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    Notable Citations as an Actor:

    * The Filipino actor with the most number of International awards (Cairo '95, East Asia '97, Brussels '04), and nominations (Berlin '83, Singapore '97, Cairo '99, Singapore '99).

    * The first Filipino actor to win an International acting award in a Major Film Festival (Cairo '95 for the movie "The Flor Contemplacion Story"). CAIRO is a member of International Federation of Film Producers Associations just like CANNES & BERLIN. There are only 12 Prestigious Film Festivals that are accredited with this organization.

    * The first and only Filipino actor to receive an acting nomination from a Top-Tier International Film Festival (Berlin '83 for the movie "Himala").

    * The first Filipino actress to sit as juror in an International Film Festival (Hawaii '96).

    * The only Filipino and Asian actress (apart from China's Gong Li) to be featured by HBO, an American cable network, in a documentary film about the lives and achievements of the world's greatest actresses (1997).

    * Himala was the first and only Filipino film ever to qualify in the Competition Section of the Berlin International Film Festival (1983).

    * The Flor Contemplacion Story became the first Filipino movie to win the grand prize in a Major International Film Festival (Cairo '95).

    * The Flor Contemplacion Story grossed US$ 3.3 million in its domestic and international exhibitions, making it one of the highest-grossing films in Philippine history.[citation needed]

    * Bona was cited as one of "The Best 100 Films in the World" by the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, USA (1997). * The Filipino actor with the most "Best Performer" awards (5).

    * The first Filipino actor ever to win the "Best Performer" award (1978).

    * The only actress included in the prestigious "Centennial Honor for the Arts" given by the Cultural Center of the Philippines (1999).

    * The first actress to be honored with the "Ten Outstanding Women in the Nation's Service" (TOWNS) award (1983).

    * The youngest recipient of the "Lifetime Achievement Award" given by the Film Academy of the Philippines (1993).

    * The only actor that won three successive best actress awards on Film Academy of the Philippines for years 1989,1990,1991.

    * Chosen by Gawad Urian as Best Actress of the decade for 80's and 90's.

    * The only actor that has won seven MMFF best actress awards, thus dubbed as Film Fest Queen.

    * The first actresss to be crowned as the " Box Office Queen of Phil. Cinema".

    * Considered by people masses and critics and contemporaries as Philippine cinema greatest thespian and major icon of century.

    * Named as the Philippine's Best Actress of All Time by S Magazine in 2006.

    * A successful STAGE ACTRESS (Minsa'y Isang Gamu-gamo, DH, Trojan Women)

    * HIMALA- CNN's Greatest Film Of All time in Asia Pacific. Winner: Viewer's Choice Award

    Video of the momentous event:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgz7PdW5dKI
    Video of the vindication:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdHm0O9cZVw
    Video of the opinion regarding the CNN online poll:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXATXgzukGg
    video of the interview of CNN to NORA (CNN screening room's year ender report):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4VAVQG_CK4

    Notable Citations as a Recording Artist

    In 1968, a little brown girl with a golden voice named Nora Aunor was contracted by Alpha Records upon the recommendation of singer Carmen Soriano. This marked the beginning of the Golden Age of Local Recording. Although Nora's first singles were not major hits, she smashed all record sales with her series of hits which included "It's Time to Say Goodbye", "Silently", "Forever Loving You", "It's Not Unusual", and countless others. In her seven years with Alpha Records, she was able to set all-time high record sales which up to this day has not been surpassed.

    * At the height of her popularity as a recording artist in the late 1960s and early 1970s, local records soared up to 75% of national sales according to Alpha Records Philippines.

    * She is the artist with the most singles in Philippine recording history (with more than 260 singles). Over-all she has recorded more than 500 songs.

    * She has notched more than 30 gold singles, a record in the local music industry.

    * With estimated sales of one million units, Nora's cover of "Pearly Shells" (1971) is one of the biggest-selling singles in the Philippines ever.

    * Nora has also recorded some 46 hit long-playing albums, and several extended plays.

