used by Kiros when the woman had fallen in love with him.
    * Gigira Doggler (ギギラドグラー Gigiradogurā?) (33) - A monster killed by Kiros in order to save the woman.
    * Guron Doggler (グロンドグラー Gurondogurā?) (34): A monster used by Igamu to destroy the Maskman. This monster disguised as a handsome man named "Hikaru". He was to befriend Momoko and convince her to quit being a Maskman. The truth was 300 years ago he had been badly injured and found himself on the surface. There he was found by a beautiful maiden thou most others would have fled she stayed and helped to heal Guron Doggler. Her kindness and beauty touched the beast causing him to fall in love with her. But that was 300 years ago and she is most likely dead but Momoko resemble's her greatly so he falls in love with her. However in trying to save Momoko from Igamu he was destroyed and enlarged by Okerampa. Guron Doggler was destroyed by the Galaxy Robo.
    * Haniwa Doggler (ハニワドグラー Haniwadogurā?) (35) - Guardian of Lethal Doggler's tomb whom Kiros resurrected and thought to be Lethal Doggler.
    * Nimen Doggler (ニメンドグラー Nimendogurā?) (36) - A monster used by Igamu in order to distributed the faces to the twin girls to make them disappear.
    * Mezume Doggler (メズメドグラー Mezumedogurā?) (37) - A monster used by Kiros in order to make Kenta a coward.
    * Time Doggler (タイムドグラー Taimudogurā?) (38) - A monster used by Igamu to have a time travel and go back 13 years ago when Takeru is only just a child. During this time, the Maskmen discover Takeru's childhood secrets.
    * Magma Doggler (マグマドグラー Magumadogurā?) (39): A monster used by Baraba in order to defeat the Maskman but X1 Maskman arrived and help the Maskman. This monster was destroyed by the Galaxy Robo.
    * Barudo Doggler (バルドドグラー Barudodogurā?) (40): A monster used by Igamu in order to capture the girl who is the lone survivor of a musician tribe in Underground. This monster was destroyed by the Galaxy Robo.
    * Hariga Doggler (ハリガドグラー Harigadogurā?) (41) - A monster used by Kiros to make Haruka and Momoko a thief and they steal jewelries to give it from Princess Ial.
    * Kinoga Doggler (キノガドグラー Kinogadogurā?) (42) - A monster used by Baraba to harvest the power rolls.
    * Gizee Doggler (ギゼードグラー Gizēdogurā?) (43): A monster used by Kiros in order to turn Akira into a blind man. This monster discovered the burial of Lethal Doggler. This monster was destroyed by the Galaxy Robo.
    * Armor Doggler (ヨロイドグラー Yoroidogurā?) (44): A monster used by Igamu in order to turn Akira into "Dark Prince Unas." This monster was destroyed by the Galaxy Robo.
    * Gamesu Doggler (ガメスドグラー Gamesudogurā?) (45) - A monster used by Igamu when her helmet took out and revealed that she is a woman.
    * Godai Doggler (ゴダイドグラー Godaidogurā?) (46): This monster is Igam's teacher when she was a child. This monster already knew that she was a woman ever since she was a child. This monster was briefly possessed by Lethal Doggler's spirit. This monster was destroyed by the Galaxy Robo.
    * Spin Doggler (スピンドグラー Supindogurā?) (47): A monster used by Baraba in order to make people dance to revive the "warrior of darkness". This monster was destroyed by the Galaxy Robo after being defeated by Yellow Mask.
    * Baruga Doggler (バルガドグラー Barugadogurā?) (48): A monster used by Baraba in order to assist him to lure Takeru and make Princess Ial as a hostage. Killed after Baraba's death by the Great Five.
    * Hell Doggler (ジゴクドグラー Jigokudogurā?) (49): A monster used by Zeba in order to trap Red Mask and Kiros into a "Wind of Hell." This monster was destroyed by the Galaxy Robo.
    * Horn Doggler (ホーンドグラー Hōndogurā?) (Movie) - This monster assisted Igam into making the surface world into an underground paradise. It interfered with Lelai's singing voice to create an earthquake. Destroyed by Great Five.

