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    Wedding Cakes

    Hello everyone!

    In search of wedding cake supplier? We have a directory listing of suppliers in this category. Visit http://www.kasal.com and check out our Search tool for Philippine Wedding Suppliers. Choose Wedding Cakes category and the location of your choice. The search will provide you the complete contact details of your chosen supplier.

    Happy planning! --- Kasal.com Team

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    soon2bwifey: Please contact 0917-8830603 (Ask for Yme).

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    Guys do you have any idea how much is the cost of a five layer cake. I have a friend that getting married by next year. la kasi kong masyado kung magkano na ang range ng price dito satin ngayon.

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    Re: 3 layered cakes

    Quote Originally Posted by weddingdelivery View Post
    Guys do you have any idea how much is the cost of a five layer cake. I have a friend that getting married by next year. la kasi kong masyado kung magkano na ang range ng price dito satin ngayon.
    Hi there,
    The price of the 3 - 5 layered cakes depends on the designs.
    Does your friend has already designs in mind?
    All edible is considered customized cakes...kasi basically what the usual package offered is that only the bottom layer lang ang edible.
    I would suggest pacheck mo din ang mini cupcake or cupcake tower for your friend baka mas magustuhan nya kasi lahat un edible. For more queries, feel free to contact me. Thank you! [email protected]~

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    choco roll tapos mga 1mm kada slice ang mga guest...dapat di sosobra...

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    All edible cake

    Quote Originally Posted by soon2bwifey View Post
    hello!!! baka pede nyo naman ako matulungan. san ba ako makakahanp ng cake na 3 layers tapos nakakain lahat? and magkano ang price? salamat!!!
    Hi sis...
    you can inquire naman to have ur cake with all edible however mas mahal ang price nya compared to layed cake having bottom edible only.
    You can also have an option like satelite cake yung style / set up pero edible lahat. I think ang additional lang dun ay yung stand nya.

    Budget at least 10K -15K...

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    inquiring platform


    dito kayo magtanong heheh kesa umikot ikot pa *** sa buong bansa sa paghahanap

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    I don't know if this would pass for the affordable range, but I do know that this caterer not only makes really yummy wedding cake but I think you can give them specifics to follow, check this site. This was the supplier for my sisters Wedding Cake and it was so yummy! Definitely recommending this.

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    our cake:

    the inspiration:

    motif was supposed to be black and purple but well, oh well.

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    wedding caterer bulacan contact 09227221391


    MARIBON'S CATERING can cater for an intimate wedding

    with as little as 70 guests and up to 300 for bigger receptions.

    Food tasting can be arranged.


    with freebies depending on the couples negotiations.

    Booking time is about two to three months

    before the occassion.

    MARIBON'S CATERING will deliver great food

    and brillant service--

    allowing you to sit back and enjoy the best part of your big day!!

    FREE proposal for your upcoming event.

    kindly include the details of your wedding.

    We also handle events such as






    special ocassions

    corporate events


    For any questions, or you need a proposal,

    Please do get in touch with us at Maribon Catering Malolos City,Bulacan

    For inquiries:

    text or call at 09227221391


    or email [email protected]

    look for ram


    #184 dahlia st., Alido Heights Subd., Malolos City, Bulacan

    tel no: 760-1510

    kindly visit mariboncatering.multiply.com
    for photos of wedding set up. debuts and more!!!

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    We were able to get our cake as part of the package c/o Penk Ching. She is highly recommended by coordinators

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    Customized Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Personalized Cupcakes, etc.

    For many years now, that's almost 25 years to be exact, we, Kink Cakes, have gone through a lot of

    ups and downs. The ups was a breeze, but the downs we're totally devastating. Still we grew, learned,

    and made progress.

    Adult Cakes were not sold as easy as candies. But still, we have made a mark in the industry as

    Pioneers in the field. Years had gone by and more additions to the catalogue have been added. Just

    for Kids, as the name stands, made history as well as we give smiles to the Kids' Celebration.

    Another addition would be the unconventional Wedding Cakes where stories of the couples are

    incorporated on their Cake. It takes a great deal of mastery of the art to acoomplish such elegance,

    resulting to a Brilliant Masterpiece.

    We would like to share this accomplishment, and future ones, with the people who wants to impart a

    lot of creativity and imagination in their memory which is worth a lifetime. Customized Cakes,

    Personalized Cupcakes and Cookies, and other party giveaways are few of our products you need to eye


    Get in touch at [email protected] and www.kinkcakes.com.ph or call us on +63917-8651006.

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    Hi Pexers, if you're looking for decadent wedding cakes that look good AND taste good, yung tipong di ka mapapahiya i-serve sa mga guests unlike sa ibang weddings di siniserve, you can look for a wedding cake supplier listed on the global wedding marketplace, iBride. You can contact the vendor directly from the website should you have any questions.

    Wedding Cakes iBride

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