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    C Italian Dining (Angeles, Pampanga)

    We've recently discovered C Italian Dining in Angeles, Pampanga. It's really a very good restaurant. I love their Panizza. This is the original some restaurants and fast food chains have copied it but it's not the same. I know Yellow Cab has their version too.

    This is their website:



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    C' Italian Dining - Angeles City

    Many people consider some dishes to be light on the stomach but Italian food is rich and heavy on the other hand but still it can be very healthy. C' Italian Dining is a new Italian restaurant located in the Clark Field area in Pampanga. The exact address at 1210 Don Juico Ave, Clarkfield in the heart of Pampanga. Many people consider this restaurant to be one of the best in the city and in the Philippines. It has been actually votes as the best restaurant for two years already by the magazine Philippine Tatler.

    C' Italian Dining Restaurant may have the best chef in Angeles City, Mr.Chris Locher. He is not really Italian but he loves Italian cuisine and has a passion for cooking them.

    The service in the restaurant is also impressive. The waiters listen to the customers carefully and they know the food they are serving very well. Getting a reservation before hand is highly recommended since during weekends the place can be packed with many guests coming from cities in Manila. It is such a terrible predicament to go all the way to Clark with the intention of eating at C’ Italian and not being able to.

    For starters they can serve the best seller Italian bread that is so crusty. It is baked everyday made fresh with a dash of parsley oil. The dough it is made of is creamy and soft.

    For your main course you can have the best seller which is created by the head chef Chris called Panizza sold at five hundred eight pesos. It is a pizza with a rectangular shaped that is topped with alfalfa sprouts and arugula leaves. Guests have to roll it first before chewing. The arugula has a very peppery taste with combinations of good cheese and some slices of seafood and/or meat toppings. The crunch for the sprouts and the crusty crust is savory. The mixture of the ingredients is perfect.

    The Italian Bramata Peidmontaise sold at five hundred seventy is another best selling dish in the restaurant. It is known as the Gnocchi. Guests who have not seen the dish gets surprised because its not the typical Italian Gnocchi. It is designed like a delicious cake. This dish is made from corn with blue cheese. It has tomatoes, potatoes and some mushrooms inside.These are just some of the dishes that C’ Italian is known for. You will certainly leave the restaurant with a heavy tummy and a satisfied palette. Many consider dining here a gastronomical experience. You can call the restaurant for your reservation at 045-8924059. They open the restaurant 7 days a week from eleven thirty in the morning until twelve in the morning.


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    The home of Panizza

    by Grace Morales

    Step into Old World rustic charm as you enter C’ Italian Restaurant, one of the best Italian restaurants in the entire Philippines and the home of the original “panizza.” It is twice named “Best Restaurant” by the Philippine Tatler.

    Chef Chris Locher opened C’ in 2005. A Swiss-Italian who came to the Philippines 10 years ago, he worked for the Reyeses of the Plaza Restaurant. When he decided to go on his own, he chose to open a restaurant in Angeles City, Pampanga because this is where he found the love of his life and this is where he preferred to raise a family.

    Discover what panizza is and I guarantee you that you are already planning your next visit back and bringing with you your family. A creation of chef Chris, panizza is an ultra-thin, fine, crisp dough layered with a blend of five different cheeses and herbs perfected with your choice of toppings. The panizza is sliced into thin strips. Ours was the Kristina Panizza, with bacon, ham, caramelized onions, mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. On the side is a bowl of young arugula leaves and alfalfa sprouts. Take a panizza slice, put some arugula and alfalfa near the edge of the strip, roll it up... and enjoy! Mmmmmm... heaven! One order serves three to four persons, (P570).

    Our next dish was Risotto con Frutti di Mare. A combination of salmon, marlin, prawns and imported mussels perfectly mixed with tomatoes and saffron in parmesan-flavored risotto. A bit too strong for my tastebuds, but if you like wet paella Madrid-style, this is the dish for you! Serves two to three persons (P730).

    Craving for honest-to-goodness meat? Bistecca di C’ is the specialty of the house, a US Prime Angus flank steak marinated with black pepper, garlic and assorted herbs. It is oven-roasted with a red wine reduction sauce and served with onions, potatoes, baked pumpkin slices and Italian-style brocolli. THIS IS WHAT MEAT SHOULD BE —moist, juicy and flavorful! Wash it down with a generous glass of Merlot... simply mouthwatering! Good for three to four persons, 500 grams (P1,600).

    Desserts are equally good and vary day to day. Available that day was lemon-glazed cheesecake amd chocolate mousse cake. The cheesecake was topped with a bit of whipped cream and hints of lemon rind, almond slivers and a delicious, tangy lemon sauce. Yum-yum! Not to be outdone, the chocolate mousse cake was rich and smooth, yet light!

    Fresh ingredients flown in (through Clark) or homegrown, the meticulous supervision of chef Chris, educated waitresses, a well-stocked bar and wine cellar, relaxing dining rooms arranged into cubicles for privacy, and clean lavatories—all these will make you arrange for a business meeting in Clark and make you come back to C’!


