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    Korea's little sisters: The Wonder Girls, Witness the Wonder~ {thread 1}

    Korea's little sisters: The Wonder Girls, Witness the Wonder~

    As the biggest hit maker of Asian pop music, JYP Entertainment brings you their next biggest phenomenon, Wonder Girls. The Wonder Girls, five female teenage sensations hailing from the east as music royalty, is finally making their highly anticipated US debut. The Wonder Girls are the next coming of the Spice Girls.

    The US audience got a sneak preview of the Wonder Girls in 2008 when the 1 entertainment blogger in the US, Perez Hilton featured not one, but two of their hit music videos on his blog site. Perez Hilton says, “So fabs…we loves it!” The Wonder Girls were also featured on Virgin Media as one of the top 8 girls groups to watch in the world, along with the Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud and Danity Kane.

    The San Francisco Chronicle writes, “Powered by catchy grooves, an all-out marketing frenzy and a wildly addictive internet dance craze, the teenage divas known as the Wonder Girls have become Korea’s biggest pop phenomenon.”

    The Wonder Girls have accrued 3 no. 1 hit songs in Asia within the last two years, each having won an unprecedented amount of awards and digital downloads. And in less than two years, the Wonder Girls generated close to $20 million in revenue, including over 20 endorsement deals (i.e. Samsung, Baskin-Robbins, etc.).

    The Wonder Girls’ first US debut single, “Nobody” is expected to launch this year.
    Are you prepared for the Wonder Girls’ wonderful US adventure?

    GET TO KNOW THE 5 WONDERS: The Most Celebrated Girl Group in Korea and Asia~




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    {graphics credit to wonder girls soompi thread yoyo&sharon}

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    this is my current guilty pleasure

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    Wonder Girls are currently touring with the jonas brothers making their US debut!

    Wonder Girls Official US debut Single Nobody (english version)

    watch the official music video HERE

    Wonder Girls US AD

    Wonder Girls dancing nobody with their tour mate jordin sparks

    Wonder Girls performing at The Wendy Williams Show

    please check out there official website: www.wondergirlsworld.com

    Vote for Wonder Girls Nobody on MYX!

    MYX(space)VOTE(space)NOBODY. send it to 2366

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    count me here im a fan

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    yoobin is the most hottest of 'em for me..

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    Wonder Girls ever audition tutorial is out!


    Wonder Girls First Bay Area Interview With Wild949.com


    Wonder Girls "Nobody" On Disney Radio Mailbag Challenge.

    Wonder Girls won by 99%!!! on disney radio mailbag!!!

    Wonder Girls flyers for LA concert!
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    Wonder Girls at teen choice awards 2009 green carpet!



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    Wonder Girls Signing Event in L.A Verizon Store






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    may thread na sila...

    love them!

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    This photo of Nick Jonas and Sunmi makes me wanna sing... when you look me in the eyes~

    Wonder Girls, Jordin Sparks and Jonas Brothers

    Wonder Girls and Jonas Borthers

    yes please lets make this thread active!

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    Arrow A Girl Band for Kids yata ito...

    What caught my attention to The Wonder Girls, and K-Pop in general, was the fact that I saw some squatter kids in my place dancing to "Nobody", and everybody smiled at them.

    Could I be seeing a brewing craze here? At tsaka, I wondered why they are so famous among kids? Was it because they are featured as well on the Disney networks in the States lately?

    I admit that their song "Nobody" now made me want to listen to more K-pop and to learn about the trends there.

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