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    Sex and romance in a call center


    The Sunday Times - World

    The Sunday Times March 19, 2006

    India’s call-centre staff tune in to decadence
    Dean Nelson, Delhi

    THEY are the young faces and polite voices of India’s economic boom but the country’s growing number of call centre staff handling British and American customer inquiries have a guilty secret.
    According to senior police officers and pollsters they are also leading a social revolution against traditional Indian values by having extramarital affairs and taking party drugs.

    A survey found that one in five of those questioned had had a workplace affair and that the majority of those were married. In another recent poll one in four call centre staff said they regularly had casual affairs.

    The figures present a serious challenge to traditional social conservatism. The revolution is unfolding in India’s high-tech cities, including Delhi, Bangalore, Madras and Chandigarh, where young well paid graduates and newlyweds work long night shifts.

    More than 30 large British companies, including Lloyds TSB and Norwich Union, use Indian call centres to handle customer inquiries.

    According to insiders the centres are generating a work-hard, play-hard culture where liberal attitudes to sex and club drugs are thriving. The staff work under high pressure and are rewarded with “team-building” parties.

    One of India’s most senior police officers said the western companies behind the call centres were causing a breakdown in the fabric of Indian family life.

    “The companies should insist on certain standards,” said Shankar Rao, deputy commissioner of Delhi police. “I want to make sure these call centres do not become dens of evil.

    “There should be counselling available to make sure the staff live in conformity with society, and not indulging in drugs and sex. They should make sure they do not work more than three nights a week. It’s causing mischief.”

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    How call centres come into the equation
    When the young person starts working, that's when things start changing. This is true as much of a regular job, as a night shift one like at a call centre. There are now legitimate reasons to stay out late - and work related travel, socialising. This is the point when parents finally give up their vigil (for some it's also the time to start looking in earnest for a 'suitable match').

    Now take the specific example of call centres. First, one is working with a roomful of young people who are not only workmates but the ones you hang out with most often. (the rest of the world, you see, follows a different time schedule altogether!)

    So, attractions happen - it's natural. Only, this time opportunity also exists. In the words of a BPO employee, a typical romance goes something like this ......

    "Most times, attraction builds up during the training period and starts blooming once on the Operations floor. For some it starts with sharing a smoke and then builds up to sharing other things too. Then there's a lot of begging to the Team leader to put him/her in the sameshift as the other half. But when do people get time to actually....umm....be together?
    According to Rahul, who works at a call center in Malad (where else?), for stealing a passionate kiss, he along with his girlfriend, takes the lift to the top floor and back, which gives him approx. 30 seconds to finish the job. And I'll spare you the details, which I encounter whenever I take the stairs instead of the lift. "

    Many call centre workers are out of towners, so they live as PGs or in shared flats. Hence access to these pads exists. Plus, even if you do stay at home and claim to be working on the nightshift when it's actually your day off and u are in lovely Lonavla - who's the wiser?

    Parents, when they occassionally read about this kind of things in the papers blissfully choose to believe "mera bachcha aisa nahin hai" (my kid isn't like that). The young person is perhaps betraying their trust but can you really blame them?

    In a world where we are surrounded by sex (remix videos, movies, advertising, soap operas, details of celebrity lives) can young people expected to remain chaste and just watch? The expectation is unrealistic and hence the response is less than honest.

    Still, I would say, most of these young people don't indulge in completely casual sex. There is usually a relationship, with emotional attachment - sex being one of the components of that relationship. But yes, it is casual to the extent that both parties are aware that this does not have to be forever. Maybe, maybe not. And this, in India, is a change in attitude.

    Whether this is 'good' or 'bad' - that's not for me to judge. It's certainly difficult for parents, and will continue to be. I am someone who strongly believes young people should be allowed to experience life and make mistakes....

    Yet when I think of how I'm going to face these issues when my 5 year old daughter is a teenager, the plain and naked truth is - I'm not sure. Maybe I won't be that cool with it either...

