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    bye carebears!!

    thanks everyone!!!!!!!!

    thanks martin_gorgeous,sweet_ryan,DeE,zero12!!!

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    Congrats again for the 2nd thread!

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    weeee, thread II na!

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    bakit ang archuleta thread ang bilis maka thread # 50?

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    Finallyyy! Thread TWO!

    ....after 3+ years LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by Drahow ein Ente View Post
    bakit ang archuleta thread ang bilis maka thread # 50?


    and let's not forget this picture

    the face that sold 6.6 million copies in US (tama ba figures ko? basta 7x platinum )

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    Not sure if already posted..

    Cook + Underwood ""Go Your Own Way" (undercooked? )
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    Carrie Underwood: 'I'm Anti-Valentine's Day' - Carrie Underwood :

    Note to potential Carrie Underwood suitors: Keep your Valentine's Day chocolate and roses.

    "I'm anti-Valentine's Day," says the country singer, 25, who just scored her fourth Grammy last Sunday. "I don't believe – and this goes for anybody – your man shouldn't love you for one day out of 365. He should love you 365 days out of the year. I want Valentine's Day every day."

    But she does have a special guy in her life: Ace, her rat terrier. "My little man!" she says. "He's here with me. We'll be on a plane together Saturday."

    Trip to Disney
    Underwood was one of dozens of former American Idol contestants who turned up for the grand opening of the American Idol Experience at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando on Thursday. The attraction allows Disney World guests to perform on an Idol-like stage while audience members vote for their favorite. And the winner lands a fast pass to the front of the line at a future Idol audition.

    Also in attendance at the opening: current Idol champ David Cook, David Archuleta, Fantasia Barrino and past fan favorites Sanjaya Malakar, Bo Bice, Brooke White and Jason Castro.

    "I think it's awesome," Underwood said of hearing the current crop of Idol wannabes sing her songs. "When I went through, I wanted to be Kelly [Clarkson], I wanted to be Fantasia. It's just so crazy now to think, 'Oh my gosh, somebody actually wants to be me!' "

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    Access Hollywood: Carrie Underwood: "I Started Crying" Over My ACM Nomination

    ORLANDO, FL --

    Carrie Underwood has revealed she burst into tears when she found out she was nominated for the Academy of Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year, earlier this week.

    “I had forgotten the nominations were being done that day, so I was getting up, getting my stuff together — we [had] a plane to catch early in the morning and my manager called me and I thought the plane was delayed or late or something was wrong,” Carrie told Access on the red carpet at the opening of the “American Idol” Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. “So I pick up the phone [and] she says, ‘Congratulations!’ She told me and I started crying. It was amazing.”

    Though the former “American Idol” champ has won a host of accolades over her short career, including her fourth Grammy just last weekend, Carrie admitted she was so moved by her ACM honor as it was a rarity for a woman to be nominated.

    “Girls don’t get nominated for Entertainer of the Year. It’s been like 8, 10 years, something like that. I don’t know the exact amount, but it’s been a very long time since a girl’s been nominated,” Carrie said. “So to be in that category, it’s so amazing. It’s wonderful.”

    In fact, Carrie’s nomination makes her the first female to be nominated since 2000, an honor last held by the Dixie Chicks.

    In the run up to the ACMs on April 5, Carrie plans to take some time off and get back to writing.

    “Writing, it’s very fun, but it’s a very mentally draining process,” she said. “I love it. I love being in there, I get to hang out with some very cool people and hopefully some great stuff comes out of it.”

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    Carrie at the opening of AI Experience in Disney World

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    Duet with David Cook

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