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    "the SANAY WALA NANG WAKAS fever" (namamayagpag worldwide)


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    Ofori Amponsah and Samini to perform at Telenova Night
    Posted on: 11-Jan-2007

    Ghanaian fans of Timeless, the Telenovela which airs on TV3, will see fantasy turn to reality as the National Theatre in Accra hosts some of the top stars of the Asian soap opera on January 27.

    Lovers of the Telenovela are expected to troop to the National Theatre to see live on stage Jericho Rosales, who plays Christian in Timeless, among others as he renders a sizzling and thrilling musical performance to his fans.

    According to a press statement issued in Accra, Jericho, who has starred in numerous movies and pursued his music career with bands like The Hunks and Jeans, is set to come down with Kristine Hermosa (Ara) and Angelika Dela Cruz (Mary Ann), both co-stars in Timeless, for the concert which will also feature performances by Ghanaian award winners, Samini and Ofori Amponsah.

    The visit to Ghana by the 28 year old Timeless and The Promise star from the Philippines is a way of expressing his gratitude for the love and support from his fan-base in Africa including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Cameroon.

    This first time musical concert would not only bring Telenovela lovers and their favourite stars in a face to face encounter but would also offer Timeless fans the chance to win free tickets to the concert, Jericho’s music CDs and invitation to an after party on Sunday by texting the word “Ticket, CD or Invitation” to One Touch short code 1945 from now till January 22.


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    I have bn 1 of those funs who ave bn requestn 2 see sum of our TV Soap stars in Ghana fiiiiliifiiliiiii n now it seems my dreams r turnin 2 reality.Jux cnt wait to see Jericho "Christian" Gonzales,he is so cute!!KUDOS 2 TV3 n others who made diz dream cum true.

    Posted By STEPHANIE - 14-Jan-2007

    Nuff 'bout dat !
    Mi nuh overstand how y'all love dem Soap opra dems ! See afi 'ave some education pon de soap fi educate de yute dem... Tv3 dem love fi always come wid a wholipa trick fi tek de yutes hard working money...after spendin' all ya money fa christmas ..ya still 'ave saved enough fo dis bllod claat show?

    Posted By walt baby - 13-Jan-2007

    good one there
    It is relly good to relex and enjoy these telenovela thanks so much for making day.Nana Ama

    Posted By Nana Ama - 12-Jan-2007

    very relaxing
    After a hard day's working, you go home and you are all ready to watch these telenovelas. TV3 we appreciate your care for us especially ladies who just can miss just an episode. Thanks for bringing these people who make our evenings so so interesting right to us here in Ghana. Bravo TV3 and keep the good work.

    Posted By Adjoa - 12-Jan-2007

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    hindi lang talaga sya sa pinas pinagkagulohan, umabot pa ng aprika:-)

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    Never Ending, ending!!


    Jumaat lepas soap opera Sanay' wala nang wakas (Hope there is no ending) betul-betul dah habis. As my prediction before, Ara and Christian won the election. Banyak gak fan Leo-Gracie marah-marah.... kata astro tak adil la, astro memang sengaja nak carik untung la, sememangnya astro tak beli ending untuk ending Leo-Gracie la.. siap ada yang cakap peminat EchoTinners ni bodoh pun ade... macam la dorang tu pandai beno. Action speak lauder than word, you stupid DietTinners! really piss me off... Kalau nak Leo-Gracie menang vote la banyak sikit... kedekut! pastu nak pok pek pok pek lelebey plak

    Sanay wala nang wakas final recap

    Leo dan Christian saling tumbuk menumbuk antara satu sama lain. Christian cedera... Leo maintain anggun.. trust me man, his hair stay in the same spot! macam kalau director sebut je "Cut!" sure benda pertama dia capai ialah SIKAT!! . Back to the topic. Lepas adengan tumbuk menumbuk, Leo-Ara-Christian dikurung semula. Masuk sorang ahli Red Tag (kumpulan penganas tu la) campak dorang sebilah pisau. Dia kata malam nanti bila dia ketuk dinding belakang, maksudnya kat belakang tu tarak worang... so dia suruh dorang pecahkan (actually koyakkan sebab tempat kurungan tu macam daun yang dianyam jek). So malam tu penganas yang baik hati ni pun ketuk la dinding belakang tu... Leo ambik pisau tadi dan mula mengoyakkan dinding tu. Ara ajak nenek tua tu lari tapi nenek tu suh dorang je yang lari sebab kalo dia ikut hanya akan melambatkan pergerakkan dorang jek. Ara peluk nenek tu dan pergi ikut Leo dan Christian.

    Leo pulangkan balik pisau tu kat penganas yang baik hati tu balik. Lepas je dorang lari, penganas tu tikam diri dia sendiri (maybe dia tikam kat kaki kot). Leo pegang tangan Ara dan cabut lari. Christian yang cedera terkial kial ikut dorang lari. Hampeh tul si Leo ngan Ara ni. Komander Red Tag tu perasan yang dorang bertiga melarikan diri. Dia tanya orang dia (penganas yang baik hati tadi) kenapa dorang bertiga bley terlepas... penganas tu kata dia kena tikam. Komander tu kata "dorang tikam atau ko yang tikam diri ko sendiri?" sambil belasah lagi penganas yang baik hati tuh.

    Masa Leo-Ara-Christian melarikan diri diselitkan latar nyanyian Mary Ann kat Voice of the world which is held in Turkey. Disebabkan Christian cedera dia lari lambat. Leo ngan Ara plak lari laju gilos ke depan. Bila penganas tu berjaya spot dorang bertiga... panganas tu try kejar. Christian kat belakang ni la yang jadik tukang lindung Ara-Leo. Tembak punya tembak (ops... dorang dapat pistol tu dari penganas yang tolong dorang tu), lari punya lari... kaki Christian kena tembak. Ara dan Leo cuba bantu dia. Christian suh dorang lari tapi dorang kata biar dorang lari sesama...

