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    Post your Jockstraps stories here!MY FIRST JOCK MEMORIES"

    I remember my first jock experiences but I don't remember which one came first. I suppose the first time that I saw a jock was when I was 12. This must have been in 1994. My uncle (he was 14 at the time) and I shared an underwear drawer in our bedroom. One day I saw his jock in the drawer and knew exactly what it was for. I became entranced the moment I saw it. I quickly took it and ran down the hall to our bathroom and tried it on. I had a raging erection by the time I got it on. I was just figuring out that I was into guys. I grew up in the midwest and it was required that everyone in PE class play basketball. I found myself picturing the guys on my team wearing them even though none of us were wearing them yet.

    I loved basketball then and I stayed late after practice one night to simply shoot hoops. One of the older guys had joined me. He was 15 but he seemed much older to me at the time. We were also two of only a very few black guys in our school. When we went into the locker room to change, I took my time. I really wanted to see him naked. He had removed his shirt and shoes already and when he took off his shorts, he was wearing a Bike brand jockstrap. I know he saw me looking but he didn't say anything. The contrast of the dark skin and that jock strap are burned into my mind. He did things nice and slow and this turned me on even more! He had to know I was watching. He took off after the showers and I was to shy at that time to shower with guys. I wanted to take his jock with me. but if I did he would have obviously known it was me. I just had to get a jock!

    The next year I started junior high and jocks were not required but because we were getting older, guys started wearing them anyway. We also shared a locker room with the senior high. I liked playing sports just because it gave me a chance to be in the locker rooms. The locker room had a "Lost and Found" barrel in the corner that I went though and found my first jock! It was a Bauer & Black and I wore it at every football practice even though it was probably too big. I didn't care.

    For some reason I got into wrestling after that instead of basketball. I didn't get into it because I was into guys! I liked the close contact of the sport. It was not a sexual thing. The need for the correct jock was becoming more important. Every guy on the squad was now wearing one and that part did turn me on. I managed to get to the local discount department store and purchased the correct size. Not surprisingly it was a Bike just like the basketball kid had worn. I started a habit of knowing what guys wore what jock! One guy named Rob (who was the object of my fantasies) wore a Duke. (Have I mentioned every popular brand yet). This went on for like a year or two and was a part of things.

    On the last day of school for the year my last class was PE. We were told to clean out our lockers and take our stuff home and throw away anything else. I was cleaning out my locker and putting stuff in my bag when I saw Rob take all of his stuff and throw it into the "Lost and Found" barrel! Apparently he had forgotten his bag and just chucked his T-shirt, shorts, socks, and hopefully his jock. When the final bell rang, everyone ran from the school except for me. I headed straight for the locker room and into a stall to make sure know one was around. When the coast was clear I went to the barrel and "BINGO," his jock was among the items there.

    I took that jock home and tried it on. I loved how it was formed to his package and now it was holding onto mine. I wore it whenever I was working out that summer and as underwear from time to time.

    Finding previously worn jocks became a pasttime for me. Open lockers were a constant target. I obtained quite a collection. Some would come home with me only to "appear" in the barrel and later back on the body from where they came. (If they only know where they had been, and how they were used!)

    By now, I had disposed-of or re-deposited all but a few jocks that I had. I was constantly in fear of what would have happened if anyone had found out.

    I still love jockstraps, wearing one turns me on more than anything. I hope you enjoyed my story.

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    I enjoy reading the reminiscences of those who grew up in the 60s and 70s, but here are some more recent memories told to me by people who grew up in the late 90's.

    Troy's birthday is in late October, but his parents sent him to private school in the first grade to avoid the cut-off for enrollment. Therefore, he was 11 when he started junior high school in the seventh grade. On the second day the physical education coach discussed the required gym uniform, and said that they should wear an athletic supporter in class for protection (it was not required). Troy had no idea what he was talking about. The P.E. class was all seventh graders, so almost all of the boys were 12, with just a few 13 year olds. About two weeks later everyone was in the locker room at the end of gym class, hanging out of our gym suits and showering . Troy glanced across the center bench to the opposite row of lockers, and there was a boy wearing nothing but a supporter. Troy was stunned. He never knew anything like that existed. He asked a friend who had the locker next to his, "What does he have on?" and he replied "That's a jockey strap, dummy." troy couldn't get the image out of his mind — He still can still see that boy to this day.

    Out of curiosity, Troy began to look around the locker room every day to see who was wearing a supporter. There were always boys in the shower, and everyone swam nude in the gym pooI twice a week, but this was all uninteresting compared to someone in a jockey strap (as we called it). Troy wanted a strap of his own to wear but was much too shy to ask his parents if he could get one. Finally, after a couple of months, Troy spotted a supporter left on the bench in the locker room. It was a Bike youth style, size regular, perfect for his size. He started wearing it everyday in gym. He would launder it by himself, since he was far too shy to let his parents know that wore wore such a garment.

