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    Extreme Hotness • GERALD ANDERSON • The Superfine Heartthrob • Geraldnaticx Thread 11

    Welcome to the Official Geraldnaticx Thread 11.


    c/o Chai

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    Don't forget to visit and join our forumer: http://geraldanderson.forumer.com

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    -Say thank you for their new projects
    -Request for more TV shows/Star Cinema movie/TV guestings/endorsements
    -Request for more Gerald/Kimerald features sa magazines

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    Thanks to Ate Mavis.

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    First Day High
    directed by Mario Cornejo

    The journey in solving the greatest mysteries of life begins on the first day of school.

    Brainy Indi (Kim), MVP MJ2 (Gerald), Sosy Pré (Maja), Rebel Gael (Geoff) and Nice Guy Nathan (Jason) are college freshmen who enter FDH University without knowing what college life will bring them.

    Anxious, excited and scared all at the same time, the five of them make seemingly ordinary, harmless decisions on their first day in school. Unbeknownst to them, these little decisions will eventually set the way they are going to be from that day on and will lead them to where they are right now – in the middle of an investigation on what is known as B.W.A.C.A. or Basketball Water Contamination Accident.

    Considered to be the greatest mystery the university has ever encountered, the entire basketball team suddenly started acting funny and collapsing in the middle of the opening game. Not knowing what is happening, the students and other spectators erupt into a riot which brings the game into a halt. With the threat of forfeiting their chances in this year’s season looming, the school chairman and the coach hire the best investigator to solve the case. Initial investigation shows that the water drank by the players during the game was contaminated by a mysterious substance. But the more surprising finding was that the culprit is from the same school!

    Who is responsible for all this?!

    Is it Brainy Indi who by denying her growing love for MJ2 ends up heartbroken and formulated the anti-love potion thinking that it can "cure" her heartache?

    Is it MVP MJ2 who never wanted the pressure that came along from being the next big superstar and from being the current MVP’s brother?

    Is it Nice Guy Nathan who was the team’s water boy during that game?

    Is it Sosy Pré who would do anything to become part of the most popular sorority even if it means running half-naked and being humiliated in front of the whole student body?

    Or is it Rebel Gael who is willing to do anything to avoid seeking his father’s help to the point of dealing with a syndicate just to get the amount he needs to mount his art exhibit?

    In the end, it is not only the mystery during the basketball game which was solved but more importantly, the five freshmen begin to solve the greater mysteries in their young lives – family, love and friendship.


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    I’ve Fallen For You
    Written by Mel del Rosario
    Directed by Lino Cayetano

    Love is space and time measured by the heart; it feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble and attempts what is above its strength. Stories of Great Love never have endings.

    The list of UPCAT passers is up and it says ‘Alex Reyes’ passed. This good news makes a boy and a girl jump. The host of the anime costume play announces that ‘Alex Reyes’ wins the grand prize for the night. From the stairs, a girl and a boy rush to claim the prize. There are two ‘Alex Reyes’; this spells disaster.

    Alex Boy (Gerald Anderson) returns to the Philippines from Singapore with his mom, Tessa (Chinchin Gutierrez). His father’s job in a multinational company brought them to live in many parts of the world and he really never had something he can call home. He can’t seem to focus on anything; he easily starts a hobby but never really finishes it. With the news of his parents breaking-up, Alex Boy has to do everything to achieve what he has always wanted; to live in one place as a family together.

    Alex Girl (Kim Chui) has set goals for herself and her family. She has to pass UP and get a job later to help her crumbling family. The inn-restaurant her family owns isn’t doing well and it doesn’t help that her parents, Jonathan (Albert Martinez) and Vangie (Lotlot de Leon), are always fighting. She has no time for anything but to find ways to earn. Perhaps, money would bring the peace in her family that she has always wanted.

    Alex Boy finds in Alex Girl the perfect partner for a tandem cycling competition he wants to join. In desperate need of funding for her studies, the prize of fifty thousand pesos convinces Alex Girl to team up with her annoying namesake. But everything Alex Girl has is talent; she lacks the proper techniques needed to win. As Alex Boy teaches her the techniques she needs, he learns from this driven girl the virtue of responsibility. In turn, Alex Boy makes Alex Girl see what she misses in her life; having fun.

    Two young hearts find company and comfort in each other. As they decide to nurture their young love, fate challenges them to leap over the greatest challenge their love story would ever face; the story of their own families’ past.

    I’ve Fallen for You is a romantic light drama that tells about the universal story of great love that will surely capture both young and old hearts.


