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    Varicose Veins..

    anyone here na makakapagsabi sakin kung pano mababawasan ang varicose veins sa hita?d ba dati may commercial si christine jacob about a cream na nagtatanggal nun?thanks

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    varicose veins

    hi guys..

    is there any product that can help para mawala yung mga small varicose veins? i don't know if they are already called varicose.... kasi they are very small.... yung sa upper legs na tinatawag ng iba na spider's veins

    i hope someone can help me...

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    did you already have this for a long time? maybe its hereditary.

    do you walk long distances? heels? maybe damaged valves.

    laser treatment is your best option.

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    i don't know if they're already considered varicose...they are not bulging... thy are fine small veins... they're usually found on the outer thighs..

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    Hi, I think those are called spider veins. If you've heard about a gadget called the Galvanic Spa, it helps improve blood circulation and can help small veins like that. I can help show u how it works if you're interested.

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    ^ yup, it's spider veins..will galvanic spa make disappear those veins? or will it only prevent those veins from appearing?

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    Hi, it can do both It will help make the spider veins disappear, and prevent new ones from appearing.

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    If you already have varicose veins mapaliit man to o mapalaki, wala ka ng magagawa pa kundi i-consult mo sa isang licensed cosmetic surgeon para malaman mo kung anong medical procedure ang maaari nilang gawin sayo. There are a lot of medical procedures pag dating sa pag-alis ng mga unwanted veins, ako nun sclerotherapy at laser treatment e. Now, the unwanted veins are gone.

    Everything you need to know
    about varicose vein treatment

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    ^how much did you spend? was it done here in the phils?

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    varicose viens

    Ganito din problema ko. Hereditary nga ***** 'to kasi am still 23 but i got much now. It started when I graduated high school. How much will the treatment costs? Tulong naman oh, meron ba nyan sa Cebu? Whre can I find Galvanic Spa sa Cebu?

    I'll be patiently waiting for your advises. Thanks guys...

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    i tried sclerotherapy.. almost 20K nagastos ko, bumili pa ako ng stockings.. but then sympre magkakaroon nanaman ng bagong varicose veins

    mag galvanic spa ka na lang. at least one time payment then you have the gadget for you for a long time. if ever varicose veins recur, just reuse the gadget.. no need to go to a clinic.

    you can visit for more info

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    Sclerotherapy is usually intended for middle to large varicose veins...Pag sobrang liit na yung veins, di na kakayanin ng needle kasi mejo malaki din ang needle..Also, an ultrasound diagnosis is important para malaman kung yung greater veins na ang affected eto read nyu baka makatulong:

    Varicose Veins Best Treatments

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    Varicose Veins Treatment

    Hi uu **** mababawasan yan...madami ng gamot para jan..sclerotherapy is the most commonly used nowadays pero there are other stuffs to remove them like yung laser and ultrasound procedures..Read mo here for more:

    Varicose Veins Treatment

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