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    I ate here in C ITalian Dining and it's really delicious! Yummy, one of the best! Hope they have a branch here in Manila soon

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    TS, if you are promoting a restaurant, and you are doing this as a profession, please check your grammar. it's not horrendous but still embarassing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ka_deniz View Post
    TS, if you are promoting a restaurant, and you are doing this as a profession, please check your grammar. it's not horrendous but still embarassing.
    I don't do this as a profession. I tried the restaurant once and I really liked it. So I did a search and pasted what the others had to say about it.

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    i am intrigued by the place.

    i'll try it one of these days.

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    I believe the person in charge of C Italian Dining had an assistant chef who set up his own Italian restaurant here in Makati named "Foccacia" which is one of the resto's i have yet to go to. My friends who are also obsessed with Italian food, loved Foccacia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark_dreamy View Post
    I believe the person in charge of C Italian Dining had an assistant chef who set up his own Italian restaurant here in Makati named "Foccaccia" which is one of the resto's i have yet to go to. My friends who are also obsessed with Italian food, loved Foccacia.
    Actually, I love Foccaccia too. Last week, I was craving for the Panizza and ended up going to Foccaccia twice. They call the Panizza there "Crazy Roll." I was going to open up a thread about it pero nung nalaman ko na he only copied it and they parted ways na may samaan ng loob I thought we should give credit to the original restaurant who developed it. Pero masarap talaga ito. Pag you can't stop the cravings for this kind of pizza puede na rin yung sa Yellow Cab makapal nga lang yung crust. Adding alfalfa kasi makes the experience of eating pizza very fresh hindi kagaya ng iba na feeling mo oily.

    For those who don't know Foccaccia, it is located at A. Venue mall. Talagang dadayuhin mo don cause wala namang masyadong mabili sa mall na yon.
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    Guys it's Focaccia. I tried looking up "Foccacia" and found this (Focaccia) instead. http://www.myfoodtrip.com/v/219018/f...restaurant.htm Thanks for the share, I'll definitely try to go to this resto, since that C's is way too far. I love Italian food!

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    I'm from Angeles originally and one Italian restaurant that we frequent there is Salvatore. Ang pangit nga lang ng location dahil nasa red-light district pero puntahan na yan noong early 90s pa.

    Their pizzas are huge, delicious and inexpensive! Their alfredo is creamy and tasty and their tiramisu - heavenly. That was a long time ago, I'm not sure if the restaurant is still there and if the food is as tasty as before.

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    Whats their mission and vision? I need it A.S.A.P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerwin17 View Post
    Whats their mission and vision? I need it A.S.A.P.
    Here are their contact details. http://www.myfoodtrip.com/v/219845/c_italian_dining.htm Try calling nalang.

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    I miss eating here in C Italian Dining! This is a place na dadayuhin mo talaga sa sarap! I really wish they would open a branch here in Manila!

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    Just got to try Uncle Cheffy at Eastwood Mall (http://www.myfoodtrip.com/v/220282/u...ckoven_bbq.htm), they also offer panizza which was my first try.

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. But want to ask if anyone else has tried it there, and Focaccia and C Italian...how would you compare the 3? If we really loved Uncle Cheffy's version and anyone says that's just an "okay" imitation, we'll be sure to check out the others!

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    Panizza sounds like panis na pizza combined. Sounds intriguing just the same.

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    The place is always packed!

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    nice italian restaurant in clark... loved the panizza!

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    Im from Angeles, Pampanga. We usually dine out at C Italian Dining. They have the best Panizza ever The taste of their Panizza is much different than the Yellow Cab's Dear Darla.

    The pizza in Salvatore is also good. They have much bigger servings. It's famous for their pizza and pasta alfredo

    And oh, may I recommend the Angeles Fried Chicken They have the best fried chicken in town. Iba talaga yung lasa niya compared to the regular fried chicken. And the gravy is so good . Plus they have an 80's romantic ambiance, Perfect for a dinner date. And it's not that expensive

    Angeles Fried Chicken is also a nice place to have breakfasts in Angeles City. People can have good value for their money when they dine at this place since it offers numerous types of omelets available for breakfast. Even those who do not have big budget for food will enjoy since it offers affordable light dishes including Onion Rings and Cheeseburger. For less than 200 pesos, everyone can definitely experience a sumptuous meal at this place.

    As you enter the place, they can see a well-ventilated dining area with classy interior design. At the corner of the dining area, customers can see a clean and well-maintained aquarium. The air-conditioning system of this place is performing well so everyone can surely have a comfortable dining experience at Angeles Fried Chicken. In terms of service, they have nothing to worry because it employs effective and reliable dining staff that can provide their orders on time. In addition, its employees are super friendly and approachable so customers will not hesitate to talk to them in case they need anything. Above all, the management of this place always makes sure that the dining area is organized and all the utensils that customers use are sterilized.

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    i overheard two americans who where my seatmate in the plane from boracay to manila suggesting the other to come and try this place.. am from pampanga maybe i should give it a try

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