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    Katy Perry praises "really great" Pink

    Katy Perry has announced her admiration for fellow popstar Pink after being impressed with a live performance by the Funhouse singer earlier this week.

    Perry declared her newfound infatuation via Twitter, following Pink's gig in Australia on Thursday. She wrote: "Out to see the P!NK show in Melbourne! She rules AUS! Can't wait, I KNOW she won't sing that song,"There U Go" but I chuckle and wish! (sic)"

    She continued: "Okay, THAT was AMAZING! YOU MUST see the show when it comes to the STATES! P!NK @ her prime... so happy I went, inspired. Good morning USA!

    "She's really great... Shows so many different dimensions and is still personable, relatable, f***ing RIPPED and wears HIGH A** HEELS. HOW? FAN!"

    Last week, Perry also confessed to being a huge Gwen Stefani fan.

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    Singer Pink plans for babies after tour


    Pop star Pink is planning to start a family with her husband Carey Hart once she wraps up her ongoing world tour.

    The singer married the motocross racer in 2006 but the relationship hit problems and they separated just two years later (08).

    The couple reconciled at the beginning of the year (09), but the singer has been unable to enjoy her newfound happiness because she has been touring the world to promote her latest album, Funhouse.

    The global trek kicked off in February (09) and is due to wrap up in December (09) in Hanover, Germany.

    Hart admits it has been difficult to move their relationship forward since his wife has been on tour, but reveals they are both keen to start a family once they wrap up their work commitments.

    He tells E! Online, "It's a long ways down. She still has another 18 months of touring, and I'm pretty heavy in competing again in all my businesses, so it's definitely going to happen, but just not any time soon."

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    Pink Ladies: Bathroom named after Pink

    Washington, (ANI): Pink was literally flushed with gratitude when Australian authorities named the bathroom at her concert venue after her - Pink Ladies.

    The “So What” singer has been touring Down Under for several months, and has sold out gigs across the country. And the singer was such a rage at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, where she sold out 11 dates, that concert bosses decided to make a lasting tribute to her.

    "To sell out 11 concerts is outstanding and Pink should be congratulated,” Contactmusic quoted venue manager Trish MCNamara as saying. She added: "The Pink Ladies symbolises that success, and pays tribute to the artist for what she has achieved in Brisbane. Pink is now etched into our rock and roll history and we won''''t ever forget this extraordinary feat. Pink is our number one."

    Known for her outspoken attitude, the rocker saw the funny side to the toilet humour, and urged her fans to 'christen' her namesake. In fact, she even told the crowd during her show: "If anyone needs to pee later on, I have a toilet upstairs dedicated to me."

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    PINK Singer doesn't drink to avoid hangovers

    Pink doesn't drink alcohol because she "can't deal with hangovers". The 'So What' singer - who is famed for her wild lifestyle and has previously admitted taking illegal drugs - has curtailed the amount she drinks as it has a negative impact on her performances. Her husband Carey Hart, who she reunited with earlier this year, explained: "I don't really drink anymore. Pink's actually gotten really good about it, too. Her tour is so intense that she's the same way as me. She can't deal with the hangovers. If she has an off night, she falls from her trapeze, so that's not so good."

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    Pink tour moves Seattle show to larger venue

    It looks like Pink's U.S. fans have missed the outspoken singer. The launch of Pink's first U.S. tour since 2006 on September 15 in Seattle, WA, has been moved to a larger venue because of fan demand.

    Originally scheduled at the 7,000-capacity WaMu Theater, Pink's Funhouse Tour concert will now be staged at the 15,000-capacity KeyArena at Seattle Center. The Ting Tings are scheduled to open.

    15 for $15 with Napster!Tickets previously bought for her general admission concert at WaMuTheater will be honored at KeyArena. WaMu ticketholders will be issued wristbands to allow floor/lower bowl access. Tickets for the KeyArena show go on sale August 29 via Ticketmaster and at the venue’s box office. Tickets are $39.50 plus applicable service charges.

    "Funhouse," the singer's fifth studio album, boasts her first U.S. No. 1 Billboard single for "So What," as well as her current single, "Please Don’t Leave Me."

    Pink’s U.S. leg runs through October 5 at New York's Madison Square Garden, then heads to the U.K. and Europe from October 14 through December 20. Pink has spent the past several months touring Australia, selling out venues throughout the country.

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    Pink’s blue about farewelling her 660,000 Australian fans

    SHE rocketed onto stage for her first Sydney show 12 weeks ago and last night pop star Pink pulled down the circus tent on her Funhouse tour for the last time in Australia.

    Promising more than a few surprises and some previously unseen tricks, the American two-times Grammy award-winning star hadn’t lost her sparkle, despite her punishing 58-show tour schedule.

    She shot through a trap-door for the opening number, Bad Influence, writhed around on the stage to Just Like a Pill and swung from a trapeze during Sober.

    ‘‘Sydney! Can I take you home with me?’’ She hollered to the crowd.

    ‘‘If everyone brings a VB, I’ll be stocked for a year.’’

