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    as far as i know, they can have the court enforce a collection, think repo man in the united states, then there's the sheriff, and he's not on your side...

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    Quote Originally Posted by punchkid View Post
    Ang tagal na nitong thread na to, nabasa ko na rin mga previous posts. Well, WALANG NAKUKULONG SA DI PAGBABAYAD NG CREDIT CARD, ok?

    Sa mga adik sa pag swipe ng card, I suggest you watch this movie:

    Just watched it last week sa Star Movies, funny but may moral lessons.
    just downloaded it, hahaha funny, although i did have the impulse to go on a shopping spree! hehe kalalaking tao ko pa naman. yeah good moral lessons

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    Quote Originally Posted by spreek View Post
    banker..ask ko lang...
    do collecting agency sue debtors? as per my friend na lawyer pwede rin sila magdemanda...and pano mo malalaman na may civil case na na file? or kung criminal case man due to some other reason aside from utang...can u check it directly sa NBI?...
    they wont, they dont, they cant.
    For practical reasons.
    Why waste your time when there are countless
    other defaulter who you can easily squeeze money from?
    You will receive formally a "Summons" for civil cases;
    Criminal records can be found in the NBI data base.

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    Favor po sir,pls give me an idea.I have a credit card na matagal na past due and right now negotiating with Dabu collecting agency,kaso sobrang laki na ng interest doble na ng credit limit ko...i have a 2 gold cards before with 90k and 100k limit.pinababayaran nila sa akin with discounted interest na with the total face amount of 207K and 255K payable in 3 years and requiring me to pay almost 15k a month.Nagpadala na rin *** ng summons sa akin.

    Posible bang ang bayaran ko na lang ay yung talagang utang ko na nagamit ko kc talagang kahit anong gawin ko di ko kayang bayaran yan...wala kc work asawa ko and right now i have 3 kids that will go to school.I am willing to pay naman but not that huge amount...ang kaya ko lang talaga is 4-5k per month.

    Please advice me asap.Thank you and God bless.

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    Thumbs down

    banker pls explain it said
    They can't?...db authorized sila ng bank? so they can
    they don't? db nga may right sila given by the bnk to do so?
    tas about summon? pano ise-send ang summon kung wala ka na nga sa old address?or say by chance yung nakatira ngayon sa old ad e tinaggap yung letter of summon?ano mangyayare?
    thnx banker for the help

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    spreek & askhelp

    please PM me the specifics.
    baka ma OT tayo dito sa thread.

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    I worked as a collector for a particular bank in the states, we give our customers settlement offer to up to 60%. i dont know if they do the same thing in the Philippines.

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    Hi to all!!!!

    i think wala nakukulong kung di ka nakakabayad ng credit card mo..
    kasi as what i have learned, after 2 years daw eh buburahin na nila iyong mga records mo.. so wala na problema dun..

    ang nakakapag palaki lang naman ng accounts mo eh iyong mga interest dba???

    Bad Credit Loans Online

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    and i think tama din kayo..
    wala masyado ganyan na situation dito sa philippines unlike sa united states and other countries.

    kasi mnsan sa mga american movies may mga scenes dba na nakukulong ang tao kasi sa debt nila sa credit cards... pero pwde naman pyansahan after makabayad...

    Bad Credit Loans Online

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    you will not be imprisoned purely for debt but for other things like deceits or dishonesty.

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    tumawag na ako sa HSBC sabi ko gusto ko na e settle debt ko. sabi nung agent e rerequest pa nila since sa ibang division daw yung nag hahandle. After 3 months pa daw yung result kung na approved ako kasi pili lang daw ito.. haayyyy.. sana e consider nila settlement application ko.

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    pure fantasy.
    kung iba ang nag-hahandle,
    why cant he refer you to them?
    at pinipili pa?
    Oh my gas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paola14 View Post
    and i think tama din kayo..
    wala masyado ganyan na situation dito sa philippines unlike sa united states and other countries.

    kasi mnsan sa mga american movies may mga scenes dba na nakukulong ang tao kasi sa debt nila sa credit cards... pero pwde naman pyansahan after makabayad...

    Bad Credit Loans Online
    Uhm...which movies? Debtor's prison was already eradicated by the turn of the previous century (late 1800's to early 1900's) in the U.S. And the pre-cursor to the credit card did not appear until the 1920's. The credit card as we know it today (Diners Club was the pioneer) only came in 1950.

