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    Quote Originally Posted by sojourner View Post
    that's true irenecara. nasabi sa akin ang plot at ang ganda ng development. it is something really worth watching. i'm quite positive the movie will have good reviews granting that the director will be able to do it well. story at cast, ayos na kasi. direction na lang. bago ang direktor so we also expect a fresh approach in maricel's latest starrer.

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    waging wagi ang inang yaya sa puso ng mga critico...

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    Saturday, December 09, 2006
    Inang Yaya going strong on its 2nd week
    excerpt from Star Circuit by Ricky Calderon
    Freeman Entertainment 12.08.06

    Mr. Tony Gloria, the big boss of Unitel Pictures, is very pleased with the box-office results of "Inang Yaya," which is still going strong on its second week. Aside from being a critical success, "Inang Yaya" also did very well at the box-office and is being talked about as a potential awards winner in next year''s awards derbies, with Maricel Soriano being touted as the actress to beat with her fine performance.

    Kudos also to the two directors, Pablo Biglang-Awa and Veronica Velasco, with a special mention to Roni for her beautiful script.

    The "Inang Yaya" team had a thanksgiving party where they were congratulated by Mr. Gloria for a job well done. Incidentally, "Inang Yaya" has already been subtitled and will be shown abroad. We''re not yet sure if it would be joining international film festivals (but we believe it should). Unico Pictures, the partner of Unitel Pictures, will handle the international screenings of "Inang Yaya" and the possibility of it being marketed and shown in film festivals.

    To those who still haven''t seen "Inang Yaya," do see it and marvel at the beauty of this simple film that would definitely touch your hearts and make you cry.

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    By Rachel Jamal As

    MARICEL SORIANO, the Diamond Star was born February 25, 1965 and started acting at the age of six via the 1971 flick My Heart Belongs to Daddy.She got the role of Shirley Purontong in the most successful and longest sitcom in Philippine Television history John and Marsha.

    Under the aegis of King of Comedy, Dolphy and the late Nida Blanca, one of the country's top caliber actresses, both whom she considered as second parents, she became a well known in the 1970's. Maricel received her first acting award as Best Child Actress at the age of nine at the 9th Manila Film Festival for Virgo Film's Alaala mo, Daigdig ko in 1974. She also won the same award at the 1974 Ilo-ilo Film Festival for John and Marsha. she also appeared as one of the main cast in Kaluskus Musmos in 1978.

    Maricel, was launched to stardom in 1980 via Regal Films' Underage where her thespian talent and charisma shone brightest among the lead stars of the movie. From thereon, there was no stopping Maricel Soriano to superstardom. Her tandem with William Martinez was launched in Oh My Mama in 1981 proved to be the tandem to beat as they churned out multiple box office hits especially in the genre of comedy. She was considered the top Regal Baby in the 80's and 90s'prompting the Regal matriarch, Lily Monteverde to quipped, ‘Regal without Maricel is nothing'.

    Maricel Soriano is the most versatile actress of all time. The variety of her film output is unmatched in the history of Philippine Cinema. She has the most number of comedy films from John en Marsha to I Will Survive. Her Inday Series (Inday, Inday sa Balitaw, Inday Bote and Super Inday) is a landmark in the comedy arena. Some of her dramatic films are considered classics now most notable of which are Saan Darating ang Umaga Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit Hinugot sa Langit, Babaing Hampaslupa, Ikaw Pa Lang ang Minahal, Inagaw Mo Ang Lahat sa Akin(a Philippine entry to the Oscars), Abot Kamay ang Pangarap (The Philippine entry again to the Oscar Awards), Soltera Mila, Filipinas and recently, Inang Yaya. Her action-oriented films with Action superstars are all certified hits like Batang Quiapo with the late Fernando Poe Jr. in 1986 until Sige, Subukan Mo. Whether fantasy (Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang), Suspense (Dahas), Horror (Sa Piling ng Aswang, Vampira)Romance (When I Fall in Love), Maricel never fails to deliver with much aplomb and flare seldom seen in the past and present crop of actresses.

    Aside from successfully conquering the movie scene she duplicated her feat on Television. From the sitcom John and Marsha , to Kaluskos Musmos and Kuskos Balungos to Musical Variety Shows (Maria!Maria! and Maricel Live!), Maricel Drama Special and Comedy Shows Kung Kaya ni Mister, Kaya ni Misis , Mary d' Potter Bida si Mister, Bida si Misis to Soap Opera (Vietnam Rose) and currently doing John En Shirley (a spin-off of her original sitcom), with Dolphy and Susan Roces.
    The Diamond Star can be considered foremost a progeny of television and her face has continued to become a staple in the small tube. Maricel was consistently seen in the longest running drama anthology which was named after her and the reprisal of the role of Shirley Purontong brings her into full circle as a certified icon in Philippine TV.

    She has received two awards from the Asian TV Awards as Best Actress in a Comedy show aside from her two awards for the same category from the Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC). She was also given two awards as Best Actress in a Drama Anthology and Best Actress for Drama in a Soap Opera (Vietnam Rose) also coming from the PMPC.

    A sought after celebrity endorser, she has endorsed a wide variety of products and is considered one of the most credible among the elite group of endorsers.

    With her movie output already reaching the millennium mark and a range of films unsurpassed by all other actresses, she is one of the few bestowed by filmdom with this title. The Diamond Star has practically worked in all the major film outfits in the industry, appeared with every major star, set acting standards and box office records, she has proven beyond reasonable doubt that she is the Queen to reckon with.

