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    Deluxe bus liner going to Baguio?

    a friend mentioned that she saw this deluxe bus going to baguio featured on tv, di siya sure but victory liner daw ata. new buses, parang pang plane daw yung seats, with toilet, abd "bus stewardess" ang tawag sa conductors etc... can anyone here confirm what bus company that was? and has anyone tried it? safe po ba?

    thank you

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    victory liner din, limited trips lang yan. check out the scheds na lang para mas convenient for you.

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    Yes, it's the Victory Liner de luxe bus to Baguio. Fare is 600ph. Leaves Cubao terminal around 12 midnight and one around noon. Only one stopover or sometimes none at all. Sitting arrangement is very comfortable. With c.r. at the rear, and stewardess instead of conductor.

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    And with ridiculously strong air-conditioning too, hehe.

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    thanks for your replies. victory po ba ang "best" among other liners (if any) going to baguio fr mla?

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    Yes, we rode this one last december. Its like riding first-class in philippine transportation. seats can be titled, just dont pick the last seat since it can't be tilted and its beside the restroom.

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    dapat economy class ang rate ng rear seats. do they also serve meals/snacks. ano ang role ng bus stewardess???

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    she checks and give out tickets.. serve a bottled of water and a piece of snack pastries, she answers inquiries and opened the cr if accidentally locked by a passengers. she checks if all passengers are seated well and comfortable

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    these de luxe buses from victory liner is the best transportation you can get in getting in to baguio, why? of the number of times i've taken this ride, never did we made a stop, it's really an express bus, it will take you only 5hrs from cubao to baguio terminal, they have wide seats, if your alone and doesnt prefer to be with anyone seating besides you, you can take the single seats, two TVs on board, CR at the rear, free mineral water and minicake, and yes, a stewardess to entertain your inquiries, requests and give assistance to those having trouble going into the CR. Some prefer to seat at the rear specially those whose always in need of the CR.

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    What's the current schedule from Cubao to Baguio for the Luxury Coach?

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    Sana may WiFi rin!

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    nung several times na sumakay ako dito, laging humihinto yung bus sa may marcos highway para umihi yung driver hehe

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