    *Winner: AWIT AWARDS best theme song for The Flor Contemplacion Story " Kahit konting Awa" - hear the music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtArwEVlNO4

    * AWIT AWARDS - Lifetime Achievement Award

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    up for Himalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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    now available!!!


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    post ko lang dito ang obserbasyon ng isang pexer... thanks po.

    Originally Posted by parisstpatrick View Post
    My take on what makes an actress great:
    1. Nora Aunor - She's a natural-born artist. Imagine someone with no education, no training whatsoever in acting yet had delivered some of the most unforgettable performances ever in the Philippine cinema (e.g. Ina Ka ng Anak Mo, Bona, Himala and Merika). As Aunor herself confirmed in a CNN interview - she uses her guts, her instinct when she acts. During the 70's and 80's, she was handled by some of the best Pinoy filmakers ever - Lupita Kashiwahara, O'Hara, Avellana, Brocka, Bernal, O'Hara, Portes, etc. Voila, she perfected her inborn talent.

    Aunor is exceptional in scenes with no dialogues - na kadalasan ay hindi maintindihan ng ordinaryong manonood or even critics na nasanay sa mga hiyawan, sigawan, sampalan, confrontation at mga maiingay na eksena. "Himala" in 1982 is a testimony kung gaano kamangmang ang mga Pinoy sa artistic appreciation when the film and Aunor came home empty-handed bigtime. This ignorance was corrected later on by Urian (when the film was chosen as one of the best films of 70's - 90's) and lately by CNN International (when Himala was chosen as the sole Pinoy film that make it to the 10 Best Films of Asia-Pacific). Si Aunor at tanging si Aunor lang ang mahusay sa mga tahimik na eksena (e.g. Himala, Ikaw ay Akin, Himala). She has a natural gift - her eyes - those eyes that dwarf everybody else.

    2. Lolita Rodriguez - her greatness in acting comes from her style of simplicity and silent manifestation of emotions. Tahimik ang mga atake ni Lolita kaya sa mukha niya madalas nakatutok ang camera. Of course, it helps a lot that Lino Brocka directed several of her films.

    It is hard to pull off a scene especially when there is no dialogue on it. Si Nora at si Lolita lang ang successful sa ganitong genre, nakalalamang lang ang una dahil ang mga mata talaga ay sapat para i-manifest ang mga mabibigat na emosyon.

    4. Vilma Santos - this is probably the most handworking actress ever, trying this and that (even singing!) and everything else in her disposition to excel. She has no Nora Aunor voice and eyes, yet she doesn't stop learning her craft. Acoording to some observers - hindi nakakasawa, laging may bagong take. True. This also has a negative connatation - that being a jack of all trade, she knows everything but majoring nothing. Pero sa kaka-try nga niya (about 40 years yata), she finally gets there - who can ever ignore her brilliance in "Bata, Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa"?.

    Vilma's greatness, to me, is a product not of her inborn talent but rather with her continued perseverance to master her craft.

    Ang problema ko lang kay Vilma ay kung minsan ay hindi kontrolada ng director ang aktres, tapos lumalabas ang excessiveness ng aktres. Resulta - hysterics, ingay, sangkatutak na daldal. Vilma has this tendency na para ipakita niya na umaarte siya - hayun nagsisisigaw (e.g. Relasyon, Pakawalan Mo Ako), parang gustong laging makipag-confrontation. While this is okay and natural sa ibang mga Pinoy (lalo doon sa mga taga-slum at mga fans ng soap opera) this however is a manifestation of bad acting in Europe.

    Compared with Nora who prefers unconventional, experimental materials (e.g. Himala, Bakit Bughaw ang Langit) na siyang dahilan kung bakit madalas ay mahina sa takilya ang pelikula ni Ate Guy, si Ate Vi naman ay mukhang business-woman na dapat patok sa takilya ang pelikula kaya maraming exaggerations sa pelikula niya para i-please ang mga fans (e.g. sigawan, sampalan, confrontation at maraming ingay).

