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    Buhay Pinoy 70s-80s

    Dont know if there is an existing thread about this. Just feels good to take a break and go back in time. So sa mga Martial Law babies and for those who still remember..hope you can share your memories.

    I remember family day every Sundays going to Cubao. Visiting SM Shoemart first, hanging out at the makeshift "park" in the middle of the 2F (with the red old phone booths, the Bon Appetit store in the middle and the green carpet which served as the grass), then crossing over to Rustan's, then to Ali Mall to go to Skatetown, then finally Fiesta Carnival for the Horror Ride, the PAL simulation plane and of course, the Roller Coaster. Favorite joints of the family then were 20/20 Hamburger, Tom Sawyer's along Quezon Ave (now Opel Showroom), Choochoo Junction, Yumyum Tree, Tropical Hut Hamburger at the corner of EDSA and Ortigas (beside SEC Bldg), Arby's in Greenhills while watching the RC car fanatics show off their RCs inside the parking lot. Some Sundays were spent inside the CCP Complex, riding the sidecar bikes as you pedal along Manila Bay.

    Summertime meant making the village streets your playground. Waking up at 7AM, patiently waiting for Fr. Sonny Ramirez to end Sharing In The City, as you were excited about Saturday Fun Machine. After SFM, taking to the streets and playing all the street games (patintero, piko, pepsi/7up, taguan base etc) then going back inside the house at 3PM for your daily siesta, since you were tired and nothing good was on TV around that time back then anyway (After the Yagit/Ambos Mundos/Emergency Room marathon soaps on Channel 7, or Heredero on Ch. 9, it was the start of the dead hours. Dead hours on TV meant Tele Aralan ng Kakayahan, Damayan, Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko, 50s and 60s LVN and Sampaguita Picture flicks)

    I could go on and on..

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    My dad used to tell me that in the 70's, wearing rubber shoes as your daily attire is considered "baduy". Rubber shoes are worn for sports purposes only. And rubber shoes, t-shirts are for those who dont have any fashion sense. Most of the people wear long sleeves, polo and bell bottom pants with leather shoes. Rubber shoes and tshirts are for construction workers only. But during 80's - present it is an acceptable fashion for kids and adults alike.

    Also he said that basketball shorts in the 70's are really tight and small compared to the later generations of basketball players whose shorts are baggy.

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    Correct me if I am wrong.Matagal na kasi.Mid 70's yata yung curfew,and that was Marcos Regime.

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    ito kinukwento sa akin ng nanay ko:

    PBA - all about Crispa Redmanizers and Toyota Tamaraws
    Piso lang daw noon busog ka na
    pinagbawal daw Voltes V, Popeye tsaka iba pang mga cartoons na may giyera na involved or violence

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    Marami rin akong memories about the 70s/80s:

    - Anime like Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Sentai (live action) like Star Rangers, Shaider
    - Going to COD during the holiday season
    - Going to Harrison Plaza for shopping and playing video games at the arcade
    - Eating at Shakey's, during that time sobrang dami nung bunch of lunch, may kasamang isang buong hot hero sandwich
    - Buying DC comic books at National Bookstore Avenida (reprints of Superman, Superboy & the Legion of Superheroes, Wonderwoman, Justice League, etc.)
    - Buying Marvel comic books at Goodwill Avenida (reprints of Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Avengers, etc.)
    - The first time I went to Mcdo, the one at Cubao
    - Buying toys from the sellers outside of our school (UST)
    - Eating cheap pizza from the UST canteen (3M yata yun, hehe)
    - Going to Baguio during summer, riding horses, etc.

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    ^ Shakey's along Makati Ave (I think the very first outlet) where they would sell those old hats, where there was a viewing area for watching the making of the pizza, and where I first saw a widescreen that showed the PBA games, especially if it was Crispa-Toyota playing.