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    Eto medyo madetalye hihihihihihi:

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    Quickie sa Station Ko

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    India call centre staff in sex romp shocker
    By Lester Haines
    Published Wednesday 29th June 2005 11:58 GMT
    Any reader who has ever wondered what Indian call centre operatives get up to between harassing angry BT punters about overdue bills and then selling (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/04...fraud_arrests/) their personal details to the highest bidder may be surprised to learn that they do not actually fill their spare time with watching old episodes of Eastenders in order to hone their English skills ("Good afternoon sir, your British Telecom bill is 11 minutes overdue, would you like to pay now by credit card or am I gonna havter get on the bleedin' blower every ten minutes for the next munf til you cough up the wonga, lawks a-mercy luv a duck?"), but rather blow any call-free moments indulging in torrid rumpy-pumpy with follow headset jockeys.

    That, at least, is according to a revealing report (http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/...15,curpg-1.cms) on India Times, which cites the steamy case of 24-year-old "senior process associate" Mandakini Sandhu and squeeze Ashish Gupta.

    The India Times explains: "For many BPO [business process outsourcing] employees like Sandhu and Gupta, the office space is not just a professional domain. Instead, it symbolises one's personal space, thanks to long hours being spent in office. From making friends to cultivating relationships, BPO units are slowly becoming hubs where inter-personal bonding takes place. And it comes as little surprise that many also give vent to their sexual urges in the office space."

    Crikey. Sandhu apparently spends 12-13 hours a day interfacing with the public, so her office is "the only place that allows her to snatch a few cozy moments with her boyfriend". She elaborates: "For us, the office is practically everything. Weird working hours means that most friendships happen usually within the office and in similar working set ups. And in such a situation, intimacy is a foregone conclusion."

    For those who like their details in sort-of plain English, Sandhu admits she has gone to "fourth base" with her hormonally-charged colleague, but claims she has "refrained from having a quickie in the workplace as it's quite a risky proposition".

    We're not quite sure what "fourth base" means here, since Indians clearly have a different base system to that understood in the UK. Brits - working on a simplified two-base system - understand anything after first base (complete failure to get down and dirty) as full-blown beast-with-two-backs action. To Middle England, therefore, fourth base would involve something seen only in Swedish DVDs and certainly illegal in the United Kingdom.

    But we digress. The India Times continues:

    If the recent visual footage acquired from strategically placed cameras in a leading Mumbai-based business process outsourcing (BPO) unit showing a couple having sex in an office cubicle is anything to go by, workplace sex is no longer an aberration for most couples working in India's sunrise sector. With work schedules stretching into long hours, and bonding happening between emotionally lonely employees, sex is just a manifestation for physical needs as two individuals try and seek a connection.

    And what do the clients make of this? Well, According to BPO hotshot Prakash Toppo: "Since most of our customers are influential, they want cameras as they are dealing with a lot of sensitive information. For the couple caught in a sexually compromising situation, the one question that arises is why were they doing what they were doing in the office premises."

    We can answer that one for you Prakash: You spend 12-13 hours a day sitting in a room attempting to seek a connection with irate BT customers. After a while, your emotionally loneliness kicks in and you decide to seek a connection closer to home. Suddenly, in walks Ashish Gupta with a "let's go to fourth base you call centre minx" look in his eye...

    Anyone reading this who has recently outsourced his or her call centre operation to Mumbai should not, however, imagine that the BPO management is going to take this rampant promiscuity lying down. J Kalyanaraman, Human Resources supremo at HCL Comnet, asserts: "Filming is essential as it is in tune with keeping the faith of employees. It's not a breach of employee privacy as there is a huge amount of customer-sensitive information involved, so it makes good sense to impose surveillance. First instances of compromising behaviour (kissing, smooching in the office premises) are let off with a stern warning as such kind of behaviour is similar to misuse of facilities given by the organisation and is therefore liable for punishment."

    Quite what this punishment is, we do not know, but it likely involves being locked into a secure cubicle for a month and put on conservatory sales cold-calling duty. Or worse - three months on the BT overdue bill roster. Cor blimey. ®

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