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    BIR Forms, accounting and bookkeeping.. new online too.

    Hi, I'm creating an online tool to help people to complete their BIR tax returns. It does all the calculations for you and then produces a .pdf form that you can print, save or download.

    I would love to recieve some feedback please to help me make it more useful. It's at

    It currently has BIR forms 2550M and 1601-E but I'm continually working on others.

    Please feel free to register on the site and also, please discuss the tool below so I can make it truly great!


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    Do you keep the data entered?

    Maybe you could put in the 2550Q and the 1701 as well.

    Or a tied-up 1700 and 2316.

    Err... what would you be gettin out of this?

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    If you are not a registered user on, then the data you enter on the forms is not stored anywhere. If you register, you have the option to save the data for each form you create, so you can easily reproduce another copy, amend it or view it at a later date.

    By registering, you also have the option to create a profile for yourself. This will enable the website to automatically complete the top portion of every form for you, to save you typing.

    Actually, I won't get anything out of this personally, for quite some time! Although, I benefit personally by using it myself, which was originally why I created it, because I needed it!

    There is some advertising on the site, courtesy of Google and I'm hoping to cover some of my expenses from what Google pay whenever someone clicks on an advert.

    Data wise, we will never disclose any details or email addresses etc, to anyone. Neither will we comply with requests for disclosures from BIR etc, without a court order.

    I'm planning to include the 2550Q before the end of this quarter and probably the 1701 the following month. It is my intention to add all of the commonly used forms.

    Longterm, I intent to launch an online bookkeeping solution which will automatically produce the forms and financial statements etc. We will also add many other services as time goes on. Some of these services, such as the bookkeeping service will be based on a subscription and that is where we expect to earn our money. The proposed pricing structure is posted on the site already.

    Please feel free to use the forms and let me know if you experience any problems or have any suggestions.

    Please also inform others who may be interested too. I'm hoping that many bookkeepers themselves, will find it useful.


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    That's nice. Could you give more information on how forms are generated (ie you need other BIR forms)?

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    That's nice. Could you give more information on how forms are generated (ie you need other BIR forms)?
    Actually, I noticed a bug this morning, which may have prevented the forms from working for some users. I've now fixed it and it should be fine for everyone. Please let me know if you have any problems.

    We have written the site in PHP and are using that to generate the BIR forms dynamically on-the-fly in Adobe PDF format. The .pdf form produced, when you click "Create Form", is a replica of the standard BIR forms. The .pdf form is already completed for you with the details that you entered (or were auto calculated) in the web form.

    You can either print the .pdf file directly or save it to you hard disk for reference.

    If you are logged in, then you can simply press save (located above the web form) and your form will be saved in your login forever, or until you choose to delete it. At a later date you can retrieve, view or edit it.

    This is ideal if the user is not confident in the security/reliability of his own PC. This way the data is safely stored and can be accessed from any machine after logging into the website.

    This service is free, so I would be very pleased to see people taking full advantage of it. Most of all, send me your comments, feature requests and bug reports!


    Please pass on the website address to your friends

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    I'm using the Epiphany browser (on Linux), the browser crashes every time I try to generate a BIR form.

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    I'm using the Epiphany browser (on Linux), the browser crashes every time I try to generate a BIR form.
    Hmm... I don't have a Linux machine to test on here but I suspect the problem is caused because Epiphany doesn't know how to handle the generated source. I've tested in IE4 and above and in Firefox1.5 and above and it's working on those ok, so I think it is probably due to a limitation of Epiphany. By the way, you do need to have a .pdf reader installed (I'm assuming that you do).

    You might try to see if Epiphany has a setting for how it should handle various different file types, in particular the .pdf type.

    Actually, Firefox didn't open it correctly the first time I tried until I deleted the setting mentioned above. Next time I tried it, I found that Firefox downloaded the pdf and then asked what I wanted it to do with it, open it or save it. Maybe you can do the same with Epiphany?

    You could also just try this link which is a link to a standard .pdf file (not generated on-the-fly) and see if it copes with that ok. If it does but still can't open my BIR form, let me know and I'll try to provide an alternative for people who are having trouble.

    By the way, I'm going to use the 2550M and the 1601-E form this afternoon to generate my returns (which is originally why I created it!).

    Is anyone else experiencing any difficulties pls?

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    Better site stability and now more reliable!

    I can see that a number of you have been having a few difficulties with producing the forms. To address this, I have now changed the way that the code is written and I am now confident that all browsers and operating systems should be able to open the forms now.

    The site is at

    This tool, will be very useful for people who do their own bookkeeping, rather than paying a bookkeeper or an accountant. Please feel free to try it and let me know if there is any way that I can make it better, or if you would like to see additional features.

    Why not create an account on the site? It is very easy and will save you from having to complete your general business information for every form that you create. Just fill up your profile, after creating your account on the website, and then that information will be automatically completed for you, when you create a form.

    Hey!.. feedback... feedback... feedback!!!... pleeeeeeeease!


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    Talking TAX RETURN TOOL - new features added

    I've now made even better! You can now enrol as many companies as you please under your login and create separate profiles for each, to help you to manage your BIR forms.

    This also means that if you look after 3 companies, when completing the forms, the website can fill in the general information on the form for each company (where as before you could only have the details saved for one).

    Let me know how you get on ple.


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    Congratulations! Maganda ang idea mo!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Markus View Post
    Congratulations! Maganda ang idea mo!

    Thanks for the encouragement Markus. I'm now working on the 2550Q which should be available on next week.


    PS. I see much activity on but I'm not getting much feedback. Please let me know if any of you have any difficulties using it. Thanks.

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    Arghh ... was looking for 2551Q but it says the site has been suspended.

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    Can you make a html code for your site so that I can ask some friends to post it here:

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

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    BIR Forms, Online Tool to make completing them easy

    Quote Originally Posted by GOwin View Post
    Arghh ... was looking for 2551Q but it says the site has been suspended.
    Sorry about that. We moved to a new web host and the site was down for a day or so. Should be much faster now though.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirhat View Post
    Can you make a html code for your site so that I can ask some friends to post it here:

    Thanks and keep up the good work.
    Sorry, I don't know what you mean. I'd love to have a link on the blog you mentioned but what are you asking? You are very welcome to post a link to anywhere you can. If I can help, please let me know with specific details of what you want me to do


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    Lightbulb BIR 2550Q Form - just added.

    I've just uploaded the BIR 2550Q easy completion tool to the website at

    Please let me know if you have any difficulties with it.

    Sponsor the Development of a BIR form
    If you need a tool for a form that has not yet been developed, why not consider sponsoring the development of the form?


    • Form will be completed within 4 weeks
    • Advertisement for your business (either banner or text ad.)
    • Text above the form saying "This form brought to you by XYZ business"

    I'm thinking of charging P7,000 to sponsor a form and the sponsorship will be displayed for a period of 1year.

    If you don't want to pay that much, contact us anyway, since we could have 5 people pay just P1,400 instead. Each contributor would receive a mention and link to their website if they have one.

    We would also consider any other offers or ideas for sponsorship.

    Official VAT receipt is available.

    Regards, Peter Snow

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    these is pretty cool...peter are you still active with these site?

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