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    GMA7's SIGNOS: Documentary about climate change, hosted by Richard Gutierrez

    Signos: Banta ng nagbabagong klima
    04/10/2008 | 04:21 PM

    Global warming is the most serious threat the world faces today.

    The warning signs are present , even here in the Philippines . Drought is felt during the rainy season and typhoons strike in the summer months. Sea water level is on the rise and more areas experience flooding . These are only some of the symptoms of a serious and growing global phenomenon: climate change. This environmental crisis puts the lives of millions at risk, hitting the poor countries hardest.

    In response to the call for environmental awareness, GMA Public Affairs presents Signos (Fatal Signs), Philippine television’s first full-length documentary on what is considered the most pressing environmental issue today – the world’s changing climate as a result of decades of unchecked human activity. Following in the tradition of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth", Signos aims to bring the concept closer to home through a nation-wide investigation of the manifestations of climate change.

    Award-winning journalists, Howie Severino, Maki Pulido and Raffy Tima travel to different parts of the country to prove that the impact of climate change reaches far beyond the glaciers of the Polar Regions. Severino visits Bicol, where a 150-meter fault line and intensifying typhoons threaten to bury towns with landslides. Pulido discovers a town in La Union that has dwindled to more than half of its original size. In El Nido, Palawan, Tima ventures underwater to investigate a phenomenon called coral bleaching.

    To provide the most in-depth report, Signos brings together scientists from local and international institutions, including Filipino NASA Senior Research Scientist and Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Josefino Comiso, and experts from the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Marine Science Institute, Greenpeace, and World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), and other climate change experts. Signos brings Filipino viewers a comprehensive look on climate change, its causes, effects, and the measures that must be taken to prevent its disastrous consequences.

    Narrated by Greenpeace advocate, Richard Gutierrez, Signos airs April 20, after Full House.

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    Richard, first choice sa ‘Signos’

    Para maiba, kinuha ng GMA 7 News and Public Affairs si Richard Gutierrez para mag-host ng Signos, isang TV special tungkol sa global warming.

    Excited si Richard sa TV special na ito dahil makatutulong ito para ma-‘save’ ang ating mother earth.

    Sabi sa akin ng mga taga-News and Public Affairs ng Siyete, si Richard ang first and only choice nila na mag-host ng Signos.

    Alam nila na busy si Richard sa taping ng Kamandag, kaya nag-adjust sila para makapag-taping siya para sa Signos.

    Sa Abril 20 ipalalabas sa SNBO ang Signos

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    Richard for GREENPEACE

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    Richard test driving the renewable energy cars
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    marami tayong malalaman sa SIGNOS tungkol sa GLOBAL WARMING.

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    GMA = responsible broadcasting

    i've seen an inconviet truth and tama lang na irelay ang message sa masang pilipino.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyupayb View Post
    GMA = responsible broadcasting

    i've seen an inconviet truth and tama lang na irelay ang message sa masang pilipino.
    GMA 7!

    sana magkaroon ng local at international award ang GMA 7 sa documentary na ito!

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    sobr nang late ang airing time..sana ipalabas nila mga primetime ng Saturday/Sunday...para ma-inform yung mga Pinoy about the cliimate change....

    this show deserves an award >> local and international...

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    maganda inconvenient truth nakakaloka ang kalikasan. sana maganda din signos.

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    this is a worlwide issue. ang galing ng GMA news and public affairs for wanting to inform pinoys!

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    SA April 17 na ang shooting ni Richard Gutierrez ng My Monster Mom, kung saan bida ang inang si Annabelle Rama at ate niyang si Ruffa Gutierrez at co-produced ng Regal Entertainment at GMA Films sa direksyon ni Joey Reyes.

    Gagampanan nito ang role ng young Eddie Gutierrez at asawa ni Rhian Ramos as the young Annabelle.

    Cute ang concern ni Annabelle sa magiging billing ng anak sa pelikula. Saan daw ba ilalagay ang name nito, eh, nagsabi na si Ruffa na name niya dapat ang mauna at lagyan na lang ng “and” bago ang name ng mom niya.

    Anyway, last two weeks na lang ng Kamandag, pero hindi matagal mababakante si Richard, dahil gagawin nito ang Asero na may parts na kukunan sa Dubai.

