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    [MERGED] Stye ( Kuliti )

    may kuliti ako sa loob ng lower eye ko...doctor told me to remove it by suregery..sabi ko pwede bang give me one week of medication, baka lumiit...he sed ok..

    pano paliitin to? yoko operahan eh, masakit ata eh..baka mag ka peklat pa..haay


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    I'm afraid there's no other treatment save for antibiotic drops or tablets (which I assume was what was given to you) and, if it doesn't respond to that, drainage of the pus (surgery). You can try these care tips in addition to the antibiotic drops:

    1. Apply warm (not hot!) wet compresses to the affected area 3-4 times a day for 5-10 minutes at a time.
    1. Avoid situations that expose your eyes to excessive dust or dirt.
    3. Don't poke or squeeze the infected area, no matter how tempted you may be to pop it.

    Don't worry, if it comes down to surgery, it won't produce scars.

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    Ointment is almost always better than drops for kuliti. It would expose the kuliti longer to the drug. Trust me on this. That was one of my recurring problems when I sported long hair then. If you have hair that is long (the bangs reach your eyes), cut it. Or else, your kuliti will always come back.

    If you do not have long hair, do not touch your eyes with dirty hands.

    Here's my personal regimen when I had that recurring problem:

    1) Wash face and hands before sleeping.
    2) Apply ointment on affected area.
    3) Go to sleep.

    I advise applying before going to sleep because the ointment would give you blurry eyes (may film of ointment kasi naka-balot sa mata mo). Hassle pag sa morning ito. When you wake up, the kuliti would either be gone or very much smaller.

    I've had plenty of kulitis just because I did not want to have my hair cut, but I've never resorted to 'surgery'.

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    Ano ba talaga ang kuliti? I always thought they are pimples pero napunta sa mata.

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    kahunbu and ira: *** ointment pwede?

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    You can try eye ointments like Garamycin or Tobrex, whichever is available. Either one will do.

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    doc ira: hi!! how long shud i wait b4 resorting to surgery?
    can i wait longer than a week, baka kasi lumiit pa eh..


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    7-10 days should be enough to tell you whether the sty is responding to the drug. If 10 days have passed and it's still the same size or even larger, you should consider having it drained already.

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    hi doc ira: may lumalabas na dugo at nana sa kuliti, does dat mean pagaling na to?

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    Totoo ba na nakukuha ang kuliti sa paninilip?


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    Post Anong gamot sa kulite?

    Grrr... I hate this... ano nga pala english ng kulite? And how long is this thing supposed to last? Am i supposed to just wait it out? It's the dead of the night and I can't do a freakin thing about it!!!!!

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    It's called "sty" in layman's term and "hordeolum" in medical term. Basic treatment for it would just be to put a warm compress using a face towel to the affected area for 15 mins. at least 4x daily with gentle pressure applied on the sty with a clean finger. Unless it's severe that you'd have to go to an ophthalmologist to have it drained, you'll have to wait it out. It will resolve within a week. Antibiotics are only given when the infection spreads beyond the immediate sty area.

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    hey thanks... figured it out just a while when I researched the net...

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    gatas ng ina...IPATAK sa MATA!!!...

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    Hi! I'm extreme16199's sister and I'm an ophthalmologist, so I'd like to join in. I must say that I'm impressed. Ira has mentioned the basics regarding care of the hordeolum if you don't feel like consulting an eye doctor yet. However, if you feel that your eyelid is already swelling too much and is very painful, better see your ophthalmologist. You may already have a condition called preseptal cellulitis, for which you may need antibiotics.

    Oh, please, please, please don't self medicate with just any eyedrops purchased from your corner drugstore or lying around the house for a previous eye problem. EYEDROPS ARE DRUGS and they also have side effects if not used properly.

    For "gatas ng ina", studies have been done on its use in "sore eyes", however, there is no conclusive evidence that it works.

    In short, DON'T put anything in your eye without consulting a doctor. You may be doing more harm than good.

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    Oh good, we have an ophthalmologist on board! Feel free to share your opinions in the discussions in this forum, although it would probably be better if you register using a new nickname. Your sister would probably prefer that, too.

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    thanks extreme 161999's sister... actually, just found out it wasn't stye that I had... more like an insect bite i think. Anyway, the swelling's gone and my eyelid's back to normal. I guess I just freaked out because I was supposed to have my pic taken the day I saw the swelling...

    Thanks guys!

    p.s. i never bought the 'gatas ng ina' thingie

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    Post kuliti

    i have kuliti. 3 days na. is there something i can do to hasten its healing? kinda hard to wake up in the morning with one heavy eye. and btw, what's it called in english? thanks again!

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    You can relieve the discomfort of a sty or "kuliti" by following these steps:

    Apply warm (not hot) wet compresses to the affected area three or four times a day for five to 10 minutes at a time.

    Avoid situations that expose your eyes to excessive dust or dirt.

    Don't poke or squeeze the infected area, no matter how tempted you may be to pop the sty. Most sties respond well to home care and don't require further treatment.

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