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    Boracay, Palawan, Phuket or Bali...

    Not sure kung may topic na similar to this.. But, sa mga nakapunta na sa mga lugar na ito (can't say beach lang, hehe) which would you rank the best?

    Or would you suggest any better place to go to beat the summer heat?

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    as a personal preference, I would choose Palawan hands down because it is unspoiled by commercialism. Bali and Phuket have fantastic resorts and infrastructure, with Bali having an edge in my view. Boracay is overated; it has a great beach but is too corwded and mainly for the party crowd

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    we're planning to go to phuket din. kaya lang yung mom ko ayaw sa beach ng four days.. malapit lang ba phuket sa city? kasi gsto ng mom ko magcity tour sana.. hehe.. how much ba package?

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    sa apat na yan, eto ang ranking ko:

    1. bali -- hindi maganda ang beach, pero maganda ang buong island, at maraming pwedeng gawin at puntahan, mura pa halos lahat!

    2. phuket - ganda ng mga beach sa phuket, pati na rin ang night life, especially sa patong beach. marami din pwedeng puntahan na cultural, pero parang bawat galaw mo dito e may bayad, hehe

    3. palawan - super ganda ng mga beach, pero puro nature lang talaga, dahil wala masyado rin pwedeng gawin sa gabi unless nasa puerto princesa ka

    4. boracay - maganda pa rin ang beach pati ang night life, pero masyadong maliit ang boracay compared sa tatlo pang pinagpipilian. tsaka kapag paulit-ulit, nakakasawa na, hehe

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    here's my ranking :

    1. Palawan - not because i am a Filipino but because it is still unspoiled unlike those other three. if you want nice and quiet, relaxing place and at a cheap price - go here. superb.

    2. bali - in terms to beauty and accommodation, ok sila. i was fortunate enough to see it before the tragic tsunami and it's nice. nicer than phuket.

    3. boracay - they have everything. if you want night life, you can have it. if you want diving, no doubt you can have it. if you want clear skies, clear water - anytime you want, just take a dive on the beach. food - anything you want. and 45 mins from the airport andun ka na.

    4. phuket - been here before and after the tsunami and honestly - i hate it. this place shouldn't be in the list at all. even most Thais don't go to this place. if you are considering beach in thailand, then go to koh samui, ko phi phi, maya island, krabi. this place is totally over rated. expensive for a backpacker like me. i usually stay in phuket town cause it is cheaper there. You won't find a 500Baht hotel in phuket that is near the beach. Believe me, I haven't seen a beach that is so populated as phuket. if you want peace and quite in phuket, go hop on a bike and head to surin beach as early as 7am.

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    palawan is the best!!!

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    I really can't comment on Bali since I've never been there.

    Among the three, I'd say Palawan tops my list if I'm in the mood for some R&R. Phuket tops my list if I want to eat, drink, and do a lot of beach activities.

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    I have never been to Palawan.
    I'm reserving it for my honeymoon

    Between the remaining three, i say Boracay has the best beach.
    But the better resorts are in Phuket and Bali.

    I think what makes Bali and Phuket different is the "other" activities visitors can do like island adventure tours and mountain treks. So their 2 week island vacation is not limited to just shopping, beach and diving.

    Bali, Phuket and Boracay are just the popular destinations.

    But if you ask me, Langkawi and Krabi should likewise be there

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