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    A showcase of the Philippines' best talents in music and in dance. Hosted by diva ZsaZsa Padilla, Martin Nievera, and Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano. It also features Cebuana singer Vina Morales; hearthrobs Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, John Lloyd Cruz, Luis Manzano and ladies Toni Gonzaga, Bea Alonzo, Nikki Gil, Anne Curtis; singing discoveries Sarah Geronimo, Mark Bautista, Jed Madela, Rachelle Anne Go, Erik Santos, Sheryn Regis and Christian Bautista. Showbiz godfather Johnny Manahan directs this Number 1 Sunday musical-variety show.

    Love Spell Presents: My Boy, My Girl

    This the story of Stephanie (Kim Chiu), a girl who longs to be the center of attention. With busy parents and a brother that’s the apple of everyone’s eye, Stephanie tries to get into the mean girls clique of Rea (Isabel Blaesi). But popularity always comes with a price, and in order for her to belong into the in crowd and get the mean girl necklace she has to get herself a trophy boyfriend. Along comes exchange student Simon (Gerald Anderson) the perfect boy toy and soon he becomes head over heels in love with Stephanie. But when her ex-bestfriend Joy (Mikki Arceo) finds out the truth, all hell breaks loose and Simon curses Stephanie because of her cruelity. When Stephanie wakes up the next day, she's terrified finding a boy looking back at her in the mirror. Will Manong (Budoy Marabiles), a known albularyo, be able to help Stephanie out of her dilemma? Or is she stuck being Stephen forever?


    Your Song – Alive by Frio

    Abby (Kim Chiu) is the straight-laced, straight-A student. Migs (Gerald Anderson) is the trouble-maker who's used to getting away with pranks in school. But Migs is totally unprepared when he realizes Abby is the girl of his dreams and the daughter of the teacher he just got in trouble with.


    Aalog Alog

    Aalog Alog is a sitcom from the Philippines which aired its first episode on ABS-CBN, on July 8, 2006. It stars comedienne Pokwang and starlet Keanna Reeves as Doña Etang and Keanna respectively, friends who become feuding neighbors. The title comes from the Filipino word for "shaking or jiggling back forth" and it can be explained in one of the setting's two houses which leans from side to side like a rocking chair.
    Interestingly enough, most of the cast have appeared previously as contestants of incarnations of Pinoy Big Brother: Keanna is the winner of the Celebrity Edition; Kim Chiu, who plays Doña Etang's half-Japanese, quarter-Chinese daughter, is the winner of the Teen Edition; Gerald Anderson, also of the Teen Edition, plays Keanna's nephew. Zanjoe Marudo, John Prats (both part of the Celebrity Edition), and Jason Gainza (of the show's first season) play OFWs running around Tokyo being chased by immigration officer Sandaro Yamamoto (played by comedian Ya-chang) after the trio have been overstaying in Japan just to raise funds for their trip home. The trio are former borders of Keanna's home. Pokwang herself was a part of Pinoy Big Brother's spin-off, Pinoy Big Brother Buzz.

    Gerald Dean Padilla (Gerald Anderson) – is Keanna’s California-bred younger brother who goes back to the Philippines to live with her after his father started a new family. He’s also attracted to Doña Etang’s lovely stepdaughter Kim Chan.



    Love Spell Presents: Charm and Crystal

    Set against the backdrop of a high school musical, Charm (Shaina) and Crystal (Kim) are bestfriends. Crystal is the confident production designer while Charm is the awkward stage hand who spends her time just wishing, instead of doing something, to be near her crush Nookie (Gerald), the cute lead guy in their show. Crystal, however, doesn’t approve of her best friend’s choice but eventually, love will have a funny way of changing her mind. Meanwhile, by some twist of fate, Charm chances upon Johnny the Genie (Rayver)and Crystal ends up with Nookie. Through this 100-year-old fresh-faced genie, her wishes don’t just bring her good voice, but love, as well.


    Maalaala Mo Kaya - "Bus"

    PBB Teen Edition’s Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu take on the challenge of Maalaala Mo Kaya as they star in the show’s episode this Friday, October 20. After the success of their Love Spell episodes "My Boy, My Girl" and "Charm & Crystal", the pair will test their dramatic chops as star-crossed lovers Kate and Eric without the magic effects this time.

    Kate and Eric have known each other since they were children and are wondering why their parents are so against their friendship which has blossomed into love. They hide their relationship from their families, knowing everyone will be against it. It turns out that the long-standing bitterness between Kate’s mother and Eric’s father stemmed from their former relationship with one another that ended up in a betrayal.

