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    ABS-CBN's Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara


    WE earlier heard that GMA-7 will do a TV remake of the horror film “Patayin Mo sa Sindak si Barbara.” But at the presscon of “Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat,” Director Wenn Deramas told us he’s the one who’s going to direct it for ABS-CBN starring Kris Aquino. When we told him that GMA-7 was also doing it, he called up his producer Rondell Lindayag who told him it’s them who got the rights to do it from Susan Roces, who produced the first version directed by Celso Ad. Castillo. The second film version was directed by Chito Roño starring Lorna Tolentino.

    “O, clear, kami ang gagawa not GMA,” said Wenn who’s now busy shooting ‘Pasukob’ even before ‘Apat Dapat’ is shown. “I’m proud of ‘Apat Dapat’ dahil puro magagaling ang stars kong sina Rufa Mae Quinto, Eugene Domingo, Candy Pangilinan at Pokwang. Each has her own story na pinaghalong comedy at drama kaya para ka na ring nanood ng apat na pelikula rito.”



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    who will play the role of Antoinette Taus?

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    ^ Si julia Barretto Kaya

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    Quote Originally Posted by .iSTARIRAY View Post
    ^ Si julia Barretto Kaya
    ilang taon ba si Antoinette Taus non?pero ok din si Julia.

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    Parang ang dami namang naka-abang kay Wenn Deramas.

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    ITETCH *** CAST SA 1995 REMAKE..

    Lorna Tolentino ... Barbara
    Dawn Zulueta ... Ruth
    Tonton Gutierrez ... Nick
    Antoinette Taus
    Amy Austria

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    Quote Originally Posted by .iSTARIRAY View Post
    ^ Si julia Barretto Kaya

    wag si juliqa!! ...tuloy natin yung petition ng PRINCESS SARAH para sa kanya!!

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    phew... what a sigh of relief.

    im glad this went to ABS. more choices for the cast... if it was on GMA for sure it will be Sunshine Dizon again.

    Kris Aquino and Claudine Barretto!!!

    is that possible? that would be awesome!!!

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    are you nuts?
    nah, clau has her OWN teleserye

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    Quote Originally Posted by TFC King View Post

    wag si juliqa!! ...tuloy natin yung petition ng PRINCESS SARAH para sa kanya!!
    i agree! ituloy ang petition ng princess sarah para kay julia!

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    someone should close the thread claiming GMA got this.

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    so ABS pala to... mali yung article..

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    uyy i didn't know na may petition pala na Julia for Princess Sarah hehe i think bagay na bagay sa kanya yun!!sali ako sa petition..

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    sa dako pa roon
    That's nice to know... Tutal Star Cinema naman ang nag-remake nito dati eh... Magka-age *** gumanap dito dati so parang di bagay kay Claudine... Pwedeng si Dawn Zulueta na lang ulit or Dina Bonnevie then Kris Aquino.

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    gusto ko nga rin DINA and KRIS ulit parang HIRAM

    pero ok rin kung si dawn zulueta ulit kasi she is really a good actress.

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    how bout Kris and Ruffa?

    but i would like Ruffa in another show and not a remake after Kokey.

    Kris and Gretchen sounds good.

    no to Dina. give her 6 months rest. a movie or something for her instead.

    Jay Manalo for Tonton's role.

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    FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
    Saturday, September 29, 2007

    According to a tab report, GMA is doing a TV-serial remake of Patayin Mo sa Sindak si Barbara starring Jennylyn Mercado and Yasmien Kurdi.

    “Excuse me,” said a Funfare DPA. “Barbara is now an exclusive property of ABS-CBN. Also, it’s not true that Celso Ad. Castillo owns the rights to Barbara; he only directed it.”

    My guess is that it will be ABS-CBN which will do the TV-serial remake of Barbara starring, brace yourselves, Susan herself with Kris Aquino!

    > sineserye pala to, most porbably will replace NBAD.. SUSAN ROCES & KRIS AQUINO.. dapat mgpapayat sa kris para dito..

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    FIRST READ ON PEP: Kris Aquino reveals special project with Susan Roces

    Paul Mata

    Saturday, September 29, 2007
    12:22 PM


    Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) caught up with Kris Aquino during the anniversary celebration of Facial Care held last night, September 28, at Ayala Museum.

    She thanked all the viewers of Kapamilya: Deal or No Deal for sticking with the show despite the change in timeslot. In addition, she mentioned that a big surprise awaits the viewers.

    "Maglalaro ako," Kris said excitedly.

    She further detailed her morning show partner Boy Abunda will be the one hosting the special episode.

    "Tingnan na lang natin kung ano mangyayari kung ako na ang maglalaro," Kris added. "Ang ambisyon ko lang ay one million," she joked.

    The show can give as much as three million pesos, why is she only aiming for one million?

    "Every time kasi na magdasal ako, in-exceed ni God yung mga expectations ko," Kris answered.

    Aside from her game show, a drama mini-series is in the works for the mother of two.

    "I'll be working with the queen, Tita Susan Roces. Makakapiling niyo kami, once a week po. Sa primetime po," the TV host-actress said.

    Kris shared that the Kapamilya network has plans of reprising the great movies of Susan Roces, and one of them will be Celso Ad Castillo's 1974 film Patayin Mo sa Sindak si Barbara.

    "Napaka-espesyal kasi si Tita Susan will be there playing my mother," she happily said.

    She added, "I didn't make a movie this year. So, this is the closest that I can come. Parang napakalaki lang talagang biyaya na si Tita Susan ang katrabaho ko."

    After four years, the Kapamilya Deal or No Deal host will make a comeback to primetime TV drama. Her last TV series was Hiram.

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