    Mary Ann dah abih nyanyi.... Dia ke belakang pentas. Meloy cakap kakak dia nyanyi dengan bagus sekali. Kebetulan ada sorang orang Turki tu tengah baca surat kabar. Ada gambar Christian... Mary Ann tanya orang tu... apa berita tu tulis? Orang tu kata Christian dah mati.... Mary Ann terkejut.......... Adengan Mary Ann lari sambil background audio diselitkan perbualan Mary Ann memarahi Shane kerana tidak memaklumkan hal kematian Christian. Sedih wo time ni.... Mary Ann giler punya lari time tu....

    Mary Ann balik ke hotel, kemas semua barang sambil menangis... kebetulan time tu Voice of the world disiarkan di TV dan mengugumkan Mary Ann sebagai pemenangnya... Meloy cakap yang kakak dia dah berjaya... kakak dia dah menunaikan impian dia dan abang Christian... Mary Ann termenung. Dia balik ke tempat pertandingan dan sumer orang mengucapkan tahniah pada dia.....

    Balik ke adengan cemas.... Akhirnya pertolongan sampai.... mereka bertiga jumpa Ramon and the rest of the army. Leo serahkan Ara-Christian pada si Ramon. Pas tu dia join army tadi pi tembak penganas tu.. what the ****?! who the hell he think he is? try to be a hero huh? belajar pegang pistol dulu la encik... ko bukan army nak lawan penganas tu.... back to business... hehehehe Ara risaukan Leo dan cuba kejar si bodoh Leo tu balik... but sebelum dia sempat sampai ke Leo komander Red Tag tembak perut Ara (padan muka!). Sambil tu Leo pandang Ara dan Ara panggil nama dia perlahan "Leo" dan trus pengsan......

    Elizabeth dapat panggilan telefon dari Ramon, dia menangis......

    Kat hospital.... Elizabeth, Christian dan Leo trus menemani Ara... macam koma jek. Elizabeth terus menemani Ara hingga Ara tejaga. Mereka berdua saling membalas senyuman.

    Christian keluar berjalan-jalan diluar... dia nampak satu surat kabar (kat kedai surat kabar la yee) headline dia, mengatakan Mary Ann Voice of the world champion. Christian senyum.. senyuman yang gembira.

    Mary Ann balik dari Istanbul, Turki. Wartawan sumer kejar dia tanya dia pasal Christian yang masih hidup. Mary Ann terkejut. In the same time dia gembira. Dia suh wartawan tu sumer amik gambar dia...

    Scene kat hospital. Christian met up with Ara then, they started off with just like "how are you doing," but it then turned into tears and he even cracked a joke about how he should forget about her because leo punches hard, he and she cried, and he said "arabella" before breaking down into tears and kissing her hand and talking about how she's a great person, and that he will miss her. he exited the room in tears and leaving her in even more tears.

    In the hallway, he came across Mary Ann, she saw him and was overjoyed that he was all right. Meloy left them alone. She told him that she won the 'voice of the world' competition because of him. he smiled and told her congratulations. He started to say something and then she stopped him and told him that whatever he was going to say, can he please not say it. because her past with him was her hoping then getting shot down (she was saying this in tears, but smiling), she said she made a decision, and that was that she didn't want that anymore. So she said not to tell her what he was gonna say, because she might get lost in her head again.

    He looked down, sad, and she held up his chin and told him to always take care of himself, for her. he nodded, and they hugged. she walked away in the distance, while he leaned against the wall crying. this was Mary Ann's goodbye

    Leo then went into Ara's hospital room. Ara and leo were talking alittle bit about how she was doing, then the conversation lead to what everyone was waiting for. she told him that she loved her, and that she hopes he believes that. but the fact is she loves someone more. It was christian. He's the one her heart shouts for and who is always on her mind.

    She was crying and Leo was crying. He told her it hurts sooo much, but he understands. he wants her to be happy. He thanked her for everything. then he left. This was Leo's goodbye.

    Mary Ann was at her voice of the world concert, as the voice of the world. she looked around at the empty seat, and seemed to not be bothered by it but just sang. Someone sat down, it was a cute guy, and they seemed to have a connection. they smiled at each other... this was the end of her story...

    Leo was on an elevator at an airport, there was no detail to where he was going, he was just holding luggage, as a big sign flashed "departure"...he looked around and seemed content...this was the end of his story...


    It is sooo unbelievably hard to describe. it was BEAUTIFUL. gold was the color, she walked in with tons of confetti falling from the ceiling like silver snow, there were rose petals everywhere. at the end of the aisle was Christian, smiling.

    uncle Truman and rain were there, smiling. even Francine was there, behind Christian, clapping.

    they joined hands, and said their vows..... talking about how much they love each other... yadda... yadda... yadda.... and they were pronounced man and wife, and he kissed her.

    It was soooo romantic.

    He carried her and everyone was clapping and smiling, they walked down the aisle, and the last image we see are Ara and Christian, smiling on the happiest day of their lives, and the one that many have been waiting for, their wedding day.

    This is Malaysian newspaper cut about Jericho Rosales...

    credit to Malay mail on Feb 4th, 2005

    COVER STORY: Echo our hero!
    By Joe Lee

    Feb 4:

    NOTHING seems to faze Jericho Vibar Rosales, as he calmly replies to question after question on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Philippines’ latest export, who stars as Christian Soriano in the telenovela ‘Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas’ (SWNW) takes everything in his stride despite being in the hectic backstage area of a shoot.
    The sighing audience on our end are totally smitten by him. They ‘ooh' and ‘aah' with every answer he gives in his steamy, sexy drawl (which to the ears of the un-infatuated, would actually sound a tad whiny).

    The 26-year-old's shy, affectionate, romantic and utterly New-Age-man-I-can-cry-when-I-feel-like-it character on SWNW has captured the hearts of hordes of women. But how does Echo (that's Jericho's nickname) fare in reality? First of all, he comes across as a reluctant Romeo – embarrassed about the attention he's getting.

