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    dramatic monologue / declamation piece

    i've been searching for this dramatic monologue/declamation piece... something about a girl wanting to have vendetta because her family was killed...

    all i remember is that we used it as a piece back in elementary or high school... if you have any idea what's the title please let me know...

    there's a line

    they call me vendetta...

    in that piece...

    thanks in advance

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    i'm looking for a copy of the declamation piece entitled: on my 18th birthday.

    i wasn't able to find it through google and other search engines. my nephew badly needs this for his recitation. i hope someone can help us.

    thanks in advance.

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    Vendetta... Vendetta... Vendetta....

    Please, please leave me alone!

    Stop! Stop! No! No!

    Leave me alone!

    I am free! I know I am free! Hahaha!!!

    Do you know me? They call me Vendetta. They say I am ugly. Well... I am. I am not deceived by my looks. I love and know that I am ugly.

    I still remember, yes, we were very rich. My father was the most successful businessman in our place. Everyone respected him and my mother, oh she was so lovely that everybody admired her. And me? Look at me! I am so ugly! Everybody hates me! They laugh at me! Everybody loathes me! They spite me! I don't always agree with people, I am uneducated, I am unfortunate!

    "Vendetta my business associates are coming, I do not want them to see you. Do you understand?"

    "Oh Papa, papa, papa! Please!"

    "No! Do not disobey. Do as I tell you! I want you to stay in your room! Stay out of sight! Is this clear?"

    "But Papa why are you doing this to me? I am your child. Your flesh and blood. Why are you so cruel to me?

    "No do not say that. Not with that ugly face! Josefa, Josefa bring that ugly child to her room right now!"

    "Oh madam, madam I am so sad. I am so unlucky! I am so disgusted."

    "No Vendetta you are luckier than the street children who have nowhere to go and do not feel loved"

    "Love? Love? Where is love? Am I loved by my parents? I envy the street children who are poor but are loved. Me? I may be rich but nobody loves me, nobody cares about me.

    "I am really sorry Vendetta."

    One day, I was playing with a child with a lovely place. Mama got angry, she said to me:

    "Vendetta, how many times do I have to tell you to stay in your room?"

    She then faced her friends and said: "She is somebody's child that was asked to stay with us."

    "I heard it and it crushed my heart and it kept bleeding! My own mother despised me and she is not proud of me!"

    I wanted to shout, I wanted to cry until I have let out all the anger inside me! Oh God, why, why do they do this to me?

    I love them. I do. I love them. Ah! I better just run away to a far away place so that they can see me no more! Yes! I am certain!

    I want to be free, free from prejudice, free from rejection! And now judge me and tell me do I have the right to take myself away from them?

    Got it from here

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