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    baka pwede ka pang humabol. di naman nawawala yung post nya.
    kahit sa FB lang masaya na akong nakikita mga posts nya.

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    eto profile pic nya sa FB

    Bellyboom Yl

    pero mas maganda yung dating pic nya.
    ang ganda nya pramis parang di tumanda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sguirsdan View Post
    eto profile pic nya sa FB

    Bellyboom Yl

    pero mas maganda yung dating pic nya.
    ang ganda nya pramis parang di tumanda.
    sayang di pwede sya iadd sa FB. sana magtwitter din sya

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    Yong, Donna Cruz top Valentine’s Day couples run

    Written by Max Limpag

    Dr. Potenciano “Yong” Larrazabal III and Donna Cruz-Larrazabal won this morning’s couple’s run edition of the Run With a Smile at The Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu.

    Yong and Donna finished the 10K race together in 56 minutes and 12 seconds to top a field of about a dozen couples who joined the run. The Escasinas couple finished second with a time of 57:28. Noy and Amale Jopson were third with a time of 58:07.

    Yong said it was the “best birthday gift” for Donna, who celebrates her birthday today, Valentine’s Day.

    Those who joined the couples run were required to be no more than 5 meters of each other throughout the race and finish it holding hands.

    There were no surprises in the other categories of the race.

    Kenyan Simon Losiaboi finished his 10K run in 32:23 to claim first place. Elmer Bartolo finished second with a time of 33:41 while Ian Bernido was third with a time of 33:56.

    In the women’s division, top runner Mary Grace delos Santos did not let a medical layoff get in the way by topping her division with a 10K run of 39:59. Mary Joy Tabal finished second with a time of 40:43 while Marlyn Alin finished third with a time of 40:43.

    In the 5K race, Roland Batiancila topped the men’s division with a time of 17:30; Jobert Carolino was second with his time of 17:34, while Rolan Onrada finished third at 17:48. Rose Angele Amores topped the women’s division with her time of 22:92; Lennie Caduada was second at 26:47; while Diodel Moralla was third with her time of 27:23.

    Ramon Carsido topped the 3K men’s division with a time of 13:49. Rafael Tan finished in second place with his time of 17:39 while Euegene Esteban was third with a time of 17:40. Mizraim Capangpangan, meanwhile, topped the women’s 3K division with her time of 19:16; Camille Flor and Cecilia May Uy were listed as being second and third, respectively, with identical times of 19:52.

    Although relatively well-run, yesterday’s race had some complaints of lack of water in some stations and a shorter than advertised 10K distance. My GPS reading indicated the route distance to be 9.87KM.


    2 Comments Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

    donna says:
    February 15, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    hi max!

    thanks for this blog post!

    we actually finished the race in 53 minutes and 43 seconds. sila mr. and mrs. escasinas 54 minutes + and mr. and mrs. jopson 55 minutes +. i think nagkamali lang sa pag time medyo malaki kasi ang difference. i-big deal ba? hahaha! sabi ko nga sa feb 13 sunstar article, every second counts and means a lot to a runner lalo pa kaya kung minutes yung mali kasi pinaghirapan mo hehe sige tc! – Donna

    buti na lang kailangan together, holding hands ang couple mag cross sa finish line kasi kung hindi, lagot kami kay Noy! haha!

    Max Limpag admin says:
    February 16, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    Hi, Donna,
    It’s great to hear from you. I just copied the result submitted to me by race organizer Joel Baring. It was the same result he submitted to all the media organizations. But I will contact him and I’ll change the times in the story as soon as I talk to him. Thanks!


    hehe kinorek pa talaga ni donna yung napost na time nila nafinish ang race..

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    nasa twitpic ni geneva

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    how can i add her as a facebook friend?

    i used to love donna and have a really HUGE crush on her!

    she still look gorgeous after all this years! she looks the same!

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    ^hindi ata pwede

    more pics



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    @sguirsdan thanks sa pics! naiinggit ako sa access na meron ka kaya search din ako. bakit ngayon ko lang naisip multiply ni geneva. dami palang pics ni donna dun. may multiply din pala si donna kaya lang di naman updated. masyado talaga syang private no?

    sana ok lang, i'll post na some of donna's pics here
    donna's youngest son inigo and daughter belle
    inigo --- grabe!parang anak ng foreigner sa puti! mestizo!
    Larrazabal family (donna, yong, belle & cian)
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    Quote Originally Posted by sguirsdan View Post
    eto profile pic nya sa FB

    Bellyboom Yl

    pero mas maganda yung dating pic nya.
    ang ganda nya pramis parang di tumanda.
    Di ko makita ang facebook profile niya.

    Natatandaan ko dati na madalas siyang sumpungin ng hika sa mga shootings nya sa movies. Buti naman nakakatakbo na sya ngayon ng hindi hinihika.

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    ^hi Joseph

    keep this thread alive

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    One of Donna's old movies, Dahil Tanging Ikaw, was shown on GMA last Sunday night.

    I went to her birthday party once. My birthday gift to her -- a box of Sunkist Orange Tetra Packs!

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    ^ what year kaya yan? at least nakapunta ka. swerte mo naman.

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    wow so pumunta ka sa 18th bday nya?

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    uy, crush ko si donna dati nung teenager pa ko. her songs bring back a lot of memories from my highschool and college days. i admit, maraming donna cruz songs sa ipod ko, hehe.

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    i'm watching DOREMI right now. kakamiss ang trio na to.

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    up up up

    next page nah!

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