    Which is not too hard when four girls from Astro facilitating in the telephone interview are hanging on to his every word, and sighing away.

    SWNW has a sizeable following who religiously tune in to the series despite the need for subtitles to figure out what's going on. Echo says, "Language is not a barrier" and mumbles something about the emotions involved being enough to reach out and touch people.

    Interestingly, while the character of Christian has won convincingly in the Philippines, in Malaysia, he's barely edging Leo.

    For the uninitiated, SWNW revolves around a love triangle between the characters of Christian, Arabella and Leo.

    Viewers are actually empowered to SMS their choice of which hunk they want to see win the girl with two different endings prepared for the eventual ‘winner'.

    So what is the determining factor of who gets the girl? "Definitely the depth of the character. Christian is so intense, so desperate, he's so in love, he'll do anything and yet at the same time, he has concerns and troubles which give him an edge." Echo explains it was a challenge to play Christian though he didn't find it hard to relate to the character.

    "It was hard for me... he cried all the time! But the script called for it as that was his personality.

    "But it wasn't too hard to relate to the character as I'm like that as well – romantic in a mushy way." His high-profile, on-and-off romance with Kristine Hermosa, who plays the character of Ara, has fascinated people.

    It was a real-life soap right to the relationship ending apparently due to maternal pressure on Kristine's side. The experience has taught him much. "I've learnt a lot about values in that relationship including respect for oneself and the other person – it was just a very complicated situation." And as looks are exchanged between the ladies in the room, the next logical question would be whether he's attached.

    "At the moment... zero." He has to actually repeat that twice as the women in attendance expressed surprise.

    "Well, I'm busy with my schedule – and my love life is just not working well." Cue the ‘awws'.

    The next enquiry was how he expects someone to be genuine in a relationship now that he's a star.

    "Well, that's the trick, that's an adventure for me. I'm waiting to see how it goes. I really don't know at the moment." The next question had Echo blushing (well, at least we could imagine him doing so, considering his response).

    "What turns me on? Oh my God..." After much prodding – he finally answers.

    "Girls who stay a lot on the beach – surfer chicks..." he coyly admits.

    "I like being sporty and being at one with nature. It's something that has to be understood in a relationship.

    "That's how I am. I want somebody to see the stars the way I see them, feel the ocean the way I feel it.

    "You communicate when you share an adventure. It's not just about the two-piece bikinis – there's got to be a little more to it." Immediately of course, that sets the chorus on the home front insisting they're all for nature, which gets Echo laughing, embarrassed.

    The topic switches over to his band, Jeans, a five-piece outfit which he heads as the vocalist.

    After severe audience pressure, he is coaxed into singing several lines of Jet's Are You Going To Be My Girl.

    More screams abound as Echo starts whispering shyly, "There are many people here... many people here... a lot of people here, and it's so embarrassing! They're all like looking at me... ‘Oh he's weird!'... ‘What's he trying to do!''' But as the girls set off on another cheering frenzy in what must be the most unusual interview ever, he must feel it's worth it.

    "I hope you guys are having a great time," he laughs, obviously realizing how everyone is lapping up his answers.

    So is singing really a valid part of his career? Echo insists so, saying he loves it and cherishes the hard work and hours rehearsing.

    "It's not work for me at all, really.. it's a different thing for me.

    "You know when people are sad, lonely, happy and joyful and they want to celebrate... and that's what music is to me and I like the emotions it makes me feel." At the moment, Jeans is working on an English album, and Echo cheekily adds that ‘perhaps we'll make one in Malaysia' which gets the girls going again. But acting is also important to him too and he says he wouldn't want to choose between one or the other.

    "It's a tough choice... can't I be an actor and a singer at the same time? If I love something I would find the time to do it." Despite his ability to ‘multi-task', one thing Echo does not want to be involved in is politics, which is perhaps an unusual statement from someone from a country where an actor had been President. You would think he has the charm and charisma to woo voters.

    "Naw... I just want to help out. I don't want to be a politician. I want to help kids, do something about pollution – not to mention saving the beaches." His professional ambitions are as overwhelming. He hopes to direct commercials, venture into movie production, take up photography professionally and... "Open up a burger joint for surfers! "At the moment nothing's certain yet... nothing's planned and we'll just have to see." Apart from his acting, singing, occasional modelling and endorsement activities, the born-again Christian, without fail, not only attends church every Sunday – he also has bible study get-togethers with friends ("Don't be afraid of the bible just because it's an old book, dude").

    At the moment, Echo lives in some hilltop residence not too far from Manila and enjoys a cool, serene, home life away from the limelight and stardom.

    As he says, "People move slower at high altitudes." (Go figure!) He's not keen on what comes with being a star and insists he prefers to keep things real.

    "I don't want to be screamed at or booed at or whatever. After work I try to be normal – after all it's not a big thing being who I am or doing what I am doing." At this point of the interview which has stretched past the allocated time, he asks for the writer's name, and introductions are properly done – but it was all lost amidst the excited screams of the ladies.

    He also asks how many girls were listening in.

    The lovable Astro family in attendance giggle loudly, "four"! in their chirpy voices. Finally, one decides it definitely doesn't sound so good to be continually doing the giggly thing and tries to remedy the situation (failing miserably) by screeching, "We're very intelligent girls!!!" In the closing minutes of the interview, it's time to get him to answer the essential questions.

    Are his looks burdensome? "No, not at all... it's a gift... it's a God-given gift... everybody has their own," he replies.

    What's his best asset? "I can't say much... I think I'm well proportioned for my age... I keep myself fit..." Yaadaa yaadaa yaadaa... So just how ‘well proportioned' is he? "Oh no! You're being naughty... it's getting hot in here! (he sings)... c'mon guys... there are a lot more interesting things to talk about than me and my proportions." Everyone assures that for the moment at least, nothing else comes across as more important and you can tell that Echo is turning some shade of puce out of utter embarrassment at a group of strangers who seem obsessed with his bits.

