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    KHJ addict lang ako pinkulit hahaha. Any updates na makita ko sa pag iikot share ko lang sa mga hyunnies at jihoonians para pareho tayong updated.

    Dalaw ka dito parati para mas masaya

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    Quote Originally Posted by ross2 View Post
    Nag start na ako mag save ng fave KHJ videos ko enzie di ko alam kasi how serious pag implement ng new law ng Korea

    May bagong news pala about the concert next week. SS501 will be singing 5 new songs from their new album kasama title ng album at follow up. Exciting!

    Sana may mag post ng bagong news dito kasi di ko malipat using phone. meteorflower
    hinahanap mo pala ako

    may article pa ba na hindi ka pa napost teka

    galing soompi

    original in korean: SS501 / step up concert in osaka, 2006.09
    chinese translation: source unknown
    reposted from: hyunjoongchina
    translated into english: happiebb / bb's blog (thanks dear BB)

    Young Saeng
    We held our first ever concert in Japan today, feeling very nervous, and yet happy and unreal. All the members have our own individual faces and personalities. Our parents, who have been supporting and rooting for us from behind the scene, are here today for our very first concert here. We're truly very thankful for their trust in us. Our parents are our number one fans, and we will continue to work hard in the future. Please give us your support!

    Jung Min
    We were initially very uncertain. Can we really have a concert in Japan? We were really doing everything we could, and trying our very best, but still, the more we thought about it, the more uneasy we became. During that time, we were practising and rehearsing in the practice halls. Although it was very hot and very tough, the fans who have been supporting us waited for us in front of the halls, and they were rooting for us, egging us on. Everyone's support and encouragement were so warm, so we persevered with our hard work till now.

    Really, really feel thankful towards all of you, and also, the fans who have come all the way from Korea to be here today, we're truly thankful.

    Kyu Jong
    I have only one wish; i wish that everyone here will always be happy. Although there isn't much that I can do, but we will do our best to bring happiness and joy to everyone. And I also hope to be able to be happy together with everyone here.

    Hyung Joon
    Do you know that there're actually many people who are working with us on this concert? We've also spent alot of time. We danced our hearts out for all of you, and the staff have been busy and working hard for us, and also for you. To the staff from the agency who have been staying with us and supporting us, and to the crew who have been supporting the concert, it hasn't been easy to say this out loud, but thank you!

    Yong Saeng, Jung Min, Kyu Jong, Hyung Joon... It's not SS501 if one is missing. And it is because of you that SS501 exists. And because we've always been together, we've disliked one another, we've fought with one another, but if without them or you, I will not be standing here on this stage for sure. As the leader, I have always been working hard, so let's work hard together. SS501 is always as ONE!

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    article on F4 on (Singapore Chinese newspaper), here's the rough translation (only the part on HJL):
    cr as tagged

    "Education: Some electric-music (?) faculty in a korean uni

    HJL could stand even before he learnt to crawl; he could walk even when he was only 9 months old

    HJL's big eyes has charmed many female fans when he acted as Yoon Ji Hoo in BOF, but his pair of big eyes on his young and kiddish small face looks like a pair of goldfish eyes. It is only when he grew up that he slowly evolves into a prince charming

    From kindergarden, HJL has had many talents, and learnt things faster than his elder brother. He was good at math, and won the gold award in the Math Olympiad. His trophies fill one whole cupboard. His results in school were excellent, and he was among the top students in his school.

    He is also talented in the arts, and can draw and is gifted in music. His guitar teacher said that he can master in 3 months what others usually take 3 years."

    credits to sherylcheryl of soompi

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    1. It is faster to vote using Opera browser. You can download the software from
    2. Open the link:
    3. Bookmark this page.
    4. I believe we need to vote for drama, actor and actress in order for our votes to be counted. I am not sure though but I kept on voting in 3 categories
    5. After voting in 3 categories, a message "you have completed the voting" will appear on screen. Close the whole window of the voting site. The screen should be empty.
    6. Go to Tools | Delete Private Data.
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    8. Click "Delete" button.
    9. To vote again, open the site using bookmark then do steps 4 to 8 (except 7).

    I was able to vote numerous times in a very short period and loading of pages in Opera browser is much faster. If you get a a java script error in using the Opera brower, just minimize that error window and continue voting.