    5. Hilda Koronel - anak ni Brocka, paborito ni Brocka. Her greatness in acting is largely attributed to her maker, Lino Brocka. Ang atake naman nito ay laging underacting kaya madalas ang tingin ng mga nanonood at critic ay hindi umaarte nang sapat si Koronel. But no, Koronel is one hell of an actress, laging matalino ang delivery niya ng mga lines. Kung ang ibang aktres ay mahilig sa overacting, si Koronel ay kabaliktaran - a true sign that she is confident and competent.

    Ang problema kay Hilda ay laging "Insiang" na lang ang nasa-isip ng tao tungkol sa kanya. Napakapihikan kasi kaya napakanipis ng kanyang filmography.

    6. Mona Lisa - again, masasabing anak din ni Brocka kahit pa mas matanda ito kaysa kay Lino. Mona Lisa is like Lolita Rodriguez. Kung si Lolita ay mukha ang uma-acting, si Mona Lisa ay boses. Ang bagsik ng delivery niya ng lines (e.g. Insiang, Cain at Abel, Huwag Mo Akong Salingin) na manunuot sa buto mo ang mga binitawan niyang mga salita. Grabe! napakahusay. The images that Mona Lisa projected on screen are so strong that it is hard to forget them even 10 or 20 years after. What an actress!

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    narito pa... thanks patrick!

    This is to reassert that Nora Aunor, not Lolita Rodriguez, is the [I]greatest actress that the Philippines has ever produced.

    True, Nora' puts stress on the last syllable of her lines (diin sa dulo) but that is a liitle flaw in her otherwise very strong screen presence. Her eyes are more than enough to compensate for that little defect. Is there any actor that can match Nora's eyes? The answer is no. Moreover, this Nora's "diin sa dulo" is not omnipresent; this came into existence when she started working with Lamangan and Elwood Perez. That means, this can disappear if she knows that it is an impediment to an otherwise impeccable performance.

    Aunor is one actor who can outshine any other actors, Lolita Rodriguez included. She paired with the brightest in acting and proved that she is better than them: "Ina Ka ng Anak Mo" (better than Lolita), "Andrea" and "Bulaklak sa City Jail" (better than Gina Alajar), "Ikaw ay Akin" (better than Vilma), "Nakaw na Pag-ibig" (better than Koronel), and "Minsan May Isang Ina" (better than Charito Solis). When it is proven that Aunor is better than all the other bests actresses in the Philippines, that confirms that she indeed is the best of them all.

    Greatest Performance:
    The greatest performance of an actor from the Philippines was delivered by Nora Aunor in Himala, already confirmed by CNN as the best Filipino film of all time and one of the 10 greatest films in the Asia-Pacific. As Elsa, Nora was completely immersed into the role that you don't see the actress anymore but the character throughout the film. And in so many scenes, Nora conveyed messages and emotions through nuances, her face and her eyes -- without saying a word. The acting technique employed is minimalist - the barest essential -- in which the images (not the words) would be used to convey the message to the audience. At kahit na nga sa eksenang patay na si Elsa, superb pa rin si Nora. Indeed, kahit si Bernal at Ricky Lee are helpless in confirming that ONLY Nora Aunor can do justice to the role of Elsa.

    I used to believe in award as a confirmation that the most meritorious work is rewarded. Not anymore. I first award ceremony I saw on TV was the 1975 FAMAS award. At that time, wala pang star system and the deserving people (big stars or not) were rewarded. Since then, I would be eager to wait for the next award ceremony. That eagerness and faith in award-giving bodies was shattered in 1983 when Himala and Nora Aunor were completely snubbed. I found that Oro, Plata, Mata was good but not as good as Himala; it only excels in production design and that's it. Then Nora as Elsa was snubbed and instead the one that was awarded was Vilma' Santos for her noisy and hysterical performance in "Relasyon". I thought at first that this was just an oversight, an error on the part of Manunuris, but then when all award-giving bodies followed suite, I was just pissed off. At first, I started questioning myself, then my standards, then my education, etc. if indeed there is something wrong with my art appreciation. Wala naman akong makitang mali so I began looking at the credentials of the jury of different award-giving bodies - their credentials, education, etc. When I realized that some of these people do not even have bachelor's degree, let alone PhD, and some were playing favouritism and politics, that's the time na namatay na rin ang interest ko sa mga award-award na iyan. 26 years after, ang pelikula at aktres (Himala and Nora Aunor) na inisnab ng mga Pinoy award-giving bodies ang siyang pinupuri at ini-interview ng CNN. It was kind of late but at least justice is served.