    Ang tsika sa amin, isang marksman naman ang magiging role rito ng actor, kaiba sa mga ginampanan na niya sa mga nauna niyang serye.

    Ang inaabangan namin ay kung matutuloy ang plano ng GMA-7 na isang male talent ng ABS-CBN ang makakasama niya rito.

    Maganda sanang kumbinasyon kung matutuloy ’yun at malaking pang-come on sa viewers.

    Saka na ang clue at baka mabulilyaso pa.

    Samantala, si Richard ang napili ng GMA News and Public Affairs na maging annotator sa kanilang Earth Day presentation na Signos: Banta ng Nagbabagong Klima.

    Malaking puntos ang pagiging member ng Greenpeace ng actor para siya ang ilagay dito. Layon ng docu na mapagtuunan ng pansin ang lumalalang problema ng climate change.

    Mapapanood ang Signos sa April 20, after Ful Haus.

    * * *

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    Quote Originally Posted by heyhey View Post
    sobr nang late ang airing time..sana ipalabas nila mga primetime ng Saturday/Sunday...para ma-inform yung mga Pinoy about the cliimate change....

    this show deserves an award >> local and international...
    oo nga sana may replay or palitan ang timeslot

    huwag munang ipalabas or give way ang shows na allstar k or fullhaus

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    RICHARD Gutierrez feels honored to be chosen by GMA-7 News and Public Affairs to host “Signos”, a very timely TV special about global warming. Richard is active with Green Peace as an environmentalist so he can relate with the issues that are being discussed in this special.

    “We should all be concerned about what happens to Mother Earth since it’s the only one we got,” says Richard. “I really took time off from taping ‘Kamandag’ to host ‘Signos,’ as I believe in its importance in imparting to viewers that we should all cooperate to prevent global warming. As of now, it’s predicted that natural disasters are bound to get worse because of this. In Bicol and El Nido, the biodiversity of underwater life is affected by coral bleaching. In Cagayan, there’s one area badly affected by snail fever. In Gen. Nakar, the natives continue to suffer from malaria. Super typhoons like last year’s Milenyo and Reming are the results of climate change. In the future, coastal areas in our county might be submerged in water when the sea-level goes up as polar ice melts.

    It’s really scary so I hope you watch ‘Signos: Banta ng Nagbabagong Klima’ on Sunday after ‘Fulhaus’ on GMA-7.”

    And how does Richard feel now that “Kamandag” is about to end? “Siyempre, I’m sad kasi the cast and I really enjoyed doing this show which rates very well up to now. ‘Kamandag’ gets even more thrilling as it reaches its climax. Alicia, my mom played by Eula Valdes is mad at Maxene Magalona as Lily as she allegedly killed my brother Adlak, played by Brian Revilla. We’ll go to San Isidro and look for Adlak’s remains. Marami pang twists and turns in the story.”

    There’s also a conflict between Lily and Jewel Mische as Jenny who feels Lily is really in love with Vergel/Kamandag (Richard.) As for Ragona (Sunshine Dizon), she has recovered and now wants to take revenge on Gulag (Zoren Legaspi.) Dinggol (Benjie Paras) will be her ally. The ambogs attack earth to mercilessly kill humans. Vergel has lost his power as Kamandag, so he’s no longer in a position to help the people being killed by the ambogs.

    “Viewers should see if I’d still regain my power,” adds Richard. “After ‘Kamandag’, I’m looking forward to my new GMA show, ‘Asero’, which will be filmed partly in Dubai.”

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    Sana sipagin sila after nito at magkaron din ang docu about food crisis so Filipinos will know na hindi lang tayo ang may problema sa food kundi buong mundo as well. One sided kasi ang pinapakita ng local media natin kaya majority is blaming solely the government.

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    ang set up *** sa mla ocean park... iba **** gumwa ng docu ang gma npa... hindi puro salita ***...

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    naalala ko i leonardo di caprio sinusuportahan yun go green pero suv ang ginagamit

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    ok na ok ang docu na to.. akala ko inconvenient truth lang tapus idudub nila into tagalog.. iba pala, mas local.. pero ang ganda ng presentation.. binusisi ang mga detalye.. gusto ko din na parang round table discussion style ang gnamit nila habang ng-uusap regarding sa issues. ok din ang hosting job ni richard.

    this special deserves to be reaired in a much earlier timeslot.. para mas maraming makapanuod, super late na kagabi eh..

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