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    guys hello! my cousin kc is entering college and he is not sure of what to take really but WANT TO WORK ABROAD specifically U.S. Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific Australia - what are the courses to take. Ok ang alma ko Nursing, PT, Med Tech, Accountancy, Engineering. What else pa ba ang mabilis na makakahanap sya ng work jan sa abroad? Be specific po if possible - example Engineering- what branch of engineering? Maraming salamat po in advance sa inyo. Pls add na rin po *** courses na MAHIRAP MAKAHANAP NG WORK - siguro *** business course or entrepreneur or any course na mejo malabo din. Lahat po is welcome - makakatulong po ito sa akin at sa iba pang tao. Thanks

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    hope so...

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    Mag nurse ka na! Another future brown American!

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    Logistic Engineer,very in demand sa Europe.I think ang TUP ang tanging meron nito.

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    Physical & Occupational Therapy

    You must consider kung gaano kahirap ang course na 'to. Hindi lang gusto dahil in demand ito abroad. 5 years plus kung bagsak ka ng isang subject delay ka kaagad ng 1year.

    Kung matalino naman yun cousin mo, anything na in demand course pwede niya makuha, Engineering, Nursing, Therapy, Pharmacy etc.

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    Tama na ang Nursing okay?!

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    Sanitary Engineering kung gusto mo ng mataas na sweldo

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    yung mga teaching positions ok din daw dito...aside from nursing..

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    wow sobrang bigat pala ng mga courses! Dapat talaga *** mga ganun ano - *** mga tipong HUMAN KINETICS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by markpaul View Post
    Tama na ang Nursing okay?! year, thousands of new nurses ang darating and jobless na naman..ehhe...pero once makakapag abroad, super laki ang kikitain, but now medyo mahirap pumasok sa US due to retrogression...Saudi medyo madali..heheeh

    Engineers alam ko in demand ngayon...

    congratz mark certified US-RN...

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    ask ko lang po, how about Tourism course and Hrm??

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    Quote Originally Posted by meteora View Post
    yung mga teaching positions ok din daw dito...aside from nursing..
    One should be a very good educator in order to be recruited though. There's this Chemistry professor from an elite university in the Philipppines. He was already a full-time faculty member (and was already financally established) when he decided to go here in Philly to pursue his doctorate. Now, he teaches Chemistry in an Ivy League university (he did not even have to teach in a community college) where he earns more than what a nurse usually earns in a month. This means that nursing ain't the only profession that's in-demand in the United States. There's teaching but I repeat, one should be a very good educator in order to teach in the US.

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    Try mo Nursing, Engineering, Pharmacy, Accountancy, Physical Therapy, Rad Tech. etc

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    How about po field in human resources departement?

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    Architect or Engineer sir! if you want Middle east, mganda namn psahod dito sa uae.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jay372011 View Post
    How about po field in human resources departement?
    desk job ang pinaka paboritong trabaho ng mga kano
    kaya i doubt kung magkakaron ng demand para sa hr dept.
    kung ang ospital puros pinoy ang nurses, pt, medtech, pharmacist or doctor.... puti parin ang nagpapalakad ng opisina

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    Ganun pala ha iwasan pala ang deskjob na yan

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    nursing po, easiest way to go to any western countries. wag na po pharmacy kc ang requirement nila ngayon is 5yr pharmacy course. UP manila *** po ang meron nyan sa pinas, BS Industrial Pharmacy. and i'm telling you now, mamamatay sya sa hirap ng course na yan. bumagsak *** sya ng 1 subject delayed na sya agad ng 1 yr. PT **** po, from what i've heard e d pa pinapayagan kumuha ng US equivalent exams ang PT grads due to leakage in the said exam last yr(if i'm not mistaken). BS SpEd(special education) po kung teacher **** **** nya maging kc yan ang kailangan **. pwede din mag doctor pero mahaba-habang aral un.

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    nobody mentioned computer science dito sa thread ah.. medyo in demand din ito.. pero compared kasi sa mga nabanggit nyo, hindi ka kagad makakaalis kung plan mo right after college eh abroad na kagad. you need to hone your skills in the philippines.. find your niche.. then apply abroad.. some technologies that are in demand right now are SAP, oracle, tska .NET..

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    I have a question choco... what is the difference with comsci and computer programming coz i have friends with the former na medyo hirap makahanap ng work pero *** computer engineering or comp programmer pinag aagawan sa abroad - ano ba ang difference nuon

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