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    David Cook 10.0 ♪ ♫ ♪ He Came. He Conquered. He's Permanent!!! ♫ ♪ ♫


    Presenting DwEEB*, or the band that shall be named very soon:

    [Andy Skib, keyboards, guitar and backing vocals; Kyle Peek, drums ; Joey Clement, bass ; and Neal “The Doctor” Tiemann, lead guitar.]

    *DwEEB = David with the Easy on the Eyes Band. EEB is a fan-given name. They are currently ironing out the legal necessities to get the band an official name. We only know that said name has something to do with a Midwest Kings song. (Midwest Kings is the name of the band where David worked with Neal Tiemann and Andy Skib, who was the lead vocalist.)

    Welcome Cookistas, all David Cook fans, whether you have been fans since American Idol season 7, or are discovering him just now.

    It’s been a month since the very successful concert here in Manila, and so we look back at a highly eventful past few weeks with pride and joy as we start thread # 10. Stand and be proud, Cookistas, for as DJ Suzy told us in the last thread, you have chosen your Idol well. What’s more, you did not hold back and showed him how well-loved he truly is out here, halfway across the globe. He knows about his Cookistas. A mere week and a few days after he came back to the US and performed in the American Idol finale, you brought Permanent to the top of the Magic 30 chart (vaulting 20 spots from the previous week), to everyone’s surprise. Permanent has already had 3 weeks in the top spot as of this writing. Before he arrived and as we waited, did you ever doubt what would happen? He came. He conquered. He’s permanent.

    Before anything else, a little history lesson for those new to the fandom (or those who are burning with curiosity over who or what the Cookistas are):

    David Cook 1.0 The True Rocker of AI7: David Cook : Where it all started. Midway through American Idol season 7, David Cook already had a strong, vocal following whom he earned through sheer talent and hard work, but at the time it was a well-known fact that he was not the Chosen One. All through the thread, more and more fans joined in the fray, dedicated enough to log in hundreds and hundreds of votes from across cyberspace. By the end of the thread, we already had our American Idol.

    David Cook 2.0 Consider Yourselves Cookified! : Where we ooh’d and aah’d over DC’s American Idol tour performances, awaited developments and news about his upcoming album – the label (RCA), producer (Rob Cavallo), collaborators (too many to mention, see Wiki) -- and marvelled at that sneaky little Magic Rainbow which has since then turned into Platinum Rainbow

    David Cook 3.0 Thread Still Untitled, Just Like His Album : Where we talked about the then much-anticipated yet-untitled debut album

    David Cook 4.0 `Cause we love, and we bleed, and we stole his soul to set him free: Where anticipation for the debut album was at its height, and where album release day finally came. It took us only a little over a month to finish the thread.

    David Cook 5.0 He’ll be GOLD for Christmas!: Where we eagerly monitored HDD and Soundscan sales figures for DCTR, celebrated David’s birthday and the album’s GOLD status, and basically enjoyed the holidays and looked forward to a new year with high hopes for David Cook’s success in the music industry.

    David Cook 6.0 We’re Crashing Down In His Davalanche: Which we started earlier than anyone expected, and where we started 2009 in high spirits. This was made especially memorable as we ended 2008 with Magic 89.9’s Yearend Countdown, where Time of My Life landed at #3 (to everyone’s surprise!), and Always Be My Baby at #1. In the following weeks we showed our support for Avalanche, then newly added to the playlist of Magic 89.9, and Max 103.5. We began the thread with Avalanche at #4 in Magic’s Top [email protected] daily countdown. We ended the thread with Avalanche ruling both Magic 89.9 and Max 103.5’s weekly countdowns.

    David Cook 7.0 Cook Out, On the Lookout: Where we continued to support Avalanche on Magic and Max, and eagerly awaited news on The Declaration Tour. Thread 7.0 saw the creation of Ang Cookistang Miron, which logs the best videos from the concert tour.

    David Cook 8.0 To Platinum and Beyond!!!: Where we continued to follow the Declaration Tour via cellcasts and Cookistang Miron, and saw the addition of Come Back to Me (aka Windy) to the playlists of Magic 89.9, RX 93.1, and Max 103.5. Come Back To Me climbed the charts in no time, achieving the first grandslam of the year on Philippine radio for 2009, as we ended the thread.