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    I remember 5 pesos lang ang baon namin para mamasyal sa Cubao nung friend ko. 4 pesos to play video games sa Fiesta Carnival (1 peso per game), and 1 peso pang-merienda sa fast food sa Rustans. Then na-ban ni Marcos and video games (sabay yata ng pag-ban sa Voltes 5 at iba pang cartoons), galit na galit kami.

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    eto lang yung mga naalala ko during 80's :

    1. dati ang piso mapalaki di tulad ngayon maliit.
    2. before every christmas my family always going in fiesta carnival.
    3. every morning mapapanook ko pa yung mga cartoon na kung saan ang bida ay puro mga wrestlers before, i think pinapalabas yun sa GMA 7.
    4. watching movies in betamax .
    5. every Halloween parating may party dito sa lugar namin.
    6. lagi kung naririnig sa radyo yung mga kanta before nina Lady Diane, Michael V. at Francis M. plus puro new wave at multiplex.
    7. before every summer pumupunta kami sa baguio para mag horse back riding.
    8. every sunday we always going to cpp to spend our family time and to rent a bike.

    ang sarap balikan noon at masasabi na parang mas simple ang buhay noon kesa ngayon!

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    Sometimes I really want to go back to the 70's. To be honest, I'm turning 22 this year and still I prefer 70's funk,soul,disco and some acid jazz music. kaya nagtataka yung mga kakilala kong bakit hindi ako mahilig sa mga genre nayon .

    I still remember my Ninja Turtles action figures nung bata pa ako siguro mga 1989 pa yun lol. Nandito pa yung Basketball Jersey ng Dad ko, sobrang tight lang nga lol.

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    80's???? I'm not sure if Princess Sarah cartoon is existing na during that time...Favorite ko talaga yon...

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    going to rustan's cubao. eating at the jeepney cafe at intercon. getting ice cream from coney island. bump cars at virramall. the champagne room at manila hotel. 3m pizza. magnolia ice cream at the magnolia plant on aurora blvd. in addition to this, magnolia ice cream in those little cups that comes with a small wooden spoon. sugarhouse. shakey's. casa marcos. fiesta carnival. bread connection. chiclets. these are some of the things that i think about when looking back.

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    Plaza Fair pa noon ang sikat na mall. Mas sikat pa sa SM

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    ^ together with Syvel's and Anson's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeremyA View Post
    ^ together with Syvel's and Anson's.
    syvel's!? super 80's talaga yan ha!

    nung wala pa yung glorietta, isang malaking park pa siya noon. Before tinayo yung area ng Shangri-la makati, nandun pa ang rizal theatre na may gibson's store. Lagi kami bumibili ng mga hard-to-find stationeries. Mahilig pa kami mag-collect ng stationeries and stickers...mga stationeries na amoy pabango pa ng lola ko . Ang holy grail ng stickers for us yung scratch n' sniff types. Favorite kong scent yung rootbeer and bubblegum na halos ma-high na yata ako sa kaka-sniff.

    Simple timesůsimple joys.

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    Anyone remember Assanda's in Cubao?

    Wasn't it a mall that tried to be like SM.....

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    'yung old establishments na wala na ngayon sa greenbelt, nami-miss ko, like bookmark, triple v, goodwill bookstore, filbar's (when they sold mostly comics, they had a small stall at greenbelt then).

    nami-miss ko rin 'yung mga wala na sa avenida like goodwill, alemar's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeremyA View Post
    ...Dead hours on TV meant Tele Aralan ng Kakayahan, Damayan, Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko, 50s and 60s LVN and Sampaguita Picture flicks)

    I could go on and on..
    Favorite ko yung Tele Aralan ng Kakayahan, a. Sino nga yung host?

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    ^ si ka gerry geronimo ba? not so sure with this ...

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    ^ Ating Alamin po si Gerry Geronimo Babae yung host ng Tele-aralan, e.

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    ^^ Her name is Cecilia Bulaong Garrucho.

    napapanood ko siya dati sa TV ... palaging excited, gusto ipakita kaagad yung finish products kahit nasa kalagitnaan palang ng process.

    Kapampangan yata siya, pagkaalam ko.

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