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    Question beef jerky..

    who knows where i can buy beef jerky here in the philippines? i miss beef jerky... i always eat beef jerky when i'm in the states.... i always ask balikbayan people to get me beef jerky... i miss beef jerky... beef jerky.. beef jerky.. beef jerky... beef jerky... beef jerky... BEEF JERKYYYYYYY!!!!!!

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    ooooooh beef jerky...sorry don't know ehre to get here-altho ive been lookin all ova da place too!!!beef jerky at ampm...and self serve ice cream...best combo hehehe

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    no local companies make beef jerky??

    hey, wouldn't that be a nice business to start up, eh?

    Spicy Beef Jerky!!!!!

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    No one imports or makes beef jerky locally, if we're talking about the Slim Jim/stick types of jerky. I've tried looking for this since way back.

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    they sell spicy beef jerky in aji ichiban HK not sure lang if the local aji ichiban stores have that too.

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    by the sofa...


    damn... i miss beff jerky too, unfortunately di ko rin alam kung san mabibili ** un.......

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    aww shux... i guess i'll just have to rely on my tita to bring me home some beef jerky this christmas... shux... i know this gourmet resto in BF which used to sell beef jerky.. unfortunately they closed down na... ohwell...

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    Where can I buy beef jerky locally? [Merged]

    I looooooove beef jerky.

    I dunno where to buy it in the Philippines though. I only get to eat beef jerky whenever my titas send packages from the US.

    Anybody know where i can buy these in Manila?


    Mmmmm.. beef jerky..

    I heard there's a way to make beef jerky by drying beef strips in the oven or on rooftops. They can also be made through food dehydrators, etc.

    Ohwell. any beef jerky recipes or info will be appreciated

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    awww.. no love for beef jerky?

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    Merong jerky in most chinese specialty stores in greenhills/binondo/etc.

    pero iba ang flavor nila from u.s. jerky, mas sweet ata (like cow label, twin cow, and yung generic jerky in bond-paper size strips)

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    I also love beef jerky!!!

    I make my own version thru a food dehydrator we bought a long long time ago when we were in the US. Glad it's still working.

    Since we do not have the smoked hickory flavoring, we really can't achieve the exact taste, but here's our recipe:

    - Fresh Beef: Sukiyaki Cut (if none, breakfast steak cut then flatten with a meat pounder)
    - Kikkoman soy sauce
    - Brown sugar
    - Peppermill ground pepper (lots of freshly ground pepper for that kick!)

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    Oooo... thanks for the recipe

    My tita didn't want to buy me a food dehydrator, according to her, it doesn't work daw. Apparently it does.

    So is your beef jerky as tough as the packaged ones? I especially like the really tough beef jerky, i like gnawing on stuff

    Slim jims are okay, but i prefer the real dried ones.

    Time for me to scout for a food dehydrator online

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    magtapa ka na lang...

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    Hi alky-holic! Oh if it you like it thick and chewy, don't pound the beef and don't get the sukiyaki cut. Actually, my recipe is quite crisp if it's fresh from the dehydrator. It's more like beef chips for me but it eventually gets chewy when it absorbs the moisture after storage (wait for 1 day). However, I have not tried the thick cut to make it as tough as the usual beef jerky....but it's good enough I just love the flavor of crushed peppercorns to make it spicy BTW, the thicker the the beef, the longer to dehydrate. We usually dehydrate it for 8 hours if we get the pounded breakfast steak cut.

    (Just the thought of it makes me drool ...im craving for beef jerky now!!)

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    is there another name for beef jerkey?

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    sa shopwise! i saw the other day sa libis

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    Sa S&R meron ng beef jerky sa fort kaso ang mahal nga lang.

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    They have beef and turkey (I think) jerky at South Supermarket, Alabang. I think it's local stuff, and it's not that expensive.

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    San may beef jerky dito?

    San po ba may mabibili na ready to eat beef jerkies dito? Lam ko pong beef tapa din yun pero yung pang snack na beef jerkies talaga.

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    Any good grocery store should have them.... There's a local brand, I forgot the name, but I know it starts with the word Cow. I've seen them at Landmark and South Supermarket.

    I've also seen imported beef jerky at S&R.

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