    Eric’s mother was Kate’s mother’s best friend and she could not forgive the woman who stole the man she loved. Time has not healed the wounds of the past and the lovers found themselves suffering for their parents’ mistakes.

    But history repeats itself. After being separated by their parents, Eric becomes romantically involved with Kate's best friend, Teresa. This ironic circumstance made Kate sympathize with her mother’s pain and frustration. Maybe she should learn from the lessons of the past. Will this mark the end of Kate and Eric’s love?

    A story of loving and forgiving by Arlene Tamayo and directed by Nuel Naval, catch Gerald and Kim this Friday in Maalaala Mo Kaya, on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida after Maging Sino Ka Man.


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    Star Magic Presents: Ang Lovey Kong All Around

    Baby Girl (Kim) just wants to live a normal teenage life but her overprotective brothers, Max (Carlos Agassi) and Brad (Bernard Palanca), think she should just focus on her studies. Her desire for freedom and the brothers’ adamance are a constant source of conflict until the brothers stumble on a brilliant strategy – set up their baby sister with a harmless boy. Enter Sonny Boy (Gerald), who is rumored to be gay. The brothers’ strategy boomerangs on them though, because Sonny Boy turns out to be as male as male can be.


    Your Song – Someday by Nina

    Ever fell in love with your best friend? Jodie (Kim) realizes that she's in love with her best friend, Arkin (Gerald). Unfortunately, it seems that the feeling isn't mutual, so Jodie decides to avoid him instead. Can she continue avoiding him that long? Are they really destined for each other?


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    Sana Maulit Muli

    Sana Maulit Muli is about two young lovers who discover how true love can overpower fate and destiny. Small-town girl Jasmine Sta. Maria (Kim Chiu) and Travis Johnson (Gerald Anderson), the illegitimate son of an American soldier, both meet as stowaways in a ship sailing from Cebu. They promise to write each other as they were separated but this promise is intercepted as soon as Camille Soriano (Erich Gonzales) deceives Travis by writing to him as Jasmine. In time, Travis' father dies and their family leaves for the Philippines only to meet up with both Camille and consequently Jasmine. A rocky start between Jasmine and Travis turns into friendship then real love. Jasmine learns later on of Camille's deception and soon after learns that Camille is her younger sister. In order to make amends with her sister, Jasmine gives away everything for Camille's happiness leading to the break-up. Due to the taunting of Travis' brother, a twist ensues as Jasmine dies by a bus accident.

    Given a chance to change destiny by the mysterious Mang Andres (Michael de Mesa), Travis leaps back in time to be with the person that he loves. Also, Brandon, (Jake Cuenca) falls in love with Bianca, Clara's (Glydel Mercado) sister. Clara is also Camille's stepmom. Jasmine's mother,(Mickey Ferriols)is the true mother of Camille, which means Jasmine and Camille are sisters. But Camille does not know the truth. Also, back to the love affair of Bianca and Brandon, he is falling head over heels for her and she does, as well, after all the sweet visits of him to her photo shop. (Bianca is a photographer from Boston who moves back because of the break up of her boyfriend.) Finally, Bianca gives in, and she accepts Brandon, sleeping in his condo for the night which results to her getting pregnant. Back to Travis and Jasmine; Travis attempts to let Jasmine love him but the fact that Jasmine does not know about their love hinders Travis. Despite Mang Andres request to Travis of not to reveal what he knows about the past, he stubbornly continues to try and change everything. Every time Travis reveals something from the past, it ultimate causes a ripple in time. For one, he confronts Camille about her lie on being Poknat. However, Camille insists that she is indeed the real Poknat by singing Poknat and Bokbok's song and also showing Travis the heart of the friendship, the sandal (which in Book 1 Camille did not have). Thus, instead of trying to gain Jasmine's love again, Travis could ultimately be changing the fabric of time for the worse, for example, Clara, Camille's stepmom, dies of a fire because of Travis. Jasmine realizes because of her life that Travis is saving, other people are dying in exchange for her life. But earlier before then, because Travis saved st the bet, Jasmine and Travis won't be disturbed by him and they can finally be together again. Brandon and Bianca are a happy couple, married and in love, with a new baby son. Jasmine and Travis get married and she is loved by all who is around her. As a happy husband and wife, Travis is a doctor as Jasmine goes to law school and all is successful.






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    Your Song – Ngiti by Ronnie Liang


    Gokada Go!