    So how ‘bad' can you get? "I can be bad," Echo says confidently, trying to regain his composure and gain control of the situation.

    He rambles on about a character he's played who's into fast cars and even faster women. The ladies giggle again at the utter mention of his gigolo character before we jolt him back to reality and ask how ‘bad' the REAL Echo can be.

    "Uhm... I don't want to be so bad for you girls..." Expected screams of delight! And the last question? Have you ever had guys come on to you? "Er...yeah," he admits shyly.

    So what do you do? "Erm...I shake their hand...," he says not too confidently.

    And what if he throws himself at you and declares, "You're the man of my dreams!" "Ah...I would say... and you're not..." So that's less competition already, ladies.

    But considering the number of women nuts over him – it's doubtful the Filipino charmer's single and available status will remain for long.

    credit to Berita Harian on Feb 5th, 2005

    SEMALAM, penghujung percintaan tiga segi antara Ara, Christian dan Leo menerusi siri telenovela popular Filipina Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas (SWNW) sudah terjawab. Tragedi percintaan Ara dan Christian melalui pelbagai halangan dan rintangan lalu dipisahkan akibat sejarah hitam antara kedua-dua keluarga. Kemudian muncul pula jejaka kacak bernama Leo yang cuba memberikan kasih sayang dan perlindungan terhadap Ara. Dalam perebutan mendapatkan semula Ara, Christian dan Leo terpaksa tunduk dengan undian penonton. Akhirnya dalam terpaksa, Leo pasrah bahawa Ara bukan miliknya... tetapi penonton Malaysia mahu Christian kembali menjadi cinta hati Ara. Ikuti temu bual eksklusif bersama Jericho Rosales yang memegang watak Christian untuk mendapatkan reaksi dan kisah cinta sebenar beliau.

    “SAYA memang tidak sangka keputusan di Malaysia akan sama seperti di Filipina. Hasil undian di Filipina, watak Christian turut menjadi pilihan penonton. Memang seronok bila saya diberitahu di Malaysia undian antara Christian dengan Leo sangat sengit. Bagaimanapun, lega juga apabila Christian sering mendahului Leo kira-kira 2 peratus undian.

    Bagi saya, Christian menjadi pilihan ramai mungkin kerana faktor karektornya. Watak Christian sangat dalam permainan emosinya dan begitu bersungguh. Dia sangat-sangat dilamun cinta hingga sanggup melakukan apa saja. Tetapi pada masa sama, dia terlalu mengikut rasa hati, dia punya masalahnya diri dan kehidupannya sendiri. Jadi, hasilnya untuk membawakan watak Christian, saya sendiri perlu berusaha keras mencari karektor sebenarnya.

    Bagi saya, antara kesukaran menjiwai Christian ialah dia lelaki terlalu sensitif dan sering mengalirkan air mata. Memang sukar bagi saya pada awalnya. Menangis bukan sekadar luahan saya ketika memainkan perasaan Christian. Namun, ia juga sebenarnya adalah kehendak skrip. Tetapi bagi saya ia perkara biasa. Jika sudah memang itu perwatakannya saya perlu realisasikannya mengikut kehendak skrip dan pengarah.

    Watak Christian bagi saya seorang lelaki bukan sekadar romantik tetapi lebih daripada itu. Kalau dilihat carta, ia melebihi tahap seorang lelaki normal. Saya mengaku saya juga seorang romantik, kira macam mudah terpenjara oleh cintalah (ketawa). Bila saya jatuh cinta, saya benar-benar setia. Malah saya akan berikan segala-galanya buat kekasih saya, dunia dan jiwa saya. Hmm... lebih kurang macam itulah.

    Satu kenangan yang tidak dapat saya lupakan sejak memegang watak Christian ialah ketika saya berada di Singapura tahun lalu, seorang lelaki mendekati saya dan bertanya apakah saya pelakon yang ditontonnya menerusi siri telenovela yang disiarkan di Malaysia.

    Bila saya katakan ya, dia sangat gembira dan segera meminta tandatangan saya. Ketika itu, saya sangat terperanjat dan agak terharu kerana saya bukan saja dikenali di negara saya, malah di Malaysia dan Singapura. Sememangnya sesuatu yang pelik untuk kita menonton perbualan di televisyen dengan bahasa yang bukan bahasa harian kita.

    Tetapi saya percaya, manusia boleh berkomunikasi menerusi ekspresi muka dan permainan emosi. Melihat seorang wanita menangis, kita boleh selami rasa hatinya sama ada dia kecewa atau berpura-pura.

    Tidak perlu kata-kata menjelaskan keadaan itu. Mungkin inilah yang berlaku sehingga SWNW sangat diterima umum di Malaysia. Terima kasih banyak-banyak... ia membuatkan saya rasa apa yang saya usahakan selama ini berbaloi.”

    Cinta Jericho

    “SAYA dan cinta? Hmm... itu memang soalan wajib yang akan diajukan pada saya (ketawa). Percayalah saya katakan, tidak ada.... kosong! (senyap seketika). Kenapa... tak percaya kata-kata saya? Memang saya masih solo., mungkin kerana kesibukan saya.

    Hidup saya sudah terikat dengan kerja saya, malah kesibukan itu kadangkala buat hidup saya tak menentu... macam mana hendak cari kekasih. Masalah dalam perhubungan terutama cinta banyak mengajar saya erti kehidupan. Malah saya menjadi lebih matang. Pengalaman putus cinta beberapa kali sebelum ini membuat saya sedar betapa perlunya untuk kita menghargai orang lain dan perhubungan.

    Saya juga mengenal erti bahawa dalam hidup kita perlu menghargai pengorbanan orang lain. Menghormati dan belajar memberi serta memahami. Ah, memang banyak perkara, sukar hendak dihuraikan dengan kata-kata, tetapi merasainya membuatkan kita mengenal diri kita dan kekasih kita itu.

