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    Hi everyone, just wondering if you notice any difference when using fuel from different gas station, in terms of speed, acceleration, and gas consumption (km/l).

    Currently using shell unleaded, but i'm trying petron XCS, so far the car performs better using petron XCS, better acceleration and better milege.

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    kung san lang mas hiyang engine mo dun nalang.

    yung mga pangalan pang marketing lang.

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    if your car's minimum octane requirement is 93 octane and below you have no need to get higher octane gas like XCS or even blaze.

    personally i use XCS and blaze because my car requires 95 octane.

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    From what I understand most fuels come from the same source and what makes it vary amongst the oil companies here are the additives they use.

    As aforementioned, stick to what's required at the least. When i needed 95 octane before i also stuck to Petron XCS as this offered the best bang for the buck (and we got slightly better mileage).

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    i just use shell. because of the money back i get if i use the Credit Card.

    plus because teh ferrari uses it. ***!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by asy0000 View Post
    Hi everyone, just wondering if you notice any difference when using fuel from different gas station, in terms of speed, acceleration, and gas consumption (km/l).

    Currently using shell unleaded, but i'm trying petron XCS, so far the car performs better using petron XCS, better acceleration and better milege.
    You're comparing fuels of different grade, Shell Super Unleaded (93 RON) vs Petron XCS (95). You would naturally feel a difference.

    Try comparing Shell Unleaded vs Petron Xtra.

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    Shell had a very clean gasoline.

    Love your own!

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    Yup, the octane is different, higher octane higher fuel combustion, kaya mas mabilis talaga dapat yung xcs. and masmabilis pa dapat yung blaze.

    pero di ba dapat masmabilis maubos yung higher octane rating??? tama ba???

    pero base from my experience, masmatagal pa maubos yung xcs sa unleaded lang na shell.
    shell unleaded - 395km/41.57li = 9.5 km/l
    xcs - 420km / 40.5 li = 10.37km/l

    next time, try ko yung shell ng may octane rating of 95, to have a much more accurate comparison.

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    sa sasakyan ko parang mas tumatagal yung silver ng caltex.

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    I've tried all, caltex silver, gold, petron xcs, blaze and shell v-power...

    right now i'm sticking with v-power, 95 RON and matipid so far..

    pag petron xcs or blaze, high fuel combustion nga, pero mabilis nga maubos ang fuel.

    caltex, silver and gold is good, matipid din pero mas matipid ang shell for me..

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    Just make sure though that you determine "more matipid" by computing for your exact km/L reading usign a particular fuel(s) and computing the total cost difference between the fuel octane ratings you get.

    Before with our B14 Sentra i was still able to save by using Petron XCS before as the increased mileage i got offset the price difference between regular unleaded and the XCS back then... Now, with the roughly P3.00 difference between XCS and regular unleaded at the station i gas up in, it's more cost-effective for me to stick to 93 octane and with the proper timing settings, some bolt-ons and maintenance I get good the respectable fuel efficiency and the expected power from such an engine that i have (i average around 10-11km/L in the city and 13-14km/L on the highway with my 1500 m/t Civic).

    On using higher octane fuel, the power gains are usually realized when you advance your ignition timing (which may not be possible with lower octane fuel) as the knock resistance is higher with high octane. If your car requires only regular unleaded and you're running on the stock engine settings (stock timing, stock spark plug heat range) then chances are you really wont get any response or actual power gains from using higher octane fuel.

    My two cents...

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    PETRON before...SHELL now!!! =D

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    in terms of highest octane rating, Blaze has the highest Octane rating in the market right now. But if you really want more value for your money I strongly recommend Petron XCS. Ganda ng additives nya and better mileage. Tapos maintainance nalang yung Xtra unleaded.

    Asy0000 asked kung mas mabilis maubos kapag higher octane rating? The answer is no. RON refers to the power against knocking.

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    I've said this time and again:
    Kung di nyo kailangan ang 95 RON fuel, hwag na lang kayo mag-aksaya ng pera sa XCS, Blaze o V-Power. Check your owner's manual for the octane rating your car needs.

    I'm a 93 RON man myself because my car needs only 91 RON fuel. Masaya na ako sa Petron Xtra Unleaded o sa Shell Super Unleaded.

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    agree with you shun_sakurai, kung baga "extras" lang yung mga additives for better fuel consumption and detergency sa engine nyo..,.

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    What are your experiences with the other brands? Like Jetti, USA88, UniOil, Total....

    Anything different you've observed?

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    Shell! I gotta go with the "love your own" phrase.

    Ayoko Petron, part gov't owned hehehe...

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    I've been a regular user of one of the Big 3 at one point or another.

    Sa 'unleaded' IMO the best is Petron, next is Total. Parang mabilis maubos sa'kin ang Shell, and walang hatak masyado ang Caltex Silver.

    Sa Premium level naman, Caltex Gold gives me the best mileage, although mas malakas hatak konti ng Shell.

    Between Blaze and V Power naman... Pareho lang sa'kin e, although I haven't used either extensively enough to really say.

    Right now I'm using Caltex Gold, getting 10-11 km/L moderate traffic city driving in my 4afe (95 Corolla GLi, 1.6), and dumudulas pa clutch ko nyan.

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    any diesel engine users?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ymessenger359am View Post
    any diesel engine users?
    I used to drive a Frontier (for 5 years) and i used Petron diesel max mainly. I also currently alternate with a diesel Innova right now and it uses only Petron diesel.

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