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    still on going huh. So if player comparison is not enough, pati competition eh icocompare. I don't agree na dahil walang 3 point shooters ang isang team eh di na sila versatile. Those Lakers, Portland, Suns are competitive enough to win it all. Mike's Bulls did not rely much on their 3 point shooting but they still won.

    Point is some LBJ fans won't accept MJ as the GOAT, so we just leave it as it is.

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    ^I am a Lebron fan but my biggest respect still goes to MJ in all aspects of basketball. Imagine the impact that he made for the sport.

    Karamihan lang naman sa nagkucompare eh either Lebron hater o may ibang idol na mas wala rin namang karapatang macompare kay Michael Jordan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mullah_omar View Post
    Kaya nga ang emphasis ko is team defense. Kahit naman siguro si MJ kaya lusotan ni Parker, hindi ibig sabihin na 30ppg si Parker pero ang punto ko kaya parin lusotan. As much as possible kaya mo dapat dumepensa ng multiple positions kasi sisiwitch ka naman. Hindi naman ibig sabihin hindi mo nashutdown e di ka magaling dumepensa.

    Eto nga e, 3x nablock ni LBJ si Duncan, although help defender siya sa 2, don sa isa siya ang PF. Pwede mo ilagay si LBJ sa gitna at maiintimidate parin kahit papano ang defender. Si MJ, di mo pwede ilagay sa gitna, pero for the nth time uultitin ko, si MJ ay superior kay LBJ sa pagdepensa sa 1-2.
    kaya nga... if your emphasis is team defense mj outclasses lebron...
    hindi nawawala sa defensive rotation si mj... watch the previous 5 finals... ang daming defensive lapses ni lebron...
    nangyayari ba yan kay mj? hindi... kasi he works within their defensive patterns...

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    another thing... ang emphasis mo is he can guard 1-5 positions... so that is individual skill not team defense...

    any who... just answer this to end all the debate...
    who is better? mj or lebron? wait... you've already said it is mj... then issue over...

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    dapat din i-emphasis ay who will guard MJ?

    we all know naman kahit small/big guard ang ibigay mo kay MJ kakainin niya yan sa post-up at iso and even in running game. Iguodala, Green, Leonard, Tony Allen???
    not unless gagamitan mo ulet ng ala-badboys Detroit approach si MJ baka sakaling mapigilan mo siya.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mullah_omar View Post
    Oo nga, may man power ang Warriors mag small ball kasi versatile players nila. Kaya nila maglaro at mag adjust sa kahit anong style. Ang punto ko lang, dahil nagrereklamo ka na walang big man ngayon kaya nakakapag PF si LBJ etc., e pwede din gamitin laban sa Warriors at sabihin kung 90s pa to, di magsusurvive si Iggy o Green mag laro ng 4 or 5. Kung tutuusin, ang Warriors ang pinakamagandang example kung ano na nangyari sa NBA ngayon, mas versatile at may emphasis sa 3 point shooting. I appreciate the game for what it is. Yes, there is a lack of true centers but the traditional positions have been redefined. Parang ganito yan e, gusto mo bumili ng Jordan 11 breds, pero wala ng available, so bibili ka ng peke. Ayaw mo naman siguro sumuporta ng mga poser gaya ng players ngayon regardless kung si LBJ yan o mga Warriors? Parang sinasabi mo narin kasi na posers mga players ngayon at kung naglaro sila sa past e di sila magiging effective. Anyway, again, that's it for me in this thread.

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    ang naging topic ng thread eh 'what if' MJ will have LBJ's teammates on the finals could he still win? Maipilit nlang talaga eh no to justify LBJ's loss. Accept reality LBJ blind fans, MJ will always be greater than LeBron.

    Since most of you wants to prove LBJ is better by always mentioning stats, here's a point.
    Kobe surpassed MJ on the all time scoring list, its a stat worth mentioning, but it doesn't make Kobe the better player.

    For me as much as I appreciate LeBron's greatness, MJ is always the better player. I could care less about the stats, what makes MJ great is his overall persona as a basketball player. He might not be the nicest guy but in the end, he just wants to win so bad. His drive, ego, attitude is much cooler than LBJ. Then there's the Final's performance, it seemed that he always has something to prove. I could go on and on but bottom line - MJ is still GOAT.

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    up natin to heheheh

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    1-2 more championship and he has 50-50 chance of taking the title. Basta 50% up ang finals record niya. Individual stats, he'll get there.

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    I'll now put MJ and him as the number 1 and number 2 GOAT players in the NBA all time. Everyone else will be number 3 and so on.......

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    LBJ legacy is not yet finished. He's on a right track. Not a perfect one (like MJ) but if we're talking about being the best individual player, he's up there.

    ps. i hate how "unstickied" threads go in the middle of the page. Yung ibang nakasticky naman ay walang kwenta. Mods pls. You need some cleaning to do
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    Quote Originally Posted by anakniwolverine View Post
    the failure to bring a championship to the team that drafted him is still haunting him.

    Why do you think did he return to Cleveland?

    And of course, people are forgetting his promise to Miami...
    How many titles did he say he was going to bring to South Beach?

    "Not 1. Not 2... Not 3... Not... ?"

    I am done with that.

    Stop hatin' on LBJ's supposed haters.
    I'm not as rabid as I once was to him.
    I realised that there's no need to be so defensive or offensive towards a basketball player.
    Reality has brought him back to the ground.
    I see kids idolising him and I began to feel the pain of these kids.

    I may nitpick on him every once in a while, but I have come to the point of just appreciating his game and be a basketball fan.
    Moot and academic na yata to. hehehe. 1 year lang ang kailangan ni LBJ hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiplash View Post
    no one will come at you. there are no what ifs, only what was.

    that's for the lebron 'tards who still believe that the cavs should have beaten gsw if k-love and k-irving were not injured.
    tapos na rin tong what if na to kasi napatunayan ng cavs na kaya nila magchampion with klove and uncle drew healthy

    oh wait, injured pala si bogut, nasuspend si green at hobbled si iggy

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    Nope....LeBron, KD, Curry and the rest will be in a level below the likes of MJ, Magic, Bird, Kareem, Kobe and Duncan......

    The former group won their titles AFTER partnering with 3 superstars....the latter group only had 1 star player with matter how you look at it, MJ, Magic, Bird, Kareem, Kobe and Duncan only needed one superstar partner when they won their titles.....LeBron, KD and Curry needed two.....end of story

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    padlock na hahah

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