    David Cook 9.0: So is this the David Cook Concert thread? Yes. Yes. Yes!!!: Which we began with confidence, for we had already received official confirmation of the Manila concert. Anticipation went sky high, and preparations were made for the concert. At the same time, we continued to support Come Back to Me, which logged an amazing amount of #1s on Magic 89.9, RX 93.1, and Max 103.5. The Come Back to Me music video (aka ydniW/Windy video) debuted in the US at the end of March also, and so we joined our American counterparts in supporting it. David Cook finally arrived in Manila as we reached the final pages.

    David Cook 9.1: So is this the David Cook Concert thread? Yes. Yes. Yes!!!: Which started on the very day David set foot on Philippine soil. This thread saw an insane amount of traffic as all eyes in the DC fanverse were on Manila, and this thread (143k views as of this writing). Long time lurkers and new visitors began posting as well, as updates kept coming in – it was the concert week, and there was just so much to report and talk about. The thread filled to the brim with news, pictures, and links to articles, videos, every tidbit of information that had to do with the concert and Cooky’s appearances during his 5-day stay in Manila. We saw the birth of The Cookista Chronicles, meant to contain inside stories and reports of events that transpired during the concert week.

    Some of our best-loved and most frequented David Cook websites:

    David Cook Official – The place to be. Also fondly referred to as “kabila”, “kabilang bahay”. Of special note here is the TWoP thread, where the snarkiest, smartest and funniest of fans gather and discuss everything and anything Cook-related under the sun. Warning though: not for light readers, as the thread runs at the speed of light. Don’t blink or else you might find pages and pages worth of backreading. The TWoP thread’s sister Billboard and Soundscan thread, is also a favourite haunt for those who are curious about the numbers – charts and sales information, airplay, station adds and the like.

    David Cook Livejournal community – Gives a very useful overview of Must-Know DC-related events across the internet. LJ members are a very resourceful, creative, and witty bunch. If you need or want something, ask and you will most probably get it.

    david-cook.org aka The Dash - One of the largest and better-organized DC communities out there, this forum provides a wealth of resources for fans.

    MJ’s Big Blog – aka MJs. A veritable institution for all American Idol lovers, MJ keeps tabs on all things Idol. Naturally, that also means keeping track of AI winners. MJ gives up to date information on Idol news and appearances, as well as sales and chart information.

    David Cook Links:

    Wiki page
    IMEEM page
    RCA page
    Official Youtube Channel

    Cookista Links:

    The Cookista Chronicles
    Ang Cookistang Miron
    Cookista Media Library
    Cookistas Youtube Channel
    Cookista Twitter

    (Thread title courtesy of dew_delight. Photochops by riverhorse. Original pictures from imogen_ph, Bea : ) of Flickr and -gorgeous jinx-)
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    David Cook, The Album: commonly referred to as DCTR in the DC fandom. (DCTR = David Cook “The Record”, as David likes to call it.)

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v37/airearan/blogstuff/DAVIDCOOK_ALBUMCOVER.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v37/airearan/cooky2/declachopnew580p.jpg


    Click for continually updated Billboard Chart/Sales History of DCTR by DCO’s ladymadonna


    For real time feeds on iTunes:

    Top Albums
    Top Songs
    Top Videos
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    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v37/airearan/cooky2/3486010000_d46e92ff99.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v37/airearan/cooky3/avalanchechistory_apr18f.jpg



    (Updated Jun. 17, 2009.)

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v37/airearan/cooky2/d33d1ae1e7a84cc192343074bc3b3751.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v37/airearan/cooky3/permychistoryjun17.jpg
    (Updated Jun. 17, 2009.)

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    For updates on the Declaration Tour, go check... (image chop made by soliloquista , click to go to our very own blog, thanks to imogen_ph ) :


    (click to go to the links page of all past, present and future concert threads for the Declaration Tour):


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    Rock the vote peeps

    1. Magic ( Permanent )
    2. Vh1 (Come Back to Me )
    3. Mtv ( Come Back to Me)
    4. Myx (Come Back to Me)
    5. Teen Choice Awards ( Music : Breakout Artist, and Music Album Male Artist )
    6. Kerrang Awards 2009 (David Cook as "Best International Newcomer, David Cook for "Best Album", Come Back to Me for "Best Video", Come Back to Me for "Best Single")


