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    I found this store at The Block. It's so cute. It's not the usual soap store. You can actually make your own soap. They also sell soaps that look so yummy, they're good enough to eat. It's a Filipino store, not a franchise. Actually, ang galing! Come visit, their stuff would be a good idea for a Christmas gift. Heard they will be opening a branch at the Mega Atrium of the Mega Mall soon.

    I scanned their flyer to show you guys. Sorry if the words aren't that readable.

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    Mega Atrium Branch at the Mega Mall tentative opening November 28.

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    The products look good. I hope they smell good too. I'll check this out.

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    they really look yummy.. but do they have good effect on the skin too?

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    i love the olive soap from tlc and dulas sa body its like you have lotion na after.

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    ang cuuuuuuuuuuuute! bka akala ng mga kids pwede kainin!tsktsktsk*

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    Looks like awesome stuff pero nakakturn off naman yung packaging nila, specifically yung box with the cupcakes

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    akosikat, hindi nila packaging yon, nakapatong lang yung cupcake soap don sa box cause ready na for decorating.

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    ^ how much are those facial cleansers?

    have you tried those?

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    Wala pa. I asked sa The Block lang meron and soon to open sa Mega Atrium on November 28.

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    cool naman yan. sana meron din sa cebu.

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