    [edit] Episodes

    1. The Mysterious, Beautiful Runaway (美しき謎の逃亡者, Utsukishiki Nazo no Tōbōsha?)
    2. Strange! The Dark Underground Castle (怪奇! 闇の地底城, Kaiki! Yami no Chitei Jō?)
    3. The First Step into the Unknown (未知への第一歩!, Michi e no Daiippo?)
    4. Burn! F1 Spirits! (燃やせ! F1魂!, Moyase! Efu Wan Tamashii!?)
    5. The Small Swordsman, Blue (小さな剣士ブルー, Chiisa na Kenshi Burū?)
    6. The God Hand of Dreams (夢のゴッドハンド, Yume no Goddo Hando?)
    7. Explode! Kenta's Love (爆発! ケンタの愛, Bakuhatsu! Kenta no Ai?)
    8. Burn! The Flower's Sword (燃えろ! 花の剣!, Moero! Hana no Ken!?)
    9. Combine! Aura of Life (合体! 命のオーラ, Gattai! Inochi no Ōra?)
    10. Igam vs. Takeru (イガムVSタケル, Igamu Tai Takeru?)
    11. The Refugee From Underground (地底からの亡命者, Chitei Kara no Bōmeisha?)
    12. A Challenge! The Pride of a Shinobi (挑戦! 忍びの誇り, Chōsen! Shinobi no Hokori?)
    13. Chase the Idol! (アイドルを追え!, Aidoru o Oe!?)
    14. The Great Escape to the Blue Sky! (青空への大脱出!, Aozora e no Dai Dasshutsu!?)
    15. Farewell, Dear Flower! (さらば愛しき花よ, Saraba Itoshiki Hana yo?)
    16. Deadly! Blazing Baraba (必殺! 炎のバラバ, Hissatsu! Honō no Baraba?)
    17. Smash it! The Maze of Hell (破れ! 地獄の迷宮, Yabure! Jigoku no Meikyū?)
    18. The Dear Bloodsucking Doll! (愛しの吸血人形! , Itoshi no Kyūketsu Ningyō!?)
    19. Apparition! Anagumas (妖魔! アナグマス, Yōma! Anagumasu?)
    20. A Trap! The Sinking Giant Robo (罠! 沈む巨大ロボ, Wana! Shizumu Kyodai Robo?)
    21. The Black Shadow of the Misty Valley (霧の谷の黒い影, Kiri no Tani no Kuroi Kage?)
    22. The Winds and Clouds of an Aura Storm! (風雲オーラの嵐!, Fūun Ōra no Arashi!?)
    23. Mio Who Has Become a Demon (悪魔になった美緒, Akuma ni Natta Mio?)
    24. The Grotto of the Young Monster (鍾乳洞の少年怪獣, Shōnyūdō no Shōnen Kaijū?)
    25. Akira's Lover!? (アキラの恋人!?, Akira no Koibito!??)
    26. Lives That Disappeared on Hot Sand! (熱砂に消えた命!, Nessa ni Kieta Inochi!?)
    27. Thief Knight Kiros! (盗賊騎士キロス!, Tōzoku Kishi Kirosu!?)
    28. Mio is Princess Ial!? (美緒がイアル姫!?, Mio ga Iaru-hime!??)