    Hidup sebagai selebriti memang ramai yang datang ‘menyerah’ diri pada saya. Entahlah... sukar untuk buat pilihan untuk gadis sedemikian kerana kita tidak tahu apakah mereka benar-benar ikhlas atau sekadar mahu bersama saya. Cuma, saya sentiasa berharap suatu hari nanti ada gadis yang sanggup menunggu saya dan membuatkan saya jatuh cinta semula.

    Gadis idaman saya? Hmm.... ada banyak ciri-ciri wanita idaman yang saya impikan selama ini. Tetapi yang pasti salah satu ciri utama dia mesti pandai meluncur air. Saya suka alam semula jadi dan sukan. Bagi saya gadis yang aktif, mahir meluncur, sukakan cabaran dan keseronokan di laut biru dapat menjalinkan hubungan lebih akrab dalam jiwa saya. Tapi jangan salah anggap saya tertarik dengan wanita yang meluncur air bukan kerana wanita nampak seksi kerana memakai bikini (ketawa).

    Selain berlakon saya juga bergelar penyanyi di sini. Saya ada band boy yang dinamakan Jeans. Kami berlima dan saya adalah penyanyi utamanya. Saya memang suka menyanyi. Saya suka bila dapat menggembirakan orang lain yang bersedih dengan lagu saya yang ceria. Biasanya, bila bersedih kita akan dengar lagu, kan? Boleh rileks.... tenangkan perasaan. Muzik juga sebenarnya elemen merawat kesedihan.

    Orang macam saya ini memang sukar hendak beri jawapan jelas mengenai hal itu. Tapi saya lebih suka berusaha dari bawah. Mungkin saya hendak mengintai peluang di luar Filipina. Saya mahu cuba bekerja dengan produksi lebih besar... syarikat antarabangsa, misalnya. Saya juga sering berangan moga suatu hari nanti saya berpeluang menjadi pengarah untuk iklan dan komersial. Kenapa saya pilih bidang komersial... entahlah, mungkin kerana saya sentiasa ada idea baru. Jadi jurugambar juga idaman saya. Mungkin saya akan buka studio sendiri suatu hari nanti. Hishhh.... memang banyaklah perkara yang hendak saya lakukan!”

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    Baket naman pinadala si Jericho para magperform with his band? Dapat 'yung buong cast na lang.

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    Because first and foremost, he's a musician.

    Diba may movie si Echo sa Malaysia (or was it Indonesia)? I believe it was released already. How did it go? Naging hit ba?

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    LOL...ito ba yung teleserye na ang original cast ay dapat Kaye Abad-Jericho-Kristine-Marvin Agustin? Then Tinapon sa putikan si Kaye at Marvin para ipasok si Diether at Angelika?

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    ^ maganda naman ang naging epekto. after its rating to equal that of the Asianovela against it, it surged back to being primetime's N0.1 or No.2 program

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    GTL 24/7
    yea, i actually started watching SWNW kasi gusto ko talaga dati si Jericho at Angelika.

  10. #10
    )h ito ba yung MAry Anne si Angelika? If so loved it! Hindi ko masyadong nasubaybayan..pero I love her character there

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    Quayside Synthesis hardkandy's Avatar
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    9th arrondissement
    I looooved this soap. Die-hard Christian-Ara ako noon Sobrang frustration ko towards the end sa kalokohang text poll na ginawa nila. Akala ko joke joke lang nung una biglang naging choose your own adventure ang kalokang soap tapos pinalabas naman yung parehong ending. Psh.

    Pero Christian-Ara talaga the best, dami nilang unforgettable moments. And gwapo pa at super lakas ng dating ni Jericho noon

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    Big Brother Fanatic Pythos's Avatar
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    Big Brother World
    Grabe talaga ang gawang ABS. Sana naman naghanap kayo ng English translation ng mga article sa taas.

    Demanding. Hehehehe

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    Big Brother Fanatic Pythos's Avatar
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    Big Brother World
    I looooved this soap. Die-hard Christian-Ara ako noon Sobrang frustration ko towards the end sa kalokohang text poll na ginawa nila. Akala ko joke joke lang nung una biglang naging choose your own adventure ang kalokang soap tapos pinalabas naman yung parehong ending. Psh.

    Pero Christian-Ara talaga the best, dami nilang unforgettable moments. And gwapo pa at super lakas ng dating ni Jericho noon
    Basta gawang ABS talaga, kakaiba ang ending.

    Kahit yata anong teleserye, tanging ito lang ang mayroong 2 ending

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    Name: Terri Location: Mombasa, Kenya
    Subject: Ara and Christian Rating: 3 stars

    For really christian marry ara. Leo marry maryanne, newton marry aras friend and elizabeth mama ara you are beutiful. christians grandma love you. Aras grandma good

    December 05, 2007 08:00 PM

    Name: Daniel Location: Nakuru/ Kenya
    Subject: Christian &Ara Rating: 3 stars

    Ghosh!!! I cant belive my best TV soap is over.Anyway it was so nice & romantic especially christian and ara.The boring part of it is that much crying its excess.Pliz Leo take care of Ara being her real husband,for christian try Marryann.I Love u all.mmmmmmmmmhhhh!!!

    December 03, 2007 04:00 PM

    Name: Linna Location: Mombasa
    Subject: its lovely Rating: 3 stars

    wooooooooooow! i love timeless and i cant dare miss even an episode of it,christian ur such sweet,ara ur perfect,shen ur lovely ,maryann i lov u, and de whole crew ur wondeful ,,, big ups for u all.

    November 14, 2007 09:44 AM

    Name: Sally Selina Lumadi Location: Nairobi
    Subject: Love is TIMELESS Rating: 3 stars

    Wow wow, I love it soo soo much,,, I know ara & christian will end up together, i just love them together.
    I love maryanne & leo too & i would wish they get what they want coz they are geniune but they have to accept Ara & Christian really love each other & are meant to be!... I can never miss it.