    Note: Hyunnies, I checked the results of Seoul Drama Festival 2008, Lee Jun Gi won the Yahoo! Netizen's Most Popular Actor Award. Click the underline words to view the 2008 winner and his interview

    So, if KHJ wins in this poll, he will received the Yahoo! Netizen's Most Popular Actor Award

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    meteorflower ...thanks sa pagbitbit ng balita

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    07/28 [news] SS501, To Release 5 New Songs From Their Official 2nd Album at Seoul Concert

    Credits : [email protected] + + (English Translation) xiaochu @


    Male group SS501 plans to release 5 songs from their official 2nd album, which will be released in August, during their Asia Tour Seoul concert.

    SS501’s company revealed “In the 2 days from 1st to 2nd August, they will release 5 songs from their official 2nd album during their Asia Tour Seoul Concert to be held at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium Stadium. These songs include their title song and the follow-up song.”

    In addition, he added “SS501 is currently having their pre-concert rehearsal at Jangchung Gymnasium hall where we’ve set up the same stage layout as the actual concert. In order for the new songs not to be leaked out prior to the concert, the rehearsal was done with thorough security.”

    This concert would be SS501’s first Asia Tour since their debut. They hope to have a performance where they can be close to their fans, so in response to SS501 members’ suggestion, a protruded stage was formed allowing audience to be able to see the members from a close distance wherever they are seated at.

    Meanwhile, fans from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, HongKong, Taiwan, etc, will be visiting Korea in order to attend to first concert of SS501’s Asia Tour.

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    Samsung Haptic Pop Handsets Arrive In Korea
    Posted on Jul 28, 09 08:01 AM PDT

    Samsung's line of Haptic Pop phones will be arriving in the South Korea market, where this handset was specially designed by Korean singers, Son Dambi and Kim Hyun-joong, respectively. They come in a lovely cheery design that will definitely appeal to the youth. No idea on the specification, but it has been suggested for these handsets to retail for $485 - pretty pricey, making us wonder just how much of that amount you pay would actually go to artist royalties.

    Source: ubergizmo

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    Hyun Joong as the Model/Spokesperson for Tony Moly

    Photo Credit: musingsofamuse

    Meron bang Tony Moly BB Cream sa Pilipinas

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    EASY Magazine August 2009

    credit: ss601/as tagged

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    Kim Hyun Joong & Son Dambi Self-Designed Samsung AnyCall Handphones Are Released
    Posted on July 29, 2009 by gongjunim

    Star employees from Samsung Anycall TV Show “Haptic Mission“, Kim Hyun Joong and Son Dambi self designed phones are being made into actual products.

    Kim Hyun Joong’s design is named “Kim Hyun Joong UFO Phone” and Son Dambi’s design is named ”Son Dambi Heart Phone“. Both phones are released on 28th July by Samsung Electronics.

    At “Haptic Mission 3″, Kim Hyun Joong has self designed the handphone ”UFO” by using crop circles designs. On the other hand, Son Dambi has designed the handphone “Heart” by using lovely hearts shapes. Both handphone designs have received good reviews. In particular, Kim Hyun Joong’s designed handphone “UFO” has received many queries on major sites.

    (translation copyrights credit –

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    Ji Hoo Sunbae

    credit: [email protected]

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    Samsung Launches The New Haptic Pop Stylish Clamshells

    Recently Samsung launch the new Haptic Pop stylish clamshells in Korean market with exciting features it is available in stylish color its design is great and fantastic this is new generation of amazing phone it looks great it is designed by popular Korean singers Son Dambi and Kim Hyun-joong. It has including amazing 3megapixel camera with flash.

    This handset has great internal features such as contacts, messaging, display, wallpaper etc this is the amazing style of fantastic handset its color is red, white it is good for using anywhere it is light weighted you can easily put this handset on your pocket its camera features is great you can anytime catch your favorite place pictures for memorable life it has also great service of save information or pictures.

    This is a great Samsung handset with excellent functions and designs many of the latest companies are also presents there latest handsets this Samsung phone is best for using.

    Haptic Pop stylish clamshells phone is mostly best for students they can easily take it for their daily use the price of this new Haptic Pop stylish clamshells is 600,000 KRW $ 400. This is the amazing collection of stylish phone are you interested for buying this phone!

    Source: coolestgadgetsandgizmos

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    I Am a Flower - Kim Hyun Joong

    original in chinese: TVBS magazine, 2009.07.21
    reposted in: HKTS
    translated into english: happiebb / bb's blog

    The author of the original manga Han Yori Dango, Kami Youku, has praised Kim Hyun Joong for fitting the role of Hanazawa Rui to a tee. In the drama, he was somewhat autistic and cold, but he harbored so much feelings towards Shizuka Todo. Those loving eyes with such sadness completely melted the fans' hearts.