    I just think this needs to be set straight. Informed Pex members, some from the banking industry itself, have said it time and again: "No one goes to jail because of credit card debt." Those caught in a bad debt situation (as I was five years ago) are already paranoid and stressed enough without having to read and be mislead by wrong information similar to this.

  14. Jun 16, 2010

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    Hi guys. I need help and advice. I am burdened with a debts. nagkapatong patong na dahil sa poor handling of finances. pumunta ako ng middle east about two years ago, took the chance na baka dun ako umasenso ok lang sa umpisa pero unfortunately naloko ako ng kapwa pinoy dun. so i had to return. tried getting employment, pero di pa ako naging stable. now meron ako bago job and still waiting for my first pay. kaso heto yung collecting agency na-trace ako sa office namin tumatawag and lately text ng text pati sa facebook nagmessage. alam ko naman na di ako pwede idemanda kasi wala naman ako any dishonest na declaration kaso nakaka-annoy na talaga. kahit sinabi ko na i'll write the bank a request for restructured payment scheme and at the end of the month pa ako magkakasweldo and perhaps makakadeposit ng bagong payment ayun pa din ang kulit. ano ba pwede gawin. dapat ko bang ipaalam sa bank na annoying yung collecting agency? makakatulong ba if i do so? what should i do para naman matigil sila and i can concentrate on my work so i have the means to pay? i'll appreciate any advice. thanks.

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    hey guys i found this link try nyo to big help sa lahat ng mga defaulter

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    Wala ngang nakukulong sa pag dibabayad ng utang.Pero malaking epekto yan pag mag aapply ka sa malalaking company tinakasan mo ang obligasyon mo paano ka nila tatangapin.

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    Not that I know of

    I'd like to share my own experience. I ran into financial trouble years ago because I had business problems. I derived no income for quite a while and as a result defaulted in my credit card bills. We were also got evicted in a family property previously owned by my parents. We left the place and rented an apartment afterwards.

    I had several credit cards then both Visa and Mastercard issued by Citibank, BPI, Standard and Chartered, RCBC/Bankard and Diners. Though I owned these credit cards, I never failed to pay them in full and I only revolve my credit with Citibank, Diners and BPI issued cards. But when I lost my business I had to make cash advances from one credit card to another to pay the minimum amount due of another credit card just to avoid defaulting payments. This was a temporary solution that I thought of but eventually I maxed out the credit limits of these cards and started to default payments.

    When we were evicted in our property I only managed to inform Diners club, Citibank and BPI of the change of address. When I was no longer paying the dues BPI filed a case against me but I never attended any of the court hearings. Until I received a court decision ordering me to pay a certain amount plus an interest which was set by court. At that time, I still don't have stable income to pay the total amount the court ordered me to pay. I spoke to the collection agency who filed a case against me to restructure it. The negotiation took longer until one day a sheriff together with the representative from the collection came to our house and brought with him the writ of execution to attach personal properties.

    We came to an agreement that I will pay the total amount for a certain period on a monthly basis. But they added interest for the rest of the paying period. I didn't have much choice since there was already a writ of execution. The sheriff and the representative were nice naman and encourages me to settle it to avoid any embarrassment. I'm still paying the dues diligently every month for this account. I settled also my accounts dues with Diners and Citibank but I do not have any news with RCBC/Bankard and Standard and Chartered bank.

    When I settled my account with Citibank I did try to apply for a new card but I was consistently disapproved and every six months thereafter. I also try with the other banks like BDO, HSBC, Metrobank but I also get disapprovals. I guess I'm still in the blacklisted lists. Now I'm blessed with another business I'm having problems again as we cannot expand. Our company tried applying for a loan but whenever they find my name as part owner of the company it gets disapproved. I feel embarrassed about this when my partners came to know it. Is there a way will I be able to eradicate the adverse credit rating?

    Another question is am I guilty of RA8484 for RCBC/Bankard and Standard and Chartered cases? I called up Standard and Chartered bank previously but no one seems to be able to help me. As for RCBC/Bankard because of the merging there records are kinda messed up and I do not know whom to deal with.