    The singer’s aerial tricks, a hallmark of her tour, went off without a hitch, unlike in Brisbane on June 16 when a safety cable snapped, leaving the singer suspended above the stage for about a minute.

    Pink’s Australian tour broke several sales and venue records, including eclipsing John Farnham’s record for the most number of shows at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena in a single tour.

    The tour, which has been seen by more than 660,000 people – or one in every 32 Australians – has grossed more than $70 million.

    Pink scheduled several breaks between shows during her three-month stay in Australia, but was forced to cancel one Brisbane show on July 20 because she had laryngitis.

    On the micro-blogging website Twitter on Friday, Pink said she was sad to be leaving Australia.

    ‘‘Sydney! Last two shows ... can u believe it? We’ve been together for 3.5 months. I feel like we’re breaking up,’’ she wrote.

    Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, will return to the US this week in time for her 30th birthday on September 8.

    She is married to motocross rider Carey Hart, who joined her for parts of her tour in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle.

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    Behind Pink’s “Funhouse” Tour: Backstage With Pop’s Edgiest Star

    Pink’s Funhouse tour touches down in the States in two weeks, which means Americans will get their first look at the singer’s high-flying circus spectacle. It’s a physically punishing show that has the nearly 30-year-old star spinning from the ceiling to masturbation tune “Fingers,” catapulting though the air on a trapeze and, perhaps even more dangerously, covering “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

    Rolling Stone’s Gavin Edwards met up with Pink (born Alecia Moore) during her record-shattering 58-date sold-out Australian arena tour, where she spoke candidly about her breakup (and reconciliation) with Carey Hart, a food fight that ended in a hospital trip, her urge to party (”The demons start talking late at night: ‘Come play with us’ “) and her enduring role as the country’s most unlikely pop star (”I’m the constant underdog in America. It’s been this constant fight to prove I have some kind of talent,” she says).

    Grab our new issue for the full story, and go backstage with Pink on her Funhouse tour, plus check out shots of her show’s wild costumes and a look back at her history onstage


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    Happy Birthday Pink!

    she's a trending topic on twitter

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    happy birthday pink!

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    Pink’s house invaded by wasps

    Pink’s house has been invaded by wasps.

    The ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ singer has an infestation of the stinging insects in her backyard, but doesn’t want to call out an exterminator to kill them.

    She wrote on her Twitter page: “Wasps nests are invading my backyard!!! Is there a way to not kill them? Maybe get a wasp interpreter to kindly ask them to leave?!”

    To help her forget about her wasp worries, Pink – who this year reunited with her husband, motocross racer Carey Hart - has been cooking soup.

    She revealed: “Just made homemade minestrone soup from scratch. It’s amazing, not as good as Beppi's in Sydney though. I’m not Sicilian. Ingredients on request: veg’ stock, carrots, celery, spinach, black beans, parsley, basil, bay leaves, onion, garlic, cabbage, tomatoes, sage, thyme and pasta.”

    Pink isn’t the only celebrity being plagued by an unwanted pest.

    Kate Moss is being "driven mad" by a flock of doves.

    The supermodel's London neighbour has been breeding the birds but they have been causing chaos by flying into her home, making a mess and even triggering her security system.

    A source said: "Kate is being driven mad by the doves.

    "They have entered the place via the veranda and taken up residence. They're causing havoc, setting off her state-of-the-art alarm and making a real stink - literally.

    "They've been relieving themselves over her antique furniture leaving unsightly stains and a vile smell.”

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    P!nk: "Kanye west is the biggest piece of **** on earth"

    On her twitter!!

    "Kanye west is the biggest piece of sh!t on earth. Quote me."


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    nice performance Pink!!!

    not feeling the costume though.LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by marlo9999999999 View Post
    P!nk: "Kanye west is the biggest piece of **** on earth"

    On her twitter!!

    "Kanye west is the biggest piece of sh!t on earth. Quote me."

    si kanye naman kasi eksena

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    i love pink. i just wish hindi sya pinigilan ng security to give kanye some real haha..

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    Pink - Please Don't Leave Me (Live At Today Show 09/14/2009)


    Pink was on the Today Show this morning where she did an interview talking about what happened last at the MTV VMA's between Kayne West, Beyonce and Taylor Swift incident in the whole mess how Beyonce was nice to give Taylor Swift her moment during her speech and Kanye West well she doesn't like him after this, her performance on the show, her album, her boyfriend and being back with him. Then afterward she performed her latest single "Please Don't Leave Me".

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    Shakira ‘Proud’ Pink Wore Same Dress as Her


    Shakira has laughed off the fact she and Pink both wore the same sparkly dress to Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards.

    The Colombian singer insists she and the So What? hitmaker laughed when they realized they had showed up to New York’s Radio City Music Hall in identical shimmering black mini-dresses.

    “My stylist told me, ‘Oh my God, this is one of a kind! Nobody has this’,” Shakira said.

    “I’m pretty proud to wear it but I’m even prouder to see it on Pink… She has good taste, I like her.”

    Pink has also addressed the fashion mishap.

    “She’s hot,” said the singer, whose real name is Alecia Moore. “I think us wearing the same design is hilarious.”

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