    November 12, 2007 11:39 PM

    Name: Mutembei Peter Location: Mitunguu/Kenya
    Subject: Love is timeless Rating: 3 stars

    Hi christian,am peter of kenya.i wanna let u know that i like watching timeless love here at bay.u n ara must b 2gether.plis send i the whole episode of timeless love via email i will be waiting.say hi 2 ara,maryann,stinker,leo,claudia buenavista,and the whole crew.plis i beg of u 2 send me your contacts via mail,mine are +254726751459.bye

    November 09, 2007 05:33 AM

    Name: Ceclia Location: Nairobi
    Subject: sanay wala wakas Rating: 3 stars

    iz reli rockin. I love all the characters of this programe. christian, gracie, mary anne.....u know the others coz am pretty sure u watch them, too. I reli wish 2 visit philipine n see them live live

    November 08, 2007 05:37 PM

    Name: Veronica Auma Location: Nairobi
    Subject: Love is truly timeles Rating: 3 stars

    Congrats to all actors and actress especially Ara and Christian not forgetting Maryann and stinky.You are all stars and you always make me feel great.I love their program very much as you can watch it with anyone without shying away indeed very decent.Please send me the whole story via my email and thank you in advance.

    November 02, 2007 12:30 AM

    Name: Lucy Karimi Nyaga Location: Embu
    Subject: kenya Rating: 3 stars

    I love christian en i know at the end of the program christian will marry ara and leo will end up with maryann and newton and shane will marry. I love it all.

    October 31, 2007 12:34 AM

    Name: Karuga C Location: Timau-Nanyuki
    Subject: Ara and Leo +christian +mary ann+episodes Rating: 3 stars

    I like the way leo dies for aras love,
    Iwish ara could get to know that and stop misbehaving. What would you feel when you take a chic to a nice place and find that her mind is even not there? i sear you can kill someone,thats why i like leo.He sincerl y loves that kagirl.
    Christian, until when r you going to cry? marry mary ann and make her happy, she is the one who truelly loves you.
    Pls send for me all the episodes am afraid i cant get it on the internet.but if i can find it pls help me out.

    October 25, 2007 07:53 PM

    Name: Grace Wambui Location: Nairobi, Kenya
    Subject: Love is timeless

    Am a born again christain who was not interested in any stories. My only adored "watch" is love is timeless. At time I feel like working to Kenya stadio to start the programme early or moving to philipin. I love Ara and Christian and at times i dream seeing and talking with them. Please where can i buy the dvd? The programme brings life purpose, going for the one you love.... Although am widowed i love this story. When electricity power goes off, i am frustrated.

    Maryanne, Stinker you are great. Mama Elizabeth, you are so sweet, you made me forgive without sining to any one because of forgiving DVV. DVV, you are a strong woman. Leo you loved like a crazy guy, i wish all our guys are like you. Newton and Chane do you love each other.

    Ara can you marry Christian at the end, you are such a couple!! Please do.


    October 22, 2007 07:44 PM

    Name: Princess Ayan Location: Kenya Nairobi
    Subject: i love the show Rating: 3 stars

    hey i like this show very much especially hw kristine iz so emotional n ara too i like maryanne n leo the way they like to joke i think they make cute couple plz send me the story of kristen,ara,leo and maryanne via email
    October 21, 2007 05:15 PM

    Name: Sabina Location: Malindi
    Subject: SUMMARY OF EPISODE Rating: 3 stars

    timeless is just wonderful especially Christian and Ara. Leo is also acting real and not forgetting the clown Maryann and the brother stinker. I would be greatful if you send me a summary of the whole story.


    October 20, 2007 09:38 PM

    Name: Irene Location: Kenya
    Subject: LOVE IS TIMELESS Rating: 3 stars

    i just love the whole thing.mary-ann u make my day n ur small stinker,old than his years.leo keep it up.i just love u all.long live.

    October 16, 2007 11:24 PM

    Name: Susan Location: Kenya
    Subject: I Love the Programme, Its de BOMB Rating: 3 stars

    I really love Christian and Aara but am so sorry for Christian for loosing his woman, but Christian i can promise you if u can fight for your love you can win. Coz what i have realize is that Aara doesn't love Leo completely, she only likes him coz of his characters u know what i mean? BUT for you its real LOVE, hop u guys get married in future its a beautiful couple. Marryann just wait.., dont give up, i love you the way you act and you Stinker keep loving your sis she is gonna be great woman. I LOVE YOU GUYS
    October 10, 2007 01:23 AM

    Name: Florence Location: Kenya
    Subject: era,christiane and maryanne Rating: 3 stars

    these guys bring live show.maryanne shows people how she can sing and how she is strong and can take good care of small brother even if life is hard to bare but she will make it through to era she shows us how to forgive enemies and have peace in her heart is so beautiful to christiane keep it up boy you know what love is!
    let all people learn and believe in love as you watch love is timeless

    October 05, 2007 10:00 PM

    Name: Briphoe Location: Nai Kenya
    Subject: SURELY LOVE IS TIMELESS Rating: 3 stars

    Ara, I love you and I am a great fun of your soaps. Forgive Leo (Diet)& walk down the isle with him as you promised and as your fun I will forever be happy. (Diet) Leo, pls learn to fight 4 Tin(Ara) despite the many rumours we read & prove all wrong and take your wife home with u.Christina, Maryanne, Stinker, Shane,Newton, Mum Ivet,Kudos. May I know if Maryanne is the play is Richard's daughter. Tin & Diet, stand 4 your faith in Christ Jesus & He'll see you thro' despite everything. God bless you all.