    29. The New Lethal Weapon of Friendship (友情の新必殺武器, Yūjō no Shin Hissatsu Buki?)
    30. Mama!! Baraba's Scream! (ママ!! バラバの絶叫!, Mama!! Baraba no Zekkyō!?)
    31. It Appears! The Guardian Deity Igam Dragon (出現! 守護神イガム竜, Shutsugen! Shugoshin Igamu Ryū?)
    32. Oyobu's Lethal Dash (オヨブー必殺走り, Oyobū Hissatsu Hashiri?)
    33. Takeru!! Behead Their Love! (タケルよ! 愛を斬れ!, Takeru yo! Ai o Kire!?)
    34. Blues of Love and Murderous Intent (愛と殺意のブルース, Ai to Satsui no Burū?)
    35. The Mystery of Zeba! The Forbidden Tomb (ゼーバの謎! 禁断の墓, Zēba no Nazo! Kindan no Haka?)
    36. Elimination! The Destructive Twin Girls (消滅! 双子の破壊少女, Shōmetsu! Futago no Hakai Shōjo?)
    37. Soldiers Who Bet on Their Dreams (夢に賭ける戦士たち, Yume ni Kakeru Senshitachi?)
    38. The Time to Erase Takeru (タケルが消される時間, Takeru ga Kesareru Jikan?)
    39. Revival! The Mysterious X1 Mask (復活! 謎のX1マスク, Fukkatsu! Nazo no Ekkusu Wan Masuku?)
    40. Resurrect! The Melody of Love (甦れ! 愛のメロディー, Yomigaere! Ai no Merodī?)
    41. Female Thieves Haruka & Momoko (女強盗ハルカ&モモコ, Onna Gōtō Haruka to Momoko?)
    42. Fly! The Poem of a Timid Boy (翔べ! いじけ少年の詩, Kakebe! Ijike Shōnen no Shi?)
    43. Akira Loses His Eyesight! The Mysterious Spell (アキラ失明! 謎の呪文, Akira Shutsumei! Nazo no Jumon?)
    44. Transform! Underground Empire Swordsman Akira (変身! 地帝剣士アキラ, Henshin! Chitei Kenshi Akira?)
    45. Prince Igam! You're a Woman! (イガム王子! 君は女!, Igamu-ōji! Kimi wa Onna!?)
    46. Counterattack! The Secret of the Bloody Pond (逆襲! 血の池の秘密, Gyakushū! Chi no Ike no Himitsu?)
    47. The Night Prior to the Attack! The Dance of Death (出撃前夜! 死の踊り, Shutsugeki Zen'ya! Shi no Odori?)
    48. Baraba! Dies in Treachery (バラバ! 裏切りに死す, Baraba! Uragiri ni Shisu?)
    49. The Revived Princess Ial (よみがえったイアル姫, Yomigaetta Iaru-hime?)
    50. Zeba! His Hair-Raising Secret Identity (ゼーバ! 戦慄の正体, Zēba! Senritsu no Shōtai?)
    51. The Great Destruction of the Underground Empire Castle! (地帝城大崩壊!, Chitei Shiro Dai Hōkai!?)

