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    'I'm not dead' certified 10x platinum in Australia!

    check this out:


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    watch out for the AI finale tomorrow!

    the top 13 will sing Pink's So What

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    yikes..thanks for the info

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    Pink and Carey back together


    It’s a good thing Pink and her husband Carey Hart have a sense of humor.

    The singer, who acknowledges in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that she and her ex are a couple again, says she finds it funny to perform her hit song “So What” – which contains some choice words for Hart.

    “He’s in the audience so when I sing, ‘He’s a tool,’ now that’s my favorite line,” she tells DeGeneres. “Hi, Honey, that’s you.”

    When the talk show host offers her congratulations on being “happy” and “back together” after splitting up, Pink says, “We are. Thank you.”

    Pink and Hart got married in Costa Rica in January 2006 and announced their split two years later, but, “We didn’t do the paperwork deal,” says Pink.

    Asked if she and the motocross racer would consider having another wedding ceremony, Pink says coyly, “I love a party.”
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    Pink and Carey at T-Mobile Sidekick LX launch

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    Pink: ‘Idol’ finalists butchered my song

    by Jessica ~ May 26th, 2009

    Pink has said that she wasn’t impressed with American Idol’s top 13 finalists’ group performance of her song ‘So What’ during the show’s finale.

    “I heard it through the grapevine that someone butchered my song on TV,” she wrote on her Twitter. “Does that mean I’ve ‘made it’?”

    The artist, who is currently on tour in Australia, previously appeared on American Idol in 2007 for the show’s annual ‘Idol Gives Back’ episode.

    She reportedly fought with the show’s producers, who wanted to alter the lyrics to her song ‘U and Ur Hand’. The singer refused to change the track and instead performed her hit ‘Who Knew’.

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    And Even More Melbourne Pink!


    Well a week's a long time in the music industry as well you know - and following the announce-ment of two final Melbourne concerts for touring superstar Pink last week, Michael Coppel has this afternoon announced two further 'final final' concerts for the singer at Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena. It takes the number of dates Pink's played/playing as part of her run of dates in Melbourne to 17! Ticket sales for Pink's Australian tour have surpassed the 560,000 mark over an incredible 54 concerts. Tickets to all four new dates in Melbourne are all on sale this Tuesday morning.

    June 06 : Sydney (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    June 07 : Sydney (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    June 09 : Sydney (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    June 10 : Sydney (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    June 12 : Brisbane (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    June 13 : Brisbane (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    June 15 : Brisbane (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    June 16 : Brisbane (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    June 18 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) LIMITED TIX AVAILABLE
    June 20 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) LIMITED TIX AVAILABLE
    June 21 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) LIMITED TIX AVAILABLE
    June 23 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) LIMITED TIX AVAILABLE
    June 24 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) LIMITED TIX AVAILABLE
    June 26 : Sydney (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    June 27 : Sydney (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    June 29 : Sydney (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    June 30 : Sydney (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    July 03 : Newcastle (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    July 04 : Newcastle (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    July 14 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) SOLD OUT
    July 15 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) ON SALE
    July 17 : Sydney (Entertainment Centre) ON SALE
    July 18 : Sydney (Entertainment Centre) ON SALE
    July 22 : Brisbane (Entertainment Centre) ON SALE
    July 23 : Brisbane (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    July 25 : Brisbane (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    July 26 : Brisbane (Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    July 29 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) LIMITED TIX AVAILABLE
    July 30 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) LIMITED TIX AVAILABLE
    August 01 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) LIMITED TIX AVAILABLE
    August 02 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) LIMITED TIX AVAILABLE
    August 04 : Adelaide (Entertainment Centre) LIMITED TIX AVAILABLE
    August 05 : Adelaide (Entertainment Centre) LIMITED TIX AVAILABLE
    August 07 : Perth (Burswood Dome) LIMITED TIX AVAILABLE
    August 08 : Perth (Burswood Dome) SOLD OUT
    August 10 : Adelaide (Entertainment Centre) LIMITED TIX AVAILABLE
    August 11 : Adelaide (Entertainment Centre) LIMITED TIX AVAILABLE
    August 13 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) NEW SHOW
    August 14 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) NEW SHOW
    August 16 : Canberra (AIS Arena) SOLD OUT
    August 17 : Canberra (AIS Arena) SOLD OUT
    August 19 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) NEW SHOW
    August 20 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) NEW SHOW
    August 22 : Wollongong (WIN Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT
    August 23 : Wollongong (WIN Entertainment Centre) SOLD OUT

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    Pink Slams Kanye West: ‘You’re an Idiot!’ and ‘A Waste of Skin’


    Singer P!nk seems to have become fur-ious with hip hop music artist Kanye West after he made comments about fur during a recent fashion show which was attended by none other than the vice president of PETA and vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney.

    In a recent interview, Pink reportedly stated that, “The entire time Kanye is going, ‘They need more fur in this show’. He just wouldn’t shut up about how he loved fur. I mean, he’s saying this to me, the PETA guy and [Sir] Paul McCartney!”