    October 05, 2007 09:39 PM

    Name: Mellen Location: Nairobi-Kenya
    Subject: I LIKE CHRISTINE AND ERA'S CHARACTERS Rating: 3 stars


    September 28, 2007 09:11 PM

    Name: Chau Joel Location: Nairobi
    Subject: congrats Rating: 3 stars

    this is one of the best soaps this season.i especially love christian and leo there very fyn.maryann is very humorous she makes ma nights.every one else is good

    September 27, 2007 01:55 AM

    Name: Mary Location: Nairobi
    Subject: excellent Rating: 3 stars

    i congratulate my best actress maryanne and her brother ,stinker you think 5 times your age,glad to note ara and leo are married in real life ,for christine pliz be a little bit stronger to be a sure security to the woman you love

    September 17, 2007 07:16 AM

    Name: Dorry Location: Kenya
    Subject: like maryanne Rating: 3 stars

    its a must watch program 4 me plz send me the summary of the program via email

    September 17, 2007 05:45 AM

    Name: Mercy Wanjiku Location: Ruiru,Kenya.
    Subject: I just love Christian!!! Rating: 3 stars

    I love Grace and Christian.I bliv in real life,they are a couple.Maryann,you make me laugh.Whatever you do,I find it funny.Leo,you're soo sweet.Bcoz of you all,I want 2go 2 Philippines some day.I would be glad if I met you.Glad is 2 little a word.It would be a dream come true.Stinker,you are amazing and amunchi.If only I could pinch your cheeeks!Please send me their real names,the state they live in,their age and their details[as in anything and everything about them].I would appreciate.Shane and Newton,swallow your pride!Stop making each other jealous and start courting.I know and am certain that no one in the whole world LOVES Love is timeless than I do.I cant miss a single episode.Am even scared of blinking.

    September 12, 2007 05:13 AM

    Name: Abby Francis Location: Nairobi, Kenya
    Subject: summary of da episodes Rating: 3 stars

    Leo, i luv u! Keep it up! You are such darling. Maryann, you are so sweet! You make everyone happy as well as your life touches everyone. Fransine...i've got nothing to tell you. Christiane try to be a real man. Always fight for the woman you love though i like you.

    September 01, 2007 09:14 PM

    Name: Masemo Location: Nairobi, Kenya
    Subject: THE PROGRAM IS JUST THE BOMB Rating: 3 stars

    I was a great fun of The Long Wait soap opre,and I thought it was non to be compared but when it ended and came Love is Timeless, it came to be the bomb. I think this Philipians are just great. Cheers to my great actress-Marry Ann.

    September 01, 2007 01:03 PM

    Name: Maryanne Mwasi Location: Nairobi, Kenya
    Subject: Arah Arah Rating: 3 stars

    Hi you guys make a good couple .I hate seeing Christian crying over my namesake Maryanne. Even now I strongly believe you are a couple somewhere.bye

    August 30, 2007 01:20 PM

    Name: Beryl Okambo Location: Nairobi, Kenya
    Subject: I'm in love with Timeless Rating: 3 stars

    Christian should just marry marryann because ara and Leo are just a wondetrfull couple.

    August 24, 2007 08:03 AM

    Name: Muthoni Gatune Location: Nairobi, Kenya
    Subject: crazy Rating: 3 stars

    hi there. am just crazy wit u guys. u r all great but ma best couple is Ara n xstine. MARYANN is my best actress. kip up the gud work n pliz send me their contacts so that i can congratulate them. thanks.

    August 18, 2007 02:16 PM

    Name: Dorcas Location: Kenya
    Subject: wow Rating: 3 stars

    Love is timeless is a must watch pliz send me the summary.i really like the way maryann behaves she is a real actress.

    August 16, 2007 10:31 AM

    Name: Alice Location: Nairobi, Kenya
    Subject: entertaining Rating: 3 stars

    I love watching Mary Anne and Christian but I "hate" Ramon.
    Its a very entertaing and suspense creating story.
    Just wish U guys can send me the whole story

    August 15, 2007 09:09 AM

    Name: Mary Adhiambo Location: Maseno, Kenya
    Subject: WHY IS THE EPISODE NOT IN NET? Rating: 3 stars


    Woow!!! i like the actors of Timeless especially Maryanne, Ara and Christian can i have their warebouts. The soap is bombastic and looks real


    August 03, 2007 10:49 AM

    Name: Mome Location: Kenya
    Subject: Hi there Rating: 3 stars

    Am a fun of timeless and am a fun of Leo but christian and Grace should be 4 enternity and also i like maryann and the brother stinker ohh what a name! keep up the good work people.

    August 02, 2007 09:55 AM

    Name: Imma Chera Location: Nairobi, Kenya
    Subject: MAD WITH PHILLIPIANS SOAPS Rating: 3 stars

    I've never imagined myself mis'ng these soaps. Starting from The Promise, The Long Wait and finally the Timeless. For the Timeless, I just like Angelica Kristine, Jericho, Diether, actually, all the casts. They are actually talented and I would urge them to keep up. Their soaps are such nyc and they can be watched by grannys, moms, dads and babes together. They maintain such a high degree of discipline and that's why they are my favourite. Hey MaryAnn, you just make me mad. Can u pliz say Hi to me? I would like you to be my sweet Special friend. To all of you involved continue with the good job you are doing. God bless you n Keep up guys!

    July 23, 2007 09:28 AM

    Name: Esphan Location: Nairobi, Kenya
    Subject: SUMMERY OF EPISODE Rating: 3 stars

    Infact in lifetime have never seen such interesting drama.what i would say is let true love last regardless of what comesforth.Though i dont know where you are driving us BEST WISHES TO ARA and CHRISTIAN.Infact they have modeled LEO AND MARYANN respectively.Im not certain but hope so,thats why i need copies [dvd] from you pliz! THANKS in advance

    July 18, 2007 12:11 PM

    Name: Rosemary Location: Nairobi, Kenya
    Subject: Post the story summary on the web Rating: 3 stars

    I love the cast ara, christian, newton, mary ann, shane and leo they make the soap so addictive. ara is lucky to be loved by two great guys.