    Dapat kasi dahil maraming mas matitinong pelikula si Nora (her filmography is unmatched by anone in the Philippines), siya ang dapat ay may pinakamaraming awards. That is not the case. Thse days, sangkatutak ang awards that in no time at all, a mediocre actor can have 5 or more awards within a decade, or even within a year. Proof: sino ang mas maraming awards, si Sharon Cuneta o si Lolita Rodriguez? However, sino ang mas mahusay sa acting, si Sharon Cuneta o si Lolita Rodriguez? So kung sino ang mas maraming award, iyon ang mas mahusay? In Philppines' case, the naswer is a clear NO.

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    memoirs of a geisha
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    A mind-boggling trivia from one of the best sites in Philippine blogosphere.



    Guy and Pip (1971)

    Starring: Nora Aunor, Tirso Cruz III, Romy Lapus, Ven Medina,Jose de Villa, Bobet Torres, Naty Mallares, Nympha Bonifacio

    Directed by German Moreno

    Back in the summer of 1971, when Sampaguita Pictures' Guy and Pip starring the phenomenal Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III opened nationwide, it stayed in cinemas for 6 months. It grossed an unprecedented record-breaking box-office gross of P8 million.

    A measly and laughable figure compared with the P230 million gross
    registered in 2009 by ABS-CBN/ Viva's You Changed My Life.

    Let's take a comparative analysis on ticket prices then and now. At an average of just over P 2 a ticket in 1971, Guy and Pip was seen by more than 4 million Filipinos in a population of 37 million. At an average of P 140 a ticket today, You Changed my Life was seen by 1.61 million Filipinos in a population of 96 million.

    Adjusted for ticket price inflation, Guy and Pip's P 8 million gross is equivalent to P 560 million at 2009 average ticket prices.

    Truly, the Nora-Tirso love team remains as the most successful love team in the history of Philippine Movies.

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    WOW!!! thanks ron! wala pa ring papantay sa Guy & Pip!

    tama nga naman, ang bilang ng taong bumili ng ticket at nanood ang basehan ng box-office movie of all time.... at hindi kung magkano ang total gross dahil magkaiba ang presyo ng sine noon at ngayon...

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    memoirs of a geisha
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    ^kurak, mark! this is another clear indication of nora's superstar power during her peak years. i don't think any other love team would be able to top her tandem with tirso. :->

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    memoirs of a geisha
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    and thanks for keeping this thread alive. hope we can post more positive news/stories and share interesting trivia about the superstar of superstars of Philippine entertainment!!!

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    FYI: aaward-an ang Himala at si Miss Nora Aunor sa PMPC star awards dahil sa pagkakapanalo ng Himala bilang BEST ASIA-PACIFIC FILM of ALL TIME. Magkakaroon ng tribute para dito.


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    25th Star Awards for Movies to be held on May 28

    William Reyes

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009
    06:06 PM

    Kamakailan ay inilabas na ng mga bumubuo ng Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) ang listahan ng mga nominado para sa iba't ibang kategorya ng 25th Star Awards for Movies. Kabilang dito ang mag-inang Sharon Cuneta at KC Concepcion; at ang amang aktor ni KC na si Gabby Concepcion.

    Special awardee naman ang Star for All Seasons na si Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto, this year's recipient of the Ulirang Artista Lifetime Achievement Award.

    Ang anak naman ni Ate Vi na si Luis Manzano at ang dati niyang asawa na si Edu Manzano ay magkalaban naman sa isang kategorya, ang Darling of the Press.

    Nominado ang Megastar na si Sharon Cuneta bilang Movie Actress of the Year for Caregiver, matapos ng ilang taong pagiging inactive sa pelikula. Makakalaban niya ang mga nag-best actress last year, tulad nina: Mylene Dizon (Best Actress in Cinemalaya 2008 for 100), Jodi Sta. Maria (Best Actress in Cinemanila International Film Fest 2008-Digital Lokal for Sisa), at Anne Curtis (Best Actress for Metro Manila Film Fest 2008 for Baler).

