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    Toyota Innova vs. Mitsubishi Fuzion

    Fuzion, Mitsubishi's 8-passenger answer to the dominant Toyota Innova. After years of the aging Adventure, which had been a worthy rival to the Isuzu Crosswind and Toyota Revo but not the Innova, it was time for a change. Mitsubishi is now ready to bang its head against its rival - Toyota.

    Fuzion's Engine: 4G64 (shared with Space Gear minivan), 134 horsepower and 20.7 kg of torque. Standard transmission is a 4-speed automatic with a conventional PRND2L layout and Overdrive button.

    Innova's Engine: 2.5-litre engine (2KD-FTV) 16 Valves DOHC Turbo Direct Injection, 260 Nm / 1600-2400 rpm

    Fuzion's Suspension: front double wishbones and 3-link coil springs, front disk and rear drum brakes.

    Innova's Suspension: Double wishbone with coil spring and stabiliser at its front and 4-link with coil spring and lateral rod at the rear.

    Fuzion and Innova are both multi-passenger and multipurpose wagon. Their price tags range from P950k to P1.2M.

    Your choice??

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    Personally I would still go with the Innova. Its already proven in terms of reliablity and its also proven that Toyota has higher resale the Mitsubishi.

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    None of the above, sorry. I am hopelessly biased against AUVs, hehehe.

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    From an on-paper point of view (as i have no idea how the Fuzion drives):

    The Toyota VVTi 2.0L engine would be the more apt comparison against the Fuzion, which leads to why the Fuzion won't win against the Innova at this point: it lacks a diesel engine which a lot of Pinoys in such a market prefer. Open up the Mitsu engine bay and the engine you'll see is the same one you'll see on an early nineties model; it's archaic. The Innova on the other hand has a newer VVTi 2.0 gas and D4D 2.5L diesel engines available. If Mitsu wants to take advantage of the Fuzion being a newer model, they should put in the diesel engines from the current pick-up line... or at least an intercooler turbo diesel version of their old 4d56 engine.

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    They said if you choose Fuzion to be a diesel then choose Adventure.

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    +1 on Slamm's post.

    The Fuzion's engine is reportedly the old 2.0L unit from the first-generation Airtrek, the Japanese cousin of the Outlander. (If any of you were in Singapore in 2001-02 you might have seen some of these puttering about.)

    Local Outlanders got the 2.4L units under the hood, so technically we never got the Fuzion's engine here in any guise yet.

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    ^The Fuzion is still the same old banana with the ancient engine. Matakaw sa gas (expect 6km/L in the city). The Innova is still the same in terms of engine choices and basic body/suspension but it has been refreshed earlier this year with a facelift. I'd expect an all new one maybe in around 2 years.

    Common as it is on our streets, the Innova is still the class leader. You can also check out the new Chevy (forget the model name right now) as it's targeted against the Innova and Grand Livina among others. Kia might also come out with the new Carens in the next few months i think. That should be worth looking at.

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    nag iimprove *** innova lagi! while yung fuzion ... steady lang ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by nash_bedista View Post
    nag iimprove *** innova lagi! while yung fuzion ... steady lang ..
    Agree. Sa dalawang to, mas pipiliin ko yung Toyota muna. Subok na to eh. Kahit kami dito sa office yan yung service namin.

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    Siguro by 2014 pa tayo makakakita ng improvements sa specs ng Fuzion!

    Sa Taiwan may 2.4 Liter MIVEC version nyan!

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    our 2.5d innova is doing 15k/l highway and 11 k/l city drive.. ride is tolerable unlike monteros and fortuners

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    Quote Originally Posted by WABBIT View Post
    our 2.5d innova is doing 15k/l highway and 11 k/l city drive.. ride is tolerable unlike monteros and fortuners

    Actually, in most cases, a practical person would pick an Innova over a 4x2 Montero Sport or Fortuner. Save for the added height, a lot is quite similar and the Innova is more comfy and more spacious if i'm not mistaken.

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