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    US Visa help.

    Hi PExers,

    Can I ask for advice on visas? I wish to apply for a US tourist visa this year for a vacation. I've heard that it's pretty difficult to get one now. What can you advise me? What typifies a correct and successful visa application? Any experiences? Is there anyone here familar with these matters?

    I would appreciate any help, thanks.

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    You'll see all requirements in the webpage, along with the steps you have to follow. You have to fill up the application form so you could set up an appointment with the US Embassy. Note that it usually takes you 2-3 months between the time you set an appointment and the actual appointment itself. This has been my experience in the past, although I'm not sure if this is still true. I've heard that the US Embassy now uses a system - Visa Point - where you could make an appointment online, 24/7, instead of speaking with a call service agent.

    If you're going to make an appointment by telephone, you will be prompted by different menu items, instructing you to press different numbers sequentially in your phone. I suggest that you also list down these numbers, so that if ever you need to call again, you could just dial these numbers one after each other, without having to wait for the voice prompts. Apparently, the minutes are already being counted, and during my time, I think it was $18 per minute.

    And oh, make sure you read the webpage carefully, just so you have all the required material before you make the call.

    But then again, I'm not sure you'll be needing the advice I mentioned, since you might opt instead to use Visa Point.

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    Thanks for the link, ubermensch. That Visa Point sounds cool. But 2-3 months is okay since it's just a private vacation.

    I read there bank statements, proof of employment or own business are necessary. I thought so. What if I have several bank accounts? Do I have to give them all? Tell them all about my business, how long I've been employed, and so on? It sounds to me they are not interested in what circumstances you will be going to the US, but more on what reasons you have to return to the Philippines.

    It's not that I'm paranoid, but do I have to tell them everything about my business, assets, etc.? Not that I'm into smuggling or anything illegal.

    Anyone here with recent experiences to share? But thanks again. I think I'll just opt for the Visa Point.

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    to grant a visa, you need to establish to the embassy your "ties" that you'll be going back to the country. you must have a fat bank account and must be sitting in the bank for long time, if whopping amount of money was deposited few months ago, that's questionable and ground to deny you.

    usually, if you're holding an entry level position and you're in your mid 20s to mid 30s and even you got fat bank account, you'll be 90% denied. the officer might think that you'll not coming back. very often the officer will just look at your docs and without even uttering words to you, kaaapow...denied.

    you'll get a good chance if your passport bears arrival/departure stamps from any western european countries when you had your tour there. or any tourist visit in G8 countries. this will dramatically increase your chance to obtain a us tourist visa.

    when a citizen of third world country is applying for a tourist visa to any developed countries, they will scrutinize from the tip of your hair to palm of your feet and suspect that you intend to stay illegally.

    mahirap talagang maging mahirap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonely_pinoy
    usually, if you're holding an entry level position and you're in your mid 20s to mid 30s and even you got fat bank account, you'll be 90% denied. the officer might think that you'll not coming back. very often the officer will just look at your docs and without even uttering words to you, kaaapow...denied.
    ganun din situation but nakaisip ako ng lusot...before i applied, i took an entrance exam in law school (definitely not ateneo/san beda) so when the consul asked me what are my future plans...i said i wanna proceed to law school and then, i showed him my acceptance letter...approved kaagad!!!!

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    question: i saw sa visa app form...what professional organization(s) do i belong to/ well as specialized training?....ano dawww?? ano ba dapat isagot dun? redcross? specialized training what? kung resume yun madali sagutan kaso pag mali ata masagot ko dun bka sumabit ako ...

    keep those tips coming! i badly need your inputs. like Southrock, im planning to spend a short vacation din sa US.

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    Sounds like a lot of people are leaving! Don't GMA's SONA?

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    ive had problems with Visa Point using Mozilla, so I recommend you guys use IE when filling up the forms . . . . well my personal experience though.

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    oops double post.

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    ako rin mag aapply din ako ng visa pero panigurado deny ako **** heheh ok yun ha mag entrance exam ng law hmm pwede ba yun kahit august na?

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    my mom and i were issued indefinite B1-B2 visas years ago, then there was a recall of indefinite visas and our visas where changed to 10-year visas. well, it's expiring in january of '08. any idea how we should go about renewing it?
    is it back to square one?

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    question po... first time ko mag-apply for a tourist visa and i'll have my interview next week... malalaman mo ba agad kung denied ka o hindi?

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    Yep. They'll take your passport pag approve ka then pag deny they'll stamp on it or something.

    Good luck!

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    ^^ thanks, i'll need to know kasi agad para kung deny eh "plan B"...

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    avonlea: ^ good luck! basta, be calm and relax. then, pray with all your might that you won't go to that korean consul hehehe

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    ^^ thanks... but i'll have my interview here in korea... dito naman may pinay na consul na hate din ng mga koreans... hehe...
    rejection rate here is only 3.2%, masama naman kung masali ako dun... hope not!

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    hello! any tips for student visa? may i-20 na ko and i will pay the i-190 next week. will be interviewed second week of october. i will be taking up a certificate course 1 year long.

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    i just got approved for a tourist visa!! yeepee! the US visa forum has helped a lot! pati na ren *** tips dito sa us visa help.

    anyway, i had mine last oct3 and andami namen naapprove. ambabait ng mga consul! saya saya! halos mahalikan ko yung mga tindera sa labas pati security guard ...kung wala lang salamin between me and the consul, hinalikan ko na sya e!

    to those who are hesitant to apply becuz they think they have a slim chance of getting approved, think again! seize that slim chance! you'll never know. ako all the odds were against me: single, working age, no assets, not much money in the bank pero i was blessed with a multiple (5yr) validity na visa!

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    wow congrats! =) enjoy ha! sana maapprove din ako! F1 interview ko na sa tuesday!!! ano mga tinanong sayo piQuanT?

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