    Kabilang din sa lead actress-nominees sina Judy Ann Santos for Kulam, Irma Adlawan for Hubad at veteran actress Gloria Romero for Fuschia.

    Ang anak ni Sharon na si KC ay isa sa mga nominees ng New Movie Actress of the Year bukod kina Precious Adona (Torotot), Ynna Asistio (Concerto), Nińa Jose (Shake, Rattle & Roll X, "Class Picture" episode), at Chariz Solomon (My Best Friend's Girlfriend).

    * * * * *

    DOUBLE NOMINATIONS. The 1950's movie queen, Gloria Romero, has the distinction of being nominated in this year's 25th Star Awards for Movies for both lead and support categories. Bukod sa nabanggit na nominasyon bilang bidang aktres, nominado rin si Tita Glo sa Movie Supporting Actress of the Year category para sa digital movie na Paupahan.

    Sa mga aktor, may double nomination din sina Baron Geisler, para sa Jay (Movie Actor) at Baler (Movie Supporting Actor); ang first-time actor na si Julian Duque ng Boses (a Cinemalaya 2008 entry), para sa New Movie Actor at Best Child Performer; at si John Lloyd Cruz, ang bida ng A Very Special Love, para sa Newsmaker of the Year at Movie Actor of the Year.

    Double nomination din para kay Dingdong Dantes ang pagkakapili niya as contender sa dalawang special awards: Newsmaker of the Year at Darling of the Press. The third Sexiest Man of the World ay nominated kasama ang kanyang love team partner na si Marian Rivera.

    Para sa kategoryang Darling of the Press, katunggali naman ni Dingdong ang mag-amang Edu at Lucky; Quezon City Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista; Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno, GMA-7 host Vicky Morales at ABS-CBN star Angel Locsin.

    Bukod sa love team na Dingdong-Marian, nominado rin sa Newsmaker of the Year ang love team na Sarah Geronimo at John Lloyd Cruz para sa box-office hit na A Very Special Love. Ang iba nilang kalaban ay ang comebacking actor na si Gabby Concepcion, boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, and phenomenal singing sensation Charice Pempengco.

    ACTING TRIUMPHS. As in the female lead category, exciting din ang labanan para sa Movie Actor of the Year ng 25th Star Awards for Movies. Bukod kina John Lloyd Cruz at Baron Geisler, may nominasyon sina: Aga Muhlach for When Love Begins, Allen Dizon for Paupahan, Ronnie Lazaro for Yanggaw, Carlo Aquino for Carnivore at Jericho Rosales for Baler.

    Sa mga nominadong aktor, 2008 acting awardees for their respective nominated film-starrers sina Baron Geisler (Cinemalaya 2008 for Jay) at Ronnie Lazaro (Cinema One Originals Digital Film Fest 2008 for Yanggaw).

    Sa Movie Supporting Actress of the Year category ay muling lalaban ang nanalong best supporting actress ng Cinema One na si Techie Agbayani for Yanggaw. Talunin kaya niya this time ang mga makakatunggaling sina: Shamaine Buencamino (Ang Lihim Ni Antonio), Gloria Romero (Paupahan), Snooky Serna (Paupahan), at Tessie Tomas (100)?

    Sa Movie Supporting Actor of the Year category, si Phillip Salvador ang tanging nominado na mayroon nang napanalunang award last year, sa 2008 MMFF (for Baler). Talunin pa kaya siya ng sinuman sa mga co-nominees, tulad nina: Ricky Davao (Boses), Emilio Garcia (Walang Kawala), Baron Geisler (Baler), at German Moreno (Paupahan)?

    GLOBAL ACHIEVEMENTS. Bibigyang-halaga ng PMPC ang natamong tagumpay ng Superstar na si Nora Aunor nang mapili ito bilang Best Film of All Time (Viewers' Choice) sa 2008 CNN-APSA (Asia-Pacific Screen Awards).

