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    Tunay Na Rizalian!!! Jru Atin Ito!!!

    Mabuhay Ncaa
    Mabuhay Lahat
    Mabuhay Jru

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    Calling All Rizalians This Is Our Thread Let"s Support This
    Lets Unite Mga Chong!!!!

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    Mga Rizalians Mag Post *** Ng Comment Dito Gawa Tau Ng T Shirt Natin Wag Na Tau Umasa Sa School Sa Final Four Na Maglabas Un!!!!!!!!!!!post *** Kung Gusto Nyo Shirt

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    dude... parang ikaw lang nandito ha...dami nio kc thread e....

    anyways.. gudluck bombers...

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    Jose Rizal University Heavy Bombers
    2007 record: 7-5 (3rd place, lost to Letran in the Final Four)
    Additions: Alex Almario; Jecster Apinan; Derico Lopez; Nathaniel Matute; Nchotu John Njei
    Subtractions: Jerome Cruz; RJ Cunanan; Carlo Lituania; Jerome Ramos; Alvin Se
    Holdovers: Jhe Agas; JR Bulangis; Marc Cagoco; Marvin Hayes; Raycon Kabigting; John Montemayor; Jayson Nocom; Maui Pradas; JR Sena; John Willson

    Background: The Heavy Bombers broke into the Final Four for the first time since 2002, and have shown signs of marked improvement since Ariel Vanguardia took over from Cris Calilan in 2006. Vanguardia has helped transform the JRU hoops program through grassroots player development, turning erstwhile rejects Marvin Hayes, JR Sena and John Wilson into certified talents. Inconsistency, however, remained a problem last year, and this was evident in losses to Perpetual Help and Mapua.

    Key changes: Ten of last year’s fifteen players return to the fold, with six of them bringing stints from the semi-professional ranks over the off-season. Among the rookies, combo guard Nathaniel Matute and Cameroonian Nchotu John Njei will play significant roles this season, while Jecster Apinan is a lanky small forward who plays like a young Floyd Dedicatoria.

    Last season, the Heavy Bombers looked like the NCAA’s version of the Ateneo Blue Eagles, insofar as game tempo was concerned. JRU did not push the ball and get on the fastbreak, instead adapting a slower and more methodical brand of ball. Vanguardia vows to change that this season. That change, if executed, will be accompanied by more wins as his squad is really built to run.

    Outlook: The Heavy Bombers, despite some dismal preseason performances, remain one of the primary favorites to unseat defending champion San Beda College. Their “Super Six:” Hayes, Sena, Wilson, Marc Cagoco, Jayson Nocom and Maui Pradas are as formidable as they come in collegiate hoops. At least five out of these six cagers should be scoring in double-digits in Season 84.

    One problem Jose Rizal faced last year was depth. Outside of these six players, only Jhe Agas, JR Bulangis, RJ Cunanan and Alvin Se played heavy minutes, with Bulangis, Cunanan and Se fulfilling limited roles on the defensive end. The development of Agas, Raycon Kabigting and 6’5” John Montemayor will strengthen the Bomber bench, and give JRU different looks on the floor.

    Prognosis: At the very least, the Heavy Bombers should finish third in the elimination round, and play much better than they did against Letran in the Final Four last season. It won’t be improbable to see JRU cap off the elims with 10 wins, though. Jose Rizal will be the main thorn on San Beda’s side, and a finals showdown between the two schools seems quite likely. At this point, JRU should be thinking title.

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    Jose Rizal will again depend heavily to what Coach Vanguardia called Super Six. With these players at the helm other teams will have to concentrate and focus how to choke players with PBL experience. I don't like the team's showing from their pre-season tournaments.

    This year I hope the Bombers can correct their previous mistakes. Outside shooting and players that can back up James Sena should be available. In last year's final four Sena was checked by Letran defenders and let the team shoot in the outside. JRU failed to deliver outside and pour some points inside the paint. I hope with the inclusion of new players can make some headway for the Heavy Bombers campaign in this year NCAA season.

    I hope the players will not burn out this season and to see JRU again in the final four. Thinking of winning a title is a long shot, but who knows...

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    Andrei Boy!!! Celtics!!! From Jru Ka Ba??? Gawa Tau T Shirt!!!!!!

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    The Opening Is On Sunday And I Think We Still Dont Have Our 6th Man Shirt!!!!! Pls Naman Gawa Tau!!! Gayahin Natin Mga Other Schools

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    Cnu Poh May Proposed Design Ng T Shirt Jan Pa Post Na Lang!!! Mabuhay Kayo

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    No I don't have an idea what kind of a shirt design. I don't like also the sound to copy what the others have. If you will suggest a shirt it should be original and be creative.

    Please make your forum a useable one. Shirt design should tackle in differently and the opening day is on Saturday not Sunday. Did you check with the Athletics Dept. on the playing schedules.

    It's more important to support your team wheter there's a shirt or not.

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    chong i got ur point!!!!! chong jru 6th man is always on full support i just thought na ang sarap magka 6th man shirt!! para kahit san t shirt pa lang we can show how proud we are to be a rizalian though maliit na factor lang *** pag wear ng shirt!!!! sana magkaron!!!!!

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    By the way, I need contact numbers of the captain and coach of your pep squad in JRU. PM me here asap! Thank you!

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    kailan ang pep rally?????? thursday na bukas! sabado na opening!!!! di rin alam ng mga friend ko sa pep squad!!

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    excited na ko!!! sana lang di kabado mga players natin!!!!! madaming promising rookies!!!!

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    wuhuhu talo na naman sa opening game!!!!! letran played superb last saturday!!! and jru was not in their element last saturday bakit ba ganun *** pag sa araneta maglalaro!!!!! heheheh!!! i hope makapasok parin sa final fouR!!!!

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    hahaha.. gawa kayo ng shirt lgay nio

    "magingat kayo rizalian kame!!
    pumapatay kame ng tao"

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    ^ tsk tsk. di tama yang hirit mo.
    shut up na lang pag walang masabing maganda.

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    letran chiq!!!!!!! letrnanites ka ba tlaga!!! d maganda upbringin mo!!! wag mo sirain mga dugong arribaH!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bombsquad View Post
    letran chiq!!!!!!! letrnanites ka ba tlaga!!! d maganda upbringin mo!!! wag mo sirain mga dugong arribaH!!!
    wag mo na pansinin yang troll na yan..nagpapanggap lang na letranista yan

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