    Vote for Permanent at Magic !
    Magic Top [email protected] at Magic 89.9 (Monday to Thursday, 3 pm to 5 pm, Three songs minimum) :
    Landline: 631-0899
    Text: Magic (space) 899 (space) I'm voting for Permanent, (another song),(another song) (add your name/nickname) and send to 2968
    Yahoo messenger: magictopfive
    - I’m voting for Permanent ( another song ), (another song) (add your name or nickname , or else your vote will not be counted)
    Facebook: Magic 899

    Here’s the previous Magic Top Five, thanks to renz_reggy03 of PMCT5 :

    Quote Originally Posted by renz_reggy03 View Post
    Magic 89.9
    [email protected]
    June 17, '09

    1. Permanent- David Cook (8th day at #1)
    2. Battlefield- Jordin Sparks
    3. You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift
    4. No Boundaries- Kris Allen
    5. La La Land- Demi Lovato
    *Please pair Permanent with songs from the Magic 30 list

    Quote Originally Posted by riverhorse View Post
    Magic 89.9 Magic 30
    June 14, 2009

    1. Permanent - David Cook (3 weeks at # 1)
    2. No Boundaries - Kris Allen
    3. Battlefield - Jordin Sparks
    4. Paranoid - Jonas Brothers
    5. Sweet Dreams - Beyonce Knowles Carter
    6. I Do Not Hook Up - Kelly Clarkson
    7. Love Game - Lady Gaga
    8. Touch My Hand - David Archuleta
    9. La la land - Demi Lavato
    10. Mad World - Adam Lambert ( highest new entry)
    11. Notion ("Donakin") - Kings of Leon
    12. You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
    13. The Wind Blows - Gym Class Heroes
    14. Come Back to Me - David Cook
    15. Please Don't Stop The Rain - James Morrison
    16. No Surprise - Chris Daughtry
    17. Waking Up in Vegas - Katy Perry
    18. How You Love Me Now - Hey Monday
    19. Knock You Down - Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West and Ne-yo
    20. Manila - Sandwich
    21. Her Diamonds - Rob Thomas
    22. Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas
    23. The Show - Lenka
    24. This Time - John Legend
    25. Blame it - Jamie Fox feat. T-pain
    26. Pen and Paper - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    27. Black Heart Inertia - Incubus
    28. Hey Girl ( Patron Tequila ) - Keri Hilson
    29. Back in Time - Kyla and Jay-R
    30. Drama Queen - Duncan Ramos

    Thanks to paramitan of PMCT5

    Quote Originally Posted by paramitan View Post

    Magic Pick Of The Week:
    Open Happiness - Coca Cola Supergroup ( Travis McCoy // Brandon Urie // Cee-Lo // Janae Monae // Patrick Stump )

    Know Your Enemy - Green Day (Last Seen at #17)
    I Quit! I Quit! I Quit! - The Click Five (Last Seen at #20)
    Be With You - Akon (Last Seen at #24)
    The World We Live In - The Killers (Last Seen at #27)
    White Horse - Taylor Swift (Last Seen at #29)
    Request for Permanent at Magic !
    Magic 89.9
    Landline : 631-0899
    Text: Magic(space)899(space) I'd like to request for Come Back to Me, and send to 2968
    Yahoo Messenger:

    Monday to Thursday
    On Demand (Boom and Mia) (9am-12nn)
    The Big Meal (CJ and Suzy) (12nn-3pm)
    Strike Zone (Josh Strike): joshstrike899 (10pm-2am)
    Vote at MTV
    Text: MTV(space)VOTE(space)Come Back to Me and send to 2976
    Vote at Myx
    Text : MYX(space)VOTE(space)Come Back to Me, and send to 2366 (10 votes per cell number)
    Vote at the Teen Choice Awards

    Originally Posted by wn746
    " Cookistas! Time to rock the vote again. This time, it's for the Teens Choice Awards 2009.

    Here's the address http://www.teenchoiceawards.com/webdev/index.php

    He's nominated for Music :Breakout Artist, and Music Album Male Artist .

    Vote na! "

    * Limit one (1) Vote per person/e-mail address per category per 24 hour day
    Vote at the Kerrang Awards 2009

    thanks to mke4dc

    As per Wikipedia: The Kerrang! Awards are the UK's annual music awards run by the music magazine Kerrang!.