    Ang pelikulang Himala ay bibigyan ng Award for Global Achievement in Cinematic Excellence and International Recognition sa darating na awards night. Isa itong natatanging pagkilala sa klasikong pelikula ni Bernal, at sa lahat ng mga naging kabahagi nito, sa pangunguna ni Ms. Aunor. Ang 1982 movie na ito ay dinirek ni Ishmael Bernal mula sa screenplay ni Ricky Lee.

    Karagdagang pagkilala ito kay Nora Aunor, who already won several international awards (Best Actress), such as: the Princess Pattaten Statuete, for The Flor Contemplacion Story (Cairo International Filmfest, Egypt; 1995), the Penang Pearl Award, for Bakit May Kahapon Pa? (Penang International Filmfest, Malaysia; 1996); and the Brussels Film Fest for Independent Cinema Award (Brussels, Belgium), for Naglalayag (2004).

    * * * * *

    ABS-CBN COVERAGE. Nakatakdang ganapin ang 25th Star Awards for Movies 2009 ng PMPC, sa May 28 (Thursday) ika-7 ng gabi, sa Henry Lee Irwin Theater ng Ateneo De Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Ito ay produksiyon ng FLT Films, Inc., nina Rose Flaminiano at Christina Kitts.

    Ang TV airing ay naitakda sa May 31 ganap na ika-10:30 ng gabi at mapapanood sa ABS-CBN sa ilalim ng direksiyon ni Al Quinn.

    Ang 25th Star Awards for Movies 2009 ay mula sa mga bumubuo ng Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC), na nasa kasalukuyang pamumuno ng entertainment columnist na si Roldan Castro.

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    PASADO to honor HIMALA as Pinakapasadong Pelikula sa Lahat ng Panahon


    Mga Natatanging Gawad PASADO 09

    PASADOng Guro

    Ces Quesada

    PASADOng Kabataan

    Female------Kristina Cassandra “KC” Concepcion

    Male---------Luis Manzano

    PASADOng Pelikula sa lahat ng Panahon

    HIMALA---------Experimental Cinema of the Phil.

    Aktress-----------Ms. Nora Aunor

    Manunulat-------Ricardo Lee


    GMA-Kapuso Foundation/ Ms. Mel Tiangco

    German Moreno---Entertainment

    PASADO Dangal ng Akademya

    Boy Abunda-------Broadcast Media

    Awards Night-----May 16,2009 ( Saturday)

    Manila Grand Opera Hotel

    4:00-5:00pm ---Mini Concert (Students of different University)



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    repost ko lang po dahil may developments: aaward-an si Nora bilang PASADOng Aktres sa lahat ng Panahon!

    PASADO to honor HIMALA and NORA AUNOR as Pinakapasadong Pelikula at Aktres sa Lahat ng Panahon


    Mga Natatanging Gawad PASADO 09

    PASADOng Guro

    Ces Quesada

    PASADOng Kabataan

    Female------Kristina Cassandra “KC” Concepcion

    Male---------Luis Manzano

    PASADOng Pelikula sa lahat ng Panahon

    HIMALA---------Experimental Cinema of the Phil.

    PASADOng Aktres sa lahat ng Panahon:

    Ms. Nora Aunor

    PASADOng Direktor sa lahat ng Panahon:

    Ishmael Bernal

    PASADOng Manunulat sa lahat ng Panahon:

    Ricardo Lee


    GMA-Kapuso Foundation/ Ms. Mel Tiangco

    German Moreno---Entertainment

    PASADO Dangal ng Akademya

    Boy Abunda-------Broadcast Media

    Awards Night-----May 16,2009 ( Saturday)

    Manila Grand Opera Hotel

    4:00-5:00pm ---Mini Concert (Students of different University)



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    from pexer, parisspatrick regarding PASADO award for Himala, Aunor, Bernal & Lee! Thanks patrick!

    BRAVO! Indeed, an award well-deserved for Himala, Nora Aunor, Ishmael Bernal and Ricky Lee.

