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    ^ Samilar to the Raptors of 2006-2007. I just dont see them getting out of the first round of playoff. Experience counts specially that they are.... part of the WEST. But for a young team they are pretty impressive sans Oden.

    Nobody might realize it outright but check-out the composition of Nortwestern Division --> Utah, Denver, Portland, Seattle, Minny. Garnett indeed made the right decision by jumping to the East.

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    Well nobody really expected Portland to be this competitive this early. The franchise is still on Year 3 of McMillan and Pritchard's 5-year masterplan to bring the team back to respectability. If they do make the playoffs this year, it will be a huge step for the young players, but I don't expect them to get out of the first round. Admittedly, all the playoff talk is premature.

    Just want to share this tidbit..

    Brian Wheeler had a great observation about this team during McMillan's segment. He said that rather than this team getting bogged down feeling too much pressure during this winning streak, they actually seem to be building their confidence and toughness with victories like this. That's something you wouldn't expect from the league's youngest team. Of course, no one expected the league's youngest team to rip off an 11-game winning streak either.

    This run by the Blazers has turned into the story of the NBA season so far. Even Boston, with its gawdy 22-3 record, hasn't put together a streak this long. And, even though they've had a nice winning streak, they didn't do it against competition like Portland has faced. For example, the Blazers have played the 4th-toughest schedule of any NBA team so far. Boston's schedule is ranked 30th of the 30 teams. The Celtics are 3 and 2 against the top-10 ranked NBA teams. The Blazers are 7-5 versus the top 10. I'm not comparing the two teams head to head, because that's not fair yet, but schedule strength can certainly be measured at this point.

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    The Christmas day game with Seattle was suppose to feature an Oden vs Durant key matchup but since Oden is out for the season, all that was in stake in the game was if Portland could achieve the current longest winning streak in the league.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neth_row View Post
    Just want to share this tidbit..
    i want to talk about that tidbit you shared because it brings us nsight into the game.


    it has to be taken with a grain of salt

    boston has a target mounted on its chest. everyone whop plays against boston has brought on their a games.

    on the flipside, portland is a team that's ranked so down there that no one even cares for them. "we're playing portland?day off!"

    before everyone clobbers me on that, we have to remember how great philadelphia performed at the tail end of last year when they themselves rattled off 10 straight.

    and it's not like that team had really anyone remotely as talented as roy or aldridge. or should i say remotely as consistent in using their talent.

    and yet if philly performed that well, i can only ask portland to do more before we can truly say their success is deservedly praised.

    for now, they are hype. for now.

    they can very well prove that they aren't just that. but for now, they are.

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    I certainly agree, ateneo10, that the Blazers are hype for now. For now.

    I expect things to normalize: Houston and Utah to get their acts together and challenge for a playoff spot, and the Blazers to start lose games once they hit the road. Still, it's 12 straight for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neth_row View Post
    I certainly agree, ateneo10, that the Blazers are hype for now. For now.

    I expect things to normalize: Houston and Utah to get their acts together and challenge for a playoff spot, and the Blazers to start lose games once they hit the road. Still, it's 12 straight for now.
    If you expect Houston and Utah to be part of the playoff cast come the end of the regular season, of all the top eight teams in the west right now, who do you think would be the "odd team out"? Portland? maybe. Golden State? I don't think so. New Orleans? I wish!

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    San Antonio, Phoenix, New Orleans and Dallas are locks to be in the playoff picture (Utah seemed to crack that elite group early in the season, but has since imploded). The Jazz, Denver, LA Lakers and Golden State will make up the remaining playoff picture out West.

    I think Utah is too well-coached to not get its acts together, probably after the All-Star break. The key for them is to stay as close as possible to Denver for the Northwest lead until they can put together a decent stretch.

    I don't expect Houston to make the playoffs. After a good start, they hit a rough patch... and then McGrady takes the routine sissy way out with a routine sissy injury. It happens every year.

    Portland, as good as they've been during this stretch, will probably end up with 35-38 wins and miss the playoffs

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    13 consecutive wins and counting again

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    The 4th quarter seems like Blazers'' domain during this stretch. They're playing like a champion team with they way they shut down their opponents and score in bunches! And Travis Outlaw's slam to punctuate this 4Q run against the 76ers was just insane!

    Next up is the Utah Jazz in Energy Solutions Arena. We've beaten them twice during this 13-game win streak, and the Jazz will certainly want revenge. Portland has no solutions so far for Carlos Boozer, but the Blazers' zone has been more than effective against the Jazz' other players - so much that other teams facing Utah have also been successful defending Utah with the zone. It will be interesting if Kyle Korver will help in this regard.

    13 and the Northwest lead! (As of this writing, GSW is leading the Nuggets by 6 late i the 3rd)

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    Portland is now tied with Denver for the top record in the Northwest Division after the latter lost to Golden State. They're now both at 18-12.

    When will Greg Oden be available to play? I was thinking of the possibility of him making his NBA debut in the playoffs.


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    Not this season. Next season pa si Oden. I seriously doubt he will suit come playoff even if he is ready.

    Good thing about this is that Oden had time to focus his training on gaining muscles. Something that he wasnt able to focus about in his years of playing basketball.

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    Streak's over, Utah beat Portland at Salt Lake. Darned, we really needed Nate's calming presence in the 3rd.

    18-13 overall and a 14-2 December. Not bad. And we were 4th seed in the West for a day!

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    back to earth, for now.

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    After the 13-game win streak, they play 10 of the next 12 at the road. Eventhough they dropped the first one against Utah, the signs are encouraging. They failed miserably in their first road stretch of the season back in November.

    A 5-7 record for this 12-game stretch is acceptable, imho.

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    The future. . .. They really erased the stigma of the Big Bad Blazers.

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    Blazers steal road win against Chicago in 2OTs. Rebounding is still a big headache; we almost let this one slip with the off rebs given up to the Bulls. This is where Oden will help us out a lot next season.

    Still 2nd to Denver in percentage points for the NW lead though.

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    Left the house at halftime, not expecting a win by the Blazers after a lousy 1st half and Brandon Roy out for the rest of the game.

    Boy was I wrong! Webster lit up the Rose Garden in the 3rd with 24 points. Blazers avenge their loss to Utah. They're 3-1 so far during the stretch that I mentioned.

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    serious ba injury ni roy?!?

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    ^ Nope, he just banged his butt harder than usual in the Chicago game. They have 3 days off, so Roy should be fine by then.

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