    One funny thing, two years ago I received an approved credit card from Eastwest Bank a Mastercard with P130,000.00 credit limit without applying for it. I was so surprised and happy about it. I've been using the card for more than a year when I noticed in my credit card billing that the middle indicated was wrong. So I called up the customer service to correct the entry. Instead of correcting it they came to informed me that they have cancelled the card and its privileges and hence no longer active. Apparently, when they checked my credit score with the corrected middle name they found out about the adverse credit rating so they cancelled it. I couldn't do anything as they explained that the card issuer has sole right to cancel it anytime. They quote me in the terms and conditions that they are only extending the use of the cards as a privilege not a right. It make sense actually so I did no longer pursue the complain. Though, I still have an outstanding dues then it does not extinguish me of the obligation so I paid in full a few months after but I was never issued another card again.

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    share ko lang experience k0. (kung may nakakakilala sakin ok lang!)
    1year ako di nag bayad ng citibank. 17k lang yun e. Bef0re ako nagresign i inf0rmed citibank na wala ko w0rk and atleast give me a m0nth,ayaw nila pumayag so n0 ch0ice. Dumaan din ako sa mga tawag tawag at letter na yan pero deadma lang sa japan.
    0ne time tumawag ako sa c0llecti0ns.
    Me: ask ko lang po sana kung puwede humingi ng assistance or baka mer0n kay0ng pr0gram para mabayaran ko na yung card.
    Citibank: (sungit v0ice,) hindi ka puwedeng makipagusap sa banko ng ganyan.
    Me: nagbabakasakali lang po sana ako. Wag sanang masyad0ng mataas yung b0ses niy0.
    Citibank: e kung di kaya kita bigyan ng amnesty?
    Me: e di wag. (sabay bagsak ng ph0ne.)

    S0brang bast0s! So after mga ilang m0nths,siguro 6 m0nths pa ulit,i received a letter. Mga RA ek ek.di ko magets. Pero 17k nalang kase pinapabayaran,so nakatipid ako 13k kase interest/charges un. So ang ginawa ko,tinawagan ko yung law office na nagsend ng letter, nakausap ko yung SUPERVIS0R kun0 nila, tap0s pinaexplain ko yung letter,hindi niya maexplain,so ako ok.haha. N0 offense meant pero naisip ko talaga,ang b0b0 nung kausap ko. So naisip ko puwede b0lahin t0. Kakab0la ko naging 10k nalang. sabi ko pa sakanya, kikita ka naman sakin,binenta na ko ng citibank sa inyo e.
    Pero gusto niya ng june25 bayaran ko ng bu0. E di ok lang ako kahit wala ko pambayad.
    June.24,2mawag ako sabi wala po talaga k0ng pambayad.nangutang pa ko sa pr0binsiya.haha. Sabi ko 4k lang. pumayag siya.
    So bef0re july 10,tatawag ulet ako sasabihin ko 5k lang pera ko para makadisc0unt ulit at matap0s na.haha.

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    Share ko lang experience ko ---

    I attended an internet marketing workshop and okay siya. I'm now learning how to earn online. There's an upcoming workshop in Cebu (just click on the link) on August 14-15.

    You can also check out Jomar's website.
    There's free information there that can already get you started on earning online.

    Hope this helps!

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    cc naencounter din po ako lately *** bout sa utang ko sa credit card na *** na nbbyran.. my tumawag ksi sa Police station ng lugar nmin informing na iadvise dw ako na b4 3pm dat day kelangan kong tumwag sa isang fiscal *** d dw mrelease *** warrant of arrest *** ***..i wonder ksi *** mn *** akong nrcve na any demand letter. They are telling me pgtwag ko dun sa fiscal dw na ngpdla dw *** ng subpoena pro *** dw ngreceive binalik sa knila..*** nmn **** akong ntnggap na gnun..2 counts of estafa dw kaso ko. ..nsa 50k *** total na byranko then nag offer *** na 15k nlng dw pgtwag ko dun sa ofis nung atty na collection agency. hnggng ***** grbe epekto *** ng gnwa nila...tpos ***** ngbyad ako ng partial nung 15k pro upto now dpa nila pinapdala sa email *** sb nilang agreement dw..*** pa nbbyran now *** tira sa 15k ksi hnhntay ko *** email nila...

    totoo ba yun na fiscal **** *** tumwag sa police station and *** pa *** tumwag sa police station saying that a arrest warrant will be issuue if hindi ako mktwag sa knila..feeling ko tuloy bluff *** yung lhat *** mtkot ako...sobrang hirap na hirap na nga ako *** *** na nbbyran *** credit card tpos gnun pa yung ggwin nila..

    anung pwd kung gwin?

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