    Nabaliktad na talaga ang mundo. Ang mga binigyan ng awards noong 1982 na hindi deserving ay nabaon na sa limot (or naibasura na, to be brutal about it) at iyung mga naisnab ng mga mangmang na hurado (kuno) ay siya ngayong kinikilala na pinakamahusay na pelikula, aktres, director at manunulat sa lahat ng panahon. After a very, very long 26-year ignorance and stupidity, finally justice was served.

    Nasaan na ngayon iyung akting na pasigaw-sigaw, padilat-dilat ng malalaking mata, hysteria at mala-iskandalong akting ng aktor at aktres (grandslam pa raw kuno, courtesy of mga bulok na hurado) sa Relasyon? Hindi ba't ibinasura na ng panahon ang Relasyon.

    Voila, siguro ay pinagpapawisan ng malapot ngayon si Butch Francisco and company na pasimuno sa mala-iskandalong award noong 1982. Hindi ba isang malaking sampal sa mukha niya at ng Urian ang pagkilala ng CNN International at ng APSA at ngayon ng PMPC at PASADO sa Himala na isang malaking talunan noong 1982 sa Urian - wala itong naiuwing kahit isang award.

    Finally, justice is served. Next in line, husgahan naman ang mga humusga noong 1982. Sa kangkungan pupulutin ang mga mangmang na mga huradong ito - Urian, FAMAS, Catholic Mass Media and Film Academy.

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    Nora Aunor: PASADO Actress of Highest Honors




    Tinanghal si Nora Aunor bilang “Aktres na may Pinakamataas na Papuri” sa 11th PASADO Gawad Sining Sine na ginanap sa Manila Grand Opera Hotel, May 16, 2009. Ang kanyang tropeo ay tinanggap ng kaibigang si Ricky Lee, na ginawaran din ng parangal bilang “Manunulat na may Pinakamataas na Papuri.” Unang recipients ng naturang awards sina Ate Guy at Sir Ricky.

    Isa sa highlights ng gabi ang parangal sa Himala bilang “Pasadong Pelikula sa Lahat ng Panahon.” Sabi sa binasang citation:

    read the continuation on this link: http://superstarstruck.weebly.com/

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    Tirso willing to do movie with Nora Aunor

    abs-cbnNEWS.com | 05/06/2009 11:14 AM

    Like most of the country's Nora Aunor fans, former matinee idol Tirso Cruz III said he is thrilled to learn that the country's one and only Superstar is coming back to the Philippines after a long hiatus in the United States.

    Cruz, the other half of the popular Guy and Pip tandem of yesteryears, said he believes that fans and supporters of the Superstar are awaiting her return.

    "It's been a long time since she was last here. It's good that she's coming home," Tirso told abs-cbnNEWS.com.

    "Nora Aunor has left her mark in this industry so I wouldn't be surprised that her supporters would welcome her back," he added.

    Asked if he could still do another project with the Superstar, Cruz replied: "There could always be a possibility. As long as the project is good, something that could be sweeping for her comeback."

    Earlier news reports said Aunor is planning to return to the country in May. Other reports said Aunor is postponing her return until after she does a Thanksgiving concert before the end of the year.

    Aunor's team-up with Cruz in the 1970's to the 1990's, called "Guy and Pip," is undoubtedly the most popular love team in the history of Philippine cinema.

    as of 05/06/2009 11:14 AM

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    Hello to all Noranians all over the world! I just want to share with you excerpts of Ms Jessica Zafra's article, Same Old, Same Old in her column Emotional Weather Report that came out in the Philippine Star, April 24, 2009 issue.

    Nearly four decades ago the biggest box-office star in the Philippines was a young woman who had won a national singing competition. She played the ordinary-looking lower-class girl who vanguishes the beautiful upper-class girls to capture the heart of the handsome rich boy. With some musical numbers along the way. It was Nora Aunor's breaktrhough role; she would go on to star in many of the most important films of the 1970's,'80s and 90s, and be recognized as the greatest actress of her generation.

