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    for me the best pa rin ang stripped..i dunno why, but i soooo love the song walk away...i really felt bad na hnde un na-release as a single...

    i love back to basics even though it contains a diff i love save me from myself the most..i dunno..maybe cause the song is so refreshing..not so loud..

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    hmm... kakagising ko lang and guess what...

    napanaginipan ko ang Candyman Video! lolz! yun daw ang 2nd single niya.. tapos yung set.. nasa "Club" na naman.. then daming dancing routine.. andun din talaga yung mga dancer niya (Monique, Tiana ang naalala ko).. Kaso d ko masyado nakita yung mukha ni christina.. kasi yung scene niya mejo dark.. may pagkamysterious.. ayun.. naputol na panaginip ko.. hehe!

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    pic from her vacation in Europe

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrea_herras
    guys...lets rank christina's album

    1) Stripped ( i love this album better than back to basics because it aged very well.. until now it sounds so fresh.. playing the album over again..made me love some of the track I used to dislike such as Soar, Cruz, Keep on Singing, Infatuation)
    2)back To Basics ( i love the album to the bones..but Stripped prove the test of time..and that is something back to basics need to accomplish)
    3) debut (i also love this album..she was soooo cute and poppish...but this album is bubblegum.. sure it's all nice & sweet but later on you'll discover it lacks something..musical creativity)
    Hmm.. same din ako sa ranking... i'll add Mi Reflejo.. in which.. spanish.. wala ako naintindihan... haha! though yung iba translated lang from her debut album.. haha! pero gusto ko yung El Beso Del Final, Falsas Esperenzas and Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti (super ganda niya sa video na to! hehe)

    shar ko na din fave tracks ko on each album.. hehe!

    I Turn To You - the song that made me a fan
    Come On Over Baby (Video Version)
    What A Girl Wants
    * d ko talaga masyadong gusto yung genie.. hehe!

    Walk Away

    Ain't No Other Man
    Without You
    * Nasty Naughty Boy - well dati naging fave ko siya.. d na masyado *****!

    El Beso Del Final
    Falsas Esperanzas
    Pero Me Acuedo De Ti

    FAVORITE VIDEOs: Fighter / Come On Over Baby / Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti

    go! share din kayo..

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    Her good friend, Justin Timberlake:
    "I am inspired by artists who try to do something than the last time around. "Sexyback is definitely taking him in a different direction, and I respect that. I think each record should think outside the box. I admire anyone not doing the same old, same old.”

    Her baby-making plans:
    "I don’t like to think in terms of numbers, but I would like to have a few. I want to keep it spontaneous. But a boy and a girl would be nice. We have to get through the next year and a half, and then see what happens.”

    Her love for her husband, Jordan Bratman
    "Everyone should be so lucky to have that one person who lets you go to that heavy space and comforts you, and he is that person. He takes me out of my heavy places and saves me from myself.”

    Her plans for staying healthy:
    "I don’t like depriving myself, so I take one day, usually a Saturday or Sunday, to eat what I want, as long as I drink a lot of water. It is my cheat day. I like feeling healthy and working out. It is hard to stay in shape while traveling, so right now I am just trying the best I can. It is all about eating clean and working out.”

    ** Siya pala yung Hottest Star of 2006 ng Us Weekly..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mykerz_19
    pic from her vacation in Europe
    parang chubby ng cheeks nya jan nahhyang kay papa jordy

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    tabing ilog
    here's mine...
    in no particualr order..
    (inedit ko lang *** post ni mykers e... hehe)

    CHRISTINA AGUILERA >> *** repackage version lang meron ako...
    I Turn To You -
    Come On Over Baby (Video Version)
    What A Girl Wants
    Geanie in a Bottle
    Somebody's Somebody
    When you put your hands on me

    Walk Away >> the best for me
    Loving Me for ME >>
    Can't Hold Us Down

    Hurt > favorite ko ngayon.. hehhe
    Ain't No Other Man
    Without You
    Nasty Naughty Boy
    Mercy on Me >>like ko rin

    Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti

    FAVORITE VIDEOs: dirrty and beautiful

    sana wala akong namiss na gusto ko pala... hehehe

    mag-aadd nalang ako kapag may nakita kong pinost ninyo!!! hahahaha


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    Pics from Us Weekly Party

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    KISS Radio Interview

    *Hurt Video infos! video to be shot tom! yay!

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    OMG, a lot of circus performances.. her FIRST STUNT! naisip ko bigla.. nahulog siya kunyari sa ibang building...hehe! well.. naisip ko *** bigla.. hehe.. may storyline.. cant wait.. sooo excited to see the video! lolz

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    Is X-tina back to her black hair color for the Hurt video?If so, its perfect for the Hurt video. On her other message board fan site, I saw pix and layouts of her with black hair.