    When summer vacation started after the seventh grade, Troy and his sister (she is almost two years older than him) started going to the swimming pool at the neighborhood recreation center. The pool sponsored a mixed swim team that competed against other swim clubs in the area. Kids who were on the team all wore Speedo-type racing suits, and this set the fashion standard at the pool. A lot of kids who were not on the team wore Speedo suits to be part of the crowd. Some of the boys wore jock straps under their swim suits — you could see the waistband above the back of the suit or the legstraps showed at the sides. This really got everyone's attention. Troy thought wearing a supporter in the locker room or gym was daring, but these boys were in public, wearing their jock straps in the presence of the mothers and girls at the pool.

    Troy's sister and he both wore Speedo just so a little freedom that a jock strap gives when swimming. Wearing a suit began to seem like a big nuisance.
    To this day, Troy still wears a jock strap underneath everything!

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    I was 14 when I had my first climax.

    David was a neighbor who was an only child. He was two years my junior and his rugged good looks and athletic build made him my childhood hero. One warm summer afternoon, he invited me to spend the night at his house. I asked Mom and Dad and they agreed to let me stay overnight with Dave. His family lived three houses from us but to me (being the first time I had stayed away from home overnight) it was really a treat!

    I don't remember how we spent the evening ... probably watching television with Dave and his parents. But I do remember when bedtime came. We went into his bedroom and got undressed. Or at least David got undressed. (I was so shy I left my underwear and T-shirt on.) I had always been envious of Dave because, being an only child, it seemed he got anything and everything he wanted. It wasn't long before he was sound asleep and I slid my trembling hand down to his crotch. When I touched his balls, I had a mighty climax! DAMN!! I didn't even get to see how "well endowed" he was but that experience was to follow in a few weeks.

    The next morning we awoke to the smell of French Toast being prepared by his mother in the kitchen. I had incredible feelings of guilt at having "touched" him so I excused myself and headed for home.

    Several weeks later, Dave and I were playing when he invited me to see his "hideout." He and his dad had built a floor in the top of their garage; added a ladder to get up there; and that became David's "secret hideout." It was very hot that day and there was no air conditioning. There was an old mattress on the floor and we stretched out to cool off. All of a sudden, the silence was broken. "Want to do something that feels good?" Dave reached down and pulled his throbbing manhood out of the front of his jeans. He was only twelve but it was the biggest I had ever seen. It was beautiful. My heart was pounding as he invited me to, "Take yours out."

    He reached over with his rough hand and touched me. I had masturbated a few times but I'd never been "touched" by another guy so it didn't take long before I was exploding all over the mattress. He proceeded to get himself off and we cleaned up (as best we could) and fell asleep.

    "Would you guys like something cool to drink?" his mother yelled from below. Dave scrambled down and returned with a plastic pitcher filled with ice cold orange Kool Aid and two glasses. What a treat.

    Later that evening, I was again invited to spend the night with Dave. We were sitting on his bed playing a game when his mother walked in carrying a small box. "I bought this for David for football but he needs to have his name written on it. Would you mind doing it for him?" She handed me a black marker and the box and left. I had never seen a jockstrap before but I knew from the picture on the box that it was meant to hold a man in place during sports. I very carefully lettered the name DAVE on the cream-colored waistband. The pouch was not soft. It was made of the same heavy material as the band. I started to put it in the box but David stopped me. "Let me try it on first," he said. We turned the lights off and got undressed for bed except this time he pulled the jock on before he climbed in.

    Tonight was going to be different than the last time I slept with him. Tonight I was going to touch him. I waited a few minutes and reached over to touch his jockstrap. The stiff material of the pouch couldn't hide his massive manhood straining beneath. I moved my hand up toward the waistband and felt a wet, sticky spot at the top of the pouch. Just as I touched the wet spot, he quietly whispered, "Hey, this jockey strap feels great." I froze. I didn't say a word. "Would you like to try it on?" "Sure," I whispered back and within a few seconds, I was wearing his jock. "Sorry about the wet spot but it felt some damned good, I couldn't control myself." There I was encased in the jockstrap of my hero ... bathed in the damp, sticky gift he had shared with me.

    Nights like this one continued for several months until his family moved away to a nearby town. The last time I spent the night with Dave, I was 18 and he was 16 and was involved in football and baseball. I called him that afternoon to see what he was up to. He told me he had a game that evening – the last football game of the year. "Hey, maybe I'll go watch you play," I said. "Sure, c'mon over and you can ride to the game with me." It was late when the game ended so he invited me to spend the night at his house. The ride home was great because I could smell the sweaty heat coming from his football uniform that he had thrown into the back seat of his car.

    It was the first time I had visited Dave since they moved away. Their house was a big two-story country farmhouse. His mom and dad were already in bed asleep when we got to the house so we made our way up to his bedroom on the second floor. He tossed the dirty football uniform into the corner of his room and his sweaty jockstrap fell out onto the floor. He was still wearing that same rough jockstrap from four years earlier! "Damn," he said, "I'm too tired to take a shower tonight. Let's turn in." As we were undressing, I mentioned how good he had looked in his football uniform. "Yeah, feels good too," he said. "I have to have Mom wash it tomorrow so I can turn it in next week."

    I had to go to the bathroom to take a piss and when I returned, the bedroom light had been turned off so I crawled into bed. The room was totally dark but I could tell that Dave was lying on top of the blanket. "Aren't you going to get under the blanket," I asked?

    "Maybe later ... when I take my football uniform off."

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