    [edit] Cast

    * Narrator: Hiroshi Takeda
    * Takeru/Red Mask: Ryousuke Kaizu
    * Kenta/Black Mask: Kouichi Kusakari
    * Akira/Blue Mask: Issei Hirota
    * Haruka/Yellow Mask: Yuki Nagata
    * Momoko/Pink Mask: Kanako Maeda
    * Commander Sanjuurou Sugata: Hayato Tani
    * Emperor Zeba: Hideaki Kusaka
    * Prince Igam/Princess Ial/Mio: Mina Asami
    * Commander Baraba: Keijiro Shiga
    * Oyubu: Yoshinori Okamoto
    * Kiros: Shunta Fuchino

    .fumin koari kubota . hikari yoshiro iwata

    [edit] Japanese voice actors

    * Anagumas: Takuzo Kamiyama
    * Okelamp: Nobu Shinoda

    [edit] Crew

    * Directors: Takao Nagaishi, Shouhei Toujou, Minoru Yamada
    * Writers: Hirohisa Soda (main writer), Kunio Fujii, Toshiki Inoue
    * Action directors: Junji Yamaoka (up until episode five), Michihiro Takeda

    [edit] Songs

    Opening theme

    * "Hikari Sentai Maskman" (光戦隊マスクマン, Hikari Sentai Masukuman?)
    o Lyrics: Masao Urino (売野 雅勇, Urino Masao?)
    o Composition: Daisuke Inoue (井上 大輔, Inoue Daisuke?)
    o Arrangement: Ohzuchi Fujita (藤田 大土, Fujita Ōzuchi?)
    o Artist: Hironobu Kageyama

    Ending theme

    * "Soldier of Love" (愛のソルジャー, Ai no Sorujā?)
    o Lyrics: Masao Urino
    o Composition: Daisuke Inoue
    o Arrangement: Ohzuchi Fujita
    o Artist: Hironobu Kageyama

    [edit] References

    [edit] External links

    * Hikari Sentai Maskman at the Internet Movie Database
    * Maskman at

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    Ito ang mga bayaning, magiting
    Walang takot, sa bangis ng kalaba'y di umuurong
    Matatag na tagapagtanggol, ng inaapi
    Mga huwaran, sa tungkuli'y tapat
    Nakahandang mag-alay ng buhay

    Ang mga masukuman tanod ng kapayapaan
    Ang mga masukuman laging maaasahan
    Dapat nating tularan, ang kagitingan
    Laser Squadron Maskuman, Masukuman!

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    love that song... iba talaga yung 1990's puro tinatagalize yung mga foreign films, kahit kanta tagalog rin...

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    tinatagalog pa rin naman yung mga kanta ngayon e...

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    Astig nami-miss ko to hehe...

    TVJ daw ang kumanta nung theme song nyan?

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    sya si akira ng maskman at yung sa kumanta hindi tvj ang kumanta nun kundi yung singer na kumanta ng sumunod ,sumayaw
    sya ang kumant nun oo nga pala ito yung 2004 pics ni akira or adrian

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    Humanda na kayo
    Kampon ng kadiliman
    Oras na ng pagtotoos
    Kasamaaan niyo’y dapat matapos
    Narito na sila

    Bayaning tagapangtanggol
    Sa masama’y lilipol
    Kayo lang ang pagasa
    Iligtas kami sa marahas na kadiliman
    Kami’y inyong ipaglaban
    Sigi sigi laban Maskman
    Ipagtangggol ang kapayapaan
    Sugod sugod laban Maskman ipagsanggalang ninyo ang katarungan
    Buong mundo’y magpupuri’t magpupugay mabuhay
    Laser Squadron Mas…ku…man


    Ito ang mga bayaning magiting
    Walang takot
    Sa bangis ng kalaba’y
    Di umuurong
    Matatag, tagapagtanggol
    Ng inaapi
    Mga huwaran
    Sa tungkuling tapat
    Nakahandang mag-alay ng buhay
    Ang Maskman
    Tanod ng kapayapaan
    Ang Maskman
    Laging maaasahan
    Dapat nating tularan
    Ang kagitingan
    Laser Squadron Maskuman

    by: norman caraan
    hindi tvj ang kumanta nito ok*

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    haha.. naalala ko tuloy yung childhood days ko..

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    Hay.... Sana magka replay ng mga episodes nito... Childhood days nga naman

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    Ibalik Ang Tagalog Maskman! Ibc 13!!! Crush Ko Si Black Mask!

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    Ok na sana sa Youtube. Yung ibang episodes Portuguese ata o Spanish, hindi ko maintindihan.

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    favorite ko din to nung bata ako... sana ipalabas ulit sa Channel 13..
    mas gusto ko to than bioman

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    Walang sinabi yung Richard-Ericka loveteam sa Michael Joe-Rio-Kiros love triangle.


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    ito yung maskman movie

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    naalala nyo pa ba sila?

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    They should revive this along with Mask Rider

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    saka shaider please!

    buti pa shaider pinalabas ulit sa GMA7 at QTV

    paging GMA IBC ABC ABS(asa ako sa ABS)

    ibalik nyo ang shaider at maskman!

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