    In 2008 the biggest obx-office star in the Philippines was a young woman who had won a national singing competition. in A Very Special Love, she played the ordinary-looing lower-class girl who vanguishes the beautiful upper-class girls to capture the heart of the handsome rich boy. And she has some fantasy musical numbers along the way. it was Sarah Geronimo's breaktrhough role, but whether she will get a change to star in important films or develop into a gret actress remains to be seen.

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    STAR AWARDS: Nora Aunor's Global Achievements


    Global Achievements:Bibigyang-halaga ng 25th Star Awards for Movies 2009 ang natamong tagumpay sa larangan ng pagganap ng Superstar na si Nora Aunor, sa pamamagitan ng special award/cita*tion para sa pelikulang Himala (1982/dinirek ni Ishmael Bernal, mula sa screenplay ni Ricardo Lee).
    Para sa Himala, nanalong Best Film of All Time (Viewers’ Choice) sa 2008 CNN-APSA (Asia-Pacific Screen Awards) ay ipinagkakaloob ng 25th Star Awards for Movies ’09 ang Award for Global Achievement in Cinematic Excellence and International Recognition. Isa itong natatanging pagkilala sa klasikong pelikula ni Bernal at sa lahat ng mga naging kabahagi nito, sa pa*ngunguna ni Ms. Aunor.

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    Ishmael Bernal's Himala to be screened in New York City 05/29/2009


    The IndioBravo Film Foundation is proud to present the first annual IndioBravo Filipino Film Festival on June 11-14, 2009 in New York City, showcasing the boldest and most internationally acclaimed works by Filipino filmmakers in recent years.

    Opening night takes place Thursday, June 11, at the Museum of Modern Art (11 West 53rd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues) with the North American premiere of Baler, a historical, romantic epic which swept awards at the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival, and 100, winner of audience and best film awards at festivals in Pusan, Korea and Vesoul, France.

    The festival continues Friday to Sunday, June 12-14, at the Visual Arts Theater in Chelsea, 333 West 23rd Street between 8th and 9th Avenues in New York City.

    CENTERPIECE FILM: Screening Friday, June 12 is the magnificent Foster Child by Brillante Mendoza, director of 2008’s internationally acclaimed art-house hit Serbis.

    SPECIAL SCREENING: Also screening Friday is Lav Diaz’ bold, 8-hour drama Melancholia, winner of the Venice International Film Festival’s 2008 Orrizonti (Horizons) Award for best feature. This special screening takes place at the Millennium Film Work Shop, 66 East 4th Street between Bowery and Second Avenues.

    CLOSING NIGHT: On Sunday, June 14, Indio Bravo is proud to screen Jay, an uproarious satire of reality television and an official entry in the Venice International Film Festival of 2008. The festival concludes with an awards ceremony and reception at the Visual Arts Theater at 8 p.m.

    OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: Other notable titles include Donsol, an elegaic love story set in an idyllic resort town; Carnivore, about a harrowing fraternity initiation; the animated Dayo, about a young boy’s journey to save his abducted grandparents; the romantic comedy and box office smash My Only U, and the genre-busting mockumentary Confessional. IBFF ‘09 also features Ishmael Bernal’s 1983 masterpiece, Himala (Miracle), named in a 2008 CNN viewers’ poll as the best Asian-Pacific film of all time.

    TICKETS: On sale Friday, May 1. Tickets for all screenings (except opening night) are $12.50 until May 29, and $15 after May 29. Available for sale online at www.indiobravo.org.

    OPENING NIGHT: Tickets for opening-night screenings on Thursday, June 11 (Baler and 100) are $20 each in advance, $25 at the door and include an after-party at plush lounge Nikki Beach, 151 East 50th Streets between Lexington and Third Avenues, featuring Mylene Dizon, star of 100, and other stars of this year’s film lineup. Tickets available at www.indiobravo.org.

    VIP RECEPTION: A private reception and screening for industry executives and members of the media will take place on Thursday, May 28 at the SoHo House, a members-only club in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Contact Caroline Cruz, [email protected].

    PRESS: General-market U.S. press—Angelo Ragaza, [email protected], 917-705-9572.

    for more details, visit: http://superstarstruck.weebly.com/

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    ^^^ ang galing, si elsa ang nasa poster at tickets...

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