    But outside of the drama, Kim Hyun Joong has a deadpan humour.

    During that time when he had just accepted the role of Rui, he was asked by the media how he would portray a flower boy with a rather feminine personality. He had replied with total seriousness, "This is really a good question, and previously, I had thought about it for a long time too. Eventually, every night before I go to bed, I would try to hypnotize myself, 'I'm a flower, I'm a flower...'"

    His funny words caused the entire audience to break out in laughter.

    credit: as tagged/owner

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    OH MY GOSH! bat tuwing nakikita ko si Hyun Joong i'm melting? haha! bat ganyan ka ji hoo?

    thanks sa mga pictures ross and sa lahat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by katkat1970 View Post
    While You Were Sleeping
    hahaha natatawa ako dun sa pwesto niya! haha ang cute mo hyun joong grabe!

    hi kat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ross2 View Post
    Natabunan na pala ang news enzie kaya up ko lang sa mga di nakabasa. It's a long read and so far wala pa akong nabasa that got affected with this stiffer law.
    ahh..i see! gosh,pano nalang tayo? asar naman yan!!!!

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    UPDATE: Attendance of Kim Hyun Joong (perhaps SS501 as well although hindi nabanggit) is not confirmed yet in BOF Japan's visit this Sept. Sa August 7 yata and next update. Got this update from [email protected] sa Hyunnies thread. Anyway, I am not sure kung merong Japan-based na Hyunnies sa atin who will be interested about this

    Quote Originally Posted by ross2 View Post
    BOF Casts Back in Japan on 6 Sept. 2009

    Dear fans of “Boys Over Flowers,”

    Thank you for your interest in the “Boys Over Flowers” Premium Event. We are happy to inform you that event tickets are now directly available to overseas fans. Payments are being accepted via PayPal (
    for ticket purchases from outside of Japan. Please bring a copy of the PayPal receipt indicating proof of payment, and an ID (e.g.passport) to the “Foreigners Ticket Service” counter on the day of the event to exchange for your ticket. The “Foreigners Ticket Service” counter will be located at the entry area.

    Official site info:

    Date: September 6, 2009
    Time: 6:30pm
    Venue: National Convention Hall of Yokohama
    Appearance: Gu Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, SS501, T-max
    Ticket price:
    Adult 10,500 yen
    Student* 6,800 yen

    * Student tickets are only available to those under 18 years old. Must have valid ID with proof of age upon entrance.

    Again, please do not forget to bring a copy of the PayPal receipt and an ID. We have reserved the center area of the second floor for all overseas fans. We hope you enjoy the event with all F4 members!

    Please note:
    1. The main language of the event is only Japanese and Korean.
    2. Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled.
    3. Please visit the PayPal website for details of the payment service.

    ※Due to circumstances, we will not be able to provide the package tour. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope to have your understanding. Thank you.

    IMX, Inc.

    Note: SS501 and T-Max will be there to perform the music from the OSTs

    Lifted from:

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    Quote Originally Posted by enzie13 View Post
    ahh..i see! gosh,pano nalang tayo? asar naman yan!!!!
    sabayan kita enzie

    nabasa ko pala sa isang latest interview ni KHJ, he will continue being an actor so paano na natin ma watch future shows nya

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    Quote Originally Posted by enzie13 View Post

    OH MY GOSH! bat tuwing nakikita ko si Hyun Joong i'm melting? haha! bat ganyan ka ji hoo?

    thanks sa mga pictures ross and sa lahat!
    super addicting talaga si KHJ

    out na ako ...bye Hyunnies

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    Quote Originally Posted by ross2 View Post
    UPDATE: Attendance of Kim Hyun Joong (perhaps SS501 as well although hindi nabanggit) is not confirmed yet in BOF Japan's visit this Sept. Sa August 7 yata and next update. Got this update from [email protected] sa Hyunnies thread. Anyway, I am not sure kung merong Japan-based na Hyunnies sa atin who will be interested about this
    oh my! inggit mode naman ako! kainis! total package toh ahh, BOF plus SS501! kelan ko/natin kaya sila makikita? asar asar!

    magkano ba yang 6.800 yen?

    anyway, whew! kung confirmed na mas lalong

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