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    may massive campaign sa dendne. since this time of the year yata narelease yung stop and it only went ot number 2. this time yung campaign is to get this single to number one. I hope this will be successful.

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    napunta na sa news yung stop campaign:

    A Bunch of dedicated Spice Girls fans (Probably Gay men) have launched an internet campaign to get the only Spice Girls song “Stop” that didn’t reach the top spot in the charts, to Number one, they’ve aptly called it “The Stop Campaign” (I was thinking of running a similar campaign to stop these filthy sluts reuniting, but, I ’spose you’ve got to just let these things slide.

    If you want to join the campaign to get “Stop” to the top spot, then join in here, at the “Stop Campaigns” Official Myspace Page

    A little snippet from the site:

    Why Choose Stop?
    The reason that we have picked the Spice Girls single ‘Stop’ is because this was the only Spice Girl song not to get to number one in the charts.

    There has been many rumours of a Spice Girls reunion and on the 28th June the girls announced that they were coming back to do a final goodbye. The girls will be touring the world throughout December 2007 and January 2008.

    So, go on! Give them your money, They so obviously need it…

    Oh, I think this is possibly a sly attempt at Marketing from a certain radio station, as the guy doing the voice over (Adrian Clarkson) is a “DJ” for this radio station…Shocking!!!!!! (But hey, I’m probably just talking bollocks, and people really do care enough to bother


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    Hehe.....one of my guilty pleasure back in college were the Spice Girls. I remember buying the tapes for myself and telling people that it was my sister's. Loved their music and they way the marketed themselves. One of my all time favorite songs is Stop.

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    you just walked in, I make you smile
    It's cool but you don't even know me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spider_snake View Post
    Hehe.....one of my guilty pleasure back in college were the Spice Girls. I remember buying the tapes for myself and telling people that it was my sister's. Loved their music and they way the marketed themselves. One of my all time favorite songs is Stop.
    secret spice fan ka *** ha.

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    this might be the reason why mel c is so reluctant to rejoin the girls:


    Sporty Spice Mel C has spoken about how her excessive dieting during the heydays of the Spice Girls may have left her unable to conceive. Well there is already a Baby Spice in the group.

    Speaking to the Sun, the singer says “I got so thin when I wasn’t eating my periods stopped and my bones become very fragile. I may have done permanent damage. I hope I’m still in with a chance.”

    It took me a long time to recover from the whole experience that was the Spice Girls. I had put pressure to on myself to look a certain way. I went to the gym constantly and trained constantly. I wasn’t eating properly. I wanted to get as perfect as I could knowing that perfection is impossible and that got me very sick.”

    Speaking about her life now away from the spotlight, Sporty Spice says “I’m happy with my situation but I want to be a mum and I’d like more than one child.”

    Well you could always follow Angelina’s example and adopt.


    This is sad news if it is true

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    Re: "Secret" Spice fans

    Actually marami akong kilalang ganyan dati nung late '90's. Mga straight guys na takot na tawaging "BADING" kaya kunwari *** mga kapatid o pinsan nilang babae ang Spice fan tapos sila nakiki-ride lang. Ganun din sa mga straight guys na Madonna fans... not to be discriminatory, pero di ba, pag sinabing "FAN" ng Spice Girls (or Madonna or even boybands), tingin sa yo ng marami, GAY.

    Not that it should matter, of course.

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    did you all register for the tickets sa hongkong? i did on june 28 pero i didn't receive a confirmation on my gmail account. i signed up again on july 2 pero nothing pa rin. i used the same gmail account.

    i read in some blog somewhere na the first single to be released from their greatest hits is the song w.o.m.a.n. god i hope not. that's one of the songs i don't like. oh well, since they have an official site now, i will wait for the official news.

    i finally got the CDs i bought from ebay. the spiceworld CD is made in japan so it has a bonus track, yung step to me. wee!

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    I honestly dont like the song woman. at sana may bagong album. kung 2 new tracks lang e for sure ay bitin na bitin un.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angel_2122 View Post
    I hope na pwede pang ma-include ang Pilipinas sa concert tour..

    Welcome Back Spice Girls!

    emma is still pregnant!

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    hay sana mag concert di2 sa pinas ang spice girls! d namn kasi daw permanent to!

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    The Spice Girls have posted a "letter" on their official site:

    Hi Everybody
    We just really wanna say a massive thank you to every single one of you that has registered for tickets for The World Tour. That's well over one million of you - can you believe it? Even more are signing up every minute!!

    It looks like you're still up for a great party and it's gonna be one hell of a Party!

    We wanted to let you know that our relationship is stronger than ever - it is fantastic hanging out together again and we've still got that "Band Magic" with that mad sense of humour!

    We've been doing a photo shoot for the Greatest Hits Album cover and making some very exciting creative plans for the tour! - Just you wait!!!

    We're gonna take a bit of a break before the really hard work begins. "Baby's having a baby!" Yeah we're giving Emma some Mama and Baby time!

    We're gonna let you know very soon if you have been one of the lucky ones selected to buy your tickets. We hope that you have because it's going to be an amazing show! You never know, your friends might get lucky too so tell them to register and join in the fun... they'd be mad to miss out.

    www.thespicegirls.com is not only the place to register for your tickets but soon you will be able to keep up to date with all of the Spicey news and gossip! It's going to be the ONLY place you can read the truth about the 5 of us!

    Thank you again for your support, it's great to be back!


    Emma, Geri, Mel B, Mel C, Victoria

    get the latest from


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    wee, at least now it's confirmed that they will release a greatest hits CD. so may addtional spice CD na naman tayo.


    ^ i like their looks/outfits here, especially kay victoria. diba they sang stop here?

    and i love their look in the vogue cover:

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    the best tlaga yung pnotoshoot na yan sa vogue. pangalawa yung sa ella na laht din sila naka itim.

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    ^ Baka dyan nila nakuha *** idea nila for the Forever cover and sleeve art! (Kahit wala na si Geri nun)

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    pasyal lang
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    yeah welcome back spice girls!!! wish ko lang makarating sila dito sa Philippines

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    Wow! i love Spice Girls! i was in my elementary days during the spice girls phenomenon! haaayy! it feels good to reminisce! i think after BSB had their super successful comeback last year its about time that the most successful girl group in history have a comeback as well!

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