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    About DZBB 594 A.M. and the endless prodcuct endorsements of MIKE ENRIQUEZ

    I would like to share my sentiments about the daily morning show of Mike Enriquez at DZBB 594 A.M. (e.g. 6 a.m. onwards) I used to listen to it quite faithfully during 'drivetime' to the office. Sometimes, when the program is pretty engaging, I don't leave the car right away even after arriving in the office just to listen some more to the news and commentaries of Mike Enriquez and Joel Reyes.

    However, it has been a source of irritation when Mike Enriquez rambles on and on about the products he endorses. Look, I know the role of advertising and how sponsors make everything possible for the media to operate. I just strongly feel that Mr. Enriquez is overdoing it a tad too much. Are not the commercial slots in between the news and commentaries enough? Is it really necessary to add relentless lip service and verbal advertorials after the said commercial gaps? Do the payments for these verbal endorsements go straight to Mr. Enriquez's pockets? (I am inclined to think so, what with his incredible enthusiasm, as though he truly believes them all the time.).

    Enough is enough, please. Over commercialism has robbed your morning news and commentary radio show of its integrity and respectability. The endless blabbering of Mr. Enriquez for this and that product reverberates through my ears long after I have turned off the radio. This brings to mind the controversial departure of Mel Tiangco and Jay Sonza from ABS CBN many years ago when the management team of the broadcast station ruled that newscasters are to be prohibited from making personal endorsements for advertised products. On the basis of journalistic ideals (that seem to thrown out of the window so easily when the cash register rings). With this daily torture of Mike Enriquez's never ending product 'plugs' , how can one help but agree with this principle? At the very least, it is an unfair thing to use the credibility of a newscaster for purely commercial reasons. It capitalizes on the collective impressionable minds especially of the non-discerning masses. (The great equalizer would be when a product that Mr. Enriquez endorses someday becomes tainted with controversy. Does Mr. Enriquez realize he is putting his name on the line when he promotes such brands?)

    Needless to say, I have stopped listening to DZBB. Most of the time, I tune in to another other a.m. radio station. (I won't mention which lest I be accused of airing black propaganda in favor of another station).

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    GMA allows its newscasters to promote products, which I believe is because the station is not under the KBP.

    Remember, Mel Tiangco left ABS-CBN because of her suspension after she endorsed a product on TV.

    ABS-CBN is a faithful member of the KBP, which is very strict when it comes to product endorsements of news personalities.

    If Mike did this on DZMM, he would have been kicked out long ago.

    I listen to Mike's show, but I also listen to DZMM and DZXL. I don't have any particular loyalty to any AM station.

    During the Trillanes siege, I listened to both MM and BB.

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    I was not ranting about the legalities of broadcasters' product endorsements on the air. I was venting about the overkill with which Mike Enriquez verbally promotes products left and right even outside the supposed commercial gaps. It's just much too much, in my opinion, how he rambles endlessly about brands he probably does not even try himself. Again, aren't the alloted commercial gaps enough? Must we endure more of the same with broadcasters as mouthpieces of advertisers?

    Unfortunately, this over commercialism is spilling over to other stations. The other day,while listening to DZRH, Joe Taruc said he had wonderful news to the public, only to find out that he was talking about yet another consumer branded product. It makes me want to vomit.

    Alas, I know I'm a lonely voice amidst the barrage and assault of advertisers in the airwaves while the general public has apparently accepted it as part of media. It's a.m. radio's version of advertising madness in the same way that outdoor billboard advertisers contribute to the 'uglification' of the cityscape.

    I'll just have to listen more to my iPod until some semblance of sanity goes back to the air.

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