    She is the third most awarded film actress of all time with 19 (child, supporting and lead actress) trophies to boost from various legitimate award giving bodies such as FAMAS, PMPC, Enpress, FAP, YCC, Pasado, GMMSFP, MMFF, Manila, Iloilo and Cinemanila Film Festivals. Aside from these, Maricel has received other acting awards from various sources such as fan magazine publishing companies and people's choice awards.

    With nothing else to prove, the Diamond Star continues to reinvent herself as she is now beyond superstardom and has entered a new phase in her acting career. No longer confined with commercial films, she has given strong support to the Digital Film industry with movies like Numbalikdiwa and Inang Yaya (earned 62.4 million as the highest grossing digifilm by far). Maricel even agreed to star in the Gawad Kalinga film Paraiso without the usual talent fee in support of the house building projects of this organization.

    Considered as one of the finest actresses Philippine Cinema Maricel Soriano remains the Queen of the Philippine Entertainment Industry

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    Maricelian since I was 10! lady emem's Avatar
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    I subscribe to netflix.com to rent foreign movies then I was surprised to discover that they got a lot of Filipino movies too Smile

    I am so happy today that Paraiso of Gawad Kalinga is now available to rent Smile

    Then I chanced upon Inang yaya/Mother Nanny and saw these reviews (puro 5 Stars rating of those who rented the film)

    REVIEW 1

    I normally don't do movie reviews but this well deserve my time. Filipino films are known for being grainy and old looking like (cheap looking film) unlike the films we have here in the US. But this particular one is top notch and great. Film quality is 5 stars, script 5 stars and the writer did a good job putting the story together for a loving mom who's trying to make a living doing "yaya" profession. A MUST SEE MOVIE!. Great work and I hope more films like this will be created. 5 Stars!!!

    REVIEW 2

    This is by far one of my fave movies EVER. and not just my fave filipino movie. it's heartwarming and real and fun! i actually just bought it off RegalFilms.com because i love this movie so much! Maricel Soriano delivers an amazing performance! and the two newbies to showbiz who play the children were so good! congrats to maricel for producing a great movie! by the way, this movie is a digital film, which not many are produced in the philippines, so the quality is crisp! BRAVO!!!

    REVIEW 3

    This is a GREAT Filipino film. Superb acting by Maricel Soriano, Liza Lorena, the young actresses and the rest of the supporting cast. It is a very honest portrayal of traditional and urban values with a necessary balance to achieve a finely woven story that was so beautifully crafted by the production crew. Looking forward to seeing more from this wonderful team. Thanks for reading.

    REVIEW 4

    One of the very few Filipino movies that have impressed me in the last 20 years -- this is in the top 5. Kudos to the directors and scriptwriters. Please make more movies of this calibre -- our country needs a louder voice in this artistic medium. This story rings true of the many sacrifices the common "yaya" has to endure just to be able to eke out a living to be able to send pesos to her family in the province. Very well-thought out, straight to the point. Maricel Soriano has really blossomed into a true actress, her understated portrayal of a loving and caring yaya to her alaga and nanay to her daughter was so believable -- I almost felt as if I was back in Manila dealing with these same situations. Liza Lorena as the condescending "amo" who has a gradual appreciation for what is infinitely good -- noone else could have done that role justice. The two little ones, Tala & Erika, were PERFECT -- their acting was so natural to them that it seemed like it was happening right in your own household. Their classmates in 1st grade were also very convincing as mean girls. The cinematography was also excellent. Watch this and have a box of tissue paper beside you. You will realize how the little things we take for granted in life can bring such great joy to others. This is truly a GEM.

    REVIEW 5

    "Inang Yaya" is a stirring film. It is executed in a non melodramatic and non manipulative manner. On the contrary, the execution is very tight. I normally find films with similar plots to be too overwrought for their own good, but I'm impressed that "Inang Yaya" navigates away from that territory with such ease. I can't help but root for the main character's (Norma) plight. Overall, the acting is very good. Soriano delivers a performance that I would bet garnered nominations. Even the child actors who can be a 50/50 at times, are good. Even Sunshine Cruz is quite good as a "MILF type" (and I'd never thought I'd think of her that way!). Overall, this is a must queue especially those who have seen at least one Filipino film. For those not familiar with Filipino cinema, this is a good example of an exceptional one. (12/28/08)

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    http://dexterification.files.wordpress.com/2007/09/inangyaya.jpg http://www.shopcrazy.com.ph/wp-content/images/2006/12/inangyaya.jpg http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:V12B4euSobOdnM:http://img.youtube.com/vi/GyO_q1lnJAA/0.jpg&t=1

    my favorite movie...

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    best actress talaga si yaya-nanay norma!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 143brent View Post
    poster pa lang, akting na akting na talaga ang inay!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by viramall01 View Post
    oh i love this film
    nabasa ko don sa isang thread, isa pala ito sa pinagpilian para maging Phil. representative sa Oscars. Donsol ang ipinadala. kainis.

    super love ko rin ang movie na ito. inis na inis ako sa kanya. why? oh my god iyak ako ng iyak. nyetang fake shoes yan. ang sarap sabunutan ni maricel sa sobrang husay niya sa scene na iyon. nasan na ba yang Diamond Star na yan? naman gawa pa siya ng maraming movies ano!

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    Quote Originally Posted by richieme View Post
    nabasa ko don sa isang thread, isa pala ito sa pinagpilian para maging Phil. representative sa Oscars. Donsol ang ipinadala. kainis.

    super love ko rin ang movie na ito. inis na inis ako sa kanya. why? oh my god iyak ako ng iyak. nyetang fake shoes yan. ang sarap sabunutan ni maricel sa sobrang husay niya sa scene na iyon. nasan na ba yang Diamond Star na yan? naman gawa pa siya ng maraming movies ano!


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