    This sitcom started June 2007. This youth-oriented show revolves around the lives of several teenagers who are about to enter college. It features different characters battling with their own angst, as they try to make it in this world in a rather awkward stage, as they're not kids anymore, but they're also not full-fledged adults as well. Join them as they go about life, and relate with other people!

    Tag along with the innocent Melody (portrayed by Kim Chiu) a streetsmart and confident girl fresh from Cebu; the over-confident Gab (Gerald Anderson), a bad boy with a soft spot; the cool and daring half-Italian, half- Bisaya Matteo (Matteo Guidicelli), as well as old faces such as the varsity hearththrob Bob (Joem Bascon), Bob's close buddy, Junniper (Eda Nolan) and Bangs (Valerie Garcia). This time, they have a strict dorm manager named Ms. Gina (Gina Pareno), who plays a doting mom to them all!


    Love Spell Presents: Cindy-Rella

    Cindy-rella begins in the fairy tale world, where Prince William (John James Uy) is celebrating his 21st birthday. His uncle invites all the ladies in the kingdom to a ball, hoping to find a wife for his nephew. Among those invited is the pretty, kindhearted Cindy-rella (Kim Chiu), but on the night of the ball, her evil stepsisters and stepmother (Sheryl Cruz) tear her clothes and lock her in the basement. Cindy-rella's fairy godmother (Sheryn Regis) comes to the rescue and enables her to go to the ball in a fancy dress and carriage, but she warns that Cindy-rella should be home by midnight or she'll be caught back in her usual filthy clothes. The story goes on until after the prince chooses Cindy as his dancing partner. Her wicked family grows envious and throws her into a well, which links the fairytale world and the real world. The poor lass comes into the real world unconscious; fortunately, she is saved by a modern-day prince charming, Albert (Gerald Anderson). He falls in love with her, so he helps Cindy-rella survive in the real world. But can they be together when they belong to different worlds? Will Cindy choose Albert, a normal human being, over a dashing prince in the fairytale realm? Will there be a happy ending for Cindy-rella?




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    My Girl

    The story begins with a girl named Jasmine, a brave girl that will do everything to make money and a guy named Julian, a very serious, cold hearted person that only focuses on his work (president of Amana Hotels).

    The story started with Jasmine, a girl working with her two friends Christine and Jeffery as tour guides to earn money for her and her father, Chito. They owe a few men a lot of money, which gets Jasmine into a chase everyday.

    While on the other hand, Julian is introduced as the new owner of his grandfather's Amana Hotels. But at the same time heartbroken because of Annika, the girl that refused his proposal to pursue her career as a beauty queen.

    When Jasmine and Julian's paths cross, Jasmine first works as a translator for Julian, so he can understand his investors who are Chinese. Apparently his next project is building another hotel in China. When Jasmine earns enough money, she sends away her father into hiding, she having to handle the problem herself. Because of his grandfather’s illness Julian needs to look for his long lost cousin Hannah, and when he sees the resemblance between Jasmine and Hannah, he’s forced to ask Jasmine to pretend as his cousin so that his grandfather’s last wish can be fulfilled. So therefore, they both are bound in a lie that no-one in the family knows the truth. But soon Jasmine gets strong feeling for Julian but wants him to be happy too. But at the same time Annika (Julian's ex) gets jealous of her and find a way to get rid of her.

    Gerald Anderson as Julian Abueva - Absorbed in work and tense, Julian just wants to please everyone and succeed. He hired Jasmine to pretend to be his long-lost cousin named Hannah to grant his grandfather’s dying wish. He loves Jasmine more than anything in the world but just can't admit it.


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    Gerald’s Dance Picks (Gold Award)


    Gerald’s Noodle Dance


    *Other Gerald-Related Albums*

    • Kim Chiu - Gwa Ai Di
    > Bonus Track: I’ve Fallen For You feat Gerald Anderson

    • ASAP’s Supahdance Album (Gold Award)
    > Bump That Booty – Gerald Anderson

    • Sana Maulit Muli Soundtrack (Gold Award)

    • My Girl Soundtrack

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    • Smart
    • Bench
    • Jollibee
    • Nescafe
    • Close-Up
    • Executive Optical
    • Unisilver
    • LTO
    • Glamlab Fragrances
    • Asian Eye Institute
    • Advance Notebooks
    • Converse
    • Faces & Curves
    • Mary Pauleen Salon
    • Dr. Steve Tan

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    Part 1


    Executive Optical

    Asian Eye Institute

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    Part 2




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    Part 3

    Glamlab Fragrances


    Advance Notebooks

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