    Here's the address: http://awards.kerrang.com/Categories.aspx

    You can vote for:

    David Cook as "Best International Newcomer,
    David Cook for "Best Album"
    Come Back to Me for "Best Video"
    Come Back to Me for "Best Single"
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    >>Straight Ahead -Pemberton
    >>Kiss on the Neck - Pemberton
    >>We're Only Honest When We're Sleeping
    >>Livin On A Prayer - Pemberton
    >>Bar-ba-sol - Borgata
    >>Hot for Teacher - Borgata
    >>Souvenir - Borgata
    >>A Daily Anthem - Borgata
    >>Permanent - Borgata
    >>The World I Know - Borgata
    >>Man in the Box - Borgata
    >>Lie - Borgata
    >>Make Me - Borgata
    >>Light On - Niagara
    >>Anodyne - Niagara
    >>Mr. Sensitive - Pemberton
    >>Come Back to Me - York
    >>My Last Request - York
    >>Declaration - Borgata
    >>Heroes - Atlantic
    >>I Did It For You - Oxford
    >>Breathe Tonight - Borgata
    >>Life On the Moon - Davis and Elkins
    >>Billie Jean and Avalanche - Biloxi
    >>Little Lies - Oxford

    HARD ROCK CAFE - Album Release Day
    >>Little Lies
    >>Mr. Sensitive
    >>Life on The Moon
    >>Light On

    >>Walmart Soundcheck, November 2008
    >>Permanent, House of Blues, Orlando. Dec 14, 2008.
    >>Light On 95.5 WPLJ New York. Nov. 18, 2008
    >>Life On The Moon, Sirius Radio. November, 2008.
    >>Happy Christmas (War is Over), Rockefeller Center, New York. Dec. 3, 2008.
    >>Man in the Box (Alice in Chains Cover), House of Blues, Orlando. Dec. 14, 2008.
    >>Hunger Strike (Stone Temple Pilots Cover) + Birthday Wishes + Bar Ba Sol, Q100 Atlanta. Dec. 15, 2008
    >>Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade. Dec. 25, 2008

    >>Time Of My Life, Viennese Waltz, So You Think You Can Dance ,alt
    >>The 2008 US Olympics Team Montage, Time Of My Life
    >>Permanent, Contemporary Dance, So You Think You Can Dance Canada
    >>ESPN Heroes Montage, Best of 2008 College Football

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    close-up Cooky pic, thanks to Bea : )

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    Yeee. Bagong balay! CONGRATS COOKISTAS! Thank you imogen, river, cha, & flywee for preparing this thread. Anggandaaaaa. Lalo na chops ni YH! Panalooo!

    anyway.. repost ko lang MAJOR GRANDSLAM chop ko from the previous thread.. hehe..


    to our new thread !!!

    *virtual grouphug*

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    *source pix from David-Cook.com*

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    He's pointing at us, Cookistas!

    David, receiving our guitar.
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    10.0 Here we go!

    Nothing much to share here, dunno how to make chops eh,haha! To our threadstarters (imogen, YH, fly, cha!) and to the magagaling na choppers..

    Okie...so uhmm..let's see here...ha! Reprise nalang of my Jumbotron shots,haha!


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    Er...I hope there's still room for my saba dancers. They flove Dave naman eh lol


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    ...and so, we're now here in the new thread!! Yayy!!
    Let me just say that it's so organized!!
    Everything you want to know is here.

    Good job imogen, river, fly and cha!

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    Aba syempre welcome pa rin ang kasagingan. ...*bursts out laughing*

    LMAO *snort* Ay sorry, I don't know what's come over me.

    Ang gagaling ng ating choppers ano, peeps? Nais ko ring magpasalamat kay DJ Josh for providing the soundtrack for our paglilipat-balay. As I was starting the thread and the others waited, Permanent was playing in my ears. The songs that followed were so bagay also, like Daughtry's Home Winner ka, Josh Strike!

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    wow!! beautiful thread 10.0

    thanks and congrats to imogen, cha ah, fly and YH for the very good job


    btw, YH naka-vote na ako sa TCA. salamat sa tips and everything else

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    yey! new thread!!

    eta riverhorse, thanks for the PM, already voted for DC on TCA bukas ulet

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    Let the Games Begin!
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    The numbers are in!

    Quote Originally Posted by FolkFan
    Early leak of real DCTR soundscan numbers:

    72 COOK*DAVID DAVID COOK 7,369 -6 7,878 1,176,534

    Given that he was on vacation last week and really only had one piece of promo (rerun of Ellen's Zenny performance and interview), pretty damn solid. And he continues to chug toward 1.2 million sold.
    I'm positive he'll get a boost as soon as the second leg of the tour begins.

    With that, I shall turn in. Good morning to all!

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