    It seems that Kanye West didn’t mind showing his love for fur by stating the fashion show needed more fur.

    Out of frustration, the Pop, R&B music singer Pink is stated to have went on to say that she became grossed by Kanye West adding, “I’m like, ‘You’re an idiot.”

    In addition, the singer adds that she should wear him and Kanye West should donate himself so people could wear his fur.

    “There are so many people who I think are a waste of skin and he’s [Kanye] up there. I should wear him,” says Pink. “Go on, donate yourself Kanye. People can wear your fur.”

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    Pink and Carey Hart take Gold Coast mountain ride


    WITH two Brisbane shows in the bag, Pink and hubby Carey Hart took the day off and headed for the Gold Coast hinterland for a Sunday motorbike ride.

    The visiting American rocker, who is set to perform her third Boondall show tonight, spent hours driving up and down Mt Tamborine on her Triumph road bike while Hart, who makes his living on motocross bikes, saddled up on a Harley Davidson.

    The couple were briefly accompanied by security minders but later peeled off on their own at the Mt Tamborine exit.

    "They were very chilled out and drove up and down Guanaba Rd all afternoon, stopping every now and then for a chat," said one spy who was impressed with Pink's riding skills.

    "But I don't know how she managed it in spike heel boots ," he said.

    It's understood the bikes were delivered to the couple at their Palazzo Versace digs late last week.

    Pink, meanwhile, has two more sold-out Brisbane shows this month before her second run of shows from July 20.

    The US superstar singer will clock up tens of thousands of kilometres as she crisscrosses the country on her energetic three-month Funhouse tour.

    It's rumoured she and Hart plan on taking a break in the Whitsundays in late July.

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    Emergency for Pink in gig's bungee blunder


    ROCK goddess Pink proved she's made of the tough stuff when her bungee broke in the middle of one of her high-flying acrobatics-inspired stunts.

    Performing one of her last songs in the first leg of her Funhouse tour in Brisbane, the Cirque du Soleil-trained singer sent the audience into a frenzy when she almost fell to the stage.

    Pink had to make an emergency slide back to the stage on a long piece of silk from the heights of the Boondall Entertainment Centre on Tuesday.

    Pink was quick to tell fans the mishap had been frightening.

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    Pink wins Brisbane hearts with marathon concert


    The American queen of angst pop last night cemented her crown in her highly-anticipated first Brisbane appearance of her 2009 Funhouse tour which left audiences tickled Pink.

    With all the fun of a fair, Pink's marathon performance at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre was much like a new millennium Rocky Horror Picture Show, with all the elements of theatre, carnival, a touch of Moulin Rouge and music the crowd just couldn't help but sing along to.

    Pink, whose full name is Alecia Beth Moore, paid homage to her vast Australian fan base in opening the show with AC/DC's Highway To Hell, aided adeptly by her hard-hitting rock band.

    Bad Influence followed as the Pennsylvania-born singer with a gutsy voice emerged from beneath the floor and was hoisted above the stage in a flurry of orange feathers and red spandex.

    The 2001 single Just Like A Pill immediately followed.

    Clad in little else but a black-lace bra, which revealed her trademark obliques, the petite pop-rocker then continued the Australian homage with a trip-hop cover of The Divinyl's I Touch Myself perched on a red chaise lounge.

    "OK I have to fix my hair," the scantily-clad singer said once the soft-porn act was complete.

    The obligatory acoustic rendition of Crystal Ball followed, which allowed teen audience members to shower her with gifts including several packets of Maltesers, a whistle and a plush toy "preggers" Kangaroo.

    "See, I know the lingo," she said to the crowd.

    Humorous interactions with the audience followed.

    "I don't really actually sing. I scream - have you noticed that? I'm just a loud person with a microphone.

    "Uh-oh...my pants are falling down." Cue audience screams.

    Returning to the energetic, whiz-bang circus act with Sober, Pink revelled in the sense of theatre, strutting and thrusting her super-chiselled body through the moves of an acrobatic performer, showcasing the results of two-months of instruction under Cirque du Soleil trapeze artist Sebasatian Stella.

    You didn't need to be a fan to appreciate such pure entertainment.

    A gritty rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and Gnarls Barkley's Crazy and a studiously faithful take on Led Zeppelin's Babe I'm Gonna Leave You only served to heighten Pink's Australian love-affair.

    Audiences were mistaken if they expected So What and Get The Party Started to end the marathon performance. The former backup singer for Diana Ross and 98 Degrees kept returning to the stage for a full two-hour show that was perhaps a tad excessive.

    Yet the thrills and spills of the main set were capped with a surprisingly feminine and elegant finale which left the audience truly satisfied.

    Brisbane is the fifth stop on her 58-gig tour and the element of surprise may be dwindling. But as Pink might say, 'So What?'.

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    halla...muntik na si pink..

    ingats lang

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    sana may funhouse tour din dito sa Pinas

    ang gaganda ng mga songs sa Funhouse..nakakarelate ako sa iba...lalo na sa "Mean"

    waaa....love the song

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