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    Try Ating Tahanan near Baguio Country Club. Or Piraso Resort at Evangelista Street. You can also try Corral Gardens at Guisad. Or if not try bell church baka pwede.hehe

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    Doktor na rocker !
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    Filipiniana theme kami.

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    have you seen guys, the Star War's Wedding theme of Miss Issa Litton?, if not better visit www.jasonmagbanua.com just backread, I was amazed when i first saw it! and then i dreamt of having a theme wedding! it's unique! and add a twist in a traditional wedding!

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    My theme is "Green Wedding".
    -as much as I could I would like my wedding to be eco-friendly. Its my advocacy kasi.
    Although noong 2008 *** civil wedding ko, 2011 naman *** church wedding.
    Sinisumulan ko na *** planning kasi konti ang resources ng mga eco-friendly na wedding items.

    You can check my blog, Green Wedding Belle, para sa updates ng kasal namen.

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    hi help naman with the theme. our color motif is brown and gold. ano kaya pde iassociate na theme dun aside from filipiniana. yoko na kasi may pagka-old fashioned. the reception will be in a garden. tnx po.. sana may magresponse...

    (pres and jr tentative date: 6/2010)

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    Hi. I am newbie
    I'm planning to have Gerbera Daisy wedding theme.
    Mga February ang wedding so gusto ko sana motiff na rin ay yellow, white, pink, orange and red. ok kaya yun?
    sa garden gagawin ang reception.
    may mga ideas na ako pero di pa sya final.
    Give me naman po some more ideas... thanks a lot.

    obo / dtd
    Caleruega Church

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    both me and my fiance are pexers (we met here!) and we're both born cancerians. we also were born under the year of the rat. with that speaking, our theme's whimsical glass-water in silver-blue motif. we have already reserved a bubble machine with our events coordinator and we have a minnie mouse/mickey mouse cake topper and souvenir.


    presh & sergs
    christ the king church/christ the king parish hall
    greenmeadows, libis, QC

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    Ours is a Rock Themed Wedding. Coz we both love Rock music and were both musicians.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ofw View Post
    Butterfly theme since summer yung wedding namin and sa garden yung reception.

    we are also planning to have a butterfly themed wedding this coming April!

    can you give us some tips on how to make it beautiful?

    san po keo nakakuha nung butterflies and magkanu po?

    and kelan po *** best time na papaliparin ang mga butterflies?

    thanks a lot!

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    Batangas is also a great option for out of town weddings especially now that the SLEX extension is almost finished. Great beaches 3-4 hrs away from Manila and great venues 1-3 hours away. Malamig din sa Batangas especially sa Lipa.

    Batangas Wedding

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    It's never too early to prepare. You just have to be careful not to book without really thinking about it. If you're preparing early, use the time to really canvas suppliers. Wag yung kaunaunahang okay na supplier eh book agad.

    Batangas Wedding

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    Wink Out of town wedding

    Ours would be on Oct. 2o11, at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Manaoag, Pangasinan...
    Most guest will come from Manila, and some from Ilocos and Albay.
    Gusto kasi namin na pilgrimage na rin ng mga guests namin ang pag-attend nila ng wedding namin sa Manaoag.
    Reception is in a resort in urdaneta

    Positive naman ang response ng karamihan ng sinabihan at ininvite namin, kahit na they'll travel, or get a room in a hotel at their own expense (Take note, hindi mayayaman mga guests, professionals, but not too rich)
    Hoping for a successful wedding kahit out-of-town kami...

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    talaga? taga pangasinan ka ba? balak din namin ikasal ng hubby ko sa manaoag pero wala pa kami budget for now... taga urdaneta ako and my hubby taga zamboanga, lahat din mangngagaling ng manila buti na lang yung fam ko nasa urdaneta lang. lam ko yung resort na sinasabi mo lisland resort... wedding supplier kami ng hubby ko, coordinator, florist, mkeup artist and couturier... gud luck sa wedding! nga *** may mga hotel dun yung urduja hotel dun sila pde mgstay, may chowking sa baba nun.
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    Plan namin magkaroon ng nature-inspired theme. 'Yung mountain view ng nature. Mahilig kasi kaming umakyat ng bundok.


    Please visit Kasal.com's Facebook page and hit Like and Share for our proposal story. Thank you very very much!

    or click this link:
    Our Proposal Story

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    my fav color;)

    ,sakin po powdered blue..hihihih..dlaga p *** ** dream color q n un ehh..sya ng feeling,kk excite!!

    *** do you think??ok *** ba??

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    I want a nautical theme, or a wedding in a vineyard complete with wine tasting.. or in a medieval castle. Been browsing destination wedding sites iBribe and my minds in a whirl with all the possibilities!

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