    I really think the song Understand should be release at the same time as Hurt for her r&b urban fans. Most mainstream artists have release two singles at the same time.

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    Billboard Review: Hurt

    Producer(s): Linda Perry
    Genre: POP
    Label: RCA

    Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man," in all its incarnations—single release to chart-topping club remixes—was a triple-play triumph of talent reaching its prime, melodic potency and sheer star power (awesome video, too). Follow-up ballad "Hurt" dramatically shifts gears from sass to sad, further giving testament to Aguilera's stupefying gifts as an emotive, mature powerhouse singer. The force of her vocal as she relates the pain of moving past a relationship in ruins is daunting, with a melody and lush production that carries this potential Grammy Award contender into the clouds. "Hurt" reunites C'tina with Linda Perry, who also helmed the victorious ballad "Beautiful," which hit No. 2 in 2003. We predict one better this time out. —Chuck Taylor


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    "Tell Me" video is now booked to be filmed

    BOOKED: Diddy feat. Christina Aguilera - Erik White, director
    artist: Diddy feat. Christina Aguilera
    song: "Tell Me"
    label: Bad Boy/Atlantic
    director(s): Erik White
    production co: F.M. Rocks


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    Jane Magazine Scans

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    Blogcritics Review: Hurt

    "Hurt," the second single from Christina Aguilera's already gold album Back to Basics, is one weeper of a ballad. From the slow opening to a soft piano all the way to the spine-tingling bridge, "Hurt" chronicles the pain and regret one can feel after losing someone they love. But what's great about the song is it's so much more than the standard, stock loved-and-lost ballad.

    "Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face/You told me how proud you were, but I walked away/If only I knew what I knew today." I'm already welled up with tears as prolific songwriter Linda Perry and Aguilera have created a song that is both truthful and heartbreaking. It's not just about death, but also about what happened before. "I'm sorry for blaming you/ For everything I just couldn't do/ And I've hurt myself by hurting you," she sings as you hear the heartrending emotion in her voice.

    What can you do when you lose someone? And not only do you have to deal with the grief of their death and missing them terribly, but also the haunting guilt you feel for what you've done to them or not forgiving them for what they've done to you. There is no time left - they're gone. And now it's just you and your "hurt."

    Linda and Christina really turn up the heat at the bridge where the hard percussion and the disquieting violins rev up Christina's better-than-ever power-belting vocals as she roars "If I had just one more day/ I would tell you how much that I've missed you since you've been away/ Ooh, it's dangerous/ It's so out of line to try and turn back time."

    The song doesn't get officially released until October 23, but it's already gaining a ridiculous number of spins on radio - faster even, than Fall competitor Beyonce's "Ring The Alarm," which has actually been out longer. "Hurt" seems to be poised for another top 10 run similar to that of Aguilera's current single "Ain't No Other Man," which, months after its release, is still gaining airplay spins according to Mediabase.

    Even Chuck Taylor of Billboard magazine raves "The force of her vocal as she relates the pain of moving past a relationship in ruins is daunting, with a melody and lush production that carries this potential Grammy Award contender into the clouds."

    Listen to the song. It'll make you cry.


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    "Rumored" Tour Setlist..

    1st Part

    - Intro
    - Ain't No Other Man
    - Understand
    - Slow Down/Can't Hold Us Down (MEDLEY)
    - Up and Personal With Fans
    - Back In The Day
    - Music Fading
    - I Got Trouble ( Video Interlude, less than a minute)

    2nd Part

    - Genie In The Bottle (New Remix)
    - Come On Over (New Remix)
    - Gets down from the stage
    - Here To Stay (Pepsi Remix)
    - Makes Me Wanna Pray + Band Introduction

    3rd Part

    - Nasty Naughty Boy
    - Mercy On Me
    - Talking with fans
    - A Song For You
    - Talking with fans
    - Oh Mother (she will prob dedicate this song to all the women who suffer for violence and abuses)

    4th Part

    - The Right Man (Instrumental)
    - Dirrty ( W REMIX prob melt up with TRM archs)
    - Fighter
    - Still Dirrty (Snippet)
    - Beautiful (Pia Version)
    - Thank U (Video Remix, SHE WON'T SING IT)
    - Hurt
    - End of Show


    - Candyman

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    hello guys grbe i got to listen to Hurt this morning and i got teary-eyed..ganun pala dapat to appreciate this need to listen and not just hear it..grbe super touched ako kanina..

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