    July 05, 2007 03:42 AM

    Name: Abui Suleiman Natty Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
    Subject: Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas Rating: 3 stars

    we missed the part when Maryan was rejecting knowing the Japanese business man. we suddenly had powercut. it was so moving. How can we get the vcds for the whole timeless

    March 19, 2007 10:39 AM

    Name: Aisha Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania
    Subject: Are they lovers?

    Hi guys
    big up ara,christian,leo and marryann.I like the story it's so gud.but i want to ask is it true ara and leo married?or are they lovers?please send me an answer iwant to know coz i love them so much and i'll be happy to know if they are husband and wife.
    also send me all episodes of timeless.

    March 14, 2007 05:28 AM

    Name: Mocrana Burugi Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
    Subject: I LOVE MARY ANN Rating: 3 stars

    the series is very good, i cant afford to miss it, its worth watching, Mary ann is real something, you girl i wish i couuld see you, are always like that?

    March 01, 2007 04:40 AM

    Name: Susan Kabokela Location: Lusaka, Zambia
    Subject: The Best of all soaps Rating: 3 stars

    Hey guys, your soap is really nice and am enjoying it everyday. i just hope leo and Ara ends up together, because they really look sweet together. Hey Leo i wish you could be mine, coz you are just too handsome. Hey Mary Ann, i like your craziness, keep up gal, and to the rest of the clue, you all wonderful!!!!!

    February 21, 2007 10:29 AM

    Name: Elvis Owusu-Mensah Location: Obuasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana
    Subject: Why is the story not on the net and not in English too Rating: 3 stars

    Oh please I like this soap so much so that I would like to get my own copy but its rather unfortunate I don't know how to acquire one in Ghana here. Could you please assist me in acquiring a copy of my own in Ghana here and in the English version either on the net, tape or CD. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease I really need your help. Is it possible and how, to get into contact with Kristine,Jericho,Diether,Angelika de la cruz,Marvin,Kaye, etc. I really love them all. Hoping so urgently to here from you soon.
    Thanks so much. God bless you all out there for making the whole world happy.

    January 13, 2007 07:01 AM

    Name: Lucy Location: Zambia
    Subject: Timeless... Rating: 3 stars

    Hi guys,

    I see im not the only addict to Sana 'Y Wala Ng Wakas (Timeless). It's just brilliant!!

    I just love Ara and Christian and think they belong together. I love Leo too but I think Ara isn't just his. Perharps he'll end up with that crazy funny sweet Mary Ann.
    I would love to get the episodes too because I've missed some parts because I am not always at home when it comes on.

    January 11, 2007 12:06 PM

  15. #15
    si kaye abad pala at marvin sa simula, dito ko lang nalaman yun...

  16. #16
    Kailan kaya ito maexperience ni Marimar Marian???

  17. #17
    Quayside Synthesis hardkandy's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pythos View Post
    Basta gawang ABS talaga, kakaiba ang ending.

    Kahit yata anong teleserye, tanging ito lang ang mayroong 2 ending
    IMHO, hindi maganda yung ginawa nila, they gypped the people. Kandalokaloka magboto yung mga diehard Echotin and Diettin fans tapos ipapalabas naman pala nila yung both endings. Moneymaking scheme lang kumbaga. Mas ok sana kung talagang yung nanalong ending lang ang pinalabas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardkandy View Post
    IMHO, hindi maganda yung ginawa nila, they gypped the people. Kandalokaloka magboto yung mga diehard Echotin and Diettin fans tapos ipapalabas naman pala nila yung both endings. Moneymaking scheme lang kumbaga. Mas ok sana kung talagang yung nanalong ending lang ang pinalabas.
    Well the echotin ending was shown in primetime. More viewers have watched it compared to the daytime special of diettin ending.

    The Diettin ending was shown to give in to the thousands of fans. I believe that the difference of votes garnered between the two is small. Nevertheless, Echotin ending was given more special treatment just by showing it on a primetime.

  19. #19
    Quote Originally Posted by rosannarose View Post
    Kailan kaya ito maexperience ni Marimar Marian???
    asa pa sya.lol

    hanggang ngayon ang mga tao don kinikilig pa rin sa sanay wala nang wakas fever. at nagrerequest ng movie na kasama ang apat ulit. at gusto pang maging available sa dvd ang kopya ng buong episode nito. ganon na kasikat sina jericho,angelika,tin at diet don.

    aside sa sanay wala ng wakas/timeless pati ang mga to pinagkagulohan din

    ikaw ang lahat sa akin-(for dirt and angelika)(malaysia and some parts of asia)
    the promise/pangako sa 'yo- (for echo and tin)(malaysia,ghana,kenya,cameroon, tanzania and some parts of asia)
    gulong ng palad-(for tin)(fiji)

    aside sa mga soap na yan na pinagbidahan ng apat na stars ng sanay wala nang wakas ay pinapalabas na rin ang iba pang soap opera ng abscbn na hindi sila ang bida

    kaytagal kang hinintay/the long wait

    pero syempre ang topic lang nito ang mas phenomenal sa lahat


    yong ibang soap opera sa ibang thread na lang pag usapan ha:-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by la_flash View Post
    Well the echotin ending was shown in primetime. More viewers have watched it compared to the daytime special of diettin ending.

    The Diettin ending was shown to give in to the thousands of fans. I believe that the difference of votes garnered between the two is small. Nevertheless, Echotin ending was given more special treatment just by showing it on a primetime.
    Still, I don't think it's right..kumbaga, led to believe sila na di nila mapapanood yung ending unless they win the voting. So syempre naglabas ng pera yung mga yun para lang mapanood yung ending na gusto nila tapos yun pala, regardless kung manalo or matalo, mapapanood pa rin nila.

    It's still